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Next Door Neighbor - Part II

                    Next Door Neighbor -- continued

The following weekend Carrie asked if I could help her clean out the garage at her boyfriends house. I had no plans so I was glad to help her. It took about an hour or so to move some furniture around and clean out the garage for the garbage department to pick later that week.

Carrie looked at me and said, "now we have all day to continue where we left off last week," I smiled and we headed to the bedroom. We didn't waste anytime as we got undressed. Carrie opened the drawer to night stand and took out a tube of lube and I knew immediately that she wanted it up her ass....

We were stretched out on the bed kissing and playing around with each other. After a short time we were in the 69 position licking and sucking each other until I was hard as a rock. That's all it took, Carrie looked at me and smiled. I got the lube and she got into the doggie position with her tight little ass high in the air.

Got behind her and slipped my cock up her wet awaiting pussy, pumped her for awhile as I lubed up her tight lil back hole. Carrie then said "you know what you’re doing." She lowered her head to the pillow and reached her hands back to grab a handful of ass with each one and pull them apart. I pressed the tip of my cock onto her little hole and rubbed the lube around, teasing her. She exhaled with one long hard breath. She was enjoying this fully.I was going slow and taking it easy, but she egged me on to use more force.

“Are you going to use that thing, or what?” She mumbled from her face buried in the pillow. She became very playful. With one thrust I launched myself into her entirely. Her head flipped up and she let out a resounding "oh yes." I left it there for a moment, grinding against her as hard as I could. She was breathing shallow and squirming around with my dick in her ass.

I started pumping her in long steady strokes, pulling my cock all the way out so just the tip was touching her ass and then pushing in to stretch her ass over my dick and as deep as it could go.

She was taking it well. After the first few strokes she got up on her hands to brace herself for each new assault. I picked up speed. This was a good sensation, I wanted to cum in her ass. My cock was now slamming in and out of her like a piston in an engine! She even started to push back! Her head fell forward, bobbing to and fro as I pounded her from behind. Moans were escaping her lips, "yeah, do it, fuck me harder, faster." Loved to hear her talk sexually explicit and I responded how good my cock felt up her ass. She told me how good it was as she climaxed.

I don't know why, I slapped her ass and she started moaning, "fuck me, spank me" over and over again, and she told me how much she loved my cock up her ass. I kept on pumping my cock in and out. I was ramming her as hard as I could driving myself almost to the edge but I knew she did not want me to cum yet.

"Oh yes! Fuck my ass! Harder! Slap me again!” I did. And again! I knew she she was enjoying it , . The least I could do was make her cum again. I knew she was close again, all I had to do was push her over the edge.

I slapped her ass again, making it jiggle and put my arms around her waist. This was the last mile. “
“I love it up the ass! I love… UUUHHHHHGGGHH!!!!!!!!” That was it. She came and I couldn’t hold back any more. I started to shoot my load deep into her bowels when she said, “Yes! Fuck my ass!”

I was cumming and I couldn’t stop now! I finished with a few hard long strokes before I withdrew. I was floored as to how good it felt.
She was still panting on the bed, trying to catch her breath crying that it was fantastic......Pulled my shriveled cock out and rolled over on my back.

After a moment or two, Carrie got up and headed to the bathroom leaving me totally spent. She returned after awhile with a small basin of water and a wash cloth, then proceeded to clean my shriveled cock.

We laid there and talking about all the sexual pleasures she and her boyfriend usually do and at the same time stroking my cock into another erection.

“Alright, you want more?” I reached over and picked up the lube. Carrie asked if I am ready to go again.”

“We’ll see won’t we? Just keep that ass up in the air.” I got behind her and lubed her ass.

“Yeah…” she cooed. I put a large glob on my hand and got to work. I pushed two fingers into her ass easily. She was still loose from earlier She pushed her ass down on my fingers with no problem, so I inserted a third. This was tight. Not too tight, but a nice tight. She silently kept fucking my fingers.

As I pushed in my fourth finger she really slowed down. So I started working them in and out of her ass which was still stretching. She now started to grunt and pant.
My thumb went in next and I was starting to get hard again. I had never done this before, but I had seen videos on the internet. I couldn’t believe I had all five fingers in her ass up to the last knuckle!

She started to relax. I could tell she was starting to feel some intense pleasure. The knuckles were the widest part of the hand and her ass was stretched so fucking wide open I worried I might hurt her. Carrie asked me to hold up for so that she could relax and enjoy the intense pleasure.

“UGHH!!!” She let out a cry. "that feels good."

“AAHHH!!!” This time she was louder. “Just slow down for a sec…”

“Alright, fuck my ass. Put it in… all the way.” I needed no more encouragement. I pushed hard. She pushed back. “AAARRRRGGHH!!!! YEAH!! HARDER!!” I pushed again and felt her ass started to give a little. She was moaning loud now My knuckles pushed past the rim as she pushed against my fist.

“FIST FUCK MY TIGHT ASS!!!” I plunged forward again and within minutes I was slipping past the hand and was sliding neatly into her up to the wrist! She was panting and moaning, I gave her time to enjoy the sensation and pushing back and forth in her slippery ass. Her insides were soft and wet but so tight.

“I’ve never been so filled!!” I kept fucking away.

“Does it feel good?”

Uh huh, but yeah, I guess it’s good.” I was so hard now. And I wanted more, and in that moment I knew she was enjoying it, she just needed a little push.

I was going to finish this now. I pushed her head down and aimed my cock at her sloppy pussy, now dripping cum from her lips. I pushed my cock in and as I did, she moaned into her pillow. I had to twist my hand at an awkward angle to keep my fist in there but it made her pussy so tight! Her ass was so tight it was cutting off the circulation to my hand and each time I pushed my cock into her, I could feel my hand in her too! I was fucking Carrie like she never had been fucked before.

“Do you want me to stop?
“No! Don’t… uh stop. Just ahh…cum. Cum… in me!” She was trying so hard.

“AAAIIIEEEEEE!!! Ow! Ow! FUCK!! JUST FUCKING CUM!!” Carrie was in total ectasy. I twisted my fist in her and she moaned very softly and telling me how sensuous this felt.

“Make me want to cum in you, I continued pumping my hand in and out of her ass as deeply as I could . At the same time I was fucking her wet pussy with my cock. What a response I was getting too!


This was it. “Reach around and finger your clit. Make yourself cum with a fist in your ass!” She reached around and got to work with no delay.


She violently spasmed and shook as her orgasm rocked her entire body. When she started to cum I stopped moving and watched her fuck herself on my cock and fist as hard and fast as she could. Sweat was flying off her naked body and I enjoyed watching her take pleasure.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I emptied what felt like a pint of jizz that she eagerly accepted, her ass stroking back and forth on my hand.

I pulled my hand from her ass and lay down beside her panting like animals. She looked over at my hand, the moment now over and the adrenaline having left her system. Her eyes were wide in shock and disbelief of what we had just done. I couldn’t resist teasing her a little.

We headed for the bathroom to shower our sweaty and messy bodies. It felt good as the warm water sprayed my body while Carrie washed me off. We got each other squeaky clean, dried off and went to the bedroom. Carrie changed the sheets as they were somewhat messy.

We dozed for about an hour and when I awoke, Carrie was sucking my cock. I was semi-erect and did not take long to be completely hard. Carrie put a good amunt of lube on her fingers, slipped her hand under my butt and slowly slipped a couple of fingers up my ass. She had me put my legs over her shoulders, put more lube on her hand and inserted another finger up my ass. All the time still sucking my cock and finger fucking my ass.I told Carrie how good it felt and that I was about to cum. Carrie pumped her fingers faster in and out as I unloaded deep down her throat until she sucked me dry.......

We laid in bed talking about todays experience. What we did today was the first for both of us and would not be that last time.......had five more months until her boyfriend gets back from Army Reserve training.....

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