loving my ass for the first time.

By maggi

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how I lost my anal cherry
This story is follow-on from my first one – Meeting for the first time.

Please feel free to leave (constructive) feedback. I am still new to writing and am learning!

We have just made love for the first time, after months of cyber chatting and cyber sex. Our hearts are still pounding, as we lie there, sated. Neither of us wants to be the first to speak but the silence is comfortable. Oddly familiar.

Your hand has gone to my ass and has slipped between my ass cheeks. I can feel your finger pressing against me. It feels tight and a little scary. This has been your fantasy for so long – to fuck a woman in the ass. It has been my fantasy too but I have been a little dishonest with you. In our chats I have always sounded as if I have been butt-fucked before. I haven’t. Nobody has been there before – it has all been in my mind.

I move away from you, trying to psych myself up for what we are about to do. I am embarrassed too. Will this be messy? Will it be dirty?

I sit up on the bed but you put your arm around my waist. Your mouth goes to the small of my back and you start to kiss me with an open mouth. It feels amazing, your tongue touching me. When you lift your mouth from my back, I can feel the wetness from your saliva.

You pull me sharply towards you and you are behind me. You rub your crotch up and down against my ass.

“I’ve never done this before,” I confess to you quietly.

“That’s both of us then,” you reply. “I would love to be the one who claimed your ass.”

I can feel your cock thickening against me, and I know I want to feel it deep inside me.

“OK,” I whisper.

You reach over me and take the lube that is sitting on the bedside table. I roll over onto my belly, grabbing one of the pillows, which I shove under my hips. You squeeze some lube onto your middle finger and use one hand to open my ass cheeks.

The lube feels cold against me. Your finger caresses my brown star, teasing it. You go round it, the lube spreading. You graze my anus with your nail and I can feel myself clench.

You sit up between my legs, obviously wanting to spend time between my ass cheeks. You keep my butt spread open as you continue to tease my ass. Your finger pushes against my tight hole every so often. It feels surprisingly good.

You are becoming more persistent now and I am getting really turned on. Your finger pushes into me hard and I am aware that there is a foreign body in my ass. I am not sure whether I like it or not but I know you like it…your breathing is changing.

You pull your finger out and push in again a little deeper this time. This continues until your finger is deep inside me.

Suddenly your finger is withdrawn completely and there is another sensation there. You are now using two fingers on me, pushing them against my ass.

The lube has done its work and your fingers slide in. I am still not sure what I think of this sensation. I feel my ass trying to grasp against you, the strong muscle doing its work.

You continue to finger fuck my ass, obviously becoming more and more excited. You are muttering to yourself quietly, calling me your fuck toy, your ass bitch. I love the knowledge that you are enjoying it so much.

You pull your fingers out and I know what will be going in my ass next.

I feel you change positions – you are now on your knees, body upright. You open my ass cheeks again and now I feel your cock pressing against me. My ass has closed again but the lube is everywhere. Your cock is quickly covered with the lube.

The pressing persists; it feels like you are knocking on a door. You push harder and suddenly I feel real pain as the head of your hard cock pushes past my sphincter and into my ass.

I gasp and try not to call out.

You are now so caught up in what is happening, that you are ass fucking your woman that you don’t realize I am still. Instead, you push hard and quickly until your cock is buried inside my ass.

I can feel tears in my eyes caused by your cock tearing into my ass. I need to ignore it and concentrate on feeling something other than pain. What do I feel?

I feel the thickness of your cock buried in my ass. Your cock feels amazingly hard. . I can just feel the hair from your balls and no more - your balls are against my ass. My instinct is to push your cock out but I don’t. Instead I clench your cock hard.

Your groan makes me realize how far I have come. How excited you are by this.

“Just fuck me,” I hear myself say.

You need no second invitation. You pull out and push back in again quickly.

This time it is me who groans loudly. Oh god, it actually feels amazing.

“Tell me what I am doing to you,” you demand.

“Fucking my ass,” I reply, my voice cracking. “Fucking me with your hard cock. You’re taking my cherry.”

“Fuuuck,” you respond as your thrusts become more frenzied. They are no longer rhythmic – they are powerful, passionate and desperate. I can sense how badly you want to cum in my ass.

Your hand goes round my waist and goes between my pussy lips. You feel for my clit and circle it with the flat of your finger. You do this really slowly then start going back and forward over it hard. The frigging is getting me close.

“Yes, yes. Yes,” I am gasping now.

“Cock loving slut,” you mutter. “Dirty dirty girl.”

Your thrusts suddenly still and your body tenses. Your fingers that were playing with my clit are suddenly pushed deep into my pussy.

“Cummmmming!” you shout.

“In my ass!” is all I can say in response.

My ass convulses, gripping your cock. My pussy is grasping at your fingers as my body tenses and I can feel your cum shooting deep inside me.

My orgasm is so deep, so intense; I think I am going to pee. I hold tight and let the sensations wash all over my body.

Your body slumps against mine. It feels all hot and sweaty. Your cock is still buried inside my ass. Part of me wants it to stay there all night but I have heard that as the anus has no natural lubrication, it will get very dry and may become painful. I don’t want to move. I rejoice in the weight of your body, pinning me to the bed.

Our breathing returns to normal as I think of our other fantasies – your desire to see me cum in a public place, my wish to be taken by another woman as you watch, your need to be cucked.

I hope you are brave enough to make the next move.