Never say never!

By Laura_N

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You cannot be closed minded and expect to enjoy life to its fullest.
Ladies you owe it to yourself to never say never! Trust me, I’ve been there and now I feel I have wasted years of enjoyment by being stubborn and closed mined.

I grew up believing that anal sex was painful, dirty, and disgusting and I based it all on couple of horror stories told to me by two of my best friends during high school. Since then I have lost few boyfriends because of it, actually because of my flat refusal to even consider it. When met Steve, who soon became my husband, I was relieved that he never mentioned it or showed the slightest interest in it.

I love my husband to death. He is the most patient loving and understanding man I have ever met and if it was for that, our relation and marriage would not have survived. I have an almost abnormally small pussy and Steve has a huge cock and because of this sex was never spontaneous for us, we had to have a lot of foreplay for me to get wet enough and excited enough to be able to receive him in my tight pussy.

As you can imagine our sex life is not very exiting but it is fulfilling. We usually have sex on the weekends, it starts Saturday morning when he bring me breakfast to bed, he will then bath me, dress me up and for the rest of the day he will keep physical contact with me, holding my hand in the car, while we walk, in the restaurant any anywhere else. I know this might sound crazy but it worked for me as it kept me excited and wet. It’s just me thinking that he is preparing me and marinating me in my own juices all day long, all of this so he can take me all the way at night and that what kept me horny and wet.

Lately, he's working weekends which cut our foreplay time during the day so I've started to look for ways to make our evening more exciting and get me ready quicker than before. We started to watch porn early in the evening and after couple of movies I am usually ready with the help of some lube. He usually sits on the couch while we watch our porn and I lay down next to him with my head on his lap. His hands will roam mindlessly over my body and breasts while his cock throbs against the back of my head. I always loved feeling his huge cock pressing against my head and neck,

I could always tell how excited and hot his is by hardness the throbbing of his cock. One night as we were sitting in our porn watching position, him sitting down and me laying down with my head on his lap, he was surfing the adult channels on cable when he stumble across a film where a very petite woman was on all 4 and a man with a humongous cock was clearly deep inside her asshole. I was about to say something but suddenly felt Steve’s cock got so much harder and bigger that it took my breath away. So I decided to just sit still and watch.

The girl was smiling and she seemed to be very pleased, her ass looked so clean and beautiful and I felt my lips suddenly getting very dry, unlike my pussy that was wetter than ever. I could not believe that my husband was so turned on by anal sex so I casually asked him if he liked anal sex and his cock twitched and throbbed against my head as he said yes. I asked him why he never said anything about it all these years, to that he replied that I made it clear early on that this was a deal breaker for me. I did not remember this conversation but I did not care, I was getting interested in this subject especially since I felt it is now something that is all my idea and not some guy forcing it on me.

I asked him if he had anal sex before and he said many times so we spent the evening talking about it. I was hotter than ever before and we ended up fucking all night long. Since then we start watching mostly anal porn before sex and I finally asked him if he want to fuck me in the ass and he said only if I want him to. I said I do but I was scared it will hurt, so he said if we take our time and do it right it will be bearable the first couple of time then just pleasure.

That night he started by liking my asshole, I felt bit tense at first but then I relaxed and started to love the sensation. Soon after he started to push the tip of his tongue in, I almost came when I felt him penetrating me that way. The next day he used his finger for the first time and I loved it, since then he will work my asshole with his tongue and fingers every night until about a week later when he went to the adult store and bought few butt plugs with different sizes.

Days later when I was able to take the biggest plug with no problem he told me that I am ready for him. I was very nervous and excited at the same time. I thought I was ready enough to take him with ease but feeling his huge head throbbing at the door of my ass make my knees go week, he lubed my ass and his cock up like crazy and he took his time inching himself inside my back. It did hurt for few minutes but I did not want him to stop and by the end of the night I was taking every bit of his beautiful huge cock in my ass.

It was, and still, the most amazing thing I have ever experienced and now, a year later, we have the spontaneity of sex in our life for the first time. Now my ass is what he fucks all the time and my pussy is for special occasions since it became much easier to take him in the back than the front.

For the first few month I used butt plugs when he was traveling just to keep it nice and relaxed to when he comes home, I also loved the feeling of being filled down there, but lately I try not to so I can enjoy little pain when we do it for the first time after his travel and I also cherish the feeling of being stretched for hours after.