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Landing The Contract. The Tales of Dana Jones Part 4

Dana's business meeting reaches conclusion.
Thursday Afternoon 2.20 pm

The two men started timing their thrusts, one pushing in and one pulling out. This meant that at any given moment, Dana’s orifices were being deliciously ravaged by rock hard pricks. This wonderful action was causing wave after wave of pleasure to ripple through her body, and Dana, unable to contain her feelings, threw her head backwards, closed her eyes and began moaning loudly as the two studs really started to get the hang of it.

Dana couldn’t decide which cock was giving her the most pleasure. The one she was riding like an Amazon seemed to penetrate her far deeper than anything else she’d been feeding her pussy lately, and was creating a heat so intense in her loins that she thought she might spontaneously combust. However, the divine instrument pile driving her backside, burying itself easily to the hilt was just how she liked them; long, thick and more importantly, nice and hard.

Robert’s prick, sliding effortlessly between her slippery cunt lips, was thicker than Mark’s and every time she sank down on it, she could feel her sex being stretched to the limit, the right side of the thin line between pain and pleasure. She couldn’t wait for both men to swap places and feel this monster invade her backdoor. She had always loved anal sex and if she was honest with herself she preferred it to normal regular sex. A wry smile spread across her attractive features as she considered her behavior. Nothing happening here could be considered normal.

Another groan escaped her mouth as Mark’s pelvis banged into her rump once more. Dana lifted her head and looked down at the prone figure sitting on a chair beneath her. Her long hair fell forward as she rested her arms around the strong muscular neck and ground her sex on to the big prick she was sitting astride. As her body shuddered at the joyous sensations racing up and down her whole frame, Dana gave up trying to figure out which cock was giving her the most fulfillment. All she knew was that for the first time in years, she was being used exactly how she wanted to be.

Robert Cranton-Smith watched her with a rapturous expression all over his handsome face. He knew her reputation here at Brady Cooper & Davidson was one of being staid and frigid. Hell, most of her co-workers thought she was a boring loser. Well this boring loser was grinding her steamy sex into his groin, trying to get as much of his prick inside her as was possible, and his best friend was thrusting wildly into her delightful tight little arse.

He wondered fleetingly what those same colleagues would say if they could see her right now. There would certainly be a few raised eyebrows, not to mention a few stiff pricks and wet pussies. Dana was resting her arms around his neck and her firm breasts were bouncing tantalizingly in front of him. Being able to resist everything except temptation, Robert bent his head forward and placed a nipple between his lips. Dana shuddered as he sucked her teat inside his mouth, and moved a hand on the back of his head.

“That’s it Robbie, bite me. Make me scream. Treat me like the dirty bitch I am and make me shout this whole fucking building down.”

Robert, grinning like a Cheshire cat, needed no further encouragement, and Dana feeling his teeth close tightly around her erect nub, did indeed feel the need to scream.

Mark, on hearing his friend being ordered to treat her roughly decided to join in. He started spanking Dana’s buttocks continually until her skin was glowing red. She bit her bottom lip to stop herself from yelping every time he struck her, but the burning sensation she could feel spreading from his stinging slaps, seemed to match the heat in her loins. This feeling was intensified when his wiry pubic hair scratched her inflamed skin.

His hand connected in another violent kiss with her rear end and the pain made him wince, but to his satisfaction he heard her emit a long drawn out moan. Grabbing hold of her hips and pulling her possessively towards his groin, Mark sank his cock deep in her bowels.

“Is this what you want you dirty fucking skank? Your arse shagged like some two bit whore?” His thrusts were more powerful now and every time his pelvis bucked against her bum he forced a clipped muted groan from her mouth.

“Oh God, your so mine. I’m fucking your arse and you love it don’t you?” Dana looked over her shoulder at him and he saw her face contorted with lust.

“Is this what you want? My big fucking dick up your shit hole..." Dana was bucking her hips up and down, moaning frantically as she tried getting maximal penetration from both men. Her eyelids fluttered like a butterflies wings and her gaze was clouded with a dark craving.

“Yes, yes, yes. Give it to me, make me cum!” Her breathing was shallow, ragged coming in fits and starts as she felt two sets of balls slapping against her body, and as both men continued pounding their loins into her, Dana knew it wouldn’t be long before another orgasm racked her body.

"Oh God,” she wailed like a wounded feline. “Please don’t stop.”


Upstairs on the fourth floor, John Davidson was thoroughly enjoying his afternoon’s porn. Despite knowing this was taking place during valuable company time, he wasn’t really angry. Anyway he reasoned, Dana being a conscientious employee, would probably bill this ‘consultation’ to Robert’s account.

Even though he was thoroughly engrossed in the action, the hard-nosed executive acknowledged that this sort of thing mustn’t be encouraged. It was bad for business. Despite his voyeuristic enjoyment, he hoped for her sake Dana had a very good reason for what was happening, otherwise she could be looking for a new job next week. That said, he couldn’t help admiring how she was making the best use of her assets to satisfy the customers requirements. It was proving to be a real eye opener.

The Dana Jones he was now watching was definitely not the Dana Jones he’d approached only a couple of days ago, that’s for sure. He took a sip of his bourbon and let it roll over his tongue. Although his eyes were glued to the television, his mind raced off in another tangent.

When Robert Cranton-Smith approached him and explained his problem, and demanded it to be handled personally by Mrs Dana Jones, a low ranking associate in their office John was more than a little perplexed. John Davidson could recall who Dana was mainly because of the unorthodox manner with which she was offered employment, but he couldn’t see why one of their richest clients insisted on her handling what was a very delicate affair.

When Dana Jones inquired for a position at Brady, Cooper & Davidson, she was a totally unknown in the Los Angeles legal fraternity. Her explanation that she had recently moved to California from Chicago and was looking to work for the best law firm in L.A seemed very reasonable.

The three partners not immune to flattery, especially when it came from an attractive young lady beamed at the compliment. The interview went very well and the three older men were becoming extremely enamored with the applicant. Then something surprising happened.

When they asked for some references, Dana Jones smiled sweetly, stood up and without saying anything handed over a set of sealed envelopes. Then she left. All three men looked up when they heard the door close and sat there in stunned silence. John smiled wryly to himself at the memory.

Her resume and her credentials were impressive . After graduating from law school Dana had gone to work for the renowned ball breaking lawyer Mr. Jullianson , defense attorney supreme in Chicago. Like John himself, Mr. Jullianson or J.J. as he was known in close circles was no slouch and only employed the best he could find.

What was interesting from Brady, Cooper & Davidson’s point of view was the excellent personal recommendation coming from the great man himself. Now that was unusual. The law firm in Los Angeles tried getting it confirmed but didn’t get very far. They hit a stone wall of silence. Every single contact they knew in the Windy City was approached and asked what they knew! All said the same thing.

“Yes we know her, yes she was good and yes the two of them were ‘close’ but no, we don’t know what happened and probably never will. One day she was there, the next day she was gone.”

When inquiring what had caused this abrupt departure, there was a collective shrugging of the shoulders. Because the only two people who knew what happened weren’t saying anything, rumours flew thick and fast but it was all unconfirmed and nobody was prepared to put their neck on the line. Mr. Jullianson was not someone you wanted as an enemy.

Brady, Cooper & Davidson were intrigued by the enigma that was Mrs Dana Jones had become, and John had decided to approach the old lawyer in Chicago on a more personal level. The cantankerous old bastard refused to talk, wouldn’t even take his calls, and when John spoke to Mr J. J.’s secretary, offering to fly up and meet him personally, he was politely told by that he would only be wasting his time, money and a good seat on an airplane. 

Recalling the conversation bought another wry smile to John’s mouth. Not that that helped Brady, Cooper & Davidson. The prestigious law firm was left with unusual dilemma. Should they employ someone who had no-one to vouch for them or should they let her go to a rival company, which might come back and bite them in the arse.

Oh decisions, decisions. Eventually they decided to take a chance on the young lady from the Windy City and up until now their faith in her had been rewarded. Her work was impressive despite some fierce competition from her colleagues and her ethics were incorruptible, in fact Dana was proving to be a very valuable addition to the company. Adjusting to life in Los Angeles hadn’t fazed her at all; in fact she was like a fish in water.

The two or three times that John had actually engaged her in conversation, he hadn’t really known what to think of her. Ok, she was attractive; he knew that the first time he saw her. Not in the usual surgically enhanced way favored by so many of California’s female population, but in the way Mother Nature intended. The only problem was one would never know it. When he saw her nowadays he felt like she’d hoodwinked him.

She never wore make-up, her hair was always pulled back in a stern tight bun making her look even more unattractive, and her clothes… well. John was no fashion expert but even he knew the outfits she wore hadn’t looked good twenty years ago. If it wasn’t for her otherwise impeccable manner of conducting business, then maybe Brady, Cooper & Davidson California would have possibly intervened. They did have their reputation to think about.

It wasn’t just the way she dressed either, she eluded an air of piousness which would have made a mother superior proud. He snorted in amusement at that. His eyes were drawn to the television again and what he saw was very un-nun like. In fact the only time he’d seen nuns behaving like that, was on pay to view televisions in the hotels he used when he was away on business.

He knew she was an active church goer together with her husband, but he wondered laughingly what house of God predicated this sort of worship. If the good lord believed this was the way to help one another, then he’d be in the front row on Sunday. He wasn’t sure the ‘Bible Belt’ would approve but it would certainly fill a lot of the empty pews the clergy were always complaining about.

His gaze returned to the screen. Seeing her use both men for her own pleasure was certainly an eye opener and possibly he ought to reconsider his opinion about Dana Jones. Maybe he should have a more ‘personal chat’ with the young sexy associate. He slapped his thigh as filthy, raunchy images flashed through his brain, and a big broad smile appeared magically on his dark handsome face.

Fantasizing unashamedly, John could see himself letting Dana know that screwing around on company time was not permitted, unless of course he was the one actually doing the screwing. Naturally he could just send an e-mail, but a more personal, hands on approach was more to his liking.

He imagined her lying wantonly on his desk, skirt up around her hips and her legs wide open, obscenely displaying her soaking wet sex. He wondered if she would scream out loud when he slid his manhood deep inside her.

As John’s fantasy played out in his mind, his prick which was already stiff from watching Dana, was now rock hard. His hand was moving gently up and down, pulling the foreskin tightly over the large spongy helmet and with real and imaginary images to turn him, his cock was throbbing continually.

Suddenly the secure telephone started ringing. His smile disappeared as the incessant noise didn’t stop. Although John’s attention was torn between his own pleasure and his duty to the firm, he knew he would have to take the call. The phone wouldn’t stop ringing until he did. Sighing loudly he picked up the horn and answered it. Exasperation was audible in his tone of voice.

“Well sir, I don’t know what they’ve put in the water down on floor two, but the signal we’re receiving from reception 12, is a much like one coming from office 12.” Stuart on the line again and he paused before speaking again. John wondered if he had heard his security man correctly.

“Again this poses no real security threat to Brady, Cooper & Davidson and I wasn’t going to bother you, but considering what is happening in the room next door, I thought you might want to know.”

The voice on the line sounded bored, almost apologetic, and John realized the Dark Room was only doing what it was supposed to do; watch and inform. John sighed deeply.

‘This couldn’t be a coincidence could it,’ he thought to himself.

“Ok Stuart, send it to my office. Yes just like the other one. No don’t remove Office 12, I’ll switch channels here. Ok thank you Stuart.” Reluctantly he picked up the remote control and after taking another wistful glance at Dana, he pressed button two .


The signal from reception 12 came into view, but was missing an important detail. There was no receptionist. The Dark Room quickly rectified the problem and John watched the camera pan round smoothly to the opposite side of the room. That’s when he received his second surprise for the afternoon.

Susie was leaning against the wall next to the door that led to office 12. Her legs were splayed out in front of her and her knees were slightly bent allowing her to apply more pressure to her back, which was pressed hard against the flat surface. Her mini-skirt was pulled up around her waist and her knickers were stretched halfway down her thighs, displaying her juicy wet pussy unknowingly to the hidden camera.

She was engrossed in the same action John had just been watching, and was ramming two lubricated fingers in and out of her cunt while her other hand was under her blouse, caressing her pert, heaving bosom. Like the senior partner on the fourth floor she couldn’t take her eyes of the hardcore sex happening right before her eyes.

Suzie was amazed, shocked and pleased at what she saw. Thinking about how prudish her boss could be sometimes, it was a heavenly revelation to see that Dana was in fact no different to herself. Suzie had never denied her sexual nature, had rejoiced in it and lived her life to the full. She knew she was a slut, and had no regrets.

How she wanted to rush in there and place her face between her boss’s thighs. She wanted to grab hold of those huge cocks and wank them hard, whilst sucking and licking them clean from Dana’s juices. Then she wanted to insert them into the holes where they came from and see them fuck Dana silly. She would then lick her boss’s clit until she came again and again, screaming out Suzie’s name.

Secretly, Suzie knew she couldn’t do anything of the sort, because barging in like that could very well end the very thing she wanted to be part of. Begrudgingly, Suzie stayed put and looked on longingly. Her breathing was getting laborious, and she could hear her fingers squelching as she rammed them into her sopping wet hole. The scent of arousal reached her nostrils and she regarded the threesome jealously.

Although she had often wondered what it would be like to screw the arse off her ‘holier than thou’ boss, and was thoroughly enjoying Dana’s fall from grace, Suzie was still surprised at the manner in which Dana had chosen to reveal another side of her personality. Okay, to be fair, Dana didn’t know she was being watched, and had no idea she was the centre of attention for both her receptionist and boss.

Even so, Suzie was a little envious of Dana. Judging by the sounds coming from the other room, things were getting really wild. All Suzie could hear was Dana’s breathless urgings between loud moans, and the animal grunting coming from both men. She could see sweat on the exposed flesh, glistening from the bright office lights above them, and as all three worked themselves into a frenzy, Suzie’s fingers began moving faster and harder. Being a secret voyeur was almost as enjoyable as being a participant.


Robert was enjoying himself immensely. He was no stranger to extravagant sexual behavior; he lived in Hollywood after all, home of the stars. Before becoming rich and famous, he had often wondered if all the rumors and innuendos were real, and after attending his first real Hollywood party, which subsequently degenerated into a drunken orgy, his suspicions were confirmed.

After receiving his first invite to a true Hollywood party, Robert dressed in his finest tux, arrived at the secluded address as ordered and grinning inanely, entered the huge house. He tried to act cool and not make a fool of himself by asking for autographs, but it was hard. There were more stars in that house than in the whole Milky Way and all of them were in various stages of drunkenness. The whole house was a powder keg of sexual longing and all it needed was something to set it off.

Robert Cranton-Smith was overlooking down-town Los Angeles, wondering when the action would start. Although some tasty models had jumped into the swimming pool and then proceeded to get naked, no-one had followed through and feeling slightly disappointed Robert weaved his way towards the kitchen.

That’s where the first spark took place. Although at the time he wasn’t sober, he wasn’t drunk, and after stumbling into the kitchen he clearly recognized two very well-known ladies, enjoying the physical delights of a world famous rapper.

One of the ladies, a successful pop star famous for her tattoos and amazing voice was on her knees, practicing the art of fellatio with obvious enthusiasm. The rapper who was married to another very successful pop queen was holding the young lady’s head in place by her colourful hair, and his hips moved back and forth in a powerful way.

The other lady, who clearly wasn’t acting very ladylike, was an internationally renowned English actress. She was lying on the worktop with her evening gown scrunched up around her waist, legs spread obscenely and making it impossible for the rapper to talk let alone begin a rap.

When the rapper noticed Robert standing there in the doorway, he gave a wolfish grin, raised his eyebrows theatrically and then continued devouring the deliciously shaven pussy being fed to him. Standing there watching this very hot sex, made him feel uncomfortable on the one hand but extremely aroused on the other.

Wondering whether to stay and watch or leave the love-birds alone, his dilemma was solved when another famous lady coming in from the garden, started watching the action with obvious interest. Moments later she too was on her knees and refused to talk with her mouth full.

That was his initiation to the delights of the Hollywood in crowd. Most of the parties he attended after the first one were exactly the same. They started off normally, but as the drugs and booze began to take effect, inhibitions disappeared and then so did the clothing. What followed can only be described as a free for all for the open minded. Of course there were a lot of professional ladies present, hired from the most expensive escort agencies, and every one of them knew exactly why they were there and what was expected.

They were there to make sure the parties were a success. With instructions to make sure every guest’s fantasy was catered for, there was no kink was too bizarre, no desire too outrageous. None of them were fazed by what was demanded of them and sometimes Robert enmeshed in a tangle of naked arms and legs wondered how much was acted and how much was real.

Not knowing for sure accorded him a bitter sweet sensation and on several occasions, as he had pumped his seed inside a delicious female writhing like snake beneath him, he felt a huge pang of disappointment. Was their pleasure real or feigned; a large pay cheque is a great motivator.

And that was the difference here. Here, there was no pay-day, there was no acting. Dana, this beautiful, horny, irresistible lawyer was the real thing. She knew exactly what she wanted and how she was going to get it. She bucked and writhed like a mustang as her body accepted their meat. She growled like a tigress when they bottomed out inside her and she used all her skills as a temptress to get both men to do exactly what she wanted. There was nothing fake happening here.

Dana could feel every thick vein in their erections as they moved inside her. She clenched her muscles tighter, gripping the steely hard shafts as they penetrated her body, coaxing the spunk out of them, desperate for every last drop of the precious white liquid.

Their erotic grunting and groaning was filling the room and Robert absently wondered if there was enough time. Although this meeting was proving much more than he dared hope for, his ultimate goal was her peach perfect backside. He’d obsessed about it for longer than he cared to admit.

During one exciting spying session, he had watched Dana alone at home watching the Spice channel do exactly that. She had chosen one of her favorite dildos and slowly inserted into her rear end. While he watched how she brought herself to an intense climax, Robert had masturbated and exploded his load against the upstairs window that was shielding him from view.

There and then he’d decided he had to have her. He wanted to get her so excited that she was begging for it. He wanted to hear her beg him for more, as his bell-end pushed past her tight opening. He wanted to feel that first resistance before she relaxed and felt him invade her bowels. That’s when he started slowly but surely planning his moves which would culminate in him standing over her as she knelt in front of him, wantonly holding her buttocks apart whilst he drove his cock deep inside her.

And now, knowing his goal wasn’t very far away, he hoped she was as insatiable as he imagined countless times she would be.

Just thinking about it made his manhood throb and he felt his excitement building. Dana grinded her hips in a circular motion as she sank back down on his shaft and he could feel his friend press home. Robert could feel Mark’s cock rub against his through the thin sheen of skin separating them and correctly assumed Mark could feel the same. Although it was weird, it wasn’t the most unpleasant sensation in the world. It was just another crazy thing in an afternoon that could be called anything but normal.

“How’s that fucking arse?” Robert asked hungrily, “Don’t ruin it for me,” he added as a jokingly although he was serious. “I want some of that myself and I don’t want Miss Fancy pant here saying no.”

Both Mark and Dana started talking at the same time.

“Fucking unbelievable,” Mark said. 

“Don’t you worry.” Dana cut in.

“Nice and tight just how I... ” Mark continued. 

“I just hope you can still keep… ” Dana was getting into her stride. 

“Like them. God she’s one of the… ” Mark carried on. 

“Up with me because… ” Dana was getting breathless.

“Dirtiest fucking bitches I’ve ever met,” Mark concluded.

“I’m not even warmed up yet! You fucking bastards will have to do better than this.” Dana challenged feistily.

Robert listened to the stereo conversation and smiled the sweet smile of someone who’d found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Suddenly he felt Dana struggle, as she tried to lift herself of his prone body. His insinuation that she was almost finished ignited a spark in her soul. She would show them just how dirty she could be. Robert didn’t have to worry for one second. She wasn’t going to let him out of that office until he had done her bidding.

She wanted him to take her like he had tried to take Miss Angela Martin. She wanted to feel him plunging past her sphincter, showing no mercy. She wanted to feel how he stretched her anal chasm with his big fat cock, until she could feel his balls slap against the top of her thighs as he bottomed out. She would let him take her like this right up to the moment he filled her arse with lovely thick spunk. This was what she wanted more than anything in the world at this moment, but first she wanted to tease him a little more.

Although he was still buried inside her, Mark also felt her change of position and such was the urgency of her movements that he felt himself glide from her warm opening, and had to move backwards to keep his balance. As soon as she was free of their entanglements, she knelt down in front of Robert and began feasting on his erection.

“What’s the problem, bitch,” he asked feigning a ghetto voice.

“Don’t try and play the bad boy with me Robbie darling,” Dana cooed as her tongue snaked around his huge bell end.

“I’m dying to feel this thing where Angela wouldn’t take it and I don’t want to wait much longer. Have you got a problem with that?” Her eyes widened so innocently that for a moment she almost fooled him. The contrast of expression and desire was so at odds with each other it was mind blowing.

Thursday Afternoon 2.30 pm

Susie saw Mark step backwards. His huge prick glistening in the bright sunlight, pointing straight out from his loins and wavering in the air. Looking past the monstrous dong, Suzie could see Dana kneeling in front of Robert Cranton-Smith as he sat there on the chair, and watched her boss swallow his greasy prick between her cherry red lips. Suzie marveled at her boss. Who would have thought she was such a slut.

Suzie felt shiver run down her spine as started imagining what it must feel like being sandwiched by such monsters. The images in her mind were so real, they caused her cunt to contract tightly around the invading digits and a soft groan involuntarily escaped her lips.

The whole situation was totally unbelievable, but stealing another quick glance through the open door and seeing Dana hungrily feasting herself on Mr Cranton-Smith, reminded Suzie that this wasn’t a horny daydream. It was very real, it was very hot.

Suzie wondered what ever possessed ‘Mrs Hoity Toity Dana Jones’ into thinking she could get away with this sort of behaviour without anybody finding out.

‘She must’ve been drunk or something,’ Suzie mused.

Not that she minded being the one who had found out.

‘Well Dana…’ Suzie thought, watching Dana display her true colours. ‘I know now and what’s more when the time’s right, you’re mine.’ A ripple of pleasure racked her body and her tiny sexy frame shuddered. Like Dana in the other room, Suzie’s orgasm wasn’t far away and in an effort to keep her activity secret Suzie bit her lip.


Upstairs, John Davidson had found the split screen button on his remote and could see both camera feeds simultaneously. On the left hand side of his big screen he was watched Mrs Dana Jones climb off Robert Cranton-Smith’s dick and such was the quality of the camera installed by his security services, he could see her juices making his cock all shiny. On the right hand side he could see Suzie busily masturbating.

Suzie Dawson was so enthralled by the goings on in the next room that she was totally oblivious to what was happening in the outside world. He could see her fingers being rammed home between her legs in a frenzied fashion that seemed to suggest that she was almost at her high point.

John sitting there watching two previously anonymous employees pursue their sexual satisfaction at whatever cost, felt amazed and awed. The more he saw, the more excited he got and the more his resolution grew to have a private meeting with these ladies.


“Dana, you are without doubt one of the filthiest bitches I’ve ever known.” The tone of Robert’s voice was part amazement part admiration and Dana regarded his comment as a generous compliment. She emptied her mouth of the warm shaft and looked him in the eyes.

“This is probably what I do best, no surprise really, I’ve been doing this for almost as long as I can remember and although I’ve tried behaving myself these last couple of years, there are some things a true artist doesn’t forget.”

Robert knew all about her church activities which was her way of repentance, but he also knew about a film made a long, long time ago and in it, Dana was anything but holy.

“Almost did it professionally once, but that was a long time ago,” she continued before sliding her tongue up the entire length of his manhood. “While you two boys were still at high school and wondering if you’d get your peckers wet.” She giggled at the flashback and at the age gap between herself and these two young studs.

“I don’t know anything about that,” Robert lied, “but in a few minutes you’re gonna be on your knees and I’m gonna screw that sweet little bum of yours, until I cum all over it.” He added masterfully. Dana immediately stopped her oral ministrations, a string of saliva still connecting her mouth to Robert’s organ.

“Don’t you fucking dare Robert; I want to feel you shoot everything inside me.”

“Oh don’t you worry about that darling, my balls are so full you won’t be able to take it all. It’ll still be dripping out of your arse when your husband goes down on you tonight,” he replied, his voice a low boastful growl.

“Mmm I hope so stud, wouldn’t want think this was all just a wet dream now, would I?” Mark moved from behind her so that she could see him. Her eyes flickered upwards to Marks and she saw him smile back at her encouragingly.

“God you’re one fucking cool bitch. You get down and dirty at work, and when we joke about your old man eating our spunk, you hardly batter an eyelid.” Robbie’s tone was one of amazement.

“Would you like me to call a halt to this meeting then stud? We can stop whenever you like,” she lied, matter of factly.

In several offices on 700 Wilshire Boulevard, Downtown, Los Angeles, enthusiastic viewers and participants voiced their displeasure at her comment. To stop further nonsense coming from Dana’s sweet mouth, Mark shoved his hips forward and his cock pressed against home. Dana averted her gaze from Robert to the handsome older man and with eyes glinting eagerly, she opened her succulent lips.


John was watching Dana kneeling in front of Robert as she sucked his cock. He sighed heavily and wished it was her mouth wrapped around his cock instead of his own hand. His grip tightened and his hand gently increased speed and he closed his eyes only for a moment, wishing someone like Dana was here with him right now. A large brilliant white smile split the handsome ebony face as he made a decision.

He opened his eyes again and focused on the television. Dana was still deep throating Robert when all of a sudden John’s view of her was blocked by someone moving into the picture. John stared at the screen and wondered if the man was going to stay put. ‘Now that would seriously curtain my viewing pleasure,’ John thought pensively, frowning at the screen.

He needn’t have worried, Mark had his own agenda. As John’s employee reappeared in sight he saw Mr. Waterhouse’s cock was just inches away from her mouth. When John realized what was going to happen, his eyebrows almost touched the ceiling.


Susie watched in stunned silence as Dana grinned up at the handsome face staring down at her. Suzie’s mouth fell open when she saw what her boss was preparing to do.

“You dirty fucking bitch,” Susie murmured and felt a delicious wave of lust rippled through her lower body and she slowed her movements, trying to prolong her orgasm. As much as she yearned for the release, she was dying to see what happened next.


Mark’s prick entered the perfectly formed ‘O’ in front of him and Dana clamped her lips tightly around the warm flesh. Her own tangy flavor prickled her taste buds when she swallowed him completely. Her tongue slid greedily around the hard shaft and she had her eyes closed in ecstasy.

After what seemed like just seconds Mark felt cool air on his dick, as Dana removed it from her mouth. Then he watched how she grabbed hold of Robbie’s manhood.

“Jesus Dana, is your husband gay?” Robert asked astounded. As his erection disappeared down her throat, Dana just shrugged her shoulders indifferently. She was too busy gorging herself on male flesh to think about anything else. Without warning she released her lips from Robbie’s member and returned it to Mark’s.

“My God, if you were my wife, you’d never have to fuck around. Robert’s tone betrayed his surprise that Dana’s husband hadn’t touched her in months. The disbelief in his voice was obvious but because Mark held her head steady and pumped his manhood into her face, Dana wasn’t in much of a position to reply.

Even as she pushed her hands against Mark’s abdomen signaling that she wanted to return her attention to Robbie’s prick, Dana was enjoying the sensation of having two cocks at her disposal. It had been a long time since she had seen any action with one prick, let alone two, but Robbie’s remark caused her to think.

With a start, the full implication of what she’d been planning since her argument with Christopher this morning hit home, and for a moment she felt sick in her stomach. She realized that since Robert had enthusiastically grabbed her tits and started this wonderful crazy madness, she hadn’t missed her husband at all.

In fact since the moment Robert Cranton-Smith began rimming her arse and Mark’s cock was buried down her throat, she’d been totally focused on one thing. Her own wanton needs. When this debauchery commenced, all the months of celibacy had come to an abrupt and glorious end and as she felt the long hard erections penetrate her, Dana knew that she couldn’t go back to a sexless marriage.

After rediscovering the joys of unadulterated sex, she knew the physical and mental frustration she’d experience would force her to seek out other men; Men who were willing to help her quench the deviant desires that consumed her.

Deep down, Dana knew her marriage, in its present state was over. Despite her affection for Christopher, the sweet innocent man who worshipped her like a deity, clearly a miracle was needed if their union was to survive. Things had to change! In a big way at that! She could no longer pretend that sex wasn’t important, that she didn’t miss it.

Secretly she hoped Christopher wouldn’t find out about her afternoons fun, if only because he didn’t deserve the pain it would cause him, but there was no denying the fact that she was enjoying herself immensely. Even if she wanted to and she didn’t, there was no turning back now. Now as her body shuddered yet again she wondered if her husband would be able to change. For herself; she was relieved that her façade had come to a glorious end.

“He was bound to find out sooner or later,” she announced matter-of-factly. “I guess it’s time for him to discover I’m not the nice girl he thinks I am, I’m a woman of flesh and blood who loves cock, and lots of it!”

She stopped any further conversation by swallowing Robert’s cock whole without hesitation. Both men watched her service them alternatively. When she wasn’t using her mouth, her hands were busily pumping the warm staffs in a delicious twisting motion.

The whole time she was on her knees, her gaze was fixed on the young studs. They could see the lust and pleasure she was having in her eyes. They seemed to sparkle and twinkle in amusement as she teased them some more. Eventually Dana, after placing a kiss teasingly on the spongy mushroom shaped helmets, stood up and placed her hands on her hips, like some matronly old woman. She was clearly thinking about what she wanted to do next and both men waited anxiously.

She turned to Mark and swung her arm around his neck. She pulled him towards her and bought their lips together. He felt her tongue invade his mouth and automatically responded in kind. Her other hand grabbed his erection and began tugging.

“Lie on the floor Mark and let me ride that magnificent cock of yours,” she ordered huskily. Mark kissed her neck sending a ripple of pleasure down her spine and then followed her instructions.

Mark’s dick was pointing to the ceiling like the national monument as he lay on the carpeted floor, and Dana walked over his prostrate form and looked down at him.

“Mark, I want to feel your tongue getting me ready for this big cock,” and as she started lowering herself she looked at Cranton who was masturbating enthusiastically.

“And you lover boy, just keep in mind what’s at stake here. Don’t go shooting your load before I’m ready. That would be a real bummer,” and she giggled at her own pun. Robert grinned insanely at her humour but took her warning to heart. His hand slowed to a more leisurely pace.

“You’ve no idea gorgeous,” he replied enigmatically, “when you’re done with Mark’s face, your arse is mine!” he promised. She smiled hopefully.

“Promises, promises, lover boy, but can you keep them.” she asked as she bent her knees and sank downwards. Her hand grabbed hold of Mark’s head and pulled it upwards towards her steamy cunt waiting just inches above his face.


Susie was feeling tortured. On the one hand she wanted to watch all the action, but at the same time her orgasm was so close now and she was desperate for the release it would bring.

The exquisite image of Dana straddling Marks face and seeing how his tongue flickered eagerly between the puffy, juicy lips held just above his head was making it difficult to tear her eyes away.

Suzie suppressed a heartfelt groan when she saw two large hands reach up and support Dana’s arse, blocking Suzie’s view of the action in the process. Despite the loss of picture, Dana’s urging him to lick her clit and make her fucking cum again and again was enough to fuel Suzie’s active imagination.


John Davidson watched Dana forcefully slide Mark’s mouth along the length of her slippery slit before placing her tight starfish on to his agile tongue. Dana was moaning loudly now and John could see her muscles tensioning. She wasn’t the only one exercising extreme muscle control. John’s own hand was gathering speed around his huge ebony shaft and he could feel his seed slowly beginning to boil. Dana’s cute little bum was hovering inches above the chest of the prone man and not for the first time this afternoon, John wished it was he who was going to split her in two with his enormous prick.


Robert decided to take advantage of the situation presented to him. He stood up and walked towards Dana. In her prone position above Robert’s best friend she couldn’t refuse him and automatically opened her mouth to accept the offering. Mark’s slid his tongue between her lips and tasted the sweet nectar Dana was leaking. His face was smeared in her sap and he could feel it dribbling down his cheek. Then she moved forward again and her delightful little arsehole was pressing against his lips. His tongue slipped forward and pushed past the muscle protecting her secret entrance.


Suzie saw Mr Robert Cranton-Smith stand up and move towards Dana. His cock was nice and hard and it was shaped like a huge tanned banana as it pointed at the ceiling. Suzie wondered at the sheer size of it and Susie knowing what was going to happen in a minute fantasized about what it would be like to feel your arse being torn apart by such a thing. While her curiosity was almost killing her, she was also a bit scared. Suzie was no stranger to anal sex, but mostly she only let smaller endowed men plough her behind. Looking once more at Robert’s enormous weapon, Suzie winced. Despite having just watched Dana accommodate such large cock in her rectum, Suzie wasn’t sure she could take the pain.


Robert Cranton-Smith was enjoying watching Dana getting her rocks off. After secretly being witness to the countless orgasms Dana had experienced at home, relieving her sexual frustration, he saw how she was grinding her hips on Mark’s face and recognized the signs. Dana was close to having another orgasm and decided he had waited long enough.

“Hey slut, I ain’t gonna wait much longer. I wanna fuck that arse!”

Dana laughed at Cranton-Smith’s impatience but in truth she couldn’t wait that much longer either. Mark really knew how to give head, and she was close to climaxing but she wanted to wait just a little longer.

“I guess it’s time to bring this to its conclusion,” Dana said mischievously. “I can’t wait to feel you both inside me.”

As she removed her sex from his mouth, Mark’s face was covered in her slick fluids. Placing her knees either side of Mark’s hips she grabbed hold of Mark’s throbbing member and placed the tip against her swollen pussy. Mark thrusted his hips upwards and Dana welcomed his powerful intrusion. Mark held her thighs tightly and felt Dana lean forward until her breasts squashed tightly against his chest. He heard her whisper softly in his ear “Oh Mark, that’s it… fuck me. Fill my cunt with spunk. I want some cum”


Susie saw Cranton-Smith stand up and move behind Dana as she lay prone over Mark’s body. Then he spoke, his voice hardly containing his excitement.

“Hey darling, how’s about you holding your ass apart so I can see where you want my cock” Robert demanded. Susie watched captivated as Dana dutifully obliged and pulled her buttocks apart. Susie wondered just how bad Dana actually was. Judging by everything she’d seen so far, very bad.


Robert stared down at the inviting arse in front of him and began drooling. He could hardly wait. He spat saliva on his cock and rubbed his helmet to lubricate his manhood readying it for his onslaught. Standing over Dana, Cranton-Smith bent his knees and positioned his dick at her gaping arsehole. He pushed forward and watched delighted as his manhood easily disappeared completely inside her orifice.

“Oh that’s it boys, fuck me,” Dana crooned, finally satisfied. This what she wanted! Since first setting her sights on this wonderful specimen, she done nothing other than fantasize about this moment. Sitting astride another big dick was an added bonus but it was Robert’s cock sliding up her arse that had kept her preoccupied for the last couple of days. Now it was a reality and it felt even better than she had dared imagine.

Robert Cranton-Smith felt Dana’s anus grip him and needing no further encouragement, began thrusting his manhood deep inside her arse. He could feel his sperm boiling in his testicles and knew it wouldn’t take much more of this to make him explode. He placed his hands on her hips to steady his self and began pumping as if his life depended on it.

The cock pummelling her backdoor was driving Dana wild and her moaning was in time with his trusts. She clenched all her muscles again as Mark’s huge prick bumped her cervix and Robert bottomed out.

She was close now. Her second orgasm always took longer but was usually more powerful. Her breathing was shallow and erratic now as both men pumped her hard. She wasn’t the only one short of breath because she could hear both men panting hard as they speeded up their movements. They couldn’t hold out for ever.


In John Davidson’s office his television was alive with the sights and sounds of rutting. Both men were grunting heavily and Dana, well when she wasn’t shouting obscenities at her two young studs, she was moaning out loud as she lay there sandwiched between Mark and Robert. The people in Office 12 weren’t the only ones on the edge. John’s hand was working furiously and he could feel his spunk boiling. Suddenly he saw Mark Waterhouse go rigid as he lay under Dana.


Mark was the first to reach orgasm. He couldn’t hold out any longer, Dana’s cunt muscles were gripping him tightly as she constantly milked for his cream. Emitting a loud growl he grabbed her bum and pulled her downwards whilst thrusting his cock deeper in to her as his sperm raced up his manhood.

“Oh God. I’m cuming you bitch,” he groaned, eyes closed and a satisfied grin on his handsome face. Dana felt the first salvo of Mark’s white hot cream searing up inside her and she tensed her muscles some more, as their groins met in a loud violent kiss.

“Oh yeah baby, fill my cunt with hot spunk,” Dana ordered. Mark’s body shuddered beneath her before spewing a second load into her steaming hot sex. His body continued convulsing as his manhood became very sensitive in the climatic throes.


Upon hearing Dana scream at Mark to fill her with seed, Suzie opened her eyes and looked into the room next to hers. ‘Who ever that bloke is,’ Suzie thought hungrily, ‘he’s sure got a lot of spunk in them balls.’ She now had one hand rubbing her clit and the other had its fingers buried deep inside her fanny. Squinting to concentrate her vision Suzie saw that Dana’s sex could contain all the white hot seed being pumped into her and it was leaking from her cunt lips down Mark’s rigid shaft.

That was too much for Suzie and closing her eyes and letting the wildly erotic images play back in her mind, she surrendered to the inevitable.


Feeling Mark climax was exactly what sent Dana over the edge. His discharge triggered one of her most powerful orgasms she’d ever experienced. The whole afternoon’s activities had led up to this and the fact that she was being used by not one but two well hung studs had been more than she’d dared to wish for.

It was something she hadn’t done for a long, long time and she wondered why she had denied herself all these years. Her body started shaking wildly and she clamped her knees tightly against his torso. Her hands turned into steely claws and Mark felt her sharp nails digging into his chest as she continued climaxing.

She kept repeating the words, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming you bastard.” At first she screamed them but now she was moaning wildly as she ground her pelvis into his. Between them her cum, exploded from deep within had mingled with Mark’s love juice and was dripping down her thighs onto his prone body.


Two floors above them John Davidson was watching two different ladies, in two different rooms each experience an amazing orgasm. The contrast in each was equally amazing. Dana the quiet church mouse woman was screaming and moaning as if her life depended on it and Suzie, the loud, flamboyant, raunchy receptionist was biting her lips to keep from making any sound as her whole body trembled. John watched her body buck against the wall she was leaning on and he could see her thighs shaking in an effort to stoop herself from falling into a heap on the floor.

She wasn’t the only one controlling their body. John had masturbating for quite a while now and his movements had been steadily getting faster and faster and now he could feel his seed rising. He gripped his ebony rod tightly and delayed the explosion. When he couldn’t take it anymore he gently released his hand and watched with satisfaction how his sperm spewed from his prick like lava from a volcano and dribbled down his strong sturdy fingers.

He promised himself the next time he shot his load it would be all over a one Mrs Dana Jones.


Robert had experienced both the orgasms in an excited but detached manner because he was busy concentrating on reaching his own high point. He was grunting furiously now, his manhood pounding Dana’s tight little bottom mercilessly, giving her the fucking she deserved. Due to her body responding to her own orgasm, her colon was contracting around his shaft, milking him delightfully.

With one last final thrust Robert Cranton-Smith buried his cock as far as he could inside her and let fly.

“Ah you slut, I’m cumming!” Robert roared and began filling Dana’s anal cavity with spunk.

“Oh yes I'm cumming,” he repeated, pulling his manhood from her arse and began wanking the rest of his sperm all over her bum. Dana felt the warm fluid land on her skin and smiled secretly to herself. She looked over her shoulder at him and watched him spray his load over her back. He looked down at her with a satisfied, superior expression of a victor written all over his face.

Wanting to impress him with some more nastiness, she reached behind her and let her hand play in the gooey mess he’d made. With cum dripping in between her fingers like an erotic spider’s web, Dana brought her digits to her mouth and licked them seductively.

“Mmm that tastes so good,” she cooed at him. “I want some more,” she pouted petulantly. She finished licking her fingers clean “Well haven’t you boys got anymore?” she asked hungrily.

Thursday Afternoon 2.27 pm

Susie saw Dana reach back to collect Robert’s spunk and then watched in awe as Dana fed it to her willing mouth. Not for the first time today Suzie was shocked by what she witnessed. Not the deeds so much as who was doing it. Leaning against the wall recovering from her own orgasm, Susie was overcome by the smell of sex as it wafted in her nose and once more was torn between her own desires. She wanted to rush in and lick up the spunk smeared all over Dana’s bum, but at the same time she was determined to keep her voyeuristic participation a secret. Once deciding it was nice having one over on your boss, she erred on the side of caution and after closing the door quietly she rearranged her clothes and walked hurriedly towards the ladies restroom.


Robert Cranton-Smith stood up and leaned against her desk with his cum covered prick in his hand. In his eye there was a mocking glint.

“If you want some more, come over here and suck my dick slut.” He winked his finger at her and saw with satisfaction how she clambered of Mark and crawled towards him. As she opened her mouth and took his member down her throat, he felt her tongue flicking around his helmet cleaning up the smeared cum still there,

“You fucking bitch. You really are insatiable aren’t you?”

She nodded. Dana swallowed his wilting member whole and cleaned him thoroughly. Mark who had removed himself from the floor had also moved in front of her and offered Dana his own meat. Ravenously, ferociously she engulfed his cock and licked him clean as well. She could taste the exotic cocktail of their juices and breathed in the heady aroma.

At last she was finished. As she released both men, she saw their cocks were already at half-mast and although they were still impressive, she couldn’t help feeling a little sad. She could have gone another round she told herself but decided to keep that information secret.

Dana stood up aching but satisfied. She was exuberant and invigorated; something she hadn’t felt in a long time. Cum was trickling down her thighs and felt strangely cold but she didn’t care. She’d set out on this course and she’d reached her end destination. Both men seeing her stand up realized the afternoons meeting was coming to an end and started dressing quickly. She smiled like lovers do at Robert, who was looking at her inquisitively but saw that he wouldn’t or didn’t want to make eye contact so she quickly turned away.

Dana suddenly feeling uncomfortable looked around and saw her abandoned knickers lying on the floor by her desk. Bending over to retrieve them afforded Mark another glorious view of her rear end. She turned on her heels and faced him, pulling her panties up over her derrière before addressing him in her usual business tone.

“About the DA’s charges Mark, I’ll talk to the prosecuting officer this week. This film,” she nodded to the laptop, “will go a long way to clearing your friend.” Dana nodded in Cranton-Smith’s direction.

“When I receive notification of the DA’s decision I’ll let you know, then we can put this case to bed.” She continued matter of factly.

“Also I’ll bring the Brady, Cooper & Davidson contracts for you to sign, if that’s no problem.”

Mark smiled at her warmly as he zipped up his trousers. “That seems perfectly reasonable Dana.” He handed her a card and winked at her. “Here’s my very private number, known only by a very few people. I’m available 24 hours a day. If you need anything” and his smile grew wider if that was possible “and I mean anything…” The emphasis wasn’t lost on Dana and her eyes sparkled. “Just call me.”

“Oh I’ll call you Mark, maybe sooner than you think.” Her mood, dark after the rejection of Robert began brightening from his lawyers obvious intentions. Mark winked at her suggestively as he gathered his belongings. Cranton-Smith was already dressed and stood in the door opening impatiently waiting for Mark. He looked straight at Dana fleetingly, smiling politely but showing obvious discomfort at still being there.

“Mr Cranton-Smith,” she started saying, “Thank you on the behalf of Brady, Cooper & Davidson for this business venture and for my part thank you for a wonderful afternoon’s pleasure.”

Robert grinned sheepishly “It was an educational experience Mrs Jones” he replied subdued for a moment before his confidence returned.

“Come on Mark, we’ve got other important things to do today,” and he winked at Dana “Other than trying to satisfy this gorgeous creature’s needs all afternoon!” Mark ignored his friend as he approached Dana, hand out stretched. She offered him her hand but was surprised when instead of shaking it he brought it to his warm lips.

“It’s been a pleasure doing business with you madam!” and with that he followed Mr Robert Cranton-Smith through the office door.

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