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My Stranger

A very sexy story about a young woman getting seduced by a stranger.
My name is Samantha and I am 24 years old. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, a tall slim figure and 32C breasts. I’ve been single for over two years and hadn’t had sex in just as long until my deepest wildest dreams were brought to reality last month. I still recall that day every time I masturbate and it still has the ability to drive me wild!

It was a day like any other. I got up and went to work as a travel agent and about an hour before my lunch break a customer came into the shop. He was tall, dark and very handsome. Despite him being much older, I still found myself strongly attracted to him and found it very difficult to divert my eyes away from his muscular looking body.

He soon realised that I’d been watching him and he confidently strode over to request my help. As I began telling him about our special offers whilst pointing him in the direction of the brochures he gently put his hand on my lower back and looked deeply into my eyes. I knew my colleagues could be looking and knew I should move out of his reach but I was stunned by his nerve and found both my legs and mouth had stopped working.

He slowly guided me towards a quiet corner of the shop and asked if I was interested in any special offers he currently had. I smiled feeling both nervous and a little turned on.  He leaned in slowly towards me and for a second I thought he was going to kiss me. I licked my lips in preparation… then he put his lips near my ear and whispered “if you’re interested meet me in one hour in the bar at the end of the street” and with that he turned and left the shop.

It took me a while to break out of my shocked state and walk back to my desk and as I sat looking at my computer I realised that I was tingling between my legs. Could this complete stranger have gotten me so excited after such a brief meeting?  And should I go and meet him? As the time ticked closer and closer to my lunch break my mind moved between deciding to meet him and deciding not to.  I was honestly torn. I had no idea what I should do.

As I left the shop for my lunch I still hadn’t decided what I was going to do, but I found myself walking towards the bar he had suggested we meet at and I soon found myself standing outside its front door.  Should I go in? I thought ‘why not. It’s public, it’s only lunch, I can easily walk away’, and with that I took a deep breath and walked into the bar.

Inside the bar I looked around, desperate to spot my stranger. But other than the barman, and four customers the bar was empty. I felt very disappointed. I decided to grab my lunch there anyway so ordered at the bar and found myself a seat in a booth.

As I took off my coat and got comfortable I realised someone was stood at the end of the table. It was my stranger. I looked up at him and smiled. It was a smile like I’d been caught doing something naughty. He smiled back, his confident smile and asked “may I?” as he pointed to the seat opposite. “Of course” I replied suddenly feeling guilty for not being more welcoming. “I’ve
never done anything like this before” I began to say but he interrupted me with “done what before?” I was a little taken aback. “You know. Meeting a complete stranger for….. You know.” Instantly realising my innocence he smiled at me again. “What would you like to come of this meeting?” Again I was stunned at his boldness and I stuttered in reply, “Ermm, I-I-I erm, I don’t know. Ermmm, What would you like to come of this meeting?” There was that smile again, but it wasn’t patronising.  It was sweet, and it made me melt inside. “Well I’ve got one or two ideas” he said. As my mind began to race about the possible ideas he could be thinking of I noticed that I was tingling between the legs again. What was this man doing to me?

“One or two ideas eh? Care to expand?” Suddenly I found myself playing up to his
confidence with a little of my own.

“Have you ever been turned on by a complete stranger?  And I’m not talking about your usual ‘oh isn’t he gorgeous’ type of turn on, but the strong wet, tingling sensation you get right between your legs”.

How did he know? I thought to myself and with that I must have blushed a deep red because he smiled that smile again whilst he gently brushed my cheek with his hand.   “Listen, at any time you can stop this and walk away, all you need to say is ‘dandelion’, o.k?”

What was this? Was this the safe word? Was this meeting something more than a date? OMG!  Was I really going to do this?  I’d read all about these sort of meetings online but never thought for a second that they ever actually happened, yet here I was! “o.k” I replied as I sheepishly sipped my drink in the hope it would cover up any physical signs of my nervous

“Excellent”. His smile grew even wider. “I’ve brought you a gift” He handed me a bag across the table, and still smiling he asked me to meet him again after work. He said everything I needed to know was in the bag. And with that he got up and left.

As soon as I knew he had really left I peeped nervously into the bag. I was shocked to see some very sexy lingerie and a tiny vibrator. I also noticed a bit of paper with an address and time written on it. Was I really going to do this? The strong tingling sensation answered the question for me. Yes I was!

The rest of the day passed by so slowly as it usually does when you have something exciting planned. And I rushed home to get myself ready. I showered and shaved my vagina leaving only a thin sexy strip. I hoped my stranger would like it. And then once I’d dried myself I took a closer look at the ‘gifts’ I had been given. The bra and panties were sexy but very tasteful and as I put them on and looked in the mirror I felt sexy. There was only one thing missing. Some sexy heels! I rushed over to my wardrobe and pulled out some black stilettos that I thought would complete the outfit just nicely. I then went on to inspect the vibrator. It was a tiny little creature that was designed to sit on the clitoris and to help it remain in place it had two straps, one for each leg. I put it on inside my panties and turned it on low. Mmmmmmm. It was a wonderful feeling.

Realising the time, I turned it off, put on my little black dress and left the house to make my way towards my stranger.

As I arrived at the street I stopped and reconsidered whether this was wise. I didn’t know this man. He was older, stronger, no one knew I was here, anything could go wrong. But on the other hand I was seduced! I wanted to go. It was the not knowing and the secrecy that was such a big turn on.  With a deep breath I continued towards his house.

As I arrived at his front door, I took yet another deep breath and knocked, trying to make it an assertive knock. I didn’t want him thinking I was an innocent little girl. I wanted him to see me as a sexy, confident woman. He soon opened the door with a big warm smile and invited me in. He
took my coat and bag and directed me towards lounge. I followed his directions and walked into the lounge, it was a beautiful house. As I turned to say so I noticed him watching me, and this made me forget my thoughts. He handed me a glass of champagne and asked me how I was feeling.  “Erm, good, great I mean.” I stuttered again. And there was that smile. “I love the dress and heels” he admired.  “Thanx” Other than basic replies I was stuck about what to say. “Are you
wearing my gifts?” His eyes moved down over my body as if he was trying to see for himself. “Yes I am.”  I made a conscious effort to sound confident this time. “Excellent”  He smiled again but this time it had changed a little, I could tell he was a little turned on now too.

I continued to drink the champagne, taking bigger sips than normal and as I began to feel a little giddy I realised that in my excitement I’d forgotten to eat.

“May I take off your dress? I’d really like to see you in that sexy underwear.” Pulled away
from my thoughts all I could do was nod and smile. Slowly he took a step closer and placed his hands on my waist. He then slowly and gently rubbed his hands down the sides of my legs a little and then back up to my waist as he began walking around me.  He stopped when he was behind me and I could feel his breath on my hair. I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment. He took the glass out of my hand and I heard him place down nearby. He then up zipped my dress and let it fall to my feet. I gasped as I felt the cool air on my skin.  His hands then moved back onto my waist and around to my tummy. I felt my stranger move himself closer until his body was pressed against my back and with his one hand on my tummy I felt his other hand move down to my panties.  He stayed above the material but I could tell he was searching for the little creature.

“Good girl.” He whispered. Suddenly the vibrations began and because they were so unexpected I let out a little scream. How did he get the remote? Did he have another one or had he gone through my bag? Again, my thoughts were soon interrupted when he began to kiss my neck.  Soft, gentle kisses that sent tingles up my spine. His hands then moved up to my breasts as he gently caressed them between little pinches on my nipples. The sensations were driving me wild but I was frozen to the spot. I was enjoying everything too much to want to move.

His one hand dropped away for a second and as I felt the vibrations on my clitoris increase, I knew where it had gone. Then it was back, first on my breast and then moving back down my body. He slid under my panties and began moving the little creature over my clitoris adding a stroking motion to the vibrations and oh, that was heaven. I couldn’t help but moan out loud. “Oh you like that baby” he said as he continued to stroke me. I felt the sensations in my clitoris getting stronger and stronger and as they did I moaned louder and louder. My stranger held me tight to his body as I felt an orgasm begin to flood through my body. “Oh, oh yesssssss! I moaned as I bucked against him, but his firm hold held me tight and secure. “Oh, wow!” The orgasm had been a strong one and I felt all giddy again.

My stranger let me go and offered that I sit and relax on the couch. He then turned off the vibrator. “You can take it off now” he offered as he left the room. I quickly removed the straps from around my legs and dropped the vibrator discreetly onto the floor. I then brushed my fingers through my hair as I waited for what was to come.

My stranger soon returned with a big smile on his face and I could tell that he was turned on by the big bulge in his trousers. As he noticed me looking he blushed and it was my turn to smile at his innocence. “Care to help me out” he suggested with a little look down at his bulge.  I knew exactly what he meant and was eager to make him feel the way he had made me feel only moments ago.

I got down on my knees and crawled towards him. I ran my hands up his legs and over his bulge to his button and zip. I undid each in turn and then slowly pulled down his jeans and undies. Wow! He was big!  I grabbed hold of his cock in my right hand and looked up at his face. I wanted to see his face as I made him wait in anticipation. I then opened my mouth and began to suck, taking as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. I could hear his quiet moans as I sucked his cock and it got my clitoris tingling again. As I stroked his cock with my right hand I reached down with my left and began playing with myself. The feeling was sexy.

“Oh yeah, oh that’s it baby, play with yourself too”  My stranger had noticed what I was doing and it made me feel even more horny to know that he was watching! I now wanted to be a real slut and as though he had read my mind, my stranger asked me to sit with my back against the couch.
I did as he asked immediately knowing what was coming. He walked closer and stood with his feet
either side of my thighs, his big hard cock right in front of my face. I opened my mouth and took him into me, and with my hands on his hips I found it easier to pull myself further onto his cock. This drove him wild as he then held my head and began to gently fuck my mouth.  But I wanted more. I wanted to be his slut. I wanted to please him like no one had before. As my actions got
faster, so did his and I could feel him getting harder and throbbing as he was close to coming. “Oh, yeah, that’s it” he managed before shooting is cum down my throat. I swallowed everything he had to offer and licked him clean. ‘Mmmmmm. My best performance’ I thought with a naughty smile.

“Oh, that was very naughty.” My stranger declared as he pulled me up off the floor. “What a sexy little slut you are”. This only made me smile even more. “I think I know what would drive you wild.” And with that he walked over to a draw and pulled out a blindfold. He tied it around my head gently but firmly and made sure that I couldn’t see a thing.  Meanwhile I could feel myself getting tingly again. This was exciting!

He took my hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom.  He slowly removed my bra and panties, taking the time to caress my skin, and as he noticed my shaved vagina he commented on how gorgeous it looked and I smiled. I knew he’d like it. He then led me over to the end of the bed and
tied up my ankles to what I assumed was the bed legs. He then gently pushed me forwards so that my upper body was leaning on the bed. It must have been a high bed as the height suited this position extremely well. Waiting for what I thought would be his cock I was surprised to feel his warm wet tongue licking my clitoris. “oh” I gasped.  And this just gave him the encouragement to do more. He circled his tongue on my clit, he licked the wet juices from off my pussy and occasionally went as far as licking my arsehole. Each time I would gasp and pull away a little but at the same time I would be enjoying the feeling. It was certainly something I had never experienced before.

His tongue was amazing. And I could feel the pressure inside me growing again. His
tongue continued to lick my clitoris and as I began to get close to the edge of an orgasm he would change his tactic and move to licking my pussy and briefly as if by accident my arsehole. Then he’d go back to my clit. This teasing drove me wild and he knew it. It was so hot and horny! Eventually, desperate to orgasm I begged “oh please don’t stop, let me cum, pleeeeeese!” And as he immediately moved back to circling my clit I came within seconds, with the orgasm ripping through my body with such strength I was unable to do anything but lie still for a couple of minutes once it had stopped.

Once I had recovered, I began to wander where my stranger had gone. The room was silent so I didn’t think he was there, so I stood up and was about to move my blindfold a little when I felt his hand push me gently back down.

“How was that baby?” he asked.

“Oh, fucking amazing!” I replied, maybe too eagerly.

“Good. We’re not finished just yet.”

More? There was still more to come? Wow!  My decision to meet this guy was turning out to be an excellent choice. As I smiled a big warm smile I felt my stranger place his hands on my bum cheeks and pull them apart a little. I was about to say ‘no’ when I heard “trust me. You’re really going to enjoy this. All you have to do is relax.” And with that I felt him begin to lick me from my pussy all the way up to my arsehole.  He was really getting it all wet.  He used his tongue to circle my arsehole and even gently pushed into it a little. I then felt him pull his face away and begin to use his finger. He first inserted his finger into my pussy to get it all wet and then moved it up to my arsehole, slowly and carefully pushing it in.

I gasped as I felt it pass the tight ring of muscle.  He then pulled it back out and began licking me again. He continued to lick and finger my arsehole for quite some time until I felt something cold touch my pussy. “ooo” I gasped.  And I could sense his smile widening.  This cold object was moved in and around my pussy as his tongue continued to lick my arsehole until he slid the object up between my cheeks and placed it directly onto my arsehole.  Slowly and gently he pushed and I could feel my arsehole slowly being stretched. He’d then pull it out, licked and tongue me again and then pushed it back in again. Each time he tried the object went in further and further until I felt it suddenly narrow and realised that the object was a butt plug. “Oh that’s it baby,” my stranger said “you did it.” And inside I felt a sense of pride. “Now keep it there a little while” he instructed.

My stranger then moved and came and knelt on the bed.  He inched his way closer until I could feel his cock on my face. I opened my mouth and swallowed as much of him as I could. “Oh, yeah” I heard him moan and I knew I was doing a good job.  As I was getting into the rhythm I felt him pull away. He climbed back off the bed and returned to playing with me from behind. He started
by licking my clitoris and then moved to my pussy. He then began to slowly pull out the butt plug. “Oh baby, that looks so good,” I heard him whisper. All I could think was how good it felt. He licked my arsehole again and even stuck his tongue right inside.

“Ohhhhh” I moaned. I was so glad that I had trusted him.

My stranger then began to push something else against my arsehole. I knew it was something new because it was cold. I felt my arsehole widen and then immediately close again. “That’s one” my stranger counted. My arsehole widened and closed around a second object.  “Two.” And as I realised that this new toy was anal beads I smiled as the count increased. “Three…... one more you sexy bitch...... four!”

The sensation was amazing! I never thought it could feel so good. I began to move by hips side to side to allow the sensation to increase as the anal beads moved around inside of me.

“Yeah, I knew you’d like it.” My stranger stood up and moved himself closer. He placed his cock between my legs and started rubbing himself against my clit. He then moved himself up and entered my pussy. Slowly he began to thrust slowly but deeply. And as he moved in and out I could feel his cock rubbing against the beads in my arse! I began to move back and forth pushing myself against him trying to get faster and deeper thrusts. I loved this feeling! Faster and faster we moved and deeper and deeper the feeling became. I was so turned on and could feel my orgasm begin to surface. I reached down to my clitoris and began to rub myself. I had all three sensations going at the same time and it felt fucking wonderful and almost instantly I began to orgasm. I could feel myself tightening against my strangers cock and the anal beads and it soon sent me over the edge again to another orgasm.  As I came I also felt my stranger thrust his final strong deep thrusts as he came inside me.

We lay still for a short while to recover from the amazing sensations that had shot through our bodies. My stranger then slowly withdrew himself from me and gently pulled out the anal beads. He untied my legs and unfastened the blindfold. With a gently kiss he said “that was amazing! You are a very sexy woman”

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