My wife loves to show off her little ass

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My girl friend likes to shake her ass cheeks to all men because she claims this turns her on

We had already been living together for two years, but it was now when I realized my girlfriend loves to show off her little ass  to all men.  To confirm this was true, she told me she used to draw the doorman's attention in the building where we were living now, by shaking her ass before his eyes.

I've already read many erotic stories, but the majority of them I found to be unreal, imaginary, and I still can't tell whether they are true or just fake.

But this story I'm about to tell you is a real one, because it happened to me in the real life, I swear, and I'm telling you every details of it now.  It's obvious names are ficticious. 

My name is George, I'm 40 and currently living with Marcela, since two years ago.  She is a blonde, beautiful, 25yo, 1.67 tall,  a busty woman: She obliges her tits to grow up by going to the gym;  and a very smooth skin.

At the beginning when we started to live together, we were quite a conservative couple, even on the bed, and we never tried anything different that looked strange, like fantasies. We just had straight sex,  never had tried an anal, or rented porn movies,  and avoided to use play toys. Also, we only experimented with the missionary position, in which the male lies over the female between her spread legs: we had never gone beyond three furtive minutes in this position. Besides, I didn´t  like this coital configuration at all.  This routine would appear boring, but I had no other choice than to take this, living with this unadventorous girl who  would never dare to do anything different at sex. 

Time passed until the day I was taking a shower in the bathroom at the office, and I heard a conversation between two workmates in one of the stalls.  They were Edward and Leonard, chatting, and talking about my girlfriend.  They had met her at a party the company held for employees following an important meeting there.  New products were on display or demonstrated as they were new in the market.   This show took place during the week end and everybody in the business had attended to it, I mean, all employees.  They all atended to the party  along with their girl friends.

As I heard my girl friend's name I hid so I'd continue to listen to their conversation.  I didn't believe such chat about my girlfriend, and this is a transcript of such conversation I heard at the moment.

"Have you seen George's  wife wonderful ass?  Eduardo asked.  Then it followed this conversation between the two of them while I was there in the bathroom listening.

"Oh, don't say a word about that!!  I bet it's the best one on earth!!  I never took my eyes off her gorgeous ass the whole night."   it was the answer.

"She looked better with the tight pants and that little  panty underneath. You could make out the nice panties above the pants, I mean.   Moreover, she likes to show off, because each time I stared at her ass she pretended  was ignoring me and began to pull  it out.   No doubt she felt like the prima donna here, who required to be the sole focus of adulatory attention.

The other guy said:  "I think it's only one wrong idea of yours about her. I have a different opinion: she's  too shy, and I've made this remark to George.  He claims it's  hard to convince her to get  engaged into some fantasies on the bed."

"Oh, I can't help thinking   the little bitch would love to have her tiny asshole ripped open all of a sudden.  I would be the first subject to book in and wait in the line."

As I heard this, I din't wish to keep listening anymore and got out of the stall, then out of the bathroom.  I stood there like if something inside me was burning. I felt anger. I definitely was not happy by the comment  about Marcela, my wife, but from that day on I noticed I had began to feel excited for the mere thought of my wife's drawing everybody's attention. So each time we had sex  I had fantasies and imagined people gathered around us watching at her ass, her curves,  while she shook her ass cheeks happy to be  admired.

Many months passed until one day when we were laying on the floor at the balcony sunbathing.   I saw her sneaking her little panty between her  her ass cheeks well inside.  As I asked her what she was doing, she  replied it was intended to avoid getting marks in the buttocks after sun bath.  But what she really did was to lift up the panty a little higher, turn around and leaned against the balcony iron  bars.  It was a really good show for those teenagers who lived across from our apartment building, and they would never  give up looking at my wife, stuck to their windows.  Perhaps they had mistaken  her with Mrs. Lopez, a 38 year-old street walker, chased by packs of youngsters who decended at night on the stroll, where prostitutes ply their trade in the industrial park. I warned Marcela about this situation:

"Hey, Marce, turn around and see those people across from us staring at you".

"Are you serious?"  she said.

She turned to see them,  and as she spotted them, she stick out her tongue at them, licked her lips sweetly, and then turned to me and said:

"Let them admire me, I become pretty hot at the mere thought of them jerking off as they have this view  of me like this."

It was difficult for me to believe what she had just said to me: My modest girl friend offering her ass to everybody  to see. Giving them a splendorous view of her pretty body,  even shaking her ass cheeks for them,  to strangers so they could see well into her buttocks, still confessing she loved it all because it made her hot this way.  I didn’t know what to respond but my automatic reaction was to begin to have a hard on, one of the biggest I'd ever had.   I had begun to give credit to those words I had once heard while I was in the bathroom stall spying on Leonardo's conversation with the other co-worker.

I made an effort to get up from the chair and got close to her, kissed her in the mouth while whispering to her ear:  "I agree with   what you're doing, sweety".  I also told her it had been one of my fantasies these months and that if she loved to do this, I had no problems, I'd be no jealous.  I was more preoccupied in adding  more to her fantasies and get the most of it.  As she heard this she looked at me in the eye and asked:

"Can I get to all limits so I can do everything I'd wish?"  

Yeah, of course, you can. Why do you ask?"  I responded.

"I'd like to take off my little panty and show my naked ass to those teens.  Are you sure you grant permission?"  she asked me.

This conversation had reached to such a hot point I could no longer stand my hard dick pressing within my pants.  She looked at me as if awaiting my answer, while getting ready to undress for those boys.  I saw them with their dicks out of their pants  ready to jerk off as they had a first view of my girl friend's asshole.  She began to bounce her ass cheeks, doing her  show.  I asked her:

"Don't you think you're going too far?  Don't you feel any shame?"

She said:  "No, not at all. But there's only on thing I'd feel embarrassed about: I'm going to make this  confession and you're gonna listen to me. I always liked this, since time back, to show off before men. I'm specially turned on if they looked at my little ass, and their lure in their eyes."

As she said this, I noticed a strange bright of pleasure in her face. But I was as hot as she was and kept asking questions:

"Have you shown your little naked ass to many misters these days?"

"Many have seen my bare ass.  Don't  you wish to listen to this story?  Well it happened yesterday as I was on my way to the gym.  I was leaving the apartment and caught the door man with his eyes stuck to my buttocks.  So I spread my legs open for him and bent forward.  I didn't bend my knees pretending to knot my shoe lace.  My ass got barely one meter away from them  -the security man, Ruben, was also there.   They stared at my ass and I could see when Ruben jammed his hand within his pants and mumbled some unitelligible words.  This made me   hot as never,  and I had to go back to the flat to change into new panties because I was all wet with my fluids."

While she was telling me this story she kept on spreading her legs wide a little more  and began to touch her pussy.  Her ass was turned towards the window or balcony overlooking our apartment so everyone could see her. I began to say:

"Well, if you don't feel any embarrassment, take off your panty but first I'd like to see you from the inside, so let me step in."

I didn't want to miss anything of the show that was about to begin. Perhaps she was a good porn actress and I began to jerk off too.

As she was alone in the balcony, she turned to see far away to the curious teenagers,  stick out her tongue to lick her lips, pulled on  a strap of her trunk to let the knot loose free and there she was!!  standing at that balcony with her legs spread wide, fingering her pussy and aiming her little bare ass hole , on plain daylight, to hundreds of windows in the other building.

But she kept on spreading wider her legs even more, with her back towards them.  She grabbed her ass cheeks to part them, letting see the beautiful small asshole while masturbating.   I heard her saying with soft voice: "Do you like this? You'd like to suck it, wouldn't you?  Well, here it is for you, it's all yours.

Suddenly she looked at me through the glass window and begged me to slide my dick into her mouth.  I couldn't wait to do this, for I was in the verge to explode.  I went out to the balcony, grasped her by the hair and made her to suck my penis.  I was like crazy screaming at her:

"Come on you dirty slut!!  Do you like to show your little ass hole to them, bitch?  Would you enjoy having this hard rod inside your little ass hole? To be fucked from behind?"

She only nodded, moaning like ever.   I cum about five times and asked her:  "Do you know how many men are jerking off now looking at your asshole, bitch?  Ah, you're longing to have them all here to fuck you?"

"Yes, ye, yessss!,  she stuttered.  I couldn't stand such gratification and had a tremendous orgasm.   Marcela swallowed it all to the last  drop.  I spanked her ass and we went inside the apartment.  She first turned back to say good bye to the windows, by kissing the air.

As I left the building next morning heading for the office, I run into Sergio and Ruben, at the door step. Let's remind you they're the porter and security man there.  Smiling at me, they made a comment about a woman who lived in one of the apartments.  She had lodged a complaint before building administration office, about my girl friend's exposing her ass, so shameless at our  balcony. Well, this was a great surprise to me and  I  felt quite embarrassed as I learned everybody in the building knew about Marcela's mania. Of course, I played the fool guy, somebody who didn't get it,  until this chat began:

"What the hell are you talking about?"  I said trying to dissimulate.

"We're talking about your spouse here,  showing off naked in the open before all neighbors." Sergio added.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I don't know what the hell you're talking about!!"  I replied.

"Hey,  you listen to this buddy: There's no way out of this;  you can't refute it now.  We know since a long time back your girl likes to show her pig tail, and each time she would walk past us, she gets down or bends over, and pulled her ass out, stays like this for a while so we have that chance to admire her and to consider her carefully."   said Ruben smiling.

Well, I didn't know what to say when I heard this, and stood  there speechless.

"Well, we recommend you two not to do it at the balcony any more or she'll surely have problems with neighbors."  Sergio added.

"We also recommend your wife that if she wishes to draw attention,  such admiration about her little ass, we are here to help." Ruben said. 

They mocked at this comment, while I was still embarrassed, this unpleasant situation made me to feel a lot excited instead,  and I just could say:

"I'm gonna talk it out with her, so she can arrange something different."

We had the best sex ever that night, but still  a lot of adventures were on the way at that apartment.  I spent the whole day very upset at the office and   was only expecting to get home now and tell Marcela everything about this stuff I got through that  morning, and how she would react.

I got home, and  first run into Ruben who stood at the entrance.  He said hi showing a broad smile.  This motherfucker told me that both he and Sergio would be available any time my wife  needed help   that night.  Today was their day off so they would be handy.  I didn't believe this,  so didn't comment.  It would be  an indecent, dirty proposal, went up to   the apartment as quickly as  could.

As I opened the door, I saw Marcela cooking dinner wearing only a tiny panty which barely covered her ass, so tucked well inside her ass crack.  She came up to kiss me and said I was a lucky guy to be here and join them.  She said: "I can't wait to start now,  can't take it anymore." 

She was so turned on by the idea of having those men in our flat tonight,  that wanted to have sex right away,   in the balcony where everybody could see us.  I said we were banned  -no possible  any more, for they had lodge a complaint.  I also commented her about the proposal made by Ruben and his buddy.  I thought she had been so ashamed that would back out,  but I was damn wrong: to my surprise, she looked at me in the eye while touching her pussy and let out a soft moan.  She said:

"Oh, they're great people, aren't  they!!  How do you like it?"

"Well, I wasn't expecting this, but I've been excited too."   I said.

"Well, you already know I'm always enjoying  and show off my little ass  to people, but if you do not resent this,  you know...  I wish you'd  see men fucking me.  We even can ask these men downstairs to come up to our apartment."  she said.

"I learned today is their day off.   It would be great!!"  I said.

"Why don't you go down and tell them we are expecting them   at 10:00 p.m. tonight?  Oh, darling, don't forget to make it clear that they are not supposed to touch me, only to watch.  I don't like it."  My wife said.

"Well, darling, I wouldn't let this  happen either, for I'm a jealous man."

I came down, to  put out my proposal and made my point,   pretty embarrassed.  I told him my girl friend was ready, and got along with this proposal.

This guy replied:  "I'm  sure she's eager to get on her 4's and get fucked from behind, man!!"

"Sorry to tell you can't lay a hand on her.  Just watch!!  Is that clear?"

He said:  "Ok, no problem.  I'll make my only by seeing that wonderful naked high in the air for me to consider it.   It's  like a flower blooming!!

I said:  "Sergio should know this as well.  Today at 10:00."  Then I said good bye.

I went back to our apartment and quickly prepared everything for that night to have visitors. We decided we'd fuck in the living room, because it's the biggest room in the house.  Besides, this would allow for lots of space between them and us having sex,  say, would stay away from us.

We arranged the chairs, the sofas and placed them facing the mattress where we'd fuck there on the floor.  We also brought a lamp with stand, to throw a light all over the scenario quite well.  Marcela was wearing a small turquoise dress which only covered a little above her knees, with one transparent fabric tight enough so it allowed to guess the little black panty barely covering her ass.  I also noticed her nipples which were very hard especially if she wasn't wearing a bra.  This was the first time she showed her ass to strangers such closely.   I cum only by this thought of hers being with this males.  

As we expected, they got there on time and knocked on the door.  I went to the door and met these guys,  Ruben and Sergio,   smiling at me.   Ruben whispered   some disgusting words:  "Good night.  We are here to see your wife shaking her as for us.  Can we step in now?

I said:  "You just come in,  I was expecting you."   I was too embarrased,  though terribly excited.

"Darling!!"   I called her name.   "They're here!!  come and say hi." Ruben and Sergio sat comfortably in the sofa.

Marcela said to them:  "Hi, how are you?"  She treated them like if socializing,  and reached out to kiss each one in the cheek!!

They replied:  "Good night, ma'am." 

I noticed they stuttered when saying this because they were too hot.

Sergio said sofyly:  "She's cute, gorgeous!!"   George, on the other hand,  had always been a gentleman in what concerned to my wife.

"Besides, it's the best little round ass around here in the neighborhood."  Said Ruben.  Of course, it was a good compliment.

"Oh, I can't wait to see her naked.  He already had slid the zipper down and a great erection could be seen inside his briefs.

Marcela's response came quickly:   "So you're willing to see my naked little ass, aren't you?."

Ruben's compliment had turned her on and she began to bit her lower lip.

"Darling, do you agree in my shaking  my little ass to these gentlemen?"  she asked aloud. 

"Well, you like it, don't you? make up your bed and put a verb in it. We don't have all day!!"

She turned around and walked towards the mattress, bent over, spread   her legs while raising her shirt to uncover half her precious ass cheeks.  She looked back at them, stick out her tongue to get her lips wet and asked this question:

"Are you sure you like my pig ass?  Don't you wish to see it completely, raise my skirt a little bit more for you?"

"Yes, of course ma'am.  But let's wait until we have our pants down and step out of them.  Then we could work out a good jerk off staring at that beautiful ass of yours" Ruben replied.

They proceeded, until they were completely naked and showed two gorgeous, engorged, massive dicks bigger than mine, about to burst out for so much excitement.  As my girl friend turned her face to see them,  she could see the bib rods and couldn't help a scream like a moan.  This moved ruben to comment:

"It seems  your woman not only likes to be admired but to see the big  dicks as well.

I asked Her:  "Is that  true, my darling? Isn't this guy a windbag?"

Marcela didn't reply, we could tell by the expression in her face how much she liked this,  and desperately pulled her dress down.  She literally ripped it off her body, to get completely naked only with her small panty covering her ass. She got on her 4's  on top of the mattress, arched her back  to deliver them a fabulous view of her little ass hole, while fingering her pussy.  She asked:

"Does this turn you on when you see me like this?"

"Well, to tell you the truth, a bitch like you makes me to have instantaneous  hard on." Sergio replied.

"Are you in the mood for stripping off your undies,  baby?"  asked Ruben.

Darling, do you grant give permission."  She asked me, shaking her ass.

One of them said:  "Well,  your husband will let you do whatever you wish but I also notice he really wants  us to participate.   I wish I'd please you.  Let's  not make her wait any longer!!"

That moment on Ruben stood up from the chair, and went right to the mattress where Marcela was withe her ass high in the air.   Since this stuff was already coming out of control, I thought my wife was going to resist if any of the men ever touched her.  But I was damn wrong!!   for she stood  there without any kind of trouble,  arched more her back for Ruben to slide his fingers on the sides of the panty and pull them downwards revealing her naked ass.

"How do you like my little asshole?"  she asked him and  placing a finger on it. 

"Well, it's a nice asshole but it needs a nice tongue to explore."  he answered and got down to introduce his tongue inside my wife.  She was already crazy, mad, moving desperately and screamed words like this:

"Yes, Mr. suck, suck my asshole, please!!  Stick that tongue within me!!"

"I was sure you were a hot lady  longing to be fucked,  slammed by two real dicks.  We're gonna do this work for you now.  Come here, Serio,  let's do her a favor and tear apart this whore's  little pussy!!"

Ruben stood off the sofa,  looked back at me like if I  was going to object,  walked straight to my wife and put  his mouth to her ass,  taking over.   The other guy moved up to Marcela's  and ate her mouth with a  kiss, which she  corresponded willingly by throwing out her tongue.  She was staring at him in such a way she looked as a demanding woman, begging for a big dick inside her mouth now.  I can't explain how she ate and swallowed such big dick desperately.  I couldn't believe my eyes sitting on a chair watchng this  scene while jerking off.

"So, Mr. you nobody would ever touched your wife, ha, ha, ha!!"  Said Ruben to me laughing.

"Come on, tell your husband you're such a big slut, ma'am!!

Marcela began to scream out some intelligible words at me, but to understand her she had to get the dick  completely out of her mouth first:  "Oh, darling, see, I'm a bitch now, I'm a real bitch and I like to have  my pussy tongue fucked."

They were like this for a few minutes. Suddenly, Ruben addressed to Sergio: "You step aside man, I'm gonna rip open this little hole right  away!!  She likes to show her  holes to everybody!!

As I heard these words I stood there, still, amazed, shocked because Marcela had been a wife who never had had anal sex.  Instead of resisting, she rested her head on the mattress for support,  pushed out her ass more to accommodate a possible big penis, while looking back at me, and asked this question:

"Oh, darling, you granted permission, didn't you?" 

She immediately slid Sergio's masculinity within her mouth while I trailed the picture without missing one single detail.  I was too hot, so I couldn't articulate word.

Ruben knelt down behind my wife and pushed his dick inside her  with one stroke, so Marcela's response was to let out a loud scream for the pain and pleasure she felt at the same time.

"You were willing this since time back, but your husband never paid your ass  any attention, bitch, do you like this?"  Ruben kept on asking while my girl friend shook her ass relentlessly, screaming madly.

"Ok, ma'am, tell your husband how many times you've masturbated having fantasies with my dick inside  your asshole!!  How many times you masturbated that pussy having images of me with my dick poking you like this!!"

My wife wouldn't reply to this, but screaming louder each time.

"Now, it's Sergio’s turn to put  his dick within your pussy while you’re sucking my dick and swallow my cum load at the same time.  Ah,   don’t you  waste anything, ok?"  This sounded like a command to her.

Marcela was an obedient woman:   as Sergio tore apart her ass  introducing his big piece of meat, she sucked and milked Ruben.  She kept sucking until all Sergio's cum load flooded her and spilled out of her black asshole!!

I couldn't take it any more and began to jet all my cum.  Marcela was laying face down exhausted.  A strange liquid was oozing  out of her asshole while Ruben grabbed his clothes and told my girl friend:

"If you ever wish to show off again, don't hesitate and call us. We'll come on short notice along with some friends. Marcela's reply came up quickly: 

"I wish I'd meet them soon!!  Well first thing first, le me sit and had a chin-wag with my husband about this."