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My panties

It was a Sunday afternoon, and had been a month after the start of a new school year. Frank playfully pinched me on the ass and told me to stop moping around his place. Frank was my boyfriend and coworker whom I had known for years. He was my rock when things were really at their worst in my life. I am the computer teacher, he is the gym teacher at a local high school.

Frank said to me, "What you need is to get your self-confidence back and you really NEED to get laid!"

"You know I am saving myself for marriage." I replied, rolling my eyes. After that I went home, thinking about what he said on the drive home.

I am a tiny Japanese American lady, barely 5'1 with a slim almost boyish figure that is usually clothed in business casual wear. I keep my makeup light to let my natural beauty shine through. I have a cute face, and a heart shaped hiney. I used to wear nerdy glasses, but now I wear soft contact lenses.

It is not as if I had not had any offers, I am attractive enough to turn any man's head, my career, and college had taken precedence over any romantic entanglements until Frank. Frank was my best friend not just my boyfriend. Sometimes we would flirt with each other. I knew he always wanted to get in my pants, but I kept things slow most of the time. He would sometimes do things like pinching my ass as mentioned above, or run his fingers through my hair or kissing me. I did spend much time hanging out with him outside of work. One time I even caught him sniffing my dirty panties.

Being a young attractive high school teacher in her mid twenties, sometimes the teen boys in my class will flirt with me. I just try to ignore them. I understand they are just horny young boys, and a relationship with one of them would be a serious conflict of interest for me costing me my job.

After I got home I got ready for bed, and slept like a log until my alarm clock went off.

It was a Monday morning, and time for me to take a shower, shave, and get dressed to go to work. I wore white cotton panties with a matching bra, along with a black business skirt, and a white blouse. I put a blue one piece swimsuit in my bag, so that I could swim in the school pool after work.

The day was going along normally as I taught my class, until my third period class had finished. Tyrone a 17 or 18 year old black student named, who was also the captain of the football team made a comment to me. He said: "Krystal, you have such a hot fucking ass, I wish you were my bitch"

Even though he is an attractive young man, his comment did not fly with me. I told him that he should address me as Miss S, and not by my first name, along with giving him a week of detention in the study hall room for the rude way he was talking to me.

The day continued normally until lunch. I discussed what happened with Frank in the teachers lounge. He told me things like "boys will be boys" and "I shouldn't think much of it" and "It is perfectly normal for a young man to have a crush on a woman as beautiful as me even if she is one of his teachers." His day was not going so well, one of his female students threw up in the gym locker room, and he told me how nasty it was. Then he told me he was planning a surprise for me later.

I went back to work until the end of the school day without incident. When class was finally over I went to the teachers lounge. I relaxed and had a cup of coffee for a few minutes of peace and quiet. After my coffee, I got up and headed for the school pool to change into my swimsuit, and get some exercise in the pool.

I reached the girls locker room. I took one step in, remembered the vomit story Frank mentioned earlier, and after smelling the air I decided to head over to the boys locker room instead. The teams did not have practice this week it should be empty, and it was. I stripped down naked, then put on my swimsuit leaving my cloths on the bench in the locker room. I headed to the pool, and dove in.

The water was great, I really enjoyed my swim. I swam under water holding my breath for a little bit. I did a few laps then relaxed for after the exercise. About a half hour after I got in, I decided it was time to get out, get dressed, and go home.

I climbed out of the pool, and toweled myself off. Then I headed to the empty boys locker room to put my clothes back on, but before that I took a shower to rinse off the chlorine. Since I did not bring any shampoo or soap my shower was rather quick about 2 minutes just rinsing off in my bathing suit.

After my speedy shower, I toweled off again and walked to the bench to put my regular clothes back on. When I arrived at the bench I noticed a strange smell that is hard to explain, maybe like Clorox. The odor did have some effect on me making my pussy get wet.

After getting undressed, I picked up my bra, and put it back on, first I put my arms into the strap loops, and pulled the straps onto my shoulders followed by me taking hold of both clasps and hooking it. Finally I adjusted my breasts so it fit snug in the cups.

Next it was time to put my panties on. I put one leg through each hole without really paying attention to this mundane action. I pulled them up swiftly until I heard a squish sound. I felt something sticky which surprised me to say the least.

I reached my hand into my panties to investigate. When I pulled my fingers back out they had a warm whitish sticky consistency on them. I put my finger to my nose to smell. It was the smell I noticed before. Out of curiosity I licked my finger tips and then I thought... it was a man's cum in my panties.

I was very surprised at that, and immediately thought this must have been Franks "surprise" After the shock and disgust started to dwindle I was actually filled with a sense of arousal. I actually really wanted make love with Frank. Even have his baby. I love him very much.

My brain was going a mile a minute. Confused and filled with conflicting emotions and reasons. I began to feel weak at the knees, I looked around to make sure I was alone. I was alone. I got down on my knees in my bra and panties opening my legs wide. I placed my hand on my panty covered crotch. I started to rub closing my eyes thinking of what Frank must have done in my panties less than thirty minutes ago. As time started to pass I started rubbing harder and faster. Baptizing my virgin pussy with his seed.

I was in great pleasure. A moment after my orgasm I came back to my senses getting fully dressed.

I looked at my phone. Frank had left me a text saying to meet him in his office. I replied "on my way". When I got to his office, he was down on one knee with a rose in his mouth, a ring box in his hand and "Marry Me" written on his chalk board. I walked up to him and answered him with a passionate kiss on the lips. We set the date for Valentines Day which was in about four months.

He walked me to my car. Then he asked me to make arrangements to move out of my apartment, and into his house. On my drive home, one hand was in my panties most of the time rubbing the now dry cum into my pussy even getting a little on my new engagement ring. I licked my fingers clean.

When I got home I called Frank on the phone with one hand in my panties, and told him "What you did today after work really has me horny, I am rubbing my pussy thinking of you."

He replied with, "I will be over in ten minutes, I love you"

I replied "I love you too" We hung up the phones.

When he arrived, I answered my door nude.

"Did you miss me?" I said seductively.

"I always feel alone when I am not with you." he said, before walking over and kissing me on the lips, and reaching around to grab my bare ass. I helped him remove his shirt. Then his pants and boxers hit the floor.

We kissed deeply again, but I broke the kiss, and told him "I want you inside of me."

He needed no more encouragement than that, and we made our way over to my bed.

He inserted himself between my legs and lay partly on top of me. He guided his prick towards my crotch. From the look in his eyes I could tell he was in heaven feeling the silk of my thighs and the warm moistness of my crotch.

"I want you." he breathed into my ear as his dick rubbed up against my slit, I told him "You should stop now, no sex until after we are married" He looked disappointed. He started to suck on my nipples working his way down to my shaved pussy where he stuck his tongue inside licking my virgin pussy. He licked away until I came to an orgasm. I was very wet.

We fell asleep in each others arms naked.

We woke up when my alarm went off.. He drove home to get dressed, and I hopped in the shower to clean up. Getting ready to go I put my contacts in. Then got dressed for work, this time in a black bra and panties, and a matching black skirted suit along with putting my bathing suit back in my bag. I brought with me some soap and shampoo for my shower after the swim, I headed out the door.

The day continued as normal, until third period again where Tyrone stared at me a bit to much for my comfort He adjusted his crotch a few times while staring at me which made me uneasy. I had a good idea of what he was probably thinking about. After class, he walked up to me and said, "You must love black you look sexy today Miss S" I told him while blushing"You are being inappropriate, and should stop that behavior. or I will add more days to your detention, but yes black is my favorite color" He winked and said "ok" before walking away.

I met Frank again for lunch in the teachers lounge, and we talked about our futures together. We kissed briefly then discussed things like where the furniture would be going, and about getting some pets like a cat. I always liked cats, but was not allowed to have them in my apartment.

After lunch, the day went on, and I really had to go number two after lunch, but I held it until the end of the final period. I went to the restroom which was really refreshing. After wiping my ass, pulling up my panties, and washing my hands I headed to the boys locker room again wondering if Frank would repeat the events of yesterday with my panties.

After stripping naked in the boys locker room, I got a sexy idea, I took out a piece of paper from my bag, and a pen writing a note for Frank "I am in the shower naked waiting for you to come and fuck me in the ass!" My pussy was still off limits,but I was horny.

I walked to the shower wearing just a towel with my soap and shampoo in hand. I dropped the towel and got in.

I adjusted the water to a comfortable warm level, then began by soaping up my breasts and arms, followed by bending over and soaping up my legs and feet. Next I cleaned and soaped up my asshole slipping a soap covered finger in to prepare myself for what is going to happen. I licked my finger, and stuck it back up my ass pleasuring myself anally.

After about ten minutes of fingering my asshole with two fingers in the shower, I decided to shampoo my hair. I put the shampoo on my head lathering my hair and scalp keeping my eyes tightly closed so I do not get any in my contact lenses... If you wear contacts and have ever gotten shampoo in them, you know how unpleasant this can be unless you are using baby shampoo which I was not.

With my eyes tightly closed, I felt Frank grab my waist with both hands from behind. I muttered back to him, "I have been waiting for you." He remained quite, and started to press his erection into my glistening ass crack reaching one hand around to rub my pussy, and his other to rub my breast while kissing me no the side of the neck. I leaned back into him panting with need.

I felt something pressing against my ass hole. I was so surprised at how good it felt. I found myself getting very horny. Nothing had ever made me feel this naughty, but in a good way. He gently bounced the head of his cock on my ass hole. Then he traced the hole with his cock. I was aching for him to put it inside my ass.

The head of his cock pressed up against my sphincter. The tight entrance was barely giving him room to slide the tip in. I leaned forward and put one hand on each ass cheek spreading them. Inviting him to go deeper. He slowly pumped his rod of pleasure into my ass a few times going a little deeper than the head until I moaned "That feels so good!"

He pulled out and pushed down on my shoulders directing me to get on all fours like a dog.which I did. With my ass in the air, waiting for him to plug my hole, he mounted me from behind. My eyes were still closed from the shampoo. I reached between my legs guiding his pole into my chocolate starfish moaning to him, "You are bigger than I thought....Ohhhh! Go slow Frank this is my first time!"

He slowly slid his huge cock into my backdoor until I felt his balls resting on my wet pussy. I heard Tyrones voice say "Bitch did you call me Frank?" My eyes finally opened in surprise.I panicked but was so very turned on and started panting "yes" over and over.

"Yeahhhh! You're my bitch. That's right!" He said as he stretched his body out like he was doing push ups but thrust into my ass instead. "Who's my bitch? Say it. TELL ME!" He thrust harder for emphasis.

"I'm.. Uhhggh.. I'm your bitch!" I moaned.

I felt so submissive to him, providing my ass for his pleasure. It felt strange. The emotional surprise matched by intense physical pleasure. His hard on was pounding deep, near my spine. It rocked my entire body.

Tyrone sped up his thrusts in frantic jabbing movements. His huge pelvis crashed on my small ass. He roared like a lion. I felt his cock withdraw from my hole. Cold air rushed in, to fill the place of the violating shaft, which had caused me pleasure. I felt a burning hot sensation on my back as he came in many spurts.

He stopped spurting and got his breath back. He moved around to face me. He pushed his dick into the lips of my mouth saying: "Clean me off bitch!"

I opened my mouth to accept the black monster that had just been plowing in and out of my rectum. I sucked off our juices. His penis had the sour taste of my ass, churned by his buggering dick, The flavor of my ass was coated on his entire dick. The odor was not as repulsive as it is made out to be. His big black cock had big veins down the side. I felt his heart beat with my tongue.

After I had finished cleaning his cock as I was told. We stood up, and finished showering together to clean off our juices. We toweled each other off, then walked back to the bench where my clothes were. We got dressed, and then he asked for a ride, I agreed but only on the terms of him keeping his head down so we are not seen together, and me picking him up a block away.

He walked over to the driver side door, and said "I'll drive, you ride bitch." I scooted over, and opened the door for him to get in. We drove off to an uncertain future with his cock in my mouth.
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