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Naughty Weekend - Part 2 Much naughtier

Groggily, I open my eyes. Squinting from the sunlight filtering through the large window over looking the beautiful beach my eyes begin to adjust to the surroundings. 'Where am I?' I think.

Taking a look around I realise I am in a big beautiful hotel room with my lover, Kev. He had brought me here yesterday for a 4 day weekend affair, leaving our partners behind and enjoying it with love and sex. We had spent the most of yesterday afternoon and evening making love on every surface in the room and now my naked body is strewn lazily over Kev, who is also naked and still sleeping. His body lay there still, serene and peaceful, a beautiful picture.

Trying not to wake my sleeping lover I gently trace my finger tips down his chest. Peeking under the covers I see Kev's beautiful naked body, his flaccid cock resting on his leg. My fingers carry on tracing down to Kev's cock and I gently and slowly begin to stroke it. Quickly glancing upwards I see Kev is still fast asleep. I look down at his delicious rod, twitching and coming to life. It has only been a matter of hours since we made love but I want it, need it in me. This time I need it raw, rough and hard. I need him to abuse my body leaving me shaking and shivering just from his touch and his hold. Just the thought makes my pussy wet.

I slowly and quietly slide down the bed so my face is level with his ever-growing muscle. I guide his semi-erect cock into my awaiting mouth tasting our mixed juices still lingering on it.Absent-mindedly I close my eyes enjoying the sweet taste and the feeling of him growing in my mouth. My tongue circles around the head of his now solid morning glory as a droplet of pre-cum spills from the tip. I take him into my mouth fully pushing it to the back of my throat making me gag. I push my fingers into my now soaking pussy whilst my thumb circling my swollen mound.

My breathing quickens as I feel I am on the edge of an orgasm whilst still sucking my man's juicy meat. Thrusting my fingers in and out of my tightening pussy I moan as I fall into a sweet shaking orgasm.

With Kev's cock in my mouth, my orgasm finally passes. I open my eyes to see Kev no longer asleep but staring into my eyes. I open my mouth in shock letting Kev's cock fall out of my mouth.

"Morning!" I gasp. I am so embarrassed I can feel the heat of my face turning red.

I have just been caught red handed. I slide back up the bed to rest my head on the pillow next to his. I'm not sure what just came over me to make me want to play with my man in his sleep.

Turning his head he looks at my still reddening face.

"Morning, Miss Naughty." He winks. Sitting up Kev grabs at my wrists and raises them above my head. Covering my body with his, I can feel his heat radiating as he hovers over me.

Kev is so sexy with his tall muscular body and his short brown hair and his eyes are smouldering, burning into me with desire.

I bite my lips to indicate that I want him inside me. Raising my head I push my lips into his, reacting to my kiss he pushes my head back down onto the pillow kissing me with passion. He nibbles on my lips and then he forces his tongue into my bewildered mouth. I presume he is punishing me for the wake up call.

Kev lowers his body over me and I feel his erection pushing against my sex and with one swift motion he penetrates my awaiting pussy hole. Feeling the stretch and pull of his cock intruding my private place but the sensation is beautiful. Kev retreats and again forcefully fucks my hole again. Repeating this he is making my pussy raw and highly sensitive and with every thrust he making me squeal, louder and louder. It's not long for my orgasm to build until I release my juices out onto his still thrusting cock and onto the cream sheets.

Not letting my orgasm subside, Kev carries on abusing my aching pussy with my hands still above my head. Abusing my tight sore pussy with his hot throbbing rod he ploughs into me. My orgasm doesn't subside as I scream with pleasure as my juices carry on squirting onto my man's meat.

Opening my eyes a stare into Kev's eyes. His big beautiful eyes glaring with passion, his hot blood pumping around his body to his moist lips. Just as I think he is about to come he pulls out of me. I wince at the pain as my orgasm subsides and my quivering slows down.

Grabbing my hips Kev flips my body exposing my curvy ass, moist and glistening in the light from my juices. Kev lifted my my legs so I am kneeling with my behind pointing into the air. Without wasting a minute, Kev rams his pulsating cock into my tight brown hole.

I scream again as the walls of my anus stretch around Kev's muscle adjusting to the size giving my both pain and pleasure. Kev doesn't give me time to adjust and slams deep into my behind.

"Take it bitch!" He says through gritted teeth.

He is punishing me for his wake up call. Quickening, Kev begins to grunt still thrusting and I can tell he is close. Taking one of his hands off my hips he reaches round and pinches my clit harshly with his thumb and finger. Flicking and pinching Isuccumb to another earth shattering orgasm as I let out a loud scream. Kev makes a loud grunt and one last thrust he releases his load into me. My body cannot take any more and my legs give way beneath me as I collapse in a heap with my breathing still ragged.

Kev moves to be lying beside me. Turning I look at him to see him grinning wickedly at me.

'Sorry I couldn't resist' I wink, trying to explain my actions and still feeling the rawness of my holes.

'Neither could I!'

I chuckle as Kev leans over and plants a soft sweet kiss on my lips.

Still grinning Kev says 'What shall we do for the rest of the day baby?'

'Whatever you want.' I reply, licking my lips.

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