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Micaela's wonderful ass

How difficult it would be to get close to that important woman, but suddenly, my dream came true

Hi everybody! I'm Marcos,  and I'm here again to tell you my new and passionate sexual experience. You can share your opinions with me this time.
I worked as a secretary in a business years ago. That's why I'm pretty trained and prepared for this job.  On the grounds I have the expertise, like I said, they asked me to train  and coach the new staff they had recently hired. Of course, I agreed to the proposal and it's been 12 months since I've been been assisting  this party  5 boys and 3 girls. 

The last girl to sign in was Micaela, a 35 yo attorney. She was blond, tall,  well built,  as well as beautiful.  She gave the impression of a self confident,   untouchable,  impenetrable woman rarely seen in other persons.  
As I began to give her support,   only intended  teaching  a few secret business, I  pointed out  she had to be nice,  get along very well  with  co-workers. Her reply made me think  she was a nice person indeed,  so I  began to like her a lot. 

Nonetheless this fascination I felt for her, it seemed impossible to start anything here: firstly, I had a girl friend; secondly, this chick was a graduated,  while I lived in the wrong side of the tracks... just a foot soldier.  She was taller than I,  1.75 cms.  She's older while I'm 28.
All this made me feel more attracted to her, but she was the woman I'd never get to, distant, like remote to me, despite her good manners.    I was aware I had to hide my affection toward her so   people didn't suspect, thus ruin it all,  especially if they felt envy at seeing  us chatting. We had began to  nurtur a nice "friendship"   while she trusted me a lot,  as well as in the office work. I was astonished, startled as I stared at her.  

On a certain day, Alexander, one of the boys in our group, invited everybody to his birthday. He lived near my house and, as Micaela didn't know the way to get there, but she  offered to give me a ride so I'd show her.  We had  made plans to meet at a specific place so Micaela would pick me up. Definitely, there was something witch mark a  difference: while she owned the last model, brand new car, I had to ride in public transportation. Looked like if we definitely belonged to a  different social status.

Well, we had a good time there,  despite it was not a great party –only a few attended-   we had a lot of fun,  even danced.  Micaela was enjoying practically every moment of it, that's why I was pretty surprised at seeing such unique, distinctive woman,  of a  high demanding status, so happy. 
As they began to dance, some guys came in to invite her a salsa, while she, so sweetly, gave them a fair response: she was already dancing with someone, and I was the guy she was dancing with.   My conclusions about this rare behavior came up quickly as I learned she had had an argument with her boy friend and she was so shocked by this mortification that she was not in the mood for having contact with guys: I'd stand by her side here.  She herself told this to me:  "This boy friend had been her first one, one that she had  loved so much,  and it would be difficult for her to find a new person, after this love affair was over."
I played like a good psychoanalyst that day, and told her it would be better to take it easy, enjoy life, be happy, and to date  another man;  her only way out of it would be to have a nice time here at this party, after this breakdown: to dance and have fun.   It was reasonable to ask her for a dance, and after been rejected so many times,  she'd said:
"Obviously, I've been expecting this question since long! I'd like to dance with you!"

For the fist time I felt optimistic and hopeful about this association with the beautiful lady, pretty optimistic;  something wonderful might come up.  Of course, she knew I liked her a lot. I   had tricked my girl friend, by leaving her alone at home, not inviting her to this party, using excuses like:  "Just private party for the office staff, that's all." 
Micaela began to take benefit of the situation soon and decided to have fun with me, also join the other people.   They kept an eye on us as  she began to speak some words into my ear, to whisper.  She said what  a pity I had a girl friend, while she grabbed my hands to draw me towards her, making me feel those wonderful tits against my chest.
She wore a medal which she clutched with one of her hands as a decoy, to deviate my glance,  so I wouldn't  stare at her impressive twin boobs.   I was going mad by this, but since this was a party and everybody was supposed to be  having   fun, I'd accept her acting so tesingly, taking it easy: drinks, shots, and more shots.   I had began to get along with it,  and didn't act too gallantly there, to court her like the typical  casanova, so I'd spoil it.
As we already were tired for so much drinking and dancing, she decided to leave the party and I drank one for the road. Of course, I asked her for a ride home.   This would cause a good impression among the staff as seeing me departing   with the most important person at business.
She agreed to give me a ride, but we didn't speak  a word different than how did she like the party, and the like.  There was a moment I asked her a question, although it sounded more to a statement:   she had drunk too much and probably  would  take in  all kind of comments from the employees next Monday.  To this, she smiled and responded:
"All I did there at that party was not something as a result I was drunk  by no means." 
I was astounded by this reply, frozen, and I didn't get involved at any contention until we got home.
She stopped the car to drop me off, and of course, I wasn't  willing to get off the car,   I took my time instead, to say we had had a good time there,  and I wished  to thank her once more. Micaela said:
"I don't think we'll have another chance like this anymore;  it's so difficult to date someone who is not your boy friend."
I took the chance and ask her  if she wished somebody to give her support,  by doing something special, and she would   forget about  her ex,  at least for tonight.  This comment was intended a double sense,  so if this cased her some embarrassement,  I had   the right answer handy, beforehand. Bingo! She told me she needed such a thing  as a good remedy at least for one night, and to keep   her thoughts away from her ex. It's at this point I began to think this chick was going to lay more tube than the motherfucfker's Alaska Pipeline!
We still were in the car, so I passed my left hand behind her head and began to kiss her, feeling her tongue inside me instantly. I noticed she was too hot, unbelievably hot, due to those months without a boyfriend, plus alcohol and so much party.
My right hand went right into her breast and, since she didn't resist, I slid my fingers inside the low neck, which had had me so turned on during the night party. I began to feel her moans and agitation while   my fingers toured her incredibly hard tits and lovely hard nipples.  My hand moved down to her dress until I reached her thighs and I began to lift up her panty here to masturbate her. I felt her frantic breath and noticed she was ready for everything.
She never tried to touch my penis already about to explode, so I had to take her hand and guide it to my zipper. I unbuttoned my pants and quickly slid her hand inside my boxers; I felt how she gripped my cock strongly and her breath becoming more frantic.   I began to masturbate her while she did the same to me. If I quickened, or accelerated the stroke,  she'd do the same to me.   I suddenly felt I no longer could  take it, and  held my cum so I'd take her away  from my dick,  and shift  to her  little cunt already wet.
She asked me what I was doing, this was her car, but I no longer would listen to her, I was too hot,  this car had sun shade, so I'd continue.  I darted my tongue up down as if trying to taste that beautiful cunt wonderfully shaved. I heard how Micaela gasped for air, and begging  aloud: "Please, suck it, suck my pussy now!"
I slid my hand within her thighs to pull the panties aside, and began to eat that cunt hungrily.  Needless to say, I’ve always liked to suck little shaved pussies, but this one was specially delicious, feeling her liquids already spilling down to the carpeted car's floor,  I didn't mind and didn't wish to stop either.

Micaela pulled back her seat as much as it could go and raised the car's stereo volume, spread wide her legs so I'd suck her plenty. I didn't miss neither the cunt lips nor the clit and heard her screaming like a bitch:
"Oh, yes, yes, like this, oh, yes. Damnit, suck it, suck the darn cunt now, of fuck,  more please!"
Actually, I noticed she had   climaxed and had some orgasms,  so passionately and she would be avid for a tongue fuck, so it  was the moment for my licking her pussy. I   pushed my head against her, she wished me to go deeper into her with my tongue and to eat it keenly while she masturbated with her fingers. I didn't want to stop licking. 
I lubed one finger with her cum and  slid it into her ass hole with one  firm stroke. This made her moan from pleasure and to raise her hips so I'd continued poking it more inside her. My finger made its way one inch first, then another inch until I began to slide it in and out, while sucking her cunt.
Micaela was having a good time enjoying this madly, she begged for more, gripped her tits with both hands and squeezed them strongly.  Mi cock was about to explode, so I decided to fuck here in the car, in the sport,  although we were parked in front of  my house and my bed would  be handy to fuck this woman comfortably.  I couldn't wait to fuck her,   besides it would be more exciting to have sex in her car.
I made an effort to stand up, but  Micaela had gotten in the way, with her legs wide open, one on top of the steering wheel while the other resting on the seat. I told her to move to the back seat so she obeyed immediately. I was about to wear my condom as Mica happened to stand   in her 4's beginning to move to the rear, exposing  an enormous and spectacular round ass in front of me with one little anus asking for attention, pretty opened, for I had been jerking her off previously. I couldn't stand this view as her ass got in the way,  and grabbed her from behind. She screamed:  "But... what are you doing?"

I raised her hands pushing them against the back of the seat and poked my cock wholly inside her, trying to go as  deeper as possible. I felt as Micaela let out a  loud scream, too brief, but strong, while my dick was still half way into her asshole. Actually,  only its head was inside, and needed another blow to poke  well within her. I told her:

"Mica, there must have been a hell or a slip-up somewhere along your ass crack. Oh, Sorry!!"
She hawled again but it only was meant for   a confused mix of pain and pleasure. I began to give her the most out of me, while she masturbated in an incredible way using my own hand, enjoying  amazingly,  talkng dirty like:   she wouldn't give up, for this was something she enjoyed and loved a lot.

Suddenly, I couldn't hold it any more and cummed into that spectacular pig assed tailed filling it with my cum. Micaela gasped for air, she had already cum,  and we stayed there silently for seconds enjoying this wonderful time. We were motionless   in the car's back seat and hung around there chatting for a little more than on hour. This was truly wonderful, an incredible fuck we'll never forget for the rest of our lives.

We use to meet sporadically now, because she has a boy friend –he's 42 yo- while I hung about with my girl friend. If Mica and I would be alone for any reason, we'd take advantage of it and had a marvelous time. But it will never be like that first time!
How did you like it? I hope your comments. Thanks.



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