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Mr Archer Ch 4

Micheal takes advantage of his decision to stay

Michael was sitting on the edge of the bed. He was finding this situation completely surreal.

The student from his class that he had just started to date wasn’t the student from his class, but her twin sister. And the almost naked young woman in front of him wasn’t the twin sister he thought she was, but was in fact the student from his class...


So he had just spent the last 30 minutes slowly arousing a beautiful, sexy young woman whom he'd never ever touched before. And this woman was Juliette. And Juliette really did attended his drama classes. The girl he had been dating, and he had thought was Juliette, was in fact Juliana, Juliette's twin sister. She didn't attend his classes. Except she had attended them a few times when the two sisters had 'swapped' secretly at the beginning of term.

Wow, this was fucked up.

So the real Juliette had invited him over tonight. And he'd naturally assumed she was the same girl he'd slept with less than 24 hours ago. And that was why he'd thought they'd just pick up where they had left off last time.

Michael took a deep breath. His head hurt, not to mention his cock.

From what Juliette had just admitted, the two sisters had clearly discussed his sexual performance. Juliana had definitely enjoyed his cock, first when they'd fucked in his office and then in his flat. He wondered just how much more detail she had shared? And how much had Juliette and Juliana planned this evening?

Whatever Juliette's own plan had been when she had invited him over tonight, things had certainly developed. The teasing game they had just played had definitely got them both very hot, no question. Michael was pretty sure she wanted to fuck him. And he was very sure that his cock had grown even harder listening to her guilty admission.

Had the sisters planned this? Perhaps Juliette had thought it would never get this far? But here she was, naked except for a mini skirt and knickers. So the game she thought she had control of had gone further than she had expected... or not as far as she wanted… And wow, she really was the perfect twin. She looked identical to her beautiful sister Juliana in almost every way.

Recent memories fell into place suddenly. Moments when he had sensed differences between the two women; the different clothes, the slightly different moods and the emotional energy of the two sisters had been just slightly different all along. A lot of little things suddenly made sense.

Juliette’s need to tell Michael the truth right now turned him on. She had placed the power of deciding what to do next in his hands. And if her sister knew and approved... Michael felt he was free to take full advantage. And Juliette was the best looking girl he had seen for… well for 24 hours actually… but she was still phenomenal.

“Come here,” he said, quietly.

He reached out, took her hand, and smiled to reassure her. He pulled her gently down towards him. He had expected her to sit next to him on the bed, but realizing his decision, Juliette chose to sit on his lap facing him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in to kiss him on the mouth. It was such a sexually intimate moment it felt like a clear message between them. She still wanted him, and she wanted him to forgive her completely before they went further.

Juliette pushed her tongue into Michael's mouth, her own lips wide and open. Her last reserve was banished with her admission of what she and her sister had done. Their swapping back and forth was out in the open and it didn’t matter. She wanted him. She had felt his confidence in the way he had touched her and she had become much more aroused than she had expected. The teasing that she had thought she was in control of had taken her beyond her self-agreed limits. And now she wasn’t going to miss what he had promised her with his earlier caresses. Or what her sister had told her about in such graphic detail.

Michael broke away from their kiss and cupped her pert breasts with the palms of his hands. Juliette stretched, pushing her chest forward. He kissed each of her nipples, barely touching them, letting his warm breath linger on her skin as he took in the delicate smell of her. Michael looked down at her open thighs on either side of his lap. Juliette’s tiny skirt had ridden high on her spread hips and he could glimpse her knickers underneath. He had pressed his hand against her crotch earlier and he knew she had been wet with anticipation during their game. It was almost too much. He wanted to throw her on the bed and rip her last clothes off, but first he wanted something else.

“I think you should suck my cock,” he said, going back to the game they had been playing before. “After all, I have one piece of clothing still on to bargain with.”

Juliette grinned, and stepped back off his knees. Her confidence returned. She pulled Michael up after her so they were standing facing each other. Then she traced her hand down his chest, sliding it down to his crotch. Gently but firmly she pressed her palm onto the front there, feeling his hardness.

Looking him in the eyes, she knelt down between his legs. Then she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his pants and slipped them carefully over his bum, past his thighs and down to the floor. All the while she deliberately held his gaze, as if asking for his approval, and forgiveness. Only when he was completely naked did she drop her eyes to examine his cock, fully revealed for the first time.

Juliette tipped her head, taking his shaft in her warm hand. Then she softly kissed his length, her hair falling to the side. Without warning she opened her mouth and enveloped his swollen cockhead, swirling her tongue around the gland. Releasing it again, she looked up at him with her lips moistened.

“Do you like that, Sir?”

Making sure he was watching, she slowly, deliberately, opened her mouth, and licked his shaft. Then with one movement she swallowed him whole. With her warm, delicious lips tight around his shaft she opened her throat to him all the way down. Michael gasped, stroking her hair, struggling not to fuck her mouth hard as she began to dip her head up and down his thick shaft. His cock hardened further until she removed her mouth from his cock, pausing for breath. Then dipping her head lower to kiss his balls, she began to lick the underside of his shaft with her flattened tongue. Michael’s arousal nearly went through the roof when he felt her do this. The feel of her tongue was making his cock twitch, drawing more blood than he though possible into his groin.

“Stand up,” He asked, his voice harsher than he had intended.

As she stood, wiping her slack mouth to remove the saliva, he reached up under her tiny skirt and pushed his hand between her legs. Roughly he slid his fingers against her slit through the fabric of her knickers, making sure that he was pressing hard against her clit. Juliette gave a sharp gasp but otherwise didn’t move.

Michael pulled one strap of her underwear away from her hip and yanked her knickers down and off. Pushing both his hands up under her skirt he clasped her buttocks from behind and pulled her towards him as he sat back down onto the edge of the bed. His mouth closed around the front of her mound while one hand dipped between her thighs. Finding her pussy lips already partly open, he let the tips of his fingers swirl in her growing wetness there.

“I want you on the bed, so I can lick your sweet little pussy properly,” he breathed.

With her fingers in his hair, she bent down to give him an open-mouthed kiss before stepping away to comply. Taking her skirt off with a quick shimmy, she crawled onto the small single bed. Totally naked at last, she lay on her back with her head propped up against her pillows. Michael leaned over her, gently biting each of her nipples, pulling at them before sliding his tongue down over her stomach and hips. Finally he moved between her inner thighs.

As he began to explore her open pussy with his tongue, he traced the shape of her plump sex with the tips of his fingers. He introduced a single finger to circle around her entrance, while concentrating the tip of his tongue more and more on her bud and its tiny hood. As Juliette’s arousal grew and her breathing changed, Michael’s finger strayed from her pussy entrance, sliding between her buttocks to her back hole.

Juliette was breathing hard. She made tiny involuntary noises as she rocked her hips against his tongue. Now her breathing became deeper; surprised by the added intrusion at her rear hole. Feeling his finger rub around her puckered little ring she shifted her bum to accommodate his searching fingers more easily. As Michael continued to lap at her pussy, he slowly worked Juliette’s own lubrication into her tight little back entrance. After a few minutes of very slow circular movements, he slowly began to inch one finger inside. Michael kept it from going any deeper. He let it slide it in and out with her own movements. Her extreme wetness now lubricating every part of her sex and deep between her buttocks.

“Fuck me, please Mr. Archer,” She moaned.

“I don’t know that you deserve my cock after lying to me all term.”

“Please Sir, you can fuck me however you like. Please, just fuck me.”

“Where?” Michael asked. Almost sure he knew the answer but wanting to hear her say it.

Juliette paused before replying. “I want you to fuck me in my pussy and then I want you… I want you… in my arse… where your finger feels so good.”

“Are you sure?” asked Michael, still swirling his tongue around her open pussy lips and hard clit.

“I know you fucked my sister in the arse Mr. Archer. You’re a very naughty teacher Mr. Archer. Please…”

Michael didn’t need any more encouragement. He knelt up between her open thighs and taking his cock in his hand, rubbed its head against the entrance of her pussy. Then he slid it very slowly inside her tight, hot tunnel. Juliette lifted her hips to encourage him further inside. She stroked his back, pushing her body up to meet him until he was buried inside her. Grinding hard against each other at that point of total union, they both paused for a moment. Michael could feel the heat of her inside, milking his shaft, her pussy pulsing tightly around his cock. Finally, groaning with the pleasure of her, he slowly withdrew and then drove deeply back inside her again, pushing her down against the bed.

Michael worked his cock almost completely out with each backward lift of his buttocks. He wanted to savor the way this beautiful young woman responded each time he slid inside her. As she lifted her hips to meet each of his thrusts, Juliette’s neck was becoming flushed. Her gorgeous tits became pink with her arousal as she gasped with each of his quickening movements.

Suddenly Juliette gripped his arse and pulled him hard against her, forcing him to pause. She opened her mouth, and then bit her lip to stop herself crying out. She threw her head back, her body rigid against him as her orgasm made her tense, rushing through her.

Feeling her cumming hard drove Michael almost frantic with his own unfinished desire. He watched as Juliette slowly subsided underneath him before beginning to withdraw.

“Now, turn over and lie face down with your bum in the air.”

For all her state of arousal and her earlier declaration, he knew she was nervous about this next part. But Michael didn’t feel like holding back any more. This sexy young woman and her sister had manipulated him and he was going to enjoy fucking her now exactly how he wanted.

With Juliette positioned on the bed like he asked, he slid his hand over her peachy buttocks and then down between her legs.

“You know I haven’t finished with you yet, don’t you?”

“Oh god, Mr. Archer. Do it. I know you want to.”

Juliette looked round at him and lifted her arse up slightly, inviting him to touch her. She drew her knees wider, opening up her sex to him while he explored her from behind. Michael dipped his thumb into her still dripping pussy and used the juices to lubricate her puckered little anus. He rubbed in little circles, until the tip of his thumb was almost being allowed in. Moving closer to her, Michael replaced his thumb with the head of his cock. Juliette tensed slightly as she felt him and he stroked her back to relax her again.

A few moments later he pressed his swollen knob against her puckered ring and pushed. It held for a moment and then gave way suddenly, allowing his fat cockhead inside her tight ring. Juliette gasped with the surprise of it, but Michael didn’t give her very long to get used to his rude intrusion. Very soon he began to slowly push his way inside her and kept pushing, not pausing until she had his entire length deep inside her arse. Juliette’s eyes were squeezed shut and her mouth open wide. She balled the sheets into her fists, groaning with the rough force of his entry. But she kept still and didn’t flinch from his onslaught. Only once he was fully inside her did he stop, enjoying the exquisite tightness of her around his shaft.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Juliette kept repeating.

She was pinned beneath him and completely skewered by his cock. Her buttocks were pushed open by the hard stomach above her. Her breathing was deep and ragged, but after a few moments she began to move her internal muscles. She was finding a way to accommodate him more easily and properly enjoy the intense sensation. As she squeezed her muscles around his cock, Michael reached forward, and gently began to rub her bud from the front.

That was enough. Juliette soon began to judder, her whole body shaking with the force of her second orgasm. She flooded his fingers and relaxed enough behind for Michael to begin sliding his length freely in and out of her deliciously tight arse. Now finally he fucked her hard, his strokes becoming shorter and deeper as his own orgasm quickly approached. Juliette pushed her bottom higher to meet him, keeping her back straight so she could receive his full force. They both began to grunt like animals in their frenzy to the finish.

Michael’s own orgasm, when it came, rushed over him almost painfully. He had unconsciously been holding himself back and the release was painful and overwhelming. The feeling of his seed pumping into Juliette made her lift her head and groan deep in her throat. They both collapsed onto her college bed, spent from their exertions.

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