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Next Door Neighbor and Friend - Final Chapter

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Next Door NeighborAnd her Female Friend

  Carrie spoke with my folks and asked if I could spend Saturday evening at her house as her folks were going away for the weekend. I told my mom that I had no plans and would be glad to keep her company.

Got home about 5:00 pm, washed up and headed over to Carries, about 15 minutes later her friend Donna arrived.

Donna was one voluptuous young lady, a bigger frame than Carrie and built like a “brick shithouse,” big breasts and a nice round ass. The interesting part, she is only a few weeks younger than me and a virgin ass that wanted some attention.


Just looking at her had me turned on as my cock was getting erect and I did not try to hide the growing tent. Donna came over to me and smiled as she put her hand on my growing erection. Put my arms around her and started to kiss her gently on the lips and took one hand and slid it under her blouse, unsnapped her bra and moved my hand around and cupped her breast. It was very soft and could feel her nipple stiffen up as I rubbed it between my fingers. At the time all I could think of was fucking her lovely ass…


As I finished kissing Donna, Carrie suggested we use the guest room with the king sized bed so we all could enjoy one another. It did not take long to disrobe and get comfortable.


I was lying on my side facing Donna and sandwiched with Carrie behind me. I was playing with one of Donna’s breasts and sucking on the other one teasing her nipples until they became very stiff and sensitive to the touch. After awhile ran my hand down her back and started squeezing her lovely buns then slid down her warm body until I reached her fully shaven twat, licked all her wetness. Donna’s moaning started to get louder and louder as she cried out softly to move into a 69 so the she could taste my cock…….Carrie just laid there enjoying the scene….


Before I knew it, Donna cried out, “LES, FUCK MY CUNT, MY ASS, I WANT YOU IN ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!” Had her get into the doggie position, put some pillows under her for more comfort. Got behind her and ram rodded my cock up her hot and wet cunt. Carrie put a large glob of lube on the fingers of my right hand and immediately spread her buns with one hand and work the lube up Donna’s tight ass….

All I could hear was Donna crying out….”FUCK MY VIRGIN ASS NOW, CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER….As I pull my cock from her cunt, Donna reached behind and spread her ass cheeks wide apart as I could see her butt hole glistening with the lube. At this point Carrie took my cock and aimed it at her hole as I slowly started pushing until the head of my cock got in. Carrie then reached down and cupped my testes in her hand and caressed then very gently….


Donna said “it hurts a little but I don’t care, I want your cock all the way up me.” For big girl, Donna’s ass was very tight but after a little work my cock was all the way up her tight ass. Donna’s ass shut tight on my cock as I went into a slow pumping motion…..”OH YES THAT FEELS GOOD, AHHHHH, AHHHHH, NO PAIN JUST PURE PLEASURE, FEELS SO GOOOOOD” Donna continued to pant.

Carrie released my testes and started playing with my asshole, slipping a couple of lubed fingers in and out very slowly and lightly massaging my prostate making me want to cum but had to hold back…..

By this time Donna’s ass hole was completely relaxed with no resistance, she started wiggling her ass as I sped up my pumping. It felt as if my cock was sinking deeper and deeper as I continued to penetrate her. We were both totally aroused especially since Carrie was fingering my ass hole.


Donna was wiggling and shaking and moaning as my cock and even by balls felt as if they were in her too. I was as deep as I could go…I could feel her rectum muscle tighten around my cock better than I ever had with Carrie. Had to believe this was a virgin anal fuck.

Donna yelled out, “I’M CUMINGGGG, I’M CUMINGGGG, OH SHIT IT FEELS FANTASTIC…..Carrie then pushed her fingers deep into my ass hole. Could not hold out anymore… as I let loose I hear myself saying, “I’M CUMINGGG WITH YOU…OH YEAHHHHHH” as I wrapped my arms around Donnas waist I tried to push in deeper as her anal muscles continued to clench my cock jolting out several spasms until there was nothing more to give…..


Carrie took her fingers from my ass hole and gave me a hefty swat with the palm of her hand. To my surprise, the swat felt good as my cock slipped from Donna’s ass…..

Donna and I cleaned up and headed back to the bedroom. Carrie was on her back sprawled out on the bed with her feet spread apart as if she was waiting to be fucked. Donna reached down and started playing with my cock and was no suprise that it started to get hard. Although I wasn't complete erect, Donna let go of my cock, got on the bed and positioned myself between Carrie's legs and started licking all over her sweet smooth pussy. Working my tongue all over until I got to her clit, spread her lips and sucked lightly on her clit as Carrie enjoyed the sensuous feeling.


Donna noticed that I was still semi-erect and got next to me on the bed and started sucking my cock to full erection. Carrie's moaning continued and in a soft voice, "my cunt is ready for you, just fuck me, fuck me like I know you can...." Donna let loose of my cock and without delay moved into position slipped into one hot and moist cunt.

Started pumping Carrie very slowly, her moans were getting louder as she lifted her hips with each stroke at the same time tightening her vaginal muscles around my cock. Was in no rush to cum, just wanted to enjoy the intensity of the moment. We continued like this for about a minute. Donna just taking it all in....


Donna had ideas of her own. I felt a cool sensation as Donna's lubed finger was playing with my butt and added to my pleasure. A moment later there was an unexpected feeling, a slight discomfort, looked over my shoulder and Donna was pushing a penus shaped vibrator up my butt hole. I asked her to go easy and Donna nodded...


I let myself lie flat on Carrie until Donna had the vibrator almost completely up my anal canal. Donna turned the vibrator on causing a pulsating sensation. A slow speed at first and then increasing to the highest speed... Carrie felt it also as I started fucking with more intensity. Carrie's moans were getting louder and she started shouting, "THAT FEELS GREAT, KEEP FUCKING ME LIKE THAT, FUCK ME FASTER, FASTER, FASTERRRRR......I WANT TO CUM, OH YEAH I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGG, CUMMINGGGGGG, OH...THAT WAS GOOOOOD."


I cried out as I pushed deep into Carrie's cunt, "I'M CUMMIMNGGGGG WITH YOU........AHHHHH, AHHHH,

as I let go load after load as we both had extremely intense orgasms. We were both sweating and breathing heavily as Donna pulled the vibrator from by butt. I still laid there as my cock slip from Carrie's cunt. Carrie kissed me deeply and then said, "that was the best fuck I ever had."


Carrie said she was famished and we headed to the kithchen. Looked at the clock and no wonder, it was almost 9 PM, Carrie made some sandwiches and some soft drinks.


Back in the bedroom we talked of other possibilities that we could explore. There was not much we did not do. Carrie and Donna enjoyed double penetration. My cock in one of there holes and vibrator in the other. You name a combination and we probably did it.


My relationship with both of them continued for the next few months until Carrie's boyfriend returned from the reserve military service. After that Donna and I continued to see each other.


Carrie married her boy friend a short time later. Donna and I also got married three years later. From time to time we think of our past sexual fun and consider future possibilities. We even spoke with Carrie about a foursum but she did not think her hubby would consider it. Regardless, we are all good friends.........



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