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Naughty weekend

Story about a naughty weekend away in Glasgow
I wanted to write about a great night out I had in Glasgow, a city close to where I live.

Me and a guy I was seeing, Chris, were visiting Glasgow to enjoy and show and go for a night out. We had booked into a great hotel, our room had full length windows which overlooked the city. We were both looking forward to a good time.

We enjoyed dinner and our show then returned to the hotel to freshen up and change before our night out.

I changed into the shortest tightest purple dress you can imagine which showed off my toned body and large breasts to great effect.

As was usual for me, I decided against wearing any underwear and as my dress barely covered my ass cheeks I knew Chris, and a few other people no doubt, would be in for a treat.

I had only just had my pussy waxed before we left leaving behind a thin strip of hair which stopped just above my clit, my pink lips and the rest of my pussy was bare and smooth.

Chris loved my outfit and paid me no end of compliments as we left the hotel and made our way down to the taxi queue outside.

There were quite a few people in the queue. As we waited the cool breeze caused my nipples to stiffen and press against the fabric of my dress. This, combined with my revealing dress got a lot of attention and I caught quite a few guys, and girls, checking me out.

I was feeling horny from the attention and was already thinking about getting Chris back to the hotel room.

Eventually the taxi arrived. Chris opened the door for me. Knowing exactly what I was doing I bent over as I ever so slowly climbed in. My short dress inevitably hitched up over my ass exposing my ass and pussy not only to Chris but to the whole taxi queue.

It felt so good knowing I had just exposed myself to all those strangers.

Chris joined me in the back of the taxi with a huge smile on his face.

“Naughty girl,”

He laughed.

“You wouldn’t want me any other way,”

I replied.

We got to the first pub and the drinks started to flow. I spent the rest of the evening “accidentally” flashing strangers and dirty dancing with Chris till we decided we couldn’t wait any longer and had to get back to the hotel.

We got another taxi and the moment we got inside Chris had his hands all over me kissing me, playing with my tits through my dress and teasing my pussy as he slid his hands under my dress.

I was horny as hell so decided to throw caution to the wind. I pulled my dress down totally exposing my large tits in the back of the taxi. Chris was slightly shocked and the driver rapidly adjusted his interior mirror to get a good look at my tits.

As Chris started to suck my stiff nipples I once again hitched up my dress to expose my wet pussy.

I began to rub my moist clit with one hand and slid 2 fingers from my other hand inside myself.

With Chris sucking my nipples and my hands franticly rubbing my clit and finger fucking my wet pussy it wasn’t long before I was screaming as I came right there and then on the back seat of the taxi as the driver watched me.

We arrived back at the hotel, Chris paid the driver, who was smiling like a Cheshire cat for some reason!! And we made our way into the hotel to take the lift up to our room.

Again, as the lift doors closed Chris was all over me. My tits were once again pulled out of my dress and this time he hitched up my dress.

He got his phone out and took pictures of me flashing in the lift and playing with my nipples and pussy.

The lift stopped and I made to cover myself back up.

“No, don’t,”Chris said,“I want you to walk back to the room like that,”

I knew the room wasn’t that far away so decided I would do it. The lift doors opened and we stepped out. There was nobody in the hallway. We began to walk back to our room along the corridor Chris still taking pictures of me.

We went through a set of double doors, our room was only 20 meters along the corridor, when a member of hotel staff came round the corner.We froze, and he froze, his mouth open as he looked me up and down not quite believing what he was seeing.

He was a young man, around 18 years old. His badge informed us that he was a night ported.

“What are you doing, you cant do this,” He eventually stammered,“I’m going to have to get my boss.”

He reached for a radio which was clipped to his belt. Without covering myself up I quickly stepped forward.

Standing right in front of him I took hold of his hand and guided it away from the radio and onto my tits.

“There’s no need to do that,”

I whispered.

With my other hand I began to gently massage his cock through his uniform trousers, I could feel it rapidly stiffening in response to my touch.

“Come this way, just for a minute,” I told him.

I walked down the corridor with him to our room. Chris opened the door smiling. I was glad he was ok with what was about to happen!

We all waked inside. Without saying a word I opened the night porters trousers and pulled them down, along with his underwear, exposing his young 18 year old rock hard cock.

With my tits still out I dropped to my knees and franticly began to suck him off playing with his balls as I took his 6 inch cock in my mouth.

Chris was watching us, stripping off and wanking himself off as he did so.

He came up behind me and unzipped my dress. I stood up and let it fall to the floor.

We made our way over to the bed and both Chris and the night porter sat down. I went from cock to cock sucking them both off, their rock hard cocks making me gag as they forced them deep into my mouth.

As I sucked the young night porter he began to groan, his hips started to buck and he started to shoot wave after wave of hot spunk into my mouth. I swallowed every drop before wanking off his cock to milk every last drop of it out.

He took his cock away then sat down on a chair in the corner of the room.

Chris bent me over the bed and quickly entered me from behind thrusting his big cock into my wet pussy.

He fucked me hard and deep causing me to cum as orgasm after orgasm ripped through me.

Then he pulled the curtains open and led me to the windows. With my hands against the glass he positioned himself behind me. We were now exposed to anyone in the street below who happened to look up. God it felt good.

Chris ran his hard cock up and down my dripping pussy lips, up, then down, up…. Up, and up a little more.

He stopped when his helmet was positioned against my tight brown asshole. With a gentle thrust he nudged his helmet past my tight ass inside me, followed by the length of his hard cock till I felt his balls rest against my pussy.

Once he had filed me he began to fuck my ass hard and fast, with one hand he reached round and started to rub my clit.

The feeling of his cock in my ass and his hands on my clit were too much, I screamed as I came yet again, my ass tightening round his shaft, his pace quickened even more and with a grunt he came inside me, I felt his cum fill my tight ass shooting deep inside my the hot spunk forcing its way deep into my ass, this made me cum harder still.

Chris remained behind me breathing deeply. I felt his cock go limp inside me before he pulled it out, his spunk running down my thighs as he did so.

The night porter was still watching up, cock in hand, rock hard once more, wanking himself off.

Chris smiled at him,“You ever tried anal before?”He asked.

“No, he replied. "My girlfriend wont let me.”

“Well why don’t you try it right now,” Chris asked him.

His face was a picture, like all his Christmases had came at once.

I got onto the bed on all 4s and offered up my ass to him. It was still dripping with the load of spunk Chris had left inside me but this didn’t seem to bother the night porter.

He climbed onto the bed and straight away positioned his cock against my ass. He thrust it into me hard, forcing his full length inside me in one thrust. Thank god Chris had opened me up with the fucking he had given me.

The night porter moaned as he felt how tight it was, Chris’s hot spunk making allowing him to slide easily in and out of me.

He to fucked me deep and hard, reaching round and roughly grabbing my big tits and stiff nipples as he fucked me.

He was moaning and groaning in record time as for the second time that night he shot his load, his spunk joining Chris’s inside my ass.

As he pulled himself out of me I crawled round and took his limp cock in my mouth sucking every little bit of cum from it. He pulled his trousers back up.

“I better get back to my rounds,” He told us as he made for the door. As he left he looked back. “Eh, thanks,” He said, before disappearing closing the door behind him.

What a night, I made a mental note to return to the hotel in the future hopefully for more fun!!

Love Lara xxx

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