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New Neigbours

A boring dinner party gets better once the others have left
A few months ago, we got new neighbours – finally! The house next door had been bought and they had moved in about 18 months ago, but only for a short time, and then they left while their house was practically gutted and rebuilt from the ground up.

Jim is a builder, so it was his own company that did all the work, and we saw him a fair bit whilst all the work was going on. He is in his later 40’s, so some 10 years younger than me, and we met his wife Sally just the once, She was a lively woman, a bit overweight, and with nice eyes. They had two young daughters, who were now attending the local school.

I was out a fair bit, as even though I’d taken early retirement, I was still working, doing consulting work on a part time basis, but away for a week or two at a time. So it was no great surprise that over the 18 months that the building was going on, my wife Jenny got to know Jim rather better than me.

Finally the house was finished and they moved back in. The first thing we had was an invitation to a dinner party, which was for the immediate neighbours. I wasn’t that keen to go as some of our neighbours are, frankly, a bit stuffy. I don’t enjoy dinner parties where the talk is very polarised – the men talk about cricket or football, while the women talk about children or grandchildren – and that is what previous get-togethers had been like.

We arrived politely just a little late, and were greeted by Jim and Sally at the door. He, of course, was much as I remembered, but Sally looked like he had changed her for another woman. No longer was she overweight, but was slim, rounded in all the right places, and absolutely lovely, her pale gold hair framing her oval face, in which her eyes dominated, their liveliness projecting a force that was almost physical. The evening developed much as I had feared, and after dinner was eaten, and we were all lazing in their lounge, the company polarised, with Jim and Sally talking mainly with Jenny and I, and the others in a sort of separate group. They left relatively early, but we stayed on, and as Sally came back into the room, she said she was so happy that we had been able to come, as she found the others so utterly tedious.

She offered to show us around the house, and I agreed, eager to see what they had done. The old version of the house had lots of tiny rooms, but this was now very different. Jenny said that she had already seen over the house, but urged me to go with Sally. Jim stayed behind as well. So I went with Sally and listened attentively as she showed me all the rooms downstairs, and then led the way upstairs. She gently opened the door to her daughters’ rooms, checking that they were solidly asleep, and then opened the door to another room. “And this is my room”, Sally said, smiling as she opened the door. I had expected it to be their bedroom, but it wasn’t it was a small home cinema, a comfy looking chaise lounge against one wall, and a large screen on the other, with all the audio-visual gear. I’ve always been a bit of a technology freak, so quizzed her on all of it. She knew her stuff, and after explaining it all, she asked me if I wanted to see. Well, of course I did, so she told me to sit down as she picked up the remote control. Everything could be controlled from this device, and she lowered the lights, and switched on the amps and blu-ray/DVD player, and with a completely straight face said that she had no idea what was on, but what the hell….

What the hell, indeed, as the first scene started to play, and before long it was obvious what the genre was – rather tasteful porn. I made some sort of sound as the first girl’s clothes started to come off, and she grappled with the stud’s trouser belt. Sally looked at me, and asked if I was embarrassed. I told her frankly that I was a bit surprised, but not embarrassed. She replied that she thought it would be OK, as she knew that Jenny and Jim had got quite friendly over the last year. Now that was a surprise to me, but I didn’t show it, at least I hoped so.

Jenny and I have a pretty open marriage, and we have often discussed our adventures with each other afterwards, especially if there is something specific that we want to share. I was just surprised that Jenny hadn’t told me about Jim, as this was a bit close to home. So I just said to Sally that if she was Ok with that then I was. Her reply was to turn to me and kiss me, long and erotically, slipping her tongue deep into my mouth, just as the girl on the DVD sucked the stud’s cock down her throat.

When I came up for air, I asked Sally if we had time, but she said that if Jim hadn’t come to find them by now, then he was enjoying himself with Jenny, so we had as much time as we wanted. I then kissed her, and as our bodies came closer together, I could feel her full breasts pushing against my chest. I slipped off a shoulder strap from her dress, and kissed the soft skin at the base of her neck. This turned her on a lot, I could tell, and just asked me to wait a moment, as she got up and clicked the lock on the door, saying that now we would not be disturbed. Standing in front of me, her hands went to the back of her, and as she looked at me straight in the eyes, I heard the sound of a zip descending, and she simply stepped out of her dress as it fell to the floor.

She was gorgeous, her full breasts firm and proud, confirming my impressions of earlier that she was wearing no bra, and a small white thing. I pulled her towards me, kissing and sucking her breasts, taking each nipple into my mouth in turn, twirling my tongue around them as my teeth gently gripped and extended their length.

She moaned as I worked on them, and then as my hand slip down her thong, I told her that she was amazing. Confidently, she told me that she knew, and had been working out for nearly a year now, and she was all toned up. “Everywhere?” was my question, and she said, “oh yes, just you wait and see.”

Every now and then we’d take a short break and check where the couple on the DVD were at. The sound was quiet, but the sex noises were clear enough, itself a turn on for both of us we discovered. Showing on the film was a scene in which the young woman was bring cuffed to a bedhead, and when I turned back to look at Sally, I could tell that she was turned on. What a helpful film, I thought, and rather than playing along with her to see if I could sense what she liked, I started to take more control.

I pushed her back onto the chaise lounge, and pulled of the white thong, and grabbing her ankles in each hand, raised her legs up and apart, before bending down to lick her lovely wet pussy. She tasted fantastic, and as I licked her longer and harder, her back arched and she came, so quickly and easily, I was quite surprised! I think she was as well, especially when my tongue licked downwards rather than upwards, along the skin of her perineum, and tasted her brown hole. She gasped and struggled slightly, but my hands were firm, and I heard a small sigh of pleasure as the tip of my tongue passed through. Again her body writhed in orgasm, and this time I let her legs go, and sat back just looking at her as she slowly came down from her sexual high.

Her eyes opened and she told me that she hadn’t cum so closely together for ages. I smiled and said that I was glad to have given her that, but now it was my turn. Oh yes, she replied, and quickly had me naked, my rigid and swollen cock in her small hands. I always love it when I am with a small handed woman, they make my already above average cock look pretty huge – just an ego trip, of course, but why not!

She caressed me gently, and licked my helmet, tasting my ample precum, before slowly sliding me into her mouth, and past her tonsils in one continuous movement until her lips were pressed tight against my belly and balls. All the while her tongue and cheeks were working on my length, and as I moved back a bit, she eagerly pressed forward again. My hand went to the back of her head, and pressed her even harder against me, as she worked on me, her breathing surprisingly good. Her hands went under me, squeezing my balls rhythmically, her long nailed fingers pressing down eagerly as she sought my asshole.

I would have cum in not too many more minutes, but I wanted to be inside her pussy for this, so pulled out, saying that I was going to fuck her hard. I turned her on the chaise lounge, and pulled her down so that she was bent over the single arm, her head on the cushioned base, and sort of kneeling on the ground, her ass right at the end and right up in the air. “Mmmmm……you look great like that,” I told her, and gave her plump round ass cheeks a light slap with each hand. She made an encouraging moan, and I slapped her again, harder, leaving the imprint of my fingers in her flesh. Another moan, and an urgent plea to fuck her, quickly answered as I slid my cock between her pussy lips and deep into her cunt. God, she was on fire, the heat of her around me felt so amazing, and her body gripped me tight like a velvet vice. Again and again I pumped into her, moving her round with me as I fucked her harder and faster, my hands on her round orbs of flesh, my thumbs pressed towards her asshole, and then as I pushed even deeper into her, both my thumbs pushed into her ass. She screamed, not too loudly, and I felt her push back even harder against me, so continued this dual prong attack on her senses. Just as I was feeling that I couldn’t contain the swelling in my balls, her body spasmed, and she groaned long and deep in her throat, and then as her orgasm hit her, a series of shorter higher sounds.

My cock spasmed as my sperm shot through me and spurted deep into her, the sensation this gave her prolonging her orgasm. My ejaculations ended, and I could feel her body slowing down until we were still, my cock still deep inside her. Then I pulled out, and watched as my sperm and her fluids seeped out of her pussy and slid down her legs. I moved back to the seat, and she crawled over the arm to put her face into my crotch and not only licked me clean, but started again to lick and suck me back to full hardness. I was slightly surprised and secretly very pleased at my recovery time, when she realised that my erection wasn’t going to go away anytime soon, she whispered to me that what I had started before I had better finish. I pushed her back, and knelt over her. My hands were on her breasts, stroking and stretching her nipples, driving her on, I could clearly see. As her legs rose and hooked onto my shoulders, I bent down and we kissed yet again, her tongue probing and fighting with mine, as I felt her body stroke along the tip of my cock. It was just between her cunt and her ass, and was such an erotic feeling I felt I could remain like this for ever. She clearly was turned on by this as well, and also groaning for me to get inside her, but I teased her a bit longer. Then moving her up just a little, I bent her further so that my cock, now pressed against her ass.

Without moving her body at all, her asshole had a life of its own, as I could feel it trying to welcome me inside. So then I pushed forward, firmly but slowly, and then my cock was sliding, down, down and deep. As I paused for a moment, to let her adjust to me, she started a series of squeezes with her anal muscles that was pure (!) ecstasy for me. Her legs were still hooked over my shoulders, but now I grabbed first one ankle and then another, and lifted her up, squeezing her ass cheeks together to give me an even tighter squeeze, and then spread them to give me full access and fucked her deep. Her muscles did their wondrous movements, and together we were steadily getting to our climaxes. Her head went back and her mouth open as she gasped for breath. Again, and for that night the last time, she climaxed, every muscle contracting, so tightly it was almost painful, but so beautifully as it sent me over the edge, so there we were both cumming together. She keened, and I groaned for so long, I thought that something must be wrong, but it wasn’t, it was just our pleasure letting go.

After this, we just cuddled and kissed for a long while, watching the end of the DVD, which now seemed tame and stale compared with what we had just experienced. At the end, she reached over me for the remote, her breast brushing my lips, and of course this was rewarded by a kiss and a suck. “No more,” she said, “not tonight anyway!” She checked the remote and said it was OK to go downstairs and join Jim and my wife. The clever girl had some kind of signaling between her and Jim.

After we had dressed again and crept down the stairs, Sally opened the lounge door, and went across to Jim and kissed him deeply. I took Jenny’s hand in mine and drew her up into my arms as well. We stood like that for a while, and then sat down again, and swapped more details of our lifestyle.

Later that night, or morning, really, when I was back home in bed, Jenny snuggling against me, naked as we always were in bed, I told her that she had been a bad girl not to tell me about Jim, and give me any idea about Sally, so in the morning I would have to punish her. She giggled, and stroked my cock, getting a little but not much reaction, and said that it would have to be morning then!

And it was!!!!

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