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My Affair

A true story and adventures of my weekend affairs
My first submitted story... advice and feedback appreciated... Thanks!

I've gotten used to wearing no underwear when you're around.

I could be cleaning up the kitchen and you'll slide your hand up the inside of my leg, slide a couple of fingers deep in my slit and give me a feel. Other times I could be bending over and you'll slide right in, balls deep in a second.

Of course it helps to always wear skirts, and I do it just for you. Who knows when you could ask me to sit on your lap and ride your rock hard cock, bouncing up and down while you fiddle my clit all the way to an explosive orgasm. And then the feeling of your spunk dripping down my legs while I cook dinner is so dirty.

I still love the time you took me over the railing on the back porch and reamed me in the ass til I could barely walk straight. The warm cum running out of my backdoor for the next hour had me creaming all down my legs. I was a hot mess.

I couldn't wait for you to recover enough to go again. And your hands wouldn't leave my wet pussy alone or your tongue. You'd bend down, grab my foot and lick me from the back of my knee all the way up the inside of my legs and tickle my clit with your thumb while jamming two or three fingers into my bald snatch.

We usually end up recuperating for a couple of days after our weekends together. But oh man the fantasies I can have all week just off the weekend before leaves me so fuckin hot and horny I can barely make it til the next Friday.

I have to wait to wrap my hands and lips around your cock and roll your balls in my mouth and lick them all over til you cum in my mouth. But it only takes you a minute to get hard again and then its my turn to have a long and leisurely fuck with you.

Not that I don't like the quickies. I LOVE them too. Having you grab my ass and hoist me up and drill it into me when I least expect it is so hot while you pound it to me with my legs wrapped around your waist. No wonder I'm in a constant state of horniness. You make me this way.

You and your tongue and hands and cock. Lest we not forget that beautiful appendage. Its so long and thick and it can make me scream and say the filthiest things.

A memorable weekend...

One of the best nights must have been the fourth weekend we had together. We never knew it was going to be a six year and counting obsession with each other.

Your roommate was off screwing his girlfriend of the moment and you and we had the apartment to ourselves. I had just finished working my shift at the bar next door and came over to the apt with you. I felt hot and sweaty and needed a shower. I also needed to trim up my pussy since I hadn't gone for my wax that week. We had gotten so distracted on the way there, I ended up missing my appt altogether while being fucked silly on the side of the road by you. I like my pussy bare and I know it turns you on so I came prepared in case I didn't make it home to do it.

I shooed you out of the bathroom and told you I'd be ready once I was done what I needed to do in the shower. I also needed to warm myself up for your big cock. Measuring close to 10ins, it was one of the largest cocks I had ever taken and I had every intention of taking that monster in my ass tonight. I had went shopping at my local adult store and bought myself a large butt plug in anticipation of tonight. I slowly inserted it and let myself get comfortable and continued my personal grooming.

I left it in when I was done showering, wearing only a towel and a smile, I exited the bathroom. Every step I took made the plug shift as I walked and my pussy was creaming so much I was gonna need another shower soon. My ass felt so full I couldn't wait til I had you pumping your hard on in and out of my ass.

By the time I had gotten to the kitchen where the air conditioner was, I could feel my juices running down my thighs. The cold air blowing out of the unit were making my nipples hard as rocks as they jutted out and rubbed deliciously on the rough terry cloth of the towel. I was into full blown sensory overload as I orgasmed while standing in front of the fridge hanging onto the counter for dear life all the while never touching myself.

You were completely oblivious to everything going on while you played some video game in the living room in front of the big picture window overlooking the street, waiting for me to finish up with my shower.

After I recovered, I went into the living room and took the game controller out of your hands and straddled you in your chair. I felt your cock stirring in your loose pajama pants. You grabbed my ass under my towel and ground me against your crotch. That's when you noticed the butt plug in my ass. You grabbed the bulb and wiggled it asking me, "What's this? Hmmm?" with an evil grin and a wicked gleam in your eye. You didn't seem to be too shy the few times before when you'd use your tongue and fingers on my pussy and you'd slide a finger into my asshole bringing me off to another fantastic orgasm. I had never asked but I didn't think anal would be that far of a jump for you. I had been surprised before when I had playmates that wouldn't go near my little asshole. How could you not want to at least try it?

Your cock was poking up through your pants telling me you were ready to play. I was hellbent on getting your pants down when I noticed we were sitting right in front of the picture window but by this time I didn't care if anyone saw us. All I wanted was your cock, in me, right now. I wanted it hard and fast and messy. Besides, we were on the second floor and no one really looks up when they're driving or walking past but it still gave me a little thrill to know someone could possibly be watching us fuck.

We got your pants off and my towel hit the floor while I stayed straddled over you on the chair. You grabbed one of my nipples with your teeth and sucked and nibbled while groping the other one, flicking the hard nub with your thumb making them both throb and stand at attention.

You slid your hard cock into my tight pussy, made even tighter because we never took the butt plug out of my ass. I had never felt so full in my life. I was so wet you had no trouble sliding right in. I nearly came again right then and there.

I had fantasized of having two cocks banging me and this was feeling fan'fuckin'tastic. I was ready to try and fit your monster in my ass now. I ask you if you'd like to try it since I was so hot and horny for your cock. All you do is smile and nod at me. I lift myself off of you and the chair and turn around. You reach out and grab the end of the plug. I can feel every bump and twist as you pull it slowly out of my ass. I tingle with anticipation as I lower my ass down on your dick and the head popped in past my tight ring. You're so much thicker than the butt plug that I need to wait so I can adjust to the girth. Its a good pain, but we need some lube.

I jump back up and go to the bedroom while you sit there with that silly grin on your face. As I come back into the living room, I drop to my knees and give that wonderful cock of yours a lick from your ballsac to the glans and then pop the whole thing in and put it to the back of my throat. There's still a lot of your cock out of my mouth but I can work on that another time.

After I've slobbered all over the top of your cock, I add some lube to my hand and proceed to lather you up well. I hand you the bottle and ask you to help me now as I turned around and present my asshole to you. You lick one of your fingers and tickle my rosebud with it before pushing it inside. You add another finger and dribble the lube down your fingers and into my ass. Hmmmm, makes me think you know what your doing after all.

You continue to work your fingers in and out of my ass til I can barely take it anymore. You grab my hips and drop me right down and onto your cock. God it hurt, but oh so good. This is better than the plug. I feel stuffed, and you still haven't bottomed out yet. Inch by inch you feed that monster into my ass, slowly pushing me up and down til I'm finally resting on your lap completely full.

You reach for my front and twist my nipples as I toss my head back. I start twiddling myself as I start to bounce up and down. You're moving your hips to meet me on my downstrokes and I can feel your dick start to twitch and swell even more than I thought was possible. My fingers on my clit, your hands on my tits and me slamming your dick deep in my backdoor, I see stars as my orgasm rips through me and I feel your spunk painting the inside of my asshole as you unload buckets of cum into me.

As I recover from one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had, you grab my titties hard and squeeze them while pumping your dick in and out of my creamy asshole a few more times making me cum again before slipping out. You reach around for my chin, pulling my mouth to yours. Using your tongue to open my mouth, you slide it in and slowly tongue fuck me til I can feel myself getting wet again. I'll never forget what you said to me, "Oh babe! I've wanted to fuck your ass since I met you!"

Thats when we both look up and see your roommate and his girlfriend with a couple of friends and regulars from the bar, standing across the road watching our every move through the big picture window...
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