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My First Time With Him

I Never Did Anal Before
Well I have not had much experience in this so called sex field. I’ve only been with a couple of guys, and two girls. Anyways we had only been going out for about 2 or 3 weeks when all this happened. It was Dec. 31, 2009 and my parents were at the casinos.

So I told him the house would be all alone, and if he would want to go just to hang out. He agreed. So after the movies were over we headed back towards my place. I opened the door, closed it and then we headed downstairs to my room.
I put on another movie and we both just lay in my bed. Then out of nowhere he starts to kiss me passionately and I responded. Just with that one kiss I was completely wet. His hand started running down my hips to my skirt and he could feel my wetness.

He felt his way into my soaked panties, and started to play with my lips and clit. Then slowly he slips one finger into my pussy. Then two and there he is staring at me while finger fucking me slow then fast. Just teasing me and getting me even more wet.

I kiss him slowly teasing him with my tongue. I slid one of my hands into his pants and felt his massive cock. My mind went wild; how bad I wanted to taste him and have him fuck me with that monster of his. I unbutton his pants while he took off my panties and lifted my skirt even more revealing my bare ass.

He then stopped fingering me and let me take charge. I took his pants off and boxers and out sprang his huge massive cock right in front of my mouth. I slowly took the tip of his head into my small mouth and began to suck him slowly. Then I took more of his dick inside my mouth inch by inch wrapping my tongue all over his monster.

I started to suck him even more and harder and faster making him moan my name. Calling me mamacita. Then he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat. With that I started to gag and spit back up on his cock.

Then I took him back down my throat and moaned. With the vibrations of my moans running up his cock, I felt his precum running down my throat loving the way it tastes. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me on to the bed, and spread my legs open as far as they could go. Then he forced his cock into my small pussy my body jerked.

And he fucked me hard and so fast I was yelling wildly telling him “Fuck me, Papi! YES! Oh my god, harder! harder AAAYYYY SI!” He pounded me like no other man has done before. Then I asked him “How did you know we were going to fuck?” He just smiled and kept fucking my pussy.

While jamming his dick into my pussy he would whisper to me, “Fuck you're tight!”

I would respond with, “Is that a bad thing?” In a whinny pleasured moan.

His response, “Fuck no, Baby!”

After fucking for 30 minutes nonstop, and before he came he asked me if he could fuck my ass. I looked at him and told him, “I’ve never been fucked up the ass.” He told me that he would be my first. And with that he put me on the floor, and slowly but forcefully shoved his hard monster into my ass. I was yelling and screaming in pain, tears ran down my cheeks.

I told him it hurt, and he would tell me I’m almost in. He saw the tears and kept fucking my little virgin asshole. The pain was unbearable, but omg after 5 minutes I begged him to fuck my ass even harder and faster. I loved the way his balls would slap against the back of my pussy.

I moaned to him, “I’ve been a bad girl papi, I need to be punished.” Turning back at him and giving him a wink. He spanked my ass hard. I felt I was about to explode.

With that I gave him a warning, “Fuck Papi, I’m coming! Keep going, fuck me faster, I'm almost there.” With the last pound he gave my ass, I came my juices were running down my legs. Then he pulled out my ass and came all over my ass cheeks. While his moan and groans came out, “Ah Mami, gawd yes! AAAAHHHHHH! Fuck aaahhh damn!”

I felt his hot cum spray all over my ass. It felt amazing. Then he jammed his cock back into my pussy and with that we both came again. I released my hot juices all over his cock, and he shot out his milky cum into my pussy. 

Both of our juices mixed together. After that we both laid on my bed naked, and I played with his cock. While watching another movie. Then, this story leads to the shower.

Should I do a part two?

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