I've Never Been One For Anal

By XpinkyX

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This is a story about my first exploration into the world of anal sex. Please be nice.
I have never been one for anal. I have always felt my ass was too tight and it seemed dirty. But oh, how I am now a fan of getting a little dirty.

My boyfriend has always wanted to do my tight ass, but I never even wanted to see what it would feel like. I have always been the one fucking his ass. I purchased some Thai beads for him as I knew it was a fantasy for him to have his ass screwed and I loved to push my dildo’s inside him. Almost two years into our relationship I found out that anal play could be an amazing experience for me too.

I am unsure what intrigued me, but I wanted to know what it would feel like. One morning when he woke me up, I asked if he would try and put the tip of his penis into my hole. He enthusiastically obliged and after lots of lube and fingers, he pushed his bell end inside me. I was shocked at how good it felt. He pulled out and we had passionate sex, with me asking him to come all over my pert tits.

Through out that day I felt the urge to feel something else up my ass. I found my boyfriend’s douche, and made sure I was clean. I then text him asking if he was up for some anal play to which his reply was ‘yes!’ and I waited patiently for him to come home.

When he was home, we went straight to the bedroom and he started eating me out. I was so turned on, he seemed to set me on fire with passion. His tongue flicked from my wet cunt to my tight ass, teasingly. This was so fucking arousing, I sat on his face so he had easier access and his tongue was all over my hole.

I turned around and straddled him, asking if he would try and push himself inside me again. He did. I put my legs up to my chest and half of his solid cock was inside me. I felt a weird sensation, so I asked him to ready my tight ass with his beads. He lubed me up again, pushed a finger inside and then eased his beads inside, me being shocked that I could fit the last and largest bead in.

I then had an overwhelming urge to be fucked, so he slid his hard cock inside my sopping wet pussy and railed me. We could both feel the beads, and they were making my pussy go crazy! I have never felt such an intense orgasm before. It felt like his cock was causing heat the course through my tiny bud, all around it felt warm and tingly. Everything was going so fast, my orgasm was taking over me, I was shaking with pleasure. He fucked me even harder and my orgasm crashed over me, seeming to erupt like a volcano from my clit, spilling lava all down my pussy. 

Although I hadn't directly had anal sex, the orgasm I felt from fucking with something up my ass was amazing! My boyfriend said my pussy felt so tight that it had made his orgasm so intense.
It took me at least ten minutes to recover from what was my first exploration into how fucking fantastic anal can be.

Next time, I want him to fuck me with a butt plug in. I want to see if the solidarity of the plug makes me feel even tighter around his luscious cock. I also want a strap on, so I can do him completely and make him come so hard.

Let's just say that this wont be the last exploration into the world of anal.