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Julie, Sophie and me

You never know what to expect!
My girlfriend Sophie and I went to visit her good friend Julie. She had invited us for lunch and we had a good time, talking about everything and nothing. Later, while watching a movie in Julie’s living room, Sophie asked me to massage her shoulders. She often asks that while we watch movies. And I never say no because it often leads to great sex...but since we were not home I didn’t expect anything to happen.

After a few minutes of a gentle massage to Sophie’s shoulders I could tell she was really enjoying it and I could feel she was holding back her desires to go further...It was like a game for me, I was doing all the right moves but she couldn’t abandon herself to the fire that was building in her. Since it was dark, I decided to push it a little further and started massaging her breasts, really gently and trying my best not to be too obvious.

Meanwhile, Julie was still watching the movie, seated in the lazyboy and pretending not to pay attention to us, but I could see that every now and then she was taking a peek at what was happening on her couch, and I sensed that she might be a bit envious of Sophie. After all the girls were both physically similar, both chubby with wide hips, big round soft breasts (Sophie is 44 DD), great asses and luscious lips, you know, the kind that when wrapped around your penis you feel in heaven...

What made the situation harder for Julie was that she didn’t have a boyfriend at the time. Not a lot of guys like fat girls like I do and she had a hard time meeting guys. From what Sophie told me, Julie was still looking for prince charming and was kind of strait when it came to sex.

By now Sophie was on her back with her head on my lap, watching the movie while I was openly massaging her breasts. I was sure it would not be long that she would want to go home for more privacy.

“That feels good,” Sophie whispered with her sexy voice.

“Yes it does!” Julie said! 

We both looked at her and saw that her right hand was between her legs, moving in a regular tempo! And the look she gave us when she noticed us both looking her way said everything.

One thing you must know is that one of Sophie’s desires always has been to try it out with another girl. It just never happened and she never attempted to make it come true. But now maybe it would with Julie’s help since she seemed to be in the mood! So it wasn’t really a surprise when Sophie motioned Julie to come over to the couch.

The surprise for us was that Julie did not hesitate one second! She kneeled in front of the couch and gently lowered her head to softly kiss Sophie’s lips, while gently sliding her hand under Sophie’s top and cupping one of her big breasts. My cock instantly got hard at the thought of what was coming next.

Julie then started to lift her best friend’s shirt and kissed her tummy, slowly moving up and undoing Sophie’s bra to have better access. Meanwhile my hand had moved from Sophie’s breasts to her pleasure mound, rubbing her pussy through the layers of fabric. I could feel her moisture building up. I did waste time and started undoing her pants. Julie helped me pulling the pants down, taking her panties off and having her sit on my lap with her back to me. I could tell Sophie was incredibly turned on by now. I was cupping her big tits, kissing her neck and Julie was rubbing her hands up and down her thighs slowly spreading her legs apart and about to start eating her out.

“I can’t believe this is happening! It feels so good!” Sophie said when Julie’s lips and tongue made contact with her dripping wet, smooth shaved pussy.

“Hmm, you taste good!” Julie said, while Sophie’s breathing was getting heavier and deeper.

I finished removing Sophie’s top and moved from under her to get up and undress, while the girls kept enjoying the moment. Sophie pulled me to her, grabbed my dick and started sucking me.

Before coming I pulled out and started giving Julie some attention. She was on her knees, lapping away at my GF’s pussy, still fully dressed. I came up behind her, kneeled and pushed her skirt up to reveal her beautiful, large round ass cheeks. I started running my hands all over them and Julie’s moans of pleasure told me she was enjoying the attention!

I undid her shirt and bra, setting free those large globes of hers, and I slid on my back between her legs to start giving her pussy some love with my tongue while my hands kept going from her ass cheeks to her breasts and back. When I sensed that she was about come, I moved up and slid my penis in her wet vagina while taking her nipples in my mouth.

Sophie was still on the couch but decided to turn around and get on her knees, propping her ass up giving Julie a different view of her pussy but most importantly putting her ass in position for Julie’s tongue. Now, you must know that Sophie enjoys anal sex tremendously, she can’t have enough, but I didn’t know if Julie would want to play along.

Sophie was about to ask her to attend to her asshole but Julie must have read her mind because she went for her brown hole right away, licking Sophie in rhythm with my hip thrusts and inserting two fingers in Sophie’s dripping vagina while fondling hers and Sophie’s breasts with her other hand, joining her moans to Sophie’s while I was trying my best not to come right away.

“Oh yessssssss Julie, lick my ass, yesssssss, huuummmmm, ahhh......”

Sophie was on the brink of a massive orgasm from the attention she was getting from Julie’s tongue. Even Julie was really enjoying it which was a pleasant surprise. Not all girls are into anal. I pulled out from under Julie and positioned myself behind her to finish what I started and shoved my cock once again in her dripping wet love tunnel. I told her to shove her tongue in Sophie’s ass, which started a chain reaction: Sophie come like a hurricane, which made me pump real hard and fast into Julie sending her into a wild orgasm of her own, finally making it impossible for me to hold on any longer so l came with long spurts deep in her pussy.

“I’m ready for your big cock, honey,” Sophie said. “Slide it in my ass and take me hard!”

I pulled out from Julie, who then sat on the couch in front of Sophie who was now on her knees in front of Julie’s spread legs, with her ass up and ready for some hard and deep attention.

“You’re going to fuck her in the ass?” Julie asked while both Sophie and I were getting ready.

“Yeah, she really loves that and that’s why she wanted you to lick her ass. You did a really good job of preparing her!” I said while I pumped Sophie’s pussy to get my penis sopping wet with her love juices so her coming sodomy would go smooth. Wasn’t really needed since her ass is well trained to my size now but it was enjoyable for both of us. I pulled out and then pressed my cock against Sophie’s ass, spreading her big cheeks with my hands, slowly, slowly making my way inside her warm tight ass

“Oh yesss Julie, your tongue was marvelous,” Sophie said, lifting her head from Julie’s pussy.
“Wasn’t the first time, was it?” 

Her head went back down between Julie’s legs.

“I’ve never done that before, always normal sex for me but tonight is a great experience...will I get to enjoy it in my tight ass after?” she said between moans.

“How would you like to try her ass, honey? Will you be gentle with her virgin back door?” Sophie asked while I started to pump her real hard and real fast, my balls making loud slapping sounds against her pussy, which she told me increased her pleasure incredibly.

“Oh yeah, you know me baby I can be gentle”, I said almost out of breath by now.
The three of us could not take it anymore and we all came at once.

We changed positions. I laid down on my back with Julie on top of me, sucking my dick while I hate her pussy, and Sophie positioned herself behind Julie so she could have access to her great ass and little puckered hole with her wet tongue. She knew exactly how to pleasure that little asshole and get her friend ready for my big cock.

Sophie’s tongue started licking Julie from her pussy to her ass and back, then her tongue really started massaging her asshole, making sure it to keep it really wet all the time.

When she started rimming Julie, circling and darting, probing and pushing, spreading and thrusting the tip of her tongue into her best friends back door I sensed right away Julie’s reaction by the way she moaned and sucked real hard all of a sudden on my penis. I started helping Sophie by first getting my fingers in Julie’s vagina so they got real wet, then started pressing them at her asshole, alternating with Sophie’s tongue. I could feel Sophie’s tongue now pushing deeper into her ass, and I pushed my middle finger all the way in, almost making Julie come from the intense pleasure. It wasn’t long before Sophie was able to shove three fingers inside Julie’s ass, and she pronounced her ready for glorious first ass fuck.

Sophie sat down next to Julie and helped me to gently, slowly, delicately get my big cock into her friends virgin asshole. Julie took me easily in her back door, like a big girl, which was no surprise with all the attention Sophie had given to her cute little hole. I pumped slowly and carefully in and out of her, trying to give her a wonderful experience so it would not be her last.

We changed positions again, I sat down on the lazy boy with Julie on top of me, her back against my chest and Sophie in front of us, her hand on my cock, guiding it into Julie’s ass.

Sophie then quickly ran to the kitchen and showed me a large cucumber when she came back.
She knelt down in front of us, and since I was holding Julie’s legs up in the hair while I was slowly fucking her ass Sophie had no trouble accessing Julie’s pussy, shoving the vegetable in and out of her friends vagina while licking her love button madly with her tongue. Julie turned her head to me so we kissed, at the same time her body shook from a massive orgasm triggered when Sophie inserted a finger alongside my cock in her friends ass.
Julie had too much and her orgasm lasted a good minute.

“Wowwww, that was so good!” Julie said between moans, “What are you guys doing next weekend?”

The way Sophie was looking at me we both knew we wanted to repeat the experience with Julie, the sooner the better!

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