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My accountant sucked my penis out of the hell!!

She was too reluctant to suck my penis at the begining, until sudenly, the big blow job came up!

Mi accountant sucked my penis out of the hell

Fantastic blow job!

This story tells how I met  my accountant barely two years ago and how she, out of the sudden, began to do me fantastic blowjobs, she was reluntant though.  

I'm her boss  since a long time, I run  my own business,  and it's gonna be three years now but barely  three months ago  I began to keep an eye on her, looking intently at her.  She weighs  10 kilograms less than before, heavy weighed,  and too serious, feels limportant,   probably because   she is the gold mine to be fucked.  Her ass has improved a lot yet  her tits became smaller, the ideal size for a woman of her type.  She is not too beautiful –I'm honest-  but the moment I met her since  I began to watch her well built body and consider it, while turned on by this view.  I still wonder why I've  got so  excited at the only  sight of her.  I figure out she hasn't fucked anyone since  time ago and I'm damn sure the motherfucker must be   too hot by now.

Well, she comes once a month to my office   to finish  her  duties that are mandatory.  I tried to insinuate, to giver her a hint,   las time she came and she was about to leave, the last few, but probably the lady got scared so we didn't start anything here.   Now I'm getting to the point at this story:  

She rang the bell at about two that day.  It was a hot day that February afternoon in Buenos Aires and I wasn't in the mood for anything. As I opened the door I saw her in a summer dress, pretty short. It was strange the way she was dressed now since she was always in her executive dress, so I was pleased at  seeing her in this new outfit, her fit,  didn't waste time to compliment her.tell something, but she wouldn't pay any attention   and went straight into my office where she got to work.  I fetched her a cold beer and once she was done with her job  we  began a chat, standing very close to each other. We drank two big glasses of bear each, and of course, alcohol soon began to work an effect her,  as we were laughing while holding  our hands.

I took her by the waist on and off,  and I couldn't stand seeing this girl so close to me so I became  out of control at once. I began have small talk and asked her how she managed without sex, especially as she was too turned on at instances, and friends wished to lay her down.   She told me: "I don't have to turn to men if I'm hot."

"So you're too turned on and have your dildo handy?" I asked.

She burst out laughing saying we women have many ways to control under such events. She herself used sex toys and sometimes she borrowed them. Her maid had many of these. She told me that she enjoyed this a lot loved to do but she never would let the maid to lay a hand on her.  The maid only would poke  those toys within her cunt.

I was intrigued listining the story, got more turned on and asked her why she had never called me to assist.   Her response came:  "How come, you  dumb sucker!!"

She said she didn't like to mess with guys who were already busy fucking their girl friends. This confession made me more turned on, so I got closer to her, grabbed her by the waist, and whispered to her ear: "Take it easy, this isn't  a problem here."

I  stroked her between her thighs,  over the dress, then I slid my hand under it. She stood there like frozen, still, and said: "No, Marcos, don't do that,  you  stupid, enough!!"

But her resistance was diminishing each time.  I began to touch her down along her legs until I got to her ass crack.  Her breathing turned erratic,  like gasping for air, grabbed my face, to burry it  between her thighs,  and said:

"No, please, no, don't go any  farther!

"You do like it"  I said.

"Enough, please, leave me alone!"

But out of the sudden she began to say:

"Oh, my God,  I like it,  I like it, oh God!!

We began to kiss, literarily eating our mouths, my tongue revolving within her. She grabbed my face with so much lust!   I pushed her against a high  sofa while she moved   one leg around my back and  began to brush each other while I sucked her boobs on top of her dress and touched her cunt, already wet. This was going too fast now, while I didn't believe I had progressed so much till now,  for she  dropped her dress to the floor and there she was: dressed only in her nice, small white panty and her bra. I myself took off her bra and began to suck those boobs, while she moaned madly saying:

"Oh, you're exellent, please  go on, Marcos. Don't you stop. Eat  my cunt,   it's been a long time since nobody eats me like that!!

I was mad, a crazy guy  sucking. Grabbed her hand and put it on my dick above my jean. She quickly stood at a distance,  got to her knees, slid my pants down and began to suck my tool. She was nervous at the beginning, and going too fast, but later got quieter, like a pro slooty 
giving head, along with my balls while touching my ass. I was quite turned on, my dick hard like blue steel, hard. As seeing  she took the dick out of her mouth and said:  "I love your dick, it makes me feel like a whore."

It was then as I got completely crazy. I lifted her up, thrust her against the desk, forced her to raise her ass and I slid down her panty: she was pretty wet, and I began to touch her cunt. Her clit was too swelled for so much lust, and I began to masturbate her slowly, very slowly. She then begged me:

"Please, fuck me, put your dick  deep within me!! Please!!

I agree and  began to fuck her crazily. I poked my dick inside her still wearing her panty. After 5 minutes, I took off her panty  and began to eat  pussy until she reached to a great orgasm.  I had to tell her not to scream anymore or we would be caught. We switched and she  began to ride on top.  

We spent about two hours like this,  and the dessert still was pending:   after she took a shower  I passed her a towel and she made a strip tease for me, saying: Come on I'm your booty, it's your chance now since six months I haven't had sex. What turned me on more was the way you adressed to me saying I'm the perfect whore. I like dirty talk." 

This confession made me hard again  as she touched my dick while talking to me.  I led her to  the bath room this time, just to  turn her around and use the reflection in  the mirror and track down  the pussy; a rather tough job but finally I found the way into her, and began to slide my dick into her pussy.

"Oh, yes, please fuck me hard,  you really make me hot, you asshole!!  Oh, I like the way you fuck me!!

I replied aloud:  "You like this bitch,  don´t you?  Never show up in this place or you'll get laid right away, ok?"

"Yes, fuck me as you wish"  she said.

Suddenly, as she moaned loud, almost like a howl:  "Fuck my ass, please. Poke my  anus, now! What are you waiting for?" 

I didn't believe her, saying:

"Don't fucking move."  and applied saliva out to lube  her  black hole, then my bulbous head began a slow travel inside her. She said: 

"Just slowly, darling,  you know? Take it easy. 

So I did and began  to slide it into her pretty slowly, into the tiny hole would widen one time or another, for it   was her first time judgiing by the pain she ought feel as kept complaining aloud: "Ouchch" 

I didn't care  it hurt and went on sliding it deeper and slowly  but continuously, ad infinitum.  I gave her a final and decisive  stroke and my rod went into her leaving only my balls out while she screamed for the pain she felt.  She complained loudly:

"You son of a bitch!! You're killing me, take it ouuuut!! Ahhhh! it hurts!!"

"How come you slutt!! You  told me you liked it, didn't you? so  you take it!!

This was unbelievable: how we intimidated each other. I kept telling her "You dirty slut", while she answered:

"You, damn motherfucker",  to oblige me  to withdraw, but I kept banging her. was working hard on her to get her, slamming her as much as possible.  Well this stuff ended in her begging to fuck me harder.   I told her I couldn't stand much more, I'd cum soon.

We took a shower again together while she left smiled wickedly.   Thinking on the next business reunion, she called me on the telephone an hour later to tell me she'd return here to collect some papers and she'd  give me a hand  in my office. I burst out laughing, for I had to party the next day. 

Ok, buddies, if you wish to jerk off, I'll be ready   to tell more stories like this one. 


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