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My ex, the Utah story

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Like many divorced people I don't have much time for my ex; our divorce was unpleasant, long, expensive; her acrimoniousness attitude and real desire to cripple me financially seemed to be her primary motivation despite the fact that we had kids to deal with, college to plan for and, like most middle class people, not enough money.

The divorce took several years and was final a few years ago but we still have no relationship or communication beyond what's necessary for the kids. I'm OK with that, I don't want more. It's been getting better but that really just means that we're civil and the anger is subsiding. At least that was the case until last week.

We were discussing something on the phone, logistics for the next weekend if I recall correctly, when she said:

"I want to tell you something."

"Oh." I replied.

"Yes." She said. "The last years have been tough and we've been through a lot, but I still have feelings for you...don't get me wrong, I don't want to be intimate or anything like that, but I want you to know I still care for you."

My reaction was concealed. After what she's done to me, but recognizing that I'm done with the pissed off anger stuff, I don't trust her, like her or want to have anything to do with her. And any overture of 'niceness' is something I'm skeptical of.

But we kept on talking and she asked whether I'd come over to her house so we could discuss some kid issues. Now this was a big move for both of us. Since the start of the divorce neither of us has been in each other's house. I agreed, and we made plans for the next week while the kids were at school.

Now, despite the real life situation I do still fantasize about her. She's an attractive woman and very, very good at sex. Coincidentally these fantasies had been increasing lately and I'd conjured up a few scenarios of her coming to my house under the only pretense that made sense - to talk about something to do with the kids. And now I was going to hers to do that very thing.

Fantasies aside, I did not expect anything to happen and half expected her boyfriend to be there when I arrived that morning. He wasn't and she was very pleasant, giving me a polite hug as she invited me in.

I sat at the kitchen island on a bar stool as she made us some coffee and we talked about the matters at hand. It was interesting to watch her in the kitchen where we'd once both cooked in as she made coffee and, rather nervously, moved around. Eventually she settled and leaned against the other side of the island as we continued talking.

I have to admit that I was enjoying looking at her and remembering some of the fun we had. She's a slim brunette with shoulder length hair and a great complexion and the most lovely boobs. They're 36Ds, obviously not firm, but they never got saggy even after the kids and she's as proud of them as I was in love with them.

Today she was wearing one of those summer dresses, very colorful and quite loose below the waist but quite tight above with lots of small buttons up the front. She used to wear clothes like this to turn me on; we'd go out for dinner or even just shopping and she wear no underwear and no bra and it would drive us both crazy. She'd get a thrill from the looks she got if people noticed her boobs moving around in that free and easy way and, with the right outfit, her lovely cleavage on display.

As she leaned on the island I could tell that she was bra less and had a nice view of her cleavage. Not so much on show that she was being slutty, no more than she'd consider OK in family company, but enough for me to get distracted and think for minute about having those wonderful tits in my hands again.

She came around to join me on the bar stools and we continued to talk for quite a while until we were interrupted by her office phone. She excused herself and dissapeared for a minute or two and then came back apologizing.

"Sorry about that. She said. "It was one of my colleagues who had a quick question."

As she got back on the bar stool I noticed that there was more cleavage on show. Perhaps two inches of those buttons had come undone. Was that on purpose, a tease perhaps, or a simple innocent slip? Who knew? 

She then said something strange, strange for our circumstances, at least. She said:

"Can I hug you? I feel like that would signify that all this mess is now over."

The way she said it grated. She's the ultimate narcissist, a totally self righteous person and that voice...aghhh! Anyway, I hid my reaction just like I did most of the way through our marriage.

"Sure." I said. And stood up.

She did too and put her arms around me. As I hugged her and could feel her tits on my chest and her groin up against mine and that had an instant effect. We stood there for a minute perhaps but that was all the time it took for my cock to harden and I was pretty sure she could feel it. As we loosened up the hug my hands drifted from her back slowly past her shoulder blades and, on the way to her waist they drifted past those boobs. For the first time in many years I just felt them as my hands glided past the sides of those beautiful things.

While my hands were resting on her waist she had moved hers to my shoulders and with her arms hanging down we looked like we were about to slow dance. She looked me straight in the eyes and kissed me. We paused for a second and then kissed passionately, our tongues darting in each other mouths, her gentle biting of my lip and it all came back; that passionate, horny, have to rip your clothes off now feeling.

One hand moved up to grab her tit while the other moved around to her ass as we kissed some more. She slid her hands around my butt and pulled my rock hard cock into her. That was it, we were going to fuck.

One of the great things about this woman was her proclivity for oral sex. For as long as we'd know each other she always loved sucking my cock and she always did a great job no matter where we were, if it was a quickie or a long event or 'road head' on the way to dinner - she'd often suck me as we drove to a restaurant and take my cum in her mouth, her 'little appetizer' she called it.

And right now that's what she was doing. She dropped to her knees, undid my belt and unzipped my pants.

"What, no underwear?" She said as she eased my cock out.

She held it in her hands and looked up at me, licking her lips in a deliberately corny way.

"I've never forgotten how much I love your cock." She said as she took it in her mouth and sucked me in.

Was this going to be a quick blow and cum or were we going to really get into it I thought. I would be happy with either but I really wanted to feel those tits, to suck them, to see them hanging in front of me, to fuck them.

I stood her up and unbuttoned the rest of her dress letting it fall open all the way down to reveal her complete nakedness underneath that single piece of clothing. I knew there was no bra but no panties either! Was this her plan all the time?

We moved to the few steps to the den and the big sofa and I bent her over its back, face first, and pulled her dress over her butt. My fingers slipped easily into that wet pussy, I took my cock in my hand and rubbed her pussy with it like a big dildo. I penetrated her just a little bit, the head of my cock parting her lips and then pulled out and slowly drew my cock back and forth along that slippery line. I kneeled, parted her her cheeks and licked her asshole. This was going to be a long one - we had so much to do.

She turned and helped me off with my clothes and pushed me gently down on the sofa. I was laying stretched out as she bent over at the hips and lowered her mouth back to my cock, her pendulous breasts hanging there for me to touch and her cute ass in the air atop those legs. She is so good at this. Whether she's taking me in deep, sucking me hard and using her tongue or whether she's gliding up and down my cock, everything she does she does so well.

Early in our marriage we discussed our pasts and she'd been a fan of sucking cock since she was young. She was 16 or 17 when she started sucking cocks and did she have stories; some of them fueled our rampant sex life.

Years before we met when she was in her early twenties she was fucking an older guy, about the same age as I am now who, apparently loved being fucked in the ass. She told me about a few of their escapades which prompted her to try it on me with one of her dildos. At first I didn't like it much and, honestly never really have gotten into it but it did open up other things that I did immediately like.

And one of them was what she was doing right now. She made me get on 'all fours' on the floor and she buried her face in my ass, licking my crack from my balls all the way up and teasing her tongue in and out of my asshole. I am surprised it took me until being married to realize how great that feels and she is an expert, tonging me for what seems like ages and milking my cock with her hand. She's made me cum this was so often, but not today.

She continued to probe my ass with her tongue; it's such a great feeling but, for me at least, it's not going to make me cum. If she combines it with her expert hands on my cock then maybe, but now she's rolled under me and is sucking my cock from underneath. She's making me stay in the same position and she's probing my ass with her finger - now this could cause and explosion.

She'd once, in fact more than once, sucked several cocks at the same time. I remember hearing a story about giving three guys a blow job but it was the two guy thing that got me going. She'd had a boyfriend who somehow ended up having his buddy join in but her condition was that they'd suck each others cocks if they wanted to fuck her. I remember us talking about that and she asked me what I'd do. That was the start of a fantasy that we tried hard to fulfill; she was to get an ex to join us, one that she knew went both ways, and make it a bi-threesome. Unfortunately that never happened.

She must have been thinking about that because she asked:

"Have you ever sucked a cock since we've been divorced?"

I didn't know what to say. Should I be that open with her now?

"Well, as a matter of fact I have." I replied. "Actually not that long ago."

"Oh, tell me about it." She said as she rolled me over onto my back.

And I did. While she was sucking me I was telling her all about the guy I met and the night of cock sucking we had. She took little breaks to ask me questions and find out all the details.

"Where did you meet him? Did he have a big cock? How did you suck him? Did he cum in your mouth?"

This was turning me on more that you can imagine. We'd always had open discussions and open minded sex, but talking about this with her was always something else. There is a level of arousal that I only ever got when combining real sex with sex talk; imagining, for example being there when she was sucking another guy or having her watch me fucking a girl.

"Did you fuck his ass?" She asked. "Do you want to fuck me in the ass right now? I want you too."

With this she straddled over me, I held my cock upright and she impaled herself on me. Not her ass, but her cunt, she slid down on my cock and began to ride me, rocking her hips back and forth, grinding on me. I could feel her cervix rubbing the end of my cock and I could feel her orgasm building. I licked my thumb and put it on her clit; her gyrations and the pressure of my thumb brought her to a wild, sweaty climax, her head thrown back, her tits bouncing around and my hard cock stuffed inside her.

She collapsed on my chest and took slow deep breaths as she recovered from what I can only imagine was the lingering aftermath of her orgasm. While she lay there breathing heavily I started fucking her slowly, it always had to be very slow as she made that transition from recovery to 'round two'. Lifting my hips up and down I pulled out on every stroked so we could feel the head of my cock part its way through her lips and, on every stroke, I slowly pushed all the way in. We eased our way back into fucking and built up the pace again to the point that we were pounding each other. I could have released at any point, but why? I could hold on and enjoy more of where this was going.

"I want you to fuck my ass. She said. "I told you once and now I really want it."

She eased off my cock and stood up.

"I'm going to get on my knees and I want to feel your big cock right up my ass." She said.

There she was, kneeling down as I got up, her elbows on the floor, her legs apart and her little pucker asshole staring at me. I jerked my cock to keep it hard and sat down right behind her, my fingers traced around her her ass hole and then, with one hand on each cheek I spread them and buried my face, licking her pussy and pulling that sweet pussy juice up to her ass and pushing the tip of my tongue progressively deeper into her. She flinched and moaned as my tongue probed as far as it could into her ass, her hand met my face as she fingered herself, alternately probing and then settling on rubbing her clit in slow gentle circles.

While I attended to moistening her with my mouth I kept jerking my cock, it had to be rock solid to get in that tight little hole. I'm blessed with a large cock, maybe 8 inches in length but that's a minor point because it's thick and her ass is small so entry can be difficult without the right 'preparation'.

"Put you cock in my ass." She demanded. "Just like you did the first time, I want you to pound my ass and make me feel like the slut I am just like in Utah." She went on. "Just like then."

The first time I fucked her properly in the ass was on vacation. We were in Utah, staying at a lodge just outside the national park. It was a beautiful place and after dinner we took a walk close to the river, very secluded and, with the encouragement of a good wine (not that we needed it) we went at it, stripping naked and having one of those fucks that you'll never forget.

She was bent over a large rock, face down and I was in her deeply when she told me she wanted me in her ass. I obliged then as I will now and pushed my fat cock slowly and deeply into her ass. All the way back to the room that night she could feel my cum leaking out of her and today I was wondering whether I'd pump it in her ass again.

"Just like then?" I said as I slipped the tip of my cock slowly into her. The first penetration must, in my limited experience, be slow and gentle, and it was. The big swollen head of my cock slipped in with some pressure and she sighed. From there it was just gentle pushing that got my cock all the way in and I stopped.

I stopped to really feel the grip. That tightness around my cock that feels so good, a tightness I know from being fucked in the ass myself by her dildos, and her purposeful gripping of me. She had control and could squeeze my cock.

We enjoyed this stationary fucking for a while and then, with a push from her, I pulled out a little and pushed back in causing a low moan that could have been pain but I knew well enough it wasn't. Our pace gradually picked up, more of me banging her than her fucking me because of her position but the combination of that, and her hands all over her pussy she quickly came again.

"I want you to cum." She said.

"You do?" I replied. "Where?"

"On my face and in my mouth." Was her response. She knows us well, that's always been the best she loves watching me control those last few jerks, right in front of her face, building up the pressure and then, in the way that possibly only a guy can, controlling the ejaculation to maximize the pleasure and the pressure, shooting cum with such force.

I pulled out of her ass and she moved to her knees, in front of me as I stood up. She opened her mouth wide and grabbed my thighs and then my ass. My cock was just inches from her face and she said:

"Shoot your cum all over me, now."

I held my cock tightly. I've had this thing a while now and know that if I grip it very tightly once I start to cum the pressure build up so much that when I let go it shoots with such force.

She moved her hand to cup and squeeze my balls while I jerked myself to the point of cumming and then it happened. I couldn't hold back, I could feel my balls tighten up and my ass and thighs get tight and then it started. I was cumming, but my grip meant that nothing came out, for that second or so while it built up and then, with a force I'd not seen in a while a huge, long jet of cum shot out hitting her in the face then descending to her mouth, then another straight in her mouth and then more. Perhaps five more times my cock shot semen over her, in her hair, her eyes, her mouth and finally, as the pressure dropped, her tits.

I could barely stand as the last of it came out. Her hands pulled back to my thighs and she gripped me with a force that suggested she'd experienced my orgasm too, her nails digging in she bent forward and took my cock in her mouth.

She sucked the last from me and held my cock between her lips until it's hardness disappeared. then she stood and kissed me, her mouth still containing the cum that it caught, for me to taste and us to enjoy as we gradually relaxed.

In times past we'd have rolled up in each other and gone to sleep but that wasn't right this time. This was a casual fuck with the advantage that we knew each other so well, so we recovered, the reality of the situation gradually dawned. What was this, just a fuck or something else?

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