Mexican Adventure

By OldGeezer

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I recently came back from a 4 week botanical field trip to Mexico, and I thought I’d share with you
As I stood outside my hotel in San Luis Potosi, a car drew up, the window went down and a husky voice from inside tentatively queried “Senor David?”.

“Oh, yes, …, soy Senor Davies”.

And so I was driven across town to my host’s house by this very attractive lady, about mid 30’s I would estimate, and from what I could see without staring unduly, a curvaceous figure.

She said little during our journey, but I managed to determine that she was my hosts’ maid and chauffeur, and had been with them for the last 10 years. As we arrived at the house, and got out of the car, I thanked her for the ride, and was rewarded by a lovely smile, lighting up her beautiful face.

The evening passed quickly, my hosts were very friendly to someone who was, after all, a complete stranger. I had been given the introduction by a mutual friend, and had made contact as soon as I had arrived in the city. Eventually I said that I should be getting back, as we were due to leave on our explorations at 7:30 the next morning. My hosts would have nothing of it, and it was probably the aged Tequila that they had been plying me with that made my resolve less than it might have been. They said they would get me back on time for the morning trip.

So it was just after midnight that I was shown to my room for the night, and as is my norm, especially in a climate like this, stripped off my clothes and lay down naked on top of the bed. I must have quickly dozed, as when someone entered my room, I was jolted awake, not quite knowing where I was. It was the pretty maid and chauffeur, Juanita, bringing me some pajamas and a towel. She stood beside my bed and stared down at me, saying nothing, just standing there looking. The tension was electric and somehow highly erotic. She had changed from her more formal attire earlier in the evening and now wore a loose low cut blouse, with a swirling skirt and bare legs. In my befuddled state, I just looked back at her, and felt my cock stir as I did.

In the quiet of the night, I could hear her breathing, and could see her breasts rise and fall, tight against the thin cloth of her blouse, her nipples hardening as I looked. She was staring at my cock as it now rose to its full length. Feeling like I was an actor in a bad movie, I said “Do you like what you see?”

“Mmmmm, quiero mucho”, she said, and once again her smile lit up her face. She dropped the towel and clothes to the floor, as she extended a slim hand to stroke along the length of my erect member.

The touch of her fingers as they slid along my penis made me even harder, and she circled my length, sliding a finger over the now oozing tip.

I reached out and slip her blouse off her shoulders, revealing her lovely breasts, long hard nipples above darker areoles. I bent forward and sucked each nipple, my hands cupping her full breasts, lifting them to my mouth in turn. As I worked on them, her head went back and she groaned deeply.

I tugged at her skirt and she wriggled out of it, revealing no underwear, just a beautiful body, which I left no part unkissed.

She then swiveled round into a classic 69 position, and working first on the head of my cock, slowly took me deeper and deeper, until I could feel her throat open and grip me under my helmet. The disparity in our heights meant that I couldn’t quite reach her clit with my tongue, but had a lovely view of her as my hands stroked and probed into her. She was already very wet, and as I stroked my fingers in and out of her tight pussy, I could feel her groaning as vibrations on my cock.

The full plump, firm ass cheeks were a delight to spread, and fingers spread her juices up to her tight asshole. She gasped when my finger first touched her there, but then relaxed and took my cock deeper into her throat. My other hand stroked her clit, and she came to orgasm very quickly and released a lovely draught of pussy juice as she did. She stifled her cries of delight, saying that she did not want to disturb my friends.

I held her as she slowly came down from that high, and then lay back as she then climbed up over me to position herself above my erect and glistening cock. Her dark eyes glistened in the dim light, and as she lowered herself onto me, she gripped my head with her pussy lips and squeezed my rhythmically as inch by inch I filled her up.

She was tight, even though her breasts betrayed the experience of childbirth, and the feeling was intense as she rose and fell on me, her body moving forwards and backwards on my penis, until just as she writhed in another climax, I shot my hot semen deep into her.

The night passed with short naps and more frantic lovemaking, until the dawn showed itself through the windows. I needed to be back at the hotel, and told Ana so.

“OK”, she said, and bent down once more to suck my cock to another climax, and licking her lips as the sticky fluid coated her mouth and chin. “Now we go”.

The day passed in a bit of a blur, as I was not as energetic as I could have been, climbing up steep hills not the exercise I had just had! All I could think of was the amazing night that had just passed.

Back at the hotel that night, there was a message waiting for me. It simply said “8pm, outside, Ana”.

It seemed that I had no choice, so once again I stood outside my hotel, and climbed into her car when she arrived.

“Tonight, you are at my home”, she said.

And to her home we went, where exactly I don’t know, but I was happy just to be with her. On arrival, her home was an apartment which she shared with her two sisters, both younger than Ana, but equally delightful. In the car she told me that she wanted her sisters to meet me, and experience someone different. I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant, and she didn’t seem to be in a mood to explain. Maybe my limited Spanish, and her limited English were to blame.

When I met her sisters they both kissed me on both cheeks, and said something to Ana which I couldn’t catch. They all laughed, so I did as well. They served me a very typical Mexican meal, and caused much hilarity as I struggled to cope with the heat from the chillies. Wiping the beads of sweat from my brow, I said something like “that was good, but I feel like I need a shower”.

My words were taken literally, and the younger sister showed me to the bathroom, where I was indeed urged to take a shower. As I turned off the water and stood there naked, I heard some giggling, and looked out from the glass shower cubicle to find all three sisters sitting there, obviously having enjoyed the sight of this Englishman naked.

“Er…what are you…”, I started to say, but with more giggling, Ana took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. I say the bedroom, as there was only one, and that is where I was to spend the night.

Each sister had a different special pleasure I learnt. For Ana it was simple penetration, and I soon relived the experience of her wonderful pussy. Her sisters watched us making love, and joined us on the bed. As we subsided in a rather damp mess, Inez, the middle sister towelled us down, and then promptly took hold of my cock and proceeded to suck me hard again. This was her main pleasure, and I was treated to the most perfect blowjob ever, and one which resulted in Inez having an orgasm as I blew my load hard against the back of her throat.

Now Ana took control again, and cuddled against me, with Inez and Rosa, the younger sister, lying close to us. I may have dozed a little, but the sensuality of the night worked it’s wonders and for the third time in only a few hours, I became rigid again. Rosa was into anal sex in a big way, and quickly turned on to her hands and knees and guided my cock between her plump butt cheeks to fill her anal passage. As I gently pushed against her, she opened for me with relaxed ease and groaned as I filled her right to my root. That night, it was not just my cock that went in there, but anything we could find, aided and abetted by her two sisters, and the bigger and deeper that we could insert whatever it was, the better, as she seemed to be able to have a continual orgasm.

Eventually I fell asleep, exhausted. I woke to find Inez giving me a blow job to start the day, while Ana slid onto my face so I could lick her and tongue fuck her to orgasm.

I then grabbed my watch and realized that I had missed my friends, and that I was here for the day. Ana went off to work, as did Inez, which just left Rosa and me in the apartment. I dozed some more, and then we just fucked for the rest of the day it seemed. Her anal passage gripped me so tightly that at times I felt she would pull my cock out by the roots, but it stayed a part of me, and spewed my semen into her many times.

Late in the afternoon, I called for a cab and after a quick last fuck with Rosa, went back to my hotel to await my friends, and to continue our exploration. During the next two weeks, we discovered some wonderful plants, but my over-riding memory is of those three sisters, and the draining but exhilarating time I had spent with them.