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I’m a divorced guy. My wife used to be really inexperienced in sexand lacked initiative. I was trying my best to introduce some new forms of sex to her. We tried oral and anal sex, but she didn’t like it, she said I was a pervert and that she preferred classical positions and no light, please. By the way, we had sex about once a month. Can you imagine that?

I’d been always drawn to older women. After having sex with my mother-in-law (she was 30 years older than me) I realized I really liked mature or even elderly ladies. I wanna tell you a story about me and my mother-in-law. The story happened two years before I got divorced.

My wife was away on a course with her work, my farther-in-law was out of town too. My mother-in-law invited me for dinner on Saturday. While laying the table she bent down and her boob fell out of her blouse. Her boobs were huge, the nipple was long and the area around it was of dark brown color. She straightened her back and set the blouse right, hiding the boob. It really turned me on. She didn’t even blush. When I looked at her again her blouse rim was raised up, her big round butt was covered by a tight skirt. Seemed she wasn’t wearing panties. I looked down at her legs (I’ve always been crazy about legs). I can’t say why but I touched them. She started but didn’t move and didn’t say a word.

My hands were sliding up her chubby hips. I touched her ass and started patting it. My finger was on her crotch, caressing her vulva lips and her asshole. My mother-in-law was moaning, her pussy became wet, her anus was contracting and getting wider, she was swaying her enormous butt. I didn’t even think her anus was so well worked out! I raised her skirt, got on my knees, kissing her legs and buttocks. She leaned on the table straddling her legs and arching her back. Her anus became a big hole, I stuck my tongue in her rectum as deep as possible. I was fondling her buttocks, her belly and her boobs, I was pinching her erect nipples.

I never stopped licking her anus making her moan louder, her twat was leaking. I took off my pants and started jerking, but my mother-in-law asked me to "Own my ass."
"Yes, madam."

I lubricated the cock with saliva and penetrated her butt. I came in several frictions. She came right after me. She straightened her back, then turned around and gave me a kiss. She went to take a shower. When she was back I poured her some tea and sat by her side on the couch. Her hips were so soft and warm. My dick was getting harder again. Her mere presence made me hot. She noticed it and put her hand on my penis. She was squeezing it through the pants. I was hugging her, kissing the neck. I was caressing her hips. She spread her hips wide, and the gown exposed her crotch. She wasn’t wearing any panties again!

My fingers were playing with her meaty lips, pressing on the hard clit. She was breathing heavily squeezing the cock tighter. I looked up – she tossed her head back, her eyes were closed. Her fingers holding a cup of tea were shaking. I took the cup and put it on the table. We went to the bedroom. I took off her gown. She took my head with her hands and pressed it downwards to her bushy pubis. She straddled and I saw her leaking. I was licking clean her juices. She was moaning. She fell on the bed to move hips wider to the sides. Her buttocks gave me full access to her ass. I realized my elderly mother-in-law was a big anal sex freak. Our first sex was apparently just a foreplay to more passionate games. I decided to do the utmost to make her feel sheer bliss.

My tongue moved between her buttocks and concentrated the entire caress on her hole. She was moaning and swaying her pelvis. Her hands were fondling her boobs or spreading the buttocks wider impaling the ass on my tongue. We spent some time fondling that way. My partner had obviously come several times, I was over aroused as well, but I decided to hold on. My mother-in-law was bucking and moaning, groaning and crying. And then I heard:

"Fuck my butt…"  "I can’t take it anymore…"  "Screw my fat ass…"

That was the thing I wanted to hear. I entered her anus fucking her hard. She moaned delightfully. She climaxed another time, but never stopped impaling her chubby butt on my rocky hard dick. I don’t know for how long I was screwing her bottomless hole. My whole self was focused on the bliss I felt. It was the strongest sexual sensation in my entire life. When I finally came she was no longer moaning, she was lying motionless, getting my cum in her rectum. We fell asleep in her bed. I woke up in the morning feeling her sucking on my cock. When it was hard she got it in her insatiable ass and started riding me like a real cowgirl. Then I was drilling her in doggy style. She came several times. I was beyond myself with pleasure to do such a hot elderly babe in her anus.

We became lovers for the next two years till I got divorced. When I did I move to another town. It’s been 10 years since that happy time. I’ve had a lot of young and old women but none of them could be compared to my insatiable and sexy mother-in-law.

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