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Let’s have a rest?

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A stop at a café while skiing brings three friends close together.
The three of us had been skiing all day and we’ve been having a good time. The weather was great with no cloud to be seen and the sun was high. It was warm. Too warm actually too keep the snow quality good enough. The snow got quite watery making skiing much more tiring. We could all use a rest but still we pushed on, until in the afternoon from behind the trees, a café appeared. Located in the middle of an open space, surrounded by forest, like in a fairy-tale. The café had a wooden terrace with chairs and tables and next to the terrace, in the snow, they had lounging chairs.

“Shall we have a drink here,” someone suggested and it was clear that we all had the same idea.

There weren’t many other people, only a hand full on the terrace having their break and a couple of others were enjoying the sun in the lounging chairs. Most of the chairs were unoccupied. We chose three, somewhat distant, lounging chairs placed around a small table and dropped into them. Away from the terrace we sat, the chairs put so they made us catch as much sun as possible, the small wooden table in front of us. A bit further away people were gliding past on their skis and snowboards.

You opened your black ski-vest a little and enjoyed the sun in your neck. Marc protested. He thought you could get a bit more tan and opened the zip-fly of your vest further, showing more of your chest. Looking at your chest you thought, "Hmm, maybe he revealed more than I would have myself.”

I turned my head and looked at you; all I saw was a little thin pink cord running over your body. You weren’t wearing a t-shirt! In fact, it seemed all you were wearing was a bikini.

After a while, you felt a little more comfortable and thought, “Heck, why not…” The fly of your vest opened a little deeper first and then you opened it completely. And so you lay there, in between us both, your vest fully unzipped, enjoying the sun.

When Marc saw you like that, he got up and adjusted your bikini top. He took the sides of your small bikini-cups and pulled them together in such way they’d show more of your breasts and could hardly cover your small hard nipples. He liked it better that way.

“They need all the sun they can get,” he said.

You were thinking, “Mmm… Okay… we’re here with our friend as well but alright… it is quite sexy.”

You continued tanning between us, away from the little bit of audience you had, enjoying the sun, with your ski-vest open and your breasts minimally covered. From time to time you glanced at us to see if you were getting our attention. The hot sun straddled your upper body from just below your belly button to over your stomach and your poorly covered boobs to high up your neck. You felt it on your eyelids, on your cheeks and your lips, both shiny with creme and lip-balm.

Stretched out you laid, legs wrapped in your thick warm ski-trousers, knees lightly spread through the weight of your boots and you were wondering if this was okay. Hardly covered because Marc had adjusted your top in such a way that the soft pieces of pink fabric were reduced to little vertical strips under which your nipples could hardly hide themselves. But it was rather exciting so why not, you thought, if Marc wants this, I’ll do him the favour. Besides, you kind of appreciated the attention you were getting from us as well. Though not just from us. Your back was to the terrace but in front of you had the slope where, with some effort, people could get a glimpse of you.

Quietly conversing with each other the sun rose a little higher even and it got even warmer. We had our beer, winter-cocktails and schnapps. From time to time I couldn’t hold myself and had to glance at you. Time passed quickly and before we knew it, our glasses were empty again. Marc asked if we needed anything else. We ordered and he got up to get it. As he got up you could notice a change in volume in this trousers. You looked at him and winked.

“That’s some guaranteed fun later on in the hotel,” you told yourself.

You turned around and yelled, “No ice, please!”

“Okay, fine!” he replied.

As you rolled onto your back again you didn’t notice that your moving around caused your top to shift a little and one of your nipples had freed itself. You sun-tanned on without worry.

Marc returned with the next round of drinks and saw you were suffering from accidental indecent exposure. He looked at me and wondered if I had noticed it as well. Of course I had discovered your uncovered breast and had turned myself in such a way that I could see you better. Marc had an idea.

“Keep your eyes closed Gillian”.

Your eyes stayed shut. Moments later you noticed hands around your neck and realised they were Marc’s. You arched your neck to give him a bit more room and smiled, hardly unnoticeable. You felt relaxed, until you noticed his fingers starting to fiddle with your bikini!

“Hmm… he’s not gonna…” you panicked inside.

You hadn’t even finished your thoughts when you felt the knot in your neck loosen and the piece of pink fabric started to shift. You also became aware of the fact that you hadn’t been fully covered anymore. A couple of thoughts raced through your head but everything went too fast and before you could process them, you felt the little bikini slide off your hard nipples. You heard Marc whisper,

“Babe, if you’re going to show yourself off, you might as well do it properly. Besides, you wouldn’t want those tan-lines now, would you?”

In a particularly bold move, he caressed your breasts and untied your bikini completely. Before you knew it, you were practically monokini in between Marc and me. Your ski-gear half undone, your beautiful breasts naked and your nipples straight up in the warm wind. The thick gear protected you from people looking from the side, but only a little as your boobs stuck out above your vest, the people on the slope could see you lying there in all your glory.

Slightly uncomfortable you asked Marc if he liked you better like this.

“Mmm, better indeed,” he said convincingly.

You on the other hand were screaming in your head, “This can’t possibly be happening!”

Then again, you didn’t want to let your man get the best of you and accepted Marc’s sexy dare.

“I’ll get him later,” you grinned with your eyes closed, relaxed again and showed it was okay.

Continuing to enjoy our drinks, we kept the conversation between the three of us going. You checked upon Marc’s trousers and could see that the bulge was still there. As for myself, I’d also been dealing with a decrease in available space near the groin area. When you looked at me and threw your eyes further down and I knew the slight bulge in my trousers was no secret anymore.

“Hmmm… I deserve better than these two half-assed erections,” you thought.

You also knew exactly how you were going to fix it. Shifting a little lower in your chair, you moved your hands over your stomach and started to undo the button of your ski-trousers. Immediately you felt two gazes staring at your lower stomach. You looked at us and then at my trousers, your zipper went down, though excruciatingly slow. Should we ask what you were thinking of doing, you’d have had the perfect excuse.

“If I don’t want tan-lines, then why am I only tanning half of my stomach?”

You folded open your trousers and revealed more of your long toned white stomach, down to your venus hill, which disappeared under the bottom part of your bikini. I felt my penis throb in my trousers like never before. Marc couldn’t hide his excitement anymore either. Ostentatiously you looked at our erections and concluded with a brief,

“Mmm, better indeed.”

The alcohol did its job and took away our reservations. I was amazed at how toned your stomach was. I repositioned my chair again so that I lay next to you just like Marc, our three chairs alongside each other. You saw my hand come closer and wondered what was happening. Right at that time Marc got up and gave you a long kiss, his large hand straddling your chest from one side to the other. He stroked your left breast and lightly squeezed it. Your lips playing with his you were almost unaware of the other fingers at your chest. Then you noticed them. Fingertips moved gently down over your stomach. I circled around your belly button for a moment and calmly felt the rest of your lower stomach. Slowly I made my way to your little bikini bottoms.

You and Marc were still wrapped in your kiss, his hand on your slender body, nipple clasped between thumb and index. I had my hand near your bikini and could touch it if I wanted to. I refrained and stopped right at it, only to start following along the edge. Stroking your lower stomach with two fingers, tracing your muscles from hip to hip, slowly from left to right, just up against the only piece of pink nylon you were still wearing. Once I’d reached your hip bone, you felt me return. I stretched out a little further. Your stomach’s muscles flexed spasmodically and a shiver went through you when you realised the tips of my fingers weren’t on top, but just below, your little knickers.

Slowly I pulled my hand back to me. You remained still and let me continue feeling you under your bikini bottoms. Betraying your smooth skin there, you enjoyed the fact that your body was being simultaneously explored by two men.

After Marc had broken the kiss, we took it easier. The two of us still with visible erections and you in between us with your sunglasses placed on top of your head, your trousers open and your bikini well visible.

It didn’t take long before I started touching you again. Around the curves of your breasts, down over your waist to your hip and down into your trousers. You moaned lightly in appreciation. I put one finger under the string of your bikini and started to slide. Not towards your stomach but outwards. Moments later you felt the knot at the side of your bikini loosen. Seconds later the knot let go and the front of your bottoms scooted towards the middle. You could feel how only half of your vagina was wrapped with a protecting piece of fabric. With your eyes closed, you felt how my fingers looked for a way across. Lower than when I had first explored you, you felt my fingers glide over your venus hill. Suddenly you felt warm comforting rays of the sun where you had never felt them before. A little later, the other side of your knickers got undone and your lips were completely freed.

Marc watched with great interest how you let everything happen to you. Even when I started to push your moist bikini bottoms down. First over your venus hill, then over your shaved smooth pussy, then down between your long legs. Once all the way down you knew what time it was. You were ready to give up the secrets of your body, because that bikini wasn’t coming back up. Marc seemed excited about how I was about to discover your pussy for the first time. I looked at you, looking for your permission. Looking back at me our eyes caught each other and with a hardly unnoticeable nod, you let me know it was fine. You wanted it.

As soon as you felt my index and ring finger at the back of your lips, you instinctively grabbed Marc’s swollen cock, as in a reflex that you didn’t fully control yourself. I pulled my hand up and dragged index and ring finger over your soft and swollen lips, my middle finger in between them. Gently, making sure I’d only very lightly sweep your moist pink core. You moaned lightly and squeezed Marc’s big hard penis, opened your mouth and firmly licked your upper lip.

We let you cool down for a minute or ten. Enjoying your drink, your breasts exposed stomach naked, arms still in your ski-vest. Your black trousers folded wide open to your hips and the sun that happily licked your hill and top part of your lips with her warm rays. You knew people could see you and you knew Marc and I enjoyed seeing you lying there like that. You felt like a goddess. Our eyes couldn’t get enough of you, your body seemed endless. Especially the newly uncovered piece of skin drew our attention. Or how under your navel a divine piece of land was waiting to be conquered with, in the distance, a hill that we could just see split into two before it disappeared in the shadows.

With your eyes still shut, you looked for Marc’s trousers again and placed your hand on his tireless hard shaft. You looked for his fly, undid the button with one hand and with remarkable precision you took the zipper between thumb and index. Marc’s trousers opened up and his black boxers came into view. Before you had fully opened the zip-fly, his hard bulge sprang up as if it was waiting to be freed. Long fingers opened up and closed around his nice and hard dick. You felt him throb in your hand. Gently you started going up and down his full length and felt his boxers’ wet spot in the palm of your hand. Marc enjoyed visibly and folded his hands behind his head.

Then your voice sounded, lightly intimidating, “Jay, you as well, come on. Unzip. Do it.”

Rather surprised by your demand I sprang into action and undid the button and zipper of my own ski-trousers. Tight dark blue boxer briefs made sure my hard cock didn’t veer up but kept it secure against my leg. You lifted your head and looked at my briefs.

“Hmm, how am I supposed to do anything with that?” you said. “Push them down,” you quickly followed up and with stark eyes you kept looking at the dark blue prison.

“Of course, Gil,” I replied as if I was given a command, startled by your instructive tone of voice, and started to lift the tight boxer shorts up over my penis.

It jumped up immediately, freed from its claustrophobic environment and stood proud in the sun, throbbing with excitement. I looked at you and tried to catch your eyes but all you seemed interested in was your new acquisition.

“Very good,” you said.

You then grabbed my cock and started to massage it top to bottom, just as if you were Marc’s. Up and down, over and over. A couple of iterations later your tucked your hand under Marc’s waistband to look for your man. It wasn’t much of a search because his massive penis very much wanted to be found. The thought of being there with two guys — like a queen in the middle, full control over your possessions in your both hands — made you so horny you felt the juices drip on your innocent, tucked-between-your-legs, bikini bottoms. You threw your eyes at the steel blue sky, stopped jerking us off and clenched your hands into fists. Immediately you had our undivided attention. A long second followed and then…

“Guys, suck my nipples.”

You let go of us, put your head down and closed your eyes, waiting for the first lips to wrap themselves around your nipples. You felt Marc’s tongue first, licking the tip of your breast from your areola to the top and then circling around it. Next, on your other breast, you felt me taking more than your nipple between my lips. I took as much of you in my mouth as I could. Gently sucking I kissed you and slowly I let your nipple slide back out of my mouth. You ran your hands through our hair and held our heads firmly, as if to keep them locked onto your body. Hungrily licking and sucking we treated your boobs to a great massage.

When you were about to get tired of having us on your boobs you pushed Marc down. You could feel his lips going over the lower part of your breast, followed by your stomach, pushing him further down to your trousers. He knew what to do and you felt his hands starting to tug at your pants. Lifting up your hips you helped him in freeing up what you wanted taken care of. Your bare tight ass fell back down onto the chair. He put both his hands on your inner thighs and pushed out a little. Hardly touching you first felt him land some kisses in the crevices where your legs meet your groin before he started licking your excited lips.

You reached behind his head and pushed him against your pussy, looking for the feeling of your lips being squished against his. You felt your outer lips part and had Marc’s tongue put pressure on your wet inside. At the same time, you pushed me against your breast and sighed in pleasure.

“Keep on licking that pussy,” you commanded Marc.

You then pulled me off your boob and told me to come sit higher. When I had moved up you reached for my t-shirt, pulled it up and made your way down. Arching my neck, I groaned as you closed your slender fingers around my dick.

“You like that don’t you?” I heard you ask as you started jerking me off.

All I could do was moan in response. I loved the sight of you being licked between your legs while you had my cock in your hand, stroking back and forth. After a while, you looked up at me. I was wondering what you were up to. You swung your arm around your head in an effort to catch all your hair as you bent down and headed for my groin.

I felt your lips wrap closely around the tip of my cock, still holding it firmly with your other hand. Marc looked up for a moment and saw you bobbing on my cock. Lips spread wide, penis smoothly gliding in and out of your mouth. This got him even hornier; he grabbed his own dick and started jerking off. He looked for your inner labia and continued licking and sucking them more rapidly. You almost bit my cock in excitement and held Marc close against your pussy again.

“Mmmmm,” you said, “You’re gonna make me cum if you keep that up.”

Marc took that as sign to keep on going but you stopped him and said, “I don’t want to cum yet. Fuck me first. Put that hard dick of yours up my pussy while I suck our friend’s cock.”

Lying on your side you lifted one knee up to give Marc better access. Your perfectly shaved pussy glistening in the sunlight, covered in your and your man’s juices. Marc stood up and crawled up behind you, taking his hard member into his hand, guiding his swollen head to your hole. For a moment, a fresh mountain breeze grazed your lips but was quickly replaced with Marc’s warm dick. Your eyes widened as he thrust himself deep inside of you.

“His cock is so big,” you thought as he started flexing his ass pushing in and pulling out of you. Your stiff nipples, still wet from our tongues, rocking back and forth, as he kept making his way in and out of you. You reached for my cock again and took as much as possible in your mouth. Sucking me off as deep as you could you grabbed my balls and rolled them between your fingers. I ran my fingers through your long hair and held it up, holding your head in my hands as I bounced you up and down my shaft. I could feel myself starting to orgasm. You noticed it too and slowed your rhythm down.

“You’re not cumming yet, you aren’t,” you said decisively.

Marc slowed down as well and listened in.

“What would you like us to do?” he asked.

You looked at him and squinted a little. A devious smile appeared on your lips. You moved yourself off Marc’s cock and told us to sit next to each other. We did as we were told and you stared at our hard swollen dicks.

“Jay’s cock is the smaller one,” you said. “He can fuck me in my ass.”

A smile appeared on our surprised faces.

“I want to feel you both inside me.”

Still taken aback with your demand I decided not to give you time to change your mind and moved towards your chair. I grabbed you by the waist, lifted you up and positioned myself under you. Putting your naked ass down on my stomach, I waited for you to get ready. Marc who had moved to the front kneeled down in the snow between my legs; he grabbed your trousers and pulled them down over your knees to your ankles. You spread your knees and exposed your perfectly bald and wet pussy to your man. He grabbed your knees and stroked your thighs up to your wetness.

“I’m definitely going to remember this,” you said and reached for my cock.

You took it into your hand, rolled the tip in your palm and jerked it off a couple of times. Scooting down a bit on my stomach you brought your ass closer to me. You rotated your hips and touched the tip of my cock to your asshole. Holding my dick, you slowly tried to push it inside. That was easier said than done and you realised you weren’t wet enough.

“Marc, lick my ass and get it wet,” I heard you say.

Marc moved closer and pushed my dick aside. He licked your pussy once more before making his way down to your asshole. You felt him circling his tongue around it and pushing onto the center. The feeling of Marc’s tongue on your horny body felt great. You got turned on even more knowing he had to push my dick away, holding it in his hand.

“OK babe, now do Jay.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. But without a second to waste Marc turned to action and I felt the tip of my cock disappear between Marc’s lips. He licked me around my dickhead and gradually sucked in about half of my length.

You thought he could do better so you grabbed him by his hair and pushed him down further onto me. When he had repeatedly sucked my full size you pulled him back up and demanded he’d push me inside you.

He licked your asshole one last time and grabbed my dick in his hand, lining up my wet dick’s head with your tightest entrance. Slowly you started lowering yourself onto me, and with Marc’s helping hand keeping my dick stiff, I felt the tip of my cock get tightly wrapped by your lovely ass.

“Mmmm, good boys,” you moaned between clenched teeth as my cock sank further into you.

I felt I could start to fuck you and gently started pushing back and forth, slowly increasing how far I pulled out and pushed back in. Soon you got used to it and it was time for Marc to do his thing. He pushed his trousers to just over his ass. You could see the sides of his toned cheeks and looking under him his large cock erect and pointing forward like a spear ready to thrust into its victim.

“Fuck me with that beautiful thing of yours,” you cried out.

You wanted him so bad. You wanted to feel stuffed by two guys. You needed to be used.

Marc towered over you as he played with his cock against your hairless pussy. Your lips were so wet they almost reflected his penis. He ran his cock through your inner lips and pushed up against your clit. You bit your lip and looked at him as if you were angry. With the state of horniness you were in and your ass already being fucked you weren’t going to need much in order to come, and you didn’t want to have that happen before you’d at least get two cocks inside your body. No more playing around.

“Fuck, me, now,” you said voiceless.

Marc correctly read your lips and pushed his cock back down through your slit, to the back of your pussy, a mere inch away from my own penis. You couldn’t keep from gasping as he pushed in, spreading your lips wide. The feeling was amazing, and not just for you. I could feel him slide inside you as well.

So there we were, both Marc and I pumping in and out of you, feeling each other’s rhythm, you in between us with your pants down and your vest still on, hanging from your shoulders, showing your boobs. And again you felt like a goddess. I reached up and held your boobs firmly in both hands, squeezing them hard. Your breath quickened and you could feel yourself starting to climax. In short gasps you inhaled and repeatedly cried “Yes” every so softly.

“Hurt me,” you exhaled.

I pulled your nipples up and fucked you hard up your ass with my whole length. At the same time Marc plunged deep inside your pussy and squished your lips and clit under his weight. You threw your head back and started squirming. You exploded in pleasure and pain.

Marc and I backed down a little but not for long, as we ourselves were trying our best not to come to soon. With your ass stuffed your pussy had gotten more tight and thus harder for a man to sustain. As soon as you had found your breath we picked up the pace and enjoyed your body once again.

Sliding my cock up and down your little ass was amazing. I had been lucky you started to come so quickly so I could slow down or I wouldn’t have lasted. Now with no more obligations keeping me from doing my thing I could let myself go and before long I felt my body start to flex.

You noticed the change in my cadence and said, “Come in my ass Jay. I want it.”

My hands were at your waist. You reached for them and put them on your boobs again. You grabbed Marc’s ass and pulled him towards you, pushing in his cock all the way. You kept him there, locked hard on your pussy.

“Pull my nipples again and I’ll come,” we heard you whisper.

As I shot my first load into your hole I pulled your nipples out and felt you orgasm on our dicks again. The rest of my cum followed quickly and felt the tension glide off of me.

“Keep your dick inside me,” you told me. “I want Marc to come still.”

Marc reached for your neck and choked you with one hand, fucking you with his whole dick. Thick and long, treating your pussy to a great meal. His balls hitting the skin between your vagina and your ass, touching mine every time he dove deep inside you. The first jolt of cum shot from his cock. His moaning lifted you over that edge again and you could feel yourself getting weak a third time. He pushed again and unloaded a second time, filling your vagina with his cum.

Marc let go of your neck, pulled his swollen dick out and sank down onto his hair. I did the same and moved next to you. Still breathing heavily your glistening pussy and ass started to leak our juices, flowing them together. You sat up on the side of the chair and let it drip into the snow.

“Guys, that was incredible. This is definitely an afternoon to remember,” you said pulling your trousers up over your naked butt. Then, after zipping up your vest you grabbed your bikini top and bottom and said,

“Let’s go. We’ve still got a trip ahead of us.”

Looking around I noticed some girls were looking at us; they had followed your lead and were showing off their proud boobs suntanning monokini. I winked at them and they waved back. They looked at each other, smiled, and reached for their breasts. Both girls pulled their nipples out. I hoped we had given them a good show. Who knows, maybe we had set a trend.

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