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Making Him My Bitch

Hubby pisses me off so I make him my bitch or so I thought!
He just would not let up he just kept at me. Over and over all the rude comments and little sarcastic  remarks. I wish he would just shut the hell up. I've had about enough. I want a massage, I want dinner, I want to go to bed early and I'm not in the mood for sex was what I heard out of him!!! Then all the ball scratching, burping at the top of his lungs damn he can even burp the alphabet constantly grossing me totally out. Sometimes I just could not wait to get his ass out of the house and off to work in the morning but it was the holidays and he was off work and stuck at home with me.

Finally I have had enough. Hornier than a bunny rabbit he snuggles up behind me the next morning in bed with a big old boner.

"Oh want some pussy now do you?" I grumbled.

Little did he know I was always horny and ready to fuck all the time and especially in the morning. I pulled my knees up to my chest exposing my wet pussy to his big hard cock. With a little positioning from behind he shoved his cock all the way into my tight twat that was already slick and wanting a good pounding. With only a few strokes my vaginal muscles clamped down on that penis and gripped it tight. In and out, thrusting and pounding the more he fucked my hot twat the louder he moaned and groaned. After a good long time of great hard slamming he let out a very loud groan and drove it home pulsing and shooting his hot load into me. I pushed my ass back so his cock was completely buried in my pussy and began slowly rocking my hips the tiniest bit grinding that bulbous cock head into my G spot causing my hot pussy to contract and cum over and over again milking every drop of spunk out of him. After that first loud groan the moaning and groaning became softer but his breathing heavier.

"Milk it all out of my cock slut!" he breathlessly growled.

That was it the last rude remark I was going to take today. I finished milking him dry with my tight tone pussy then rolled over on my back.

"Get me my vibrator and suck my nipples hard while I vibe my clit BITCH and make me cum HARD" I said in my angry, frustrated horny slut voice.

As I rubbed my engorged clit with my vibrator the Hubby laid his head on my chest and sucked and bit my nipple as instructed.

"Harder BITCH! bit that nipple" I ordered him.

He sucked and bit my nipple as hard as he could but I'm sure he could tell his insatiable wife wasn't getting enough so he moved one hard down to my cum filled pussy.

"Mmmmm that's it swirl all that hot cum around" I said as he slid his index finger into my hot juicy twat.

He started fingering my g spot and would alternate between my g spot and pushing my clit onto the tip of the vibrator I was holding on the top of it. Cumming and cumming I was with legs jumping all over and then the intensity increased and I squirted all over his hand several times. I pushed his hand away and turned off the vibrator.

"Happy now?" he smirked.

I looked him right in the eyes and said in a gruff tone "NO I want more and I'm going to have it! Later this evening after I have worked out and had a shower I'm going to get all dolled up with some super sexy lingerie and you are going to be my photographer. After our photo shoot I'm gonna fuck your tight sexy little ass and suck you naughty cock all the way down my throat. Yep that's right you are MY bitch today and if you don't behave my riding crop is coming out and I WILL beat your ass red!"

"Now you know I can never behave or follow orders dear" he said in his snarky little voice.

Then we spent the rest of the morning and afternoon goofing off around the house. Finally I got up enough steam to go to our basement gym and work out. Always cranking my favorite tunes made working out so much more fun. Journey, Heart, No Doubt, Kix all my old favorites made my work outs seem to go so much faster. After twenty minutes on the stationary bike then the same on the elliptical stepper I drug my sweaty body up into a hot shower. Man how I wanted to take a dip in our huge awesome hot tub spa but it was outside and with temperatures well below freezing I didn't feel like getting a head cold so the shower massage was all I was going to get today. I washed and conditioned my long blond hair and soaped my body all over with my special shower gel on my bath poof. After rinsing and toweling off I began dolling up for my photo shoot.

First I dried and curled my hair. Then a little make up with sexy, smoky eyes and painted glossy lips. Now ready for my sexy dom outfit. The hubby helped lace up the back of my leather corset and clip on my strap on 6" ribbed cock and balls. Some glitzy jewelry, my crop and I was ready to have my picture taken.

"Who knows maybe I'll get a little kinky and put some of these photos on my Lush profile" I teased my photographer hubby.

Then he said in disgust "You better watch yourself you will have a bunch of horny perverts showing up here all wanting their asses fucked!"

"Right, you are the only horny pervert around here baby. Help me out of this get up" I replied.

Once out of my corset and strap on I pushed that rude hubby of mine down on the bed.

"You are going to get it now baby get ready to be my BITCH!" were the words flying out of my mouth.

I pushed him down on the bed and crawled up next to him. Before he even knew what I was doing his cock was buried in my hot mouth all the way. His photographer job must have gotten him all worked up as that cock of his was all hard, spewing pre cum and ready to go. Squeezing and pulling on his balls hard I deep throated his cock running my wet tongue all over it and shoving it into my throat as far as it would go over and over. He was in for a little surprise. He didn't see me grab the little bottle of lube off the night stand and with his hard dick buried in my throat I lubed up my index finger good and slid it straight up his tight sexy little ass hole. With the first stroke against his prostate his hips started thrusting and the moaning became guttural screams of lust.

God I love fucking his tight sexy little apple shaped ass! It was so tight one finger was all it took my strap on unfortunately would never fit in this tiny hot little hole but my finger sure did. My hubby' s ass hole clenched and throbbed on the finger that was fucking it so gently and sweetly reaching into his depths and tickling his special spot driving him crazy. Prostate stimulation mmm.... nothing makes a cock harder or cum harder and it is my specialty! Lucky for me he didn't cum to very fast so I got to suck that tasty dick and fuck that hot little ass for more than good twenty minutes. I was in cock sucking ass fucking heaven!

Now it was time for my favorite part the explosion! First his prostate would puff up and throb like crazy and his tight ass would pulse and squeeze my invading finger. That was the sign that told me he was getting there. Next his balls would try to rise up into his body but pulling on his scrotum I would not let that happen which intensified all his sensations. Then it started his big hard cock twitching and shot load after load of hot sweet cum into my waiting mouth. I loved holding his cumming member in my mouth applying gentle suction feeling every little spasm until my mouth milked him dry and my finger had assaulted his sphincter and prostate. I was in screaming man orgasm heaven!

I gave him a drink of juice and a few minutes to recover and said "Now it's my turn!"

Laying on the bed spread eagle I handed him my medium sized flesh colored dildo and told my hubby "Suck my clit and fuck my pussy good with this."

I certainly did not need any lube for that dildo as fucking a sexy ass always made my cunt dripping wet! My good little bitch for the day did as he was told and fucked and sucked my hot pink pussy making me cum and cum again. Shuttering and shaking, legs jumping all over, moaning and squealing I released all my sexual tensions but by then his dick was hard as a rock again!

"I want to fuck you from behind, get up and bend over the edge of the bed" my man with his new boner said.

As I stood up and bent over the edge of the bed the naughty little bastard grabbed his video camera, shoved his big hard cock into my drenched pussy and started filming. What a scene my big round bubble butt bouncing back and forth with his girl cum covered dick pounding in and out of me again and again. SMACK was the sound I heard as he spanked my big ass HARD! I could not even imaging what has gotten into him and then he did it again and again. Guess he really likes spanking my big ass because after about a half dozen extra hard slaps to my fair pale white skinned ass he grabbed my hips, drove his cock to the hilt balls deep and exploded in my pussy.

He threw me on the bed and said "Spread them slut!" and had me hold open my cum filled pussy while he filmed it!

I got up to go to the bathroom to get cleaned up and I heard an evil laugh. My hubby was laughing at the bright red ass he had just given me. He just laughed and laughed so much so that I started laughing as well. Oh well so much for making my husband my bitch for the day.

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