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Kate's Anal Correspondence course: Lesson 2 Further Study

Kate's course takes an unexpected course after a special shopping trip and another webcam lesson.
"It's all about trust".

Kate looked around the store realizing that she had said the words aloud. Fortunately nobody seemed to have heard her or if they had they had ignored her. People talk to themselves in public all the time these days, a consequence of cheap mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets.

The lube was on the bottom shelf. Kate wondered if this might be the reason A. had told her to buy it here. She would have to bend down to pick it up, something that might prove quite a challenge given the weight between her legs.

It was easier than she expected. The weight between shifted as she bent down, but the sensation was neither painful nor unbearably intense. It was merely strange: A constant reminder of the smooth metal object inside her.

It had taken two weeks to work up to the medium sized plug and Kate was still not used to it. But A. had given instructions: she was to wear the plug for the whole shopping trip, a trip he had planned out in some detail.

"Is this some BDSM thing?" Kate had asked.

"Consider it a practical," A. had replied, "there are some things that are easier to demonstrate than explain. Control games are another topic entirely and you might well find them surprisingly enjoyable."

“You think I am submissive?” Kate asked.

“Quite the opposite,” had come the reply but A. had refused to go further.

And so that morning, Kate had showered, carefully lubed the plug and pressed it gently against her anus. It felt good. After teasing herself for a few minutes she had pressed it in a little way then let it slide out. As always there was that oddly delicious feeling cut with a note of disgust. She tried again, this time pressing down as if to expel it. This time it slid in a little further inside.

Like the first plug, the medium plug resembled a small silver colored strawberry with an oval handle on the end of its stalk. After a few minutes work, the head of the plug had slid all the way in with a satisfying feeling of fullness. There it had remained as she cleaned her hands, dressed and taken the fifty-minute drive to a mall that was rather further away than necessary.

The plug was not exactly uncomfortable but it was difficult to forget, a constant reminder that Kate was embarked on an adventure, an adventure she hoped would end with a cock sliding pleasurably into her asshole and fingers dancing delicately across her clit.

As she bent down to pick the lube up off the bottom shelf, Kate worried that the wetness between her legs would drip onto the floor. A. had forbidden her to touch any part of her sex once she had left the house but she didn’t need to touch herself to know that she was wet there.

Walking out of the store, Kate wondered if any of the people she passed in the mall had the least suspicion of what she was doing. Did it show in the way she walked? Did it show in her face? And did she care if they did?

Consider it a Practical. As she reached the Mall exit, A.’s words came back to Kate and she suddenly decided on a different plan. Instead of going home as instructed, Kate headed to the Starbucks, ordered a cappuccino and forced herself to delay her departure by at least an hour.

It was three hours before Kate arrived home and could finally satisfy the urgent need that had been constantly gnawing away inside her. But somewhat to her surprise, she did not come at once. It even took her longer than normal. But when she did, the release was longer deeper and more satisfying than she had ever imagined possible.

The orgasm had definitely been better than the orgasms she had achieved when she had worked her clit as soon as the plug was inside her, but had she needed to wait quite so long? 

And the time spent in the coffee shop, would A. approve or complain that she had upset a carefully timed plan? Did she even need to tell him?

Its all about trust. A.’s mantra of anal sex. The pleasure for the man does not just come from the sensation of penetrating a tighter hole. It comes from the fact that anal sex cannot work without absolute trust between the man and his partner. The inner muscles of the anus are involuntary muscles that can’t tell lies. A pussy will accept a cock whether the woman wants it or not but an ass can only accept a cock from a partner the woman genuinely trusts when she is fully relaxed. According to this theory, ass-fucking is thus a lie detector for relationships.

Kate decided to tell A. about her encounter with Paul, it was a matter of trust.

As arranged, they connected on Skype the next morning. As had become her routine, Kate had prepared herself for A. by shaving her sex in the bath, watching the razor glide over her smoothened skin in a mirror. It felt good to do this.

Kate had shaved her pussy for her husband Frank but the results had disappointed her. Swapping her neatly trimmed triangle of black hair for an expanse of white did not seem to be an improvement. Frank had not been impressed either, or at least he had not shown more than a token appreciation. He had certainly not shown the form of appreciation she had hoped for.

This time it had been different. Perhaps that was because A. had shown genuine, enthusiastic appreciation for her efforts, perhaps because she could appreciate the effect more easily in the close-up view of the web cam than a mirror. For whatever reason, Kate had found herself enjoying the sight of her pussy more since she began shaving for A. Somewhat to her surprise, Frank had shown more appreciation as well. This did not extend so far as oral sex but he did make rather more effort than usual to make her come.

And why not? Kate had thought to herself. After all, dressing for an event, applying her makeup, putting on jewelry was half the fun. Why not enjoy preparing herself for sex in the same way. With this thought in mind, Kate had applied a generous measure of the lube she bought on her trip the day before to her fingers and worked it into her ass.

As always, Kate had appeared on camera fully nude. As always A. had expressed his usual appreciation for the sight of her body. This time however, A. was also naked when he first appeared. Kate expressed her own appreciation for this welcome departure from his routine.

Kate tried to begin to recount her experience but A. cut her off.

“Don’t tell me the details yet, save them. Your smile tells me all I need to know right now.”

Kate laughed: It was true, A. need only look at her face to know that she had completed her practical assignment.

“I have to have my theory lesson first?” Kate asked, trying to feign a pout.

“Such as it is.” A. replied, “Rather more thought has gone into the theory of how to make a cocktail than why it feels good to have cock in a tail. But that is only par for the course. Men have always been rather uninterested in discovering the nature and causes of female pleasure. Men climbed Everest, visited both poles and the moon before they realized the function of the clitoris and more effort has gone into discovering the yeti, Big Foot, and the Loch Ness monster which don’t exist than the G-spot which does.”

Katie laughed again, then arranged herself so as to give A. a good view of her sex and ass.

“This is to encourage you not to take too long with unnecessary digressions,” she said.

“And a very effective encouragement it is. I so wish I was there with you so that I could run my tongue from one end to the other and taste your juices.” A replied.

Kate smiled, her stratagem appeared to be working.

“But as you probably guessed, one of the points of the practical was the value of patience. There are many types of anal sex but quickie isn’t one of them. Even when you see it in a porn flick, the model has spent plenty of time stretching and preparing herself for her role.” A. continued.

“OK,” Kate replied, “but by that argument I should make sure I don’t miss this opportunity for as much preparation as possible.”

To reinforce her point, Kate slid her fingers along the length of her wet slit and down to circle her asshole.

“Perhaps there is such a thing as being too quick a learner,” A. protested. “You are torturing me. But let me get back to cocktail theory. Have you any idea how a cocktail works?”

“Its wet and you drink it?” Kate asked.

“But why does a cocktail of multiple ingredients taste better than any of the ingredients by itself? Quite a few ingredients are practically undrinkable by themselves.”

Kate shook her head. She had never really considered such questions. As often happened when talking to A. she was caught up wondering just what it was that drove him to spend time on such arcane questions. He was not just a sex geek, he could speak with authority on an impressively wide range of topics.

“OK, so a popular theory of mixology was worked out by a Wall Street banker during the gilded age. According to his theory, a cocktail should have a series of contrasting ingredients. So a Margarita consists of the sour taste of the lime contrasting with the bitter taste of the tequila. A Pina Colada contrasts the taste of the rum with the sweet taste of the coconut.” 

“And the combination of different tastes increases the pleasure?” Kate suggested.

“Precisely. The different elements of the cocktail seem to stimulate different pleasure centers in the brain. If you just drank the lime from a margarita, it would only trigger the sour path and most people would find the intensity quite unpleasant. But combine bitter and sour and something magical happens. Two ingredients which have a rather unpleasant taste on their own taste very good together. Add in an orange liquor for sweetness for even greater effect.” 

“Magical?” Kate asked.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology that is not fully understood is going to look like magic.” A. stated.

“So you think that ass fucking is a kind of sex cocktail?” Kate asked.

“Perhaps. Nobody knows for sure. Its either that or the crosstalk effect.”

“Crosstalk?” Kate enquired.

“Before telephone systems moved from analog to digital you would sometimes pick up the phone and hear someone else’s conversation. To save money the telcos used devices that could transmit multiple conversations on a single wire. Sometimes the conversations would interfere with each other. The human nervous system seems to give rise to similar effects. The anus, bladder and clitoris all share the same nerve. Hence squirting and anal sex can both be extremely pleasurable.”

“And?” Kate replied expectantly. A. seemed to have stopped his exposition in mid stream.

“And that is about it as far as the theory goes. Make sure your ass is ready before trying to insert anything inside it and the pleasure seems to have something to do with the wiring of the nervous system we don’t fully understand.”

“You didn’t need to send me on a shopping trip with something stuck in my ass to tell me that!” Kate replied with slight indignation.”

“Of course not, but could you explain the pleasure of drinking cocktails to someone who has never tried one.”

By way of response, Kate pressed the finger tip that she had been using to tease her anus inside herself and treated herself to a long moan of pleasure.

A.’s cock stood to attention immediately in response.

“So now, tell me about your trip.”

Kate told A. the whole story, from preparing herself to the drive to the store and the decision to prolong the trip with a visit to Starbucks. A. had positioned his camera so that all she could see on her laptop was the image of his hand stroking his erect cock. But he frequently interrupted her narrative to voice approval.

A. even voiced approval when she mentioned talking with Paul in the coffee shop. It had been fun to flirt again, her first real experience of this in over a decade.

“Did you fuck him?” A. asked.

Kate admitted she had thought about asking him to take her somewhere, anywhere and press her up a wall to slip his cock inside her cunt. She emphasized this point by digging her fingers inside her pussy so that she was now penetrating herself front and back.

“Seems that I should hurry up then,” was A.’s only comment.

“Hurry up, why?” Kate asked.

“Hurry up and take your anal cherry. I want to be the one, the first one to come inside your ass. I want to press you face down on the sheets, to press the tip of my cock against your asshole ad slide myself slowly but firmly inside your back passage. I want to reach round and stroke your clit as I fuck you slowly in your ass. I want to feel your ass tighten about my cock as you come, the full final, indisputable proof of your orgasm.”

As he spoke, A. stroked his cock faster and faster. The head turning a violent crimson as his hand worked furiously.

Kate shut her eyes and concentrated on his voice. Working her sex front and rear with her fingers. She was getting close but she wanted to delay the moment of release as long as possible.

“K-A-T-E”, A. moaned, and she briefly opened her eyes to see white shoots of seed being ejected from her lover’s cock then shut them hard as she felt her own orgasmic rush.

Afterward there was a long pause as they both lay on their beds watching the other’s sated sex. At last Kate broke the silence.

“Did you really mean it?”

“What part in particular?” A. replied, “But I mean it all.”

“About wanting to be the first.” Kate continued, “Does it matter to you? Why?”

“I want more than just to fuck you. I want you to remember me. Everyone remembers their first time. Cunt or ass, they are both the same, everyone remembers. Many years from now, when you are old and have only memories left, I want one of your memories to be of me.”

“And if I did, would you remember me as well?” Kate countered.

“I will always remember you even if we never meet or chat online again,” came the reply.

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