My married co-worker

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Sexy Married Latina co-worker tries anal
This is a true story

A few years ago I was working in a general office type business (rather not mention the company name). There was this very attractive mexican woman I would say in her late twenties. Let's say her name was Maria. She had such a hot body and the perfect latina ass. She was skinny but her ass popped out just perfectly. Not to big but not to small. Maria had long brown hair and a a pretty face. Nice big lips and those fuck me eyes. I looked forward to every causal Friday in the office because she would always wear the tightest jeans. There was this one pair that always gave her a little wedgie in the crack of her ass. Every guy in the office would turn their heads and stared at that perfect ass. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. It was the kind of ass that you wouldn't care if she farted in your face.

Although not in the same department we've worked together for about two years and became friends. She was a little bit of a flirt but never took it to far. Maria befriended my co-worker Cindy who sat in the cubical next to me. Now Cindy was a little bit of a slut but never hooked up with anyone from the office. We would exchange dirty sex stories but never hooked up with each other. I told her it was great jerk off material when we talked. Cindy and I got to talking about who we would fuck in the office. I told her that one of my first choices would be Maria. Cindy had told me that the girls in the office have the same conversations about sex and Maria had said that if she wasn't married she would like to fuck yours truly. I got an instant hard on and told Cindy this.

The next monday Cindy had told me that she hung out with Maria over the weekend and after a few drinks Maria started talking about how she had been with her husband since high school and he was the only one she's ever been with sexually. Maria started talking about how she kind of regrets not having sex with other guys and that she's feel that she's getting old (even though she was under 30) and she has missed out. Cindy told Maria about our conversation we had and that I wanted to fuck her. Maria said she would but could never cheat on her husband. Cindy took it upon herself to tell her about mutual masturbation and that Maria and I should try it in front of each other. Some how Maria thought this was a good harmless idea just as long as we don't touch each other and told Cindy to tell me she wanted to try it with me. I told Cindy to tell her hell ya! Maria and I passed each other in the halls that day and both of us were almost to embarrassed to look at each other. Don't worry the story gets better.

We set it up to meet in Cindy's apartment that very night. When I got there Maria was already there drinking some margaritas. She was a little tipsy but not drunk. We all started off by just talking about our first sexual experiences and what we like to do in bed. After a while the tension cleared between all of us. Cindy then got up and said "I think I'll leave you two alone". Cindy went into the next room but kept the door slightly open so she could peek. I didn't mind. We started off by slowly touching ourselves over are cloths. It was awkward at first but then she started getting into it. I could tell she was getting really horny. I ask her if she wanted me to take it out. She nodded her head "Yes". I pulled out my rock hard cock and let her look at it for a moment. She stared at it while she was rubbing herself. Maria's breathing became really heavy as I told her to stand up and pull down her jeans with her ass facing me. She stood up and slowly pulled down revealing that luscious ass in a white thong. When she turned around her panties by the crotch area was stained wet. She was a little embarrassed but got turned on as I started stroking my cock. "Oh god my pussy is so wet" she said softly almost out of breath. I told her to sit on the other end of the couch and spread her legs as we were facing each other. When she did you could see her tight little pink asshole. She started fingering herself and her pussy was dripping wet. I moved closer to her and she got nervous and stopped. I told her all I want her to do was to spit on my cock. This made her really hot. She got real close to my cock and dripped her warm spit on my cock. I used it as a lube and jerk off really hard. We got real close to each other and I wanted to fuck her soooooo bad. She started saying that she can't believe she's doing this but then she started talking dirty. I made sure I made it last for at least 15 to 20 minutes. I believe she came two or three times. I knew my load was going to be big. I knew I was close enough to her and I said to myself "the hell with it" I blew my huge load and and it spewed on her leg and her lower stomach. I though she would get grossed out but she thought it was hot. She dipped her finger in it and gave a little taste. Cindy then walk in while we were still both naked and started clapping. Maria said she enjoyed it very much and would like to do it again sometime.

This went on a couple of more times. We always did it at Cindy's place as I guess Maria felt safe their. I tried to get Cindy into it but I could never figure out why till this day she never joined in. Cindy was strange that way she just like to watch. Each time it got hotter and more intense. I started giving Maria facials and cumming on her tits and one time in her mouth and she SWALLOWED. But we never touch each other.

The fourth time she was in a doggy style position with her ass spread while I was jerking off. Cindy walk in and said "Why don't you fuck her in her ass". Cindy then said according to most moral sexual standards anal is not considered sex and therefor would not be considered cheating. There was a moment of silence before Maria said "Do you want to put it in my ass?" I thought I would blow my load right then and there. Her ass looked so good. She was spreading her butthole so I could see inside. I immediately got right up to her ass and started licking her asshole.

I've never done this before nor have I ever done anal. Her ass tasting a little musty and sweaty but tasted good in a dirty way. I licked the outer rim and then pushed my tongue deeper in her butthole. Maria was moaning and screaming in pleasure. Cindy came back into the room with a bottle of lube and gave it to me. I put it on my cock and on her asshole. I had a condom but I told Maria I really wanted to feel inside her ass. Maria said "I don't care, just fuck my ass". Maria was an anal virgin and I've never done this before. Cindy had done this before so she guided us through it step by step. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I slowly stuck the head of my cock in her tight butthole and she started moaning. With Cindy watching and telling me what to do made it soooo hot. I slowly made it all the way in. It felt so warm and tight. I don't know why but I found it so hot that I was sticking my dick in the place where her shit comes out. She was so hot that I couldn't believe her shit actually smelled.

I thought I was hurting Maria but she didn’t tell me to stop. “There you go, just like that, oh fuck her ass” Cindy would say. Although it was difficult to take my eyes off my dick penetrating this perfect ass, I looked Cindy right in the eyes. Cindy stared right back and ask me “Does it feel good fucking her ass?” “Ohhh yes” I scream out. I mouthed the words “I want to fuck you” to Cindy but she didn’t say anything back (nor did anything ever happen between me and Cindy).

Maria’s ass was still tight but it got easier pumping her butt. My cock was throbbing. I started fucking her ass faster but Maria told me to slow down. After about 10 minutes of this wonderful feeling I had to blow my load. I couldn’t hold it anymore. Cindy new by the look on my face I was going to cum. Cindy put finger to her lips “Shushing” me not to say anything. I decided not to pull my dick out and with one final push my cock exploded inside her ass. Maria felt it right away and loved it. I slowly pulled my dick out of Maria’s ass. I’ll be honest to say that there was a little bit of shit on my dick but her ass was so hot that I didn’t care. Cindy noticed it too and gave me a little smile. Cindy then told Maria to push out my load. Maria gave a few good pushes and out oozed my cum from her asshole. I couldn’t believe what I just did. I fucked one of the nicest asses I’ve ever seen. It felt so good I can’t describe it.

Things become awkward between Maria and we kind of stop talking and this never happened again. Cindy told me that Maria wouldn’t tell her husband but felt very guilty about what we did. Although I really wanted to I never bragged about it to my co-wokers but did tell my friends. I stared at her ass everyday I worked there and still couldn’t believe my dick was inside of that. Sometime later that year I left the company for another job but I will never forget Maria’s ass and my first anal experience.