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John the True Scotsman

John, the Scotsman in a kilt, meets a new friend at a hotel.
John was at a business dinner in London last month, one of 600 drunken men drooling over the dozen or so females at the event. He was away from home, had a nice hotel room upstairs and not a chance of tasting some pussy, or so he thought.
Bored of the endless business chat from a bunch of guys who were even more drunk than him, John wandered through to the main bar and ordered a beer. The scenery looked much better here: a voluptuous blonde caught his eye: mid 40s with an amazing cleavage barely contained in a little black dress, a wonderful curvaceous arse, long legs in sheer black tights and a glint in her emerald green eyes that suggested she would be fun!

John could barely believe it when she wandered over to him, but he knew his trump card of wearing the kilt outfit had worked again! Back in Scotland half the men at a business dinner would have been wearing the kilt, but here in London, he was the only one and his big heavy build suited the kilt perfectly.

He knew what her first line would be before she even opened her beautiful red lips.
“Is it really true that a Scotsman wears nothing under his kilt?” 

John teased her, avoiding a direct answer to her question, they chatted and he bought her a drink, although she was already a little tipsy. Her name was Mandy, and she was single after being married for 10 years. John thought she was fucking gorgeous and couldn't wait to get his hands on her beautiful voluptuous body. Eventually he replied to her question.
“If you really want to find what's under my kilt, come up to my room and find out!” 

John was delighted when Mandy giggled and agreed. They were both a little drunk and stumbled a few times as they made their way, hand in hand to the lifts.

The lift was empty, and as soon as the doors closed, they passionately kissed. Seconds later Mandy found the answer to her question as her hand eased under John's kilt and slowly wanked his stiffening cock.
There was an embarrassing moment as they almost got caught by another couple when the lift doors opened at Johns floor.

They virtually ran down the corridor, fumbling with the keycard as they desperately tried to get through the door. Once in the room, John slipped the straps of her dress down her shoulders and in one fluid movement pulled the little dress to the floor; yes, she was fucking gorgeous!

John lifted Mandy onto the bed, she turned onto her hands and knees and wiggled her ample arse in his face. He quickly ripped a hole in her tights, pulled her panties aside and plunged his tongue into the crack of her bottom, greedily licking her puckered anus. He nudged her legs apart a little and slipped one, then two fingers up her soaking pussy, while with his other hand he frigged her clit.

It didn’t take long for John to feel her arse and pussy quivering as she came. He carried on relentlessly fucking her bottom with his tongue and her pussy with my fingers, until each orgasm melted into another.

“Fuck me!” she screamed, as she came again; how could John resist? He paused for a few seconds while he retrieved a vibrator from his overnight bag and rammed it into her pussy, lifting his kilt up and easing his cock slowly into her arse. She grabbed the vibrator and reamed her pussy, while John built up his pace, until he was pistoning in and out of her arse at a furious speed, his swollen balls slapping against her hand as she fucked her pussy. John couldn’t keep up that rate for long and moaned in ecstasy, he unloaded his balls deep inside her arse as it quivered with yet another orgasm.

John slowly pulled his wilting cock out of her arse and couldn’t resist sticking his tongue back up her bum. Mandy squeezed out his hot load and John licked up a full mouthfull of his own silky spunk.

Mandy turned over onto her back and they kissed passionately, sharing his mouthful of cum; she couldn’t get enough of it and rolled him onto his my back, dipping her head down and popping his dripping cock in her mouth, savouring the remains of the sperm.
Mandy's skilled lips soon had John hard again and this time he had to have her pussy! But knowing how horny Mandy was, he couldn’t leave her arse unattended, so he eased the vibrator, still soaking with pussy cream into her bum before he eased his cock into her cunt and fucked her doggy style.

John took a lot longer to cum this time and savoured the feel of her gorgeous pussy on his cock. After what seemed like hours John was close. Mandy rolled onto her back and spread her legs, he ripped off what was left of her tights and panties and sprayed his hot spunk over her rigid clit. They collapsed in a heap and fell into a deep sleep.

John woke hours later and couldn’t resist licking her clit and pussy clean, then they shared another passionate spunky snog. Mandy realised she still had the vibrator hidden up her bum and the batteries were flat: so much for Duracell! John eased the vibrator out of her bum and they shared the taste of her arse, their tongues entwined as they licked the toy clean. The taste of her bottom made John so horny, his cock came to life again and now they had a difficult decision: which of Mandys gorgous holes needed to be filled next....can you guess?

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