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My Education- Part 4

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My education continues
We began to stir after sometime and her hand lazily trailed its way down to my cock. She began to stroke it, every once in a while taking my balls and gently playing with them. I felt myself begin to harden and she whispered, "There's my big boy", making me blush with pride as I rose to the occasion.

"The next thing I teach you is a very important thing to remember. You must always be aware of your partners limits as to how far and what they will do. Everyone is different and not everyone enjoys the same sexual tastes. What I am going to let you do requires patience and you must always make sure your partner is agreeable to it as it can be extremely painful if you don't do it right"

My interest was peaked as she slid off the bed and reached into the pocket of her robe, removing something but I could not tell what it was. Next she climbed back onto the bed and got on all fours so her ass was facing the bottom of the bed.
"Stand behind me at the bottom of the bed" she ordered.

I complied and she held out her hand for me to take what ever was in there. I took a small bottle from her and read the label, it was a lubricant of some kind.

"Smear some on your cock and then some on the crack of my ass". She said.

Her words hit me like a bolt of lightning. I had only seen pictures of what I imagined was to come and was not sure if I really wanted to comply, it did not seem natural to my young, inexperienced mind. She seemed to sense my hesitation.

"Don't worry baby, it will be okay and you are going to love it, I promise" she cooed to me. "Just take your time and I will help you, you must not rush this".

I opened the bottle and let some of the viscous fluid drip onto my cock, rubbing it in and enjoying the sensation and the shiny effect it gave. I then dribbled some onto the top of her crack and let it flow down.

"Take your cock and smear the oil around my hole" she said.

I pushed the tip of my cock against her hole, feeling the tightness of it as I began to smear it around and around.

"Good, now hold my hips and start to push into me, but slowly", she whispered.

I did as I was asked and the head of my cock disappeared into her ass, opening it up wider as I slid a little deeper. The feeling was so different than her pussy, not wet and much, much tighter.

"Okay, that is feeling good so far, you are doing great baby".

I felt her wiggle a little as she adjusted to accommodate more of me.

"Now push a little deeper, nice and slow", came her whispering voice.

I continued to push into her, watching my shaft sink inch by inch. She was gasping and I was not sure if it was pleasure or pain but she did not stop me. By now I was warming to the idea, feeling her ample butt cheeks clamping my meat between them was turning me on big time.

"Hold it and when you are ready, fuck me very slowly, when you are ready to come, pull out and stick it in my pussy, that is where your cream should be and I want it to fill me up again".

I began to pull out of her and she quivered with pleasure, sliding back until the tip was just inside her and then pushing back in again. This time the passage seemed easier and more pleasant, the lubricant was obviously doing its job! She was panting by now as I began to thrust in and out in long steady moves and feeling her shivering beneath me was definitely exciting me, so much so that I had to be careful, I wanted to last as long as I could.

However, I could feel that soon would be time to pull out and I did not want to miss her pussy and cum all over the place instead. I pulled out from her ass and aimed my cock to her swollen pussy, lips spread wide and inviting. As soon as the tip was between her lips I thrust in hard and deep, causing her to scream out.

"Fuck baby, oh yessssssss! She cried.

She was so wet and hot inside and I began a furious pace as she cried out in pleasure, her climax hitting hard as she bucked and shook. With on last deep thrust, I came too, it was incredible, my cock felt so alive as it spat out its creamy load, every sensation seemed multiplied and I spasmed over and over, pumping my semen into her. She too seemed to be hit harder by her climax than I had seen before and it was a while before she finally collapsed on to her stomach. I followed her down, keeping my still rigid cock inside her, her warm, soft ass cheeks against my belly as I relaxed on top of her motionless body as she caught her breath.

A short while later I felt my softening cock slip from her and, as I stood, I watched my our combined juices begin to ooze from her pussy.

I sat on the bed by her and she whispered to me "I don't think I have ever come like that before baby, you seem to be learning fast and I look forward to our next lesson but for now I am going to have to go and shower again, I will leave you the swim suit if you like?"

It was a question and not an order which surprised me. She saw my puzzlement and quickly said, "Well, I see you seem to have a fondness for the sexier stuff and I really enjoyed wearing my panties after the last time I left them with you, so I thought you would like the swim suit for a while too". With that she got up, offered it to me and I took it without a word, then she left my room...
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