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Next Door Neighbor lll

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Series continued.....

For the last couple of months our sexual relationship continued. There was very little that we did not do for each other.

We were back at her boyfriends house and as usual we did not waste any time getting undressed. Just pulled our clothes off and dropped it in a pile on the floor. We were stretched out on the bed and Carrie started playing with my cock and after awhile taking me deep into her throat as I laid there in total bliss with no desire to cum anytime soon.

Carrie reached for the tube of KY and squeezed a healthy quantity onto her fingers. She started slipping a couple of fingers up my butt hole and the cool sensation felt good. This continued for several minutes as the rest of her fingers were slipped up my butt. Thank goodness Carries hands were rather small and she seemed to know exactly what she was doing. I was being touched in a way that I never experienced before.

When I was about to cum she let my cock slip out of her mouth letting my desires withdraw and then start all over again. I remember crying out out, "Carrie I want to cum....I want to cum....Before I knew it her whole hand up to her wrist was totally up my ass as I humped her hand being totally filled past her wrist. Although I fisted Carrie I never expected her to do it for me. Although there was some discomfort at first, everything else was just pure ectasy...I could hear myself saying, "SUCK MY COCK, MAKE ME CUM, FIST FUCK MY ASS HARDER." Carrie was busy pumping my ass and sucking my cock until I could not take it any longer stirring me to a fever pitch......AHHHHHHHHHHH, I'M CUMINGGGGGGG........Her hand kept pumping in and out of my asshole as I shot my load deep down her throat.

I was totally spent as my cock went limp and slipped from her mouth. In one fast motion Carrie pulled her hand from my ass. That in itself was another sensual sensation.

Carrie headed for the bathroom and started to shower and called me to join her. Carrie had me turn around and bend over slightly as she cleaned the lube from by butt with a soft sponge and at the same time playing with my limp pecker. The warm water felt good as we played around with each other. We stepped from the shower, dried and back to the bed, continued where we left off.

We started kissing and slightly biting her lips which caused her to moan. Broke the kiss and turned her over, spread her ass cheeks with my hands and started to lick her lil brown hole, Carries moaning started to get louder and saying "fuck me, fuck my ass...." Continued to tongue her ass with a lot of saliva, all I could hear was her moaning even louder...."fuck me, fuck me now, I want to feel your cock up my ass, do it nowwww......"

Stopped tongueing her asshole and lifted her onto her knees and aimed my stiff rod at Carries saliva filled ass. To my suprise my saliva was enough lube to slip in all the way in one straight shot. Carrie made a wincing sound as I broke through her tight asshole and she began moaning with pleaseure as I continued pumping her. Her asshole felt even tighter with more friction and my cock felt more sensitive as I pumped even faster. It was hard to hold back as I pushed harder and deeper.

By this time Carrie was rubbing her clit and told me she was about to cum. I wrapped my arms around her waste very tight and pumped in and out very fast until I shot my load, felt a few large spurts and a couple of smaller ones. Could feel her ass muscles tighen up as Carrie and I came together. Gave a few final pumps as my cock started to slide out of her tight asshole.

We dozed off and I woke up with a pleaseant sensation as Carrie was lightly stroking my cock and licking my ball sack and slowly allowing them to slide into her mouth and in no time I was as hard as a rock.

I was quite obvious to Carrie that I was totally awake and enjoying her tender affection. This time it was me that was moaning passionately as to how good it felt.
Next thing I knew she was on top of me taking my stiffining cock and slipping it into her warm and wet pussy. Carrie started fucking me hard as she went up and down on my now stiff cock at the same time she rubed her clit. Both of us crying out in unison, "FUCK MEEEEE, FUCK MEEEEE...."

This would be the third time in less than three hours I was about to cum. We were both in a sexual frenzy as my cock was in that warm and wet place. Carrie moved as fast as she could until I heard her cry out, "OH SHITTTTTTTTT, I'M CUMMINGGGG...." Could not believe it but I shot at least two good shots and laid back completely exhausted. Carrie got off me and laid next to me and we both started to giggle.......Took her in my arms again and kissed her very tenderly....

Carrie looked up at the clock and said she has things to do and we decided to call it a day.

One thing she mentioned that I may be even able to satifsy two women at one time and she has a friend at work that may interested...............

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