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Me and Maria Part 2

After my nap with maria......cont. of Me and Maria

I woke up. Looking over to my right I see Maria fully naked, each breath bringing her lovely tits up and down. I looked down at my massive hard on and all the memories came flooding back like a tidal wave. Everything I just did, everything WE just did. It all seemed like a dream. I reached down and grabbed one of her boobs and squeezed softly. A light moan escaped her lips. She rolled over slightly and opened her legs a bit so I had a partial view of her pussy. It had a little dried up cum around the edges but I could tell she was still wet. I reached my other hand down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. Ever so gently, just enough for her to feel it but not enough to wake her up. She rolled over more and fully opened her legs. I ran my fingers up and down her slit and slipped a finger into her. Another moan came out of her lips as I pushed the finger in and out.

                She was really stretched out from what we did so I pushed in a second finger. The sound of my fingers going in and out was making me really horny, it was one of the best sounds I’ve ever heard, well there is one sound that’s better but I’ll get to that later. I slipped in a third and moved my body down so my mouth was next to her pussy. I started to suck on her clit while pushing the three fingers in and out as fast as I could. She started to cum in her sleep. She woke up to a feeling of pleasure and just laid back down and laughed. “you really are naughty aren’t you.” She said in a sexy voice. “well of course, you make me so horny” I replied with my own sexy voice. “well I guess we should both get cleaned off.” She said with a wink. Before I could reply she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bathroom. I guess she wanted to live out her fantasy…..and ill make it a reality. I thought to myself. She got the water to a good temp and turned around. I strode over to her wrapped her in my arms and kissed her. “I’ll make your dream come true.” I said.

I stepped into the shower and she came in after me. I grabbed the body wash and put it on my hands and started rubbing her body. I reached around and grabbed her ass, going straight to her other hole and pushed a finger in. She gasped at this. At first her face showed a little pain then as she got used to it she started telling me to go faster. My other hand was cupping her boobs, rubbing her nipples around, and squeezing gently. She starts soaping me up focusing on my dick but also moving around to my ass and chest. She lightly runs her hands down my back and   lightly squeezes my ass. Her hands come back around and start stroking my dick, slow then fast then slowing down again. My right hand was still fingering her ass so I brought my left hand down to her pussy and started fingering her there. Instantly starting with three fingers. We move our bodies closer and kiss with our hands still working. My left hand stops and reached behind my head. I take the shower head off the wall switch it to massage mode and aim it towards her clit. As soon as it hit she was moaning, her grip tightened on my dick. She was loving this, and we only just started.

She couldn’t take it anymore and I could tell she needed me inside her. So I asked her to turn over so we could do it doggy style. She needed me inside her she just never said which hole. I place myself at the entrance of her ass. I started to slide it in she gasped at this, I could tell she was in pain but it would soon turn to pleasure. Once I was all the way in, I started to gently pull back out. I slid it back in a little faster, and pulled it out just as fast. Her breathing sped up and soon she started to tell me to go faster. In and out in and out. My dick a blur as it goes in so fast. Her tits bouncing back and forth only, making me hornier. She was rubbing her clit, and fingering herself while I fucked her. She started screaming she was cumming and her inner walls clamped down tighter than anything I’ve ever felt. I could hardly pull it in and out anymore. I came into her ass filling her up again. It spurted out the sides but most of it stayed inside. She leaned heavily against the wall while I pulled out. She stood up and looked me up and down, she noticed my dick was still hard so she opened up her legs and waved me towards her.   I placed myself at her pussy and pushed it in. she wrapped her arms around me as I picked her up off the floor putting her back against the wall I started pumping it in and out. Slamming it into her again and again. Shoving it as deep as I could into her. It didn’t take her long before she started to tighten up again. I just pounded away, again and again. My balls slapping up against her ass with each thrust. She moaned in my ear telling me how good it felt.

She grabbed the shower head and started spraying it on my dick heightening the experience. I’ve never felt anything like this before. She moved the shower head away so I   wouldn’t cum right away. She was tightening her walls over and over making it tight then loose. Then tight again. I could tell she was going to cum again so I quickly pulled out. She unwrapped her feet from my body. And stood there. I spun her around and bet her over. I slipped my dick into her pussy from behind. With each thrust my dick rubbed up against her g-spot. She started yelling that it felt good but I was lost in my rhythm. She screamed one more time “IM CUMING” I thrust it deep inside her one more time unloading everything into her. After she stopped shaking I pulled out.

“that’s enough excitement for one day” she said breathing hard

“yah I agree.”

“do you remember what next Monday is?” She asked with a playful look in her eyes

“it’s your B-day. And I know your gonna love the gift I have for you”

“ha-ha I better.”

We both got dressed. I kissed her goodbye giving her ass one final squeeze and I head out the door. I begin the long ride home thinking about what surprises I have in store for her.

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