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My Last Fantasy: I Wish I were Marcos Part II

Raquel finally got pregnant, please, read.
Raquel was now seized by curiosity, and decided to unzip Marcos' pant. She got surprised by the tremendous, huge rod she reckoned nearing the 22 centimeters long. That dick was so thick her hand would be unable to enclose or wrap around the shaft. Her inquisitiveness had augmented thus she got on her knees to take a closer stare.

The massive cock was now in front of her face, and Raquel couldn't resist, tempted by the devil: She wished to know how that huge bar would feel into her mouth, and licked the head while caressing his cum filled balls until he begged her suck him deep into her mouth. Marcos said:

"Oh, God, oh, fuck, this is delicious!!"

Getting the penis into her mouth was a problem though, hardly making its way in, its thickness only would allow 5 centimeters inside her mouth so he pushed her head for more entrance off the dick. He grabbed her hair and tried to fuck her mouth. Definitely this would be impossible for it to slip in and she withdrew.

This action got Marcos annoyed, embarrassed by his overexcitement. She would be obligated to compensate and began to do a hand job -first kissed the bulbous head.She took hold of it and gently rubbed it up and down, feeling it throb in her hand. She was now getting around the actual stroking of a massive penis. She thought "Don't do that. Well, may be a few strokes, but I'd rather concentrate more on this bulbous penis head."

She was now using a swirling motion between her fingers and palms. She thought to herself: "Oh, I wished I had some lube handy here."

She stick with massaging the head and every once in a while gave him a couple of real good strokes and then went back to massaging the head. This absolutely drove Marcos mad, and he began to yell:

"Oh, god, stop please, stop, damn!!"

She didn't worry, she knew he didn't mean it and kept up this routine until she felt him on the verge of letting go. It came the time when she started stroking like that penis pump gone mad and watched it blow. She wondered how far Marcos could really shoot with that gun of his. She speeded up her pace to make him cum faster along with sucking the testicles, these ones of a normal size though, so they fit completely into her mouth to suck. The guy exploded within a few minutes, with a big cum load and orgasm feeding her his cum.

Raquel was done with Marcos, so asked him to go to bed or would risk get caught by her husband; too dangerous if Luis was awaken by the noise in the kitchen. She cleaned the spilled semen on the floor, and called her husband to go to sleep. Her husband certainly had a bag on at this party!!
Raquel was now too turned on by this interruption, and her curiosity was bigger and wondered how the monster cock would feel inside her if she ever fucked it. On Monday next day, Luis, Raquel's husband was gone for work, and Marcos got down to the dining room to have breakfast. She began to comment about how a magnificent night it had been at the reunion the day before; added she was resigned to contain all her lust, so turned on. She also commented this had bee an immorality; she was a dishonest and should stop this. He began to flatter her; needless to say, he only wished to convince her into fucking; resume what had been broken up so brusquely. He said:

"Oh, you know, Raquel, we should come to a climax, the best moment here and terminate this stuff we started yesterday."

Raquel's resistance -her will power- had given up and she agreed to surrender, admitted defeat as he caressed her buttocks, and grabbed her from behind kissing her neck and rubbing his penis against her asscheeks.
His hands again began to stroke her pussy and thighs above her tight short. She could guess he was sliding down his pants and saw when the cock to sprang up. His hard on was felt above her shorts. Marcos led her to the living room, let her lean, bent over the sofa with her knees locked resting on the seat and driving her arms on the back of the couch on her 4's.
In this position, him on his knees, he stroked her tits, reaching with his hands for the DDD breasts. He even massaged them and nibbled her nipples getting her even hotter. As her asscheeks got visible after he slowly slid her short and panties, he kissed her rump and rubbed the massive rod against Raquel's ass. Raquel couldn't take this anymore and begged on her knees:

"Oh, please, fuck me now: wanna get penetrated by that rod. Pierce with that black rod."

As she was on her 4's on the sofa, the experienced guy parted Raquel's asscheeks so he could examine the vagina entrance, and place the great shaft there. He started pushing, pressed in, failing to go in.

He got disappointed at realizing only less than half the bulbous cock head had pierced into Raquel while she was already feeling a pain compared to that when she had lost her virginity many year ago to her husband, yet this pain had added to boost her wish and fancy to be penetrated right away; she pushed backwards to assist him and the rod to enter her more. The guy withdrew instead saying:

"Oh, Raquel, slowly, please, it's hurting me. This pussy is too tight."

Marco's rod poked, advancing while getting some progress, centimeter after centimeter into the vagina... until his balls bumped into her asscheeks. She said:

"Oh, your balls butt!! Let them here for a while and my body to assimilate."

As the lover began to pump slowly, the pain squandered as he quickened the pace. The penis tip already had got to the deep end into the cunt and pain had incredibly vanished. Her orgasm built up, until coming with the most exquisite climax ever in her lifetime. Raquel's moans and loud screams made Marcos scared. He was scared shitless!! As the woman continued weeping, tears going down her cheeks, he asked.

"What's wrong with you? That won't stop me from fucking you again." He said.
I'll use a condon."

She said:

"It wont' be necessary, you know this stuff about Luis. Ah, you still have lead in hour pencil, ha, ha!!"Marcos continued to blow, took his rod out and cummed on her back and asscheeks.


Raquel had only been wishing to have sex at that opportunity; only intending to fuck him just this once but Marcos threatened to give her up by telling the whole affair to Luis if she didn't accept this indecent proposal, some kind of bribery. According to him they should fuck many times, not on a continuous basis though -he had already gotten a job.

Both Marcos and Raquel's husband went out in a job search, so she would be alone that home, no one to fuck to. This was an excellent time for the abrasion in her cunt to heal, caused by a forced penetration as well as maltreated off a monster cock, and the hub-hub.

She was honest by accepting she had been a lucky woman as Luis didn't necessitate sex on those days, while Marcos had found a job night shift a week later.Marcos demanded to fuck her again, which had gotten her sick, sick of being forced to fucking the massive penis again. But Raquel was eager to do it instead. After the second time together, she got the point: it would be unavoidable to get away from Marcos, so the only way out of it would be to take advantage of him and get benefited by the fucking; exploit and make the most of Marcos' penis so "It's an ill wind that blows no good," she thought. Nonetheless, this would get her vagina expanded, and she was afraid Luis realized it was so puffed up the moment he fucked. He didn't notice anything wrong though!!

After having sex about 4 or 5 times more, Marcos asked Raquel to try an anal; according to him, was tired of cumming outside Raquel, his not getting enough pleasure trying to avoid getting her pregnant, and screw it up. This wasn't a good idea, for her first occurrence had only been a long time ago when she got married and her husband demanded assfuck -anal intercourse. He then had suspended. Definitely her husband wasn't an ass man. Most important, Raquel's panic about the cock's dimensions was too much now, fright but had no more choice. Yet it wasn't as traumatic, as Marcos, a pro with an extraordinary and consuming interest in shoving it up your ass!! His favorite part of Raquel's anatomy was her buttocks.

He began doing missionary position. Yet she had cummed on that occasion, Marcos continued stroking her vulva. Her favorite sex position was riding on top and, as feeling she was about to cum again, Marcos pushed her aside on the bed, got her ass in the air and started to lick the butthole and asscheeks, at the same time, stroking her clit. He poked one finger within her, then tried another finger... four fingers were into her anus, feeling no pain at all. Raquel couldn't take this any more and begged:

"Oh, fuck!! Put it in!!"

At the moment he got his shaft near her asshole, grabbed his penis to lead in, and then started to push. Half cock head had gone in but the pain in his cock was unbearable, so withdrew. He got back to caress the clit thus get her prepared again. Raquel again asked him to put it in. As the grand shaft was placed again at the entrance, Raquel's excitement had become too much for her to stand, and ordered:

"No, go I can take a lot of heat here." Marcos cried out:

"Yeah, babe, hang tough!!"

She had decided to hold on what was coming. The enthusiast lover had placed his massive shaft at the cunt entrance and started to push into the mistress. She didn't object as feeling her cunt split, about to break. The man continued to slide into her but stopped saying:

"Oh, damn ma'am!! Can't go in anymore, it hurts!!" Raquel replied:

"Oh, no, I don't mind your sore smith won't enter. You've gotta finish this business now!!"
One thrust backwards attempted by Raquel was enough for the rod to go in. Almost one half of it had squeezed into. The guy began to complain:

"Oh, fuck, it huts!!"

Raquel, also having troubles, then resisted until a penis wholly squeezed into her. They both froze to assimilate until Raquel began to move back and forth as her body tolerated. She relaxed and was now able to pump getting to another orgasm, like the first vaginal one she had had. The guy started to wriggle and cummed, all hell broke loose feeling as her small ass, smart by the hot semen and contact with bruises.

Neither her husband nor her lover laid her down any least for many days, until her couple requested her to assfuck a week later while fucking. She refused to and her husband complained:

"You're so accustomed to being used and fucked over by Marcos, aren't you?"

Raquel got surprised at this revelation and exclaimed:

"How come you know this?!!"

Luis confessed all this had been only a plot, some kind of a conspiracy. They had followed a scheme. The reason was he had realized their sex lacked interest so he had turned to Marcos for help, thus fulfill a fantasy: See his wife fucking another male. Marcos would be the ideal person for this, a guy he trusted a lot. Luis said:

"Oh, darling, I'm so sorry. I ignored Marcos was so endowed to the extent to hurt you. I haven't checked your ass though!!"

Raquel was perturbed and disconcerted now offended and finally accepted this reality after three days of consideration. She took advantage of the two guys by laying pipe. Definitely, Raquel had laid more tube than the motherfuckin' Alaska pipeline!!

They now sleep on the same bed on week ends -work on different shifts on week days- while home expenses aren't a problem, home economy has improved. They have been a threesome for more than a year now; Raquel became pregnant after she reached to an agreement with Marcos, a pact Luis accepted gladly.

They are making plans to have two husbands, all three living in the same house, but the kid shouldn't suspect anything about this.

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