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My maaster Part 2

Read as me and my master and lover welcome in the New Year

I woke up to something deep inside me, as I opened my eyes I find your dick embedded into my pussy. I felt a warm rush of love come from you to me, I didn’t think you knew I was awake yet so I decided to move my hand and rub your butt. You respond straight away with a long, deep moan. Your eyes search for mine. I know you are close I move, my hand down your butt check and begin to play with your balls. I soon feel your balls tighten in my hand as you send load after load of juicy cum inside me.

You lie next to me, your cock still semi hard. Your juicy sperm hasn’t yet flowed out of my sweet pussy yet. I whisper to you that I want you to taste it and then share it with me. You happily comply as you can’t wait to taste me again.


Your tongue greedily waits at my wet opening waiting for your heavenly white gold to reach your egger mouth. While you wait your tongue sometimes flicks across my clit, and lips to clean my juices off the pussy that you own.   Soon your sperm came running out, you try to catch it all, bur you don’t manage. You get the biggest mouth full you can, then bring your lips up to mine and passionately kiss me, letting all your heavenly goodness enter my mouth. I close my eyes in contempt.


I soon begin to feel your tongue lapping at my virgin hole. The sensation what driving me up the wall, as I have never had my ass eaten out of, I feel you add cold oil to my hole and gently rub it in gently. You slowly insert a well lubricated finger into my hole, and hold still waiting for me to get use to the new feeling.


You add more fingers, and I begin to feel my orgasm building. You can feel it too; you remove your fingers and instead add a butt plug. My orgasm rattles through me, taking me higher and higher.


You kiss my back gently telling me how beautiful I am and how happy I make you. I can tell we are not longer Master and Sub, the lovers Emily and Ian. “I want you to take my ass honey, it belongs to you and I want you to take it before then New Year comes in”.


I hear you pour the cold oil onto your huge cock, which is now rock hard after laying with my ass, you put me in doggie position and add more oil to my tight hole. I feel your head at my hole. You gently push as you don’t want to hurt me. You put more pressure on until your head is in my ass.


I writhe in pain it hurts a lot! I want to say peaches so bad, but I knew I would have to suffer pain to get pleasure. You pushes more of yourself inside my virgin hole, going no place any other male has.


You start to pick up tempo, the pain has all but gone; but you are still not all the way in. I try to be brave and push myself back so my ass engulfs all of your 8 inch cock. I scream in pain at its thickness and length. You let me become adjust to the size and shape of your huge cock.


I want more and begin to beg you to fuck my tight hole as fast and as hard as you can, you quickly comply. I feel your length inside of me, just as another orgasm gets ripped from my body.


I don’t feel you add the vibrating dildo till it is too late. You put it on high and leave it in my dripping pussy it’s right on my g-spot and I don’t think I can hold myself any longer.


With you fucking my ass, and that toy in my pussy, I soon began to feel the affects. I can tell you are to as you are moaning load in my ear. You tell me you want to cum in my ass; all I can reply with is the moan of how good it feels. I feel the need to pee but I know if I hold it the effects will be great!


I feel your balls contract, and feel your first sperm loads inside me. As soon as I feel like my pussy let loose and a large clear jet of stream emerges out of it. It soaks you and the bed; it was even powerful enough to push the toy out.


I collapse on the bed with your dick still in my ass, while both of our breathing returns to normal.


I look at the clock we have one minute to go till the New Year I whisper in your ear “I love you so much, and I can’t wait to spend this year with you”


You simple reply by kissing my lips. We count down together















We kiss each other into the New Year and than fall asleep in each others arms, your dick still embedded deep inside my ass.

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