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Nicole Heat - First Anal Journey

First time is the hardest one!
I walk out of Jack’s office staggering. Scarlet evening sun shines upon the enormous Los Angeles skyscrapers. Business people are heading home, replaced by joyful couples. Gotta take a taxi and ride home as fast as I can. Damn, I’m still wet!

I wave my hand trying to stop a cab and lean onto the traffic light post. I’m about to start laughing: I look so much like a street hooker now. The very first taxi skids to a halt in front of me. There’s a black guy with bright white teeth smiling at me through the side window. Some rap song is blaring out of the speakers. I slide into the back seat and open the window to the maximum. Boy, just look at that gear knob. So round and the size is just perfect… And the driver is bobbing his head to the beat so sexy. My phone comes to life inside my purse.

Here’s my neighborhood. Why am I still smiling? Am I nervous? Come on, Nicole, get your shit together! You are an actress after all!

‘Keep the change!’ Hope that this will make Max happy.

I wait for the cab to turn around the corner and approach the front door. Rolf is sitting in front of his computer and can’t see me coming in. When he finally hears me approaching him, he goes clicking like crazy, trying to close some windows quickly. That sly cat.

‘Woo-hoo, I got that part!’

‘Good job! How was it?’ Rolf gives me a hug.

‘Awesome!’ I respond with a giggle.

‘What did you have to do at the casting?’

‘Well, there was a whole lot of supporting roles, like, people of different jobs do various things. I got filmed in different positions, doing, you know, stuff…’

‘Come on, spill the beans, what parts did you play exactly?’

‘Rolf, I’ve got a secret for you…’ I whisper, leaning towards him. Rolf is German, very well-built and very jealous. We are together for two years already and our relationship is truly amazing. Rolf raises his brow suspiciously.

Then he smiles and his eyes turn into funny narrow holes. He is scrutinizing me with all his attention.

‘Wanna hit the showers?’

He gives me a smack on the ass and we run into the bathroom, laughing. Alright, now he’s gonna understand everything! Rolf literally tears his clothes off and gets me all naked too. He tries to ram his fingers into me but I evade him with a giggle and start sucking his cock. Can’t miss the opportunity to see myself blowing it in the big mirror on the wall too. 

In the slightly foggy mirror I see Rolf’s cock entering my mouth making the skin of my cheek stretch. My cheekbones become more visible as I start grinding on his tool. He grabs me by the hair and starts moving faster. Oh my, I have just understood how tired I am. Rolf shouldn’t be aware of that though! I moan hungrily taking his dick deeper and deeper down my throat. 

‘Oh yeah, baby, yeah, like this.’ He pulls his cock out of my mouth and bends me over the rim of the tub. I feel the tip of his dick sliding back and forth between my anus and my clit, then smacking my wet ass and finally penetrating my pussy, still gaped by the rough fucking it took not so long ago… Now he’s gonna bust me! Then the tip on his cock hits something hard inside me.

‘Hmm…’ Rolf is trying to probe the object with his cock, pressing it against the hard shell over and over again. He can’t understand what it is. 

‘Here we go!’ His dick slides past the flat side of the object and penetrates me deeper, leaving it beside.

Those ignorant fuckers. I had it inside me throughout the whole of the shoot and almost came and they didn’t even notice anything! I move back urging Rolf to fuck me harder. 

He penetrates me deeper and deeper, his bare cock rubbing against the flat object. He has already understood that I stuffed my cell phone into my pussy. I wonder if he liked that or not. I turn around and see the usual expression on Rolf’s face. He’s just enjoying another nookie, nothing special. He purrs and moans licking his parched lips every now and then.

‘We need to take it out,’ says Rolf and pulls my cell phone out of my pussy. There are no obstacles on the way of his cock any more but he doesn’t stick it back in for some reason. I throw a glance at the mirror and see him examining the phone scrupulously. Is he suspecting anything? Did he found another man’s hair on it or what? I come slapping my ass cheeks to distract him.

‘Come on, Rolf, fuck me right now. I kept dreaming about coming back home and getting fucked raw by you!’ 

I spank myself on the ass, then I tense and relax the muscles in my vagina making it squelch with juice. Boy, I’m so fucking tired. Rolf comes laughing.

‘We’ve just called someone! I wonder what they heard!’

He puts the phone away and comes back to my pussy. He could hardly dial someone’s number with the head of his dick – must have repeated one of the recent calls… But I’m too excited to care about this funny little fact.

‘All right, Nicole, hold on.’

Finally he penetrates me and starts fucking as hard as he can. He’s ripped and enduring enough not to need any breaks – unlike that office asshole Jack. Rolf is a real fucking machine! He keeps on pushing me further and further into the tub that is almost full already and sends splashes flying all over the place. He reaches out to close the tap and drags me into the water, holding me by the waist from behind.

Then he grabs me by the neck and slows down a bit. Each thrust of his cock sends waves of pleasure through my body. Our hands intertwine and release each other again and again. I reach out and start rubbing my clit with my right hand as hard as I can. Ooooh fuck, I’m about to cum!!!

‘Rolf… Rolf, I’m almost… Oh no, I can’t hold it anymore, I’m cumming!’

Rolf gets up a bit, squeezes my slippery waist a bit tighter and gives my pussy a good hard pounding, banging me into orgasm. I want to yell but the pleasant spasms shut me up.

‘Oh yeah, baby, like this, like this!’ He rams his dick deep into my narrow hole, catching the strongest muscle contraction. ‘Like this, like this.’ He pulls it out and then suddenly pushes my head underwater jokingly. I didn’t expect it, so I start floundering about in shock, my whole body shaking – as if I really suspect he wants to drown me.


‘Get down on all fours!’

Hot water refreshes me, so I arch my back and my stretched pussy opens in front of Rolf in anticipation. I close my eyes and dip my head into the water, as if plunging into a whole different world. The sounds disappear. All I can feel is the warm water and Rolf’s cock sliding along my vulva. Then I feel something soft and hot touch my anus. It is the tip of his tool! I tense and get up quickly.

‘You naughty girl, I have to punish you,’ Rolf says with a smile.

I feel my heart start pounding in my chest. Did he see something suspicious? Where did I fail? No, that’s just impossible… 

‘You little rogue,’ he murmurs playfully. He’s still rubbing my anus, pressing his fingers right under my tailbone.

‘Stop it! What are you doing? I said no!’

I’ve never tried anal. Taking cock in the ass… No, thanks, it’s dirty and humiliating.

‘I have to punish you!’ laughs Rolf, licking my tailbone tenderly. ‘You cheated your audience. Did all of the actors have toys stuffed inside them at that casting?’

Oh, he’s just acting along. I feel relieved. Okay, now I have to make him stop dreaming about fucking my ass. I told him not to think about it a zillion times before!

‘No, Rolf, I said I don’t like anal sex!’

‘Come on, it’s just a rehearsal of a little drama. Sex with an unwilling lady.’ Rolf sticks his finger in my pussy and comes massaging my ass through the thin juicy wall of my uterus. This feeling of pleasant anticipation I have never felt before makes me melt. My anus swells and opens up as if all by itself. I try to squeeze it shut and it makes the whole thing feel even better. Rolf is still rubbing the back wall of my pussy, stimulating my back door.

‘Rolf…’ I begin in an angry voice but I don’t know what to say next.

He sticks two fingers into my pussy and pulls them out again. They are just drenched with my juice – and almost begging me to take them up my ass! Rolf presses a finger tight against my anus and… I understand he’s not gonna stop this time.

‘Wait,’ I moan, desperately trying to save the situation.

But it’s too late – his finger slides into my ass quickly and I let out a loud moan of pleasure. I tense my sphincter and feel it envelop the strange object invading my back door. Rolf stops trying to slide it deeper into me and starts shaking it inside lightly. It feels really good… These new sensations need to be analyzed and thought over…

Rolf squeezes the tip of his hard dick against my anus and starts pushing lightly. The swollen orifice takes in the first inch of his flesh and it feels incredibly good! The sphincter tenses and relaxes over and over again, opening up for Rolf’s unit. He’s no longer acting like a goodie-goodie any longer – his unit penetrates me deeper and deeper! It’s almost dripping lube, so he sticks it into me balls deep easily and I feel it touch my guts, press hard against the back wall of my pussy, reach my uterus.

We get up on our feet, I prop myself against the wall and Rolf fucks me in the ass really, really hard.

I moan louder and louder and soon yell myself coarse. It feels like I’m following Jack’s orders again, though this time unconsciously. I can already feel the relation between the anal sex and the pleasant tension inside my pussy. Deep inside my mind I start wondering if a pure anal orgasm is possible or not – will I be able to reach it without even touching my pussy and clit?

‘I need something to fill the other holes!’ I moan, totally overexcited. My anus is on fire and it hurts but I still like it. Rolf pulls his cock out of my ass and replaces it with two fingers. Then he sticks the third one in. Then he bends them a bit and lifts my ass up as if carrying a bag.

I can’t stop thinking about the objects I could possibly stick into myself. Rolf turns me around and rams his fingers into my mouth. I feel the taste of my pussy on my tongue as he rams his dick into my pussy. All holes on my body are full now and it makes me moan and squeal.

I feel like I’m a dirty slut who loves getting all of her holes fucked at once. Rolf brings me down on all fours again and sticks his dick back into my asshole! He moves faster and faster and faster and faster. The pleasure that I’m experiencing reaches its maximum and my first anal sex brings me to an orgasm!!!!!!!!!!

I almost slip and fall down when I come. My sphincter squeezes Rolf’s cock so tight it feels like he won’t be able to pull it out. Oh boy, he’s so hung! I need to do something with my anus when I cum next time! I don’t know what to do – should I ask Rolf to pull his cock out of my ass or to stick it even deeper? Okay, will try it next time cause I’m almost fainting. I black out and fall into his hands.

But we are not done yet! Rolf brings me down to my knees and starts literally fucking my face – hard and fast. His cock is hitting my throat, my tongue… It is so long that I can swear I feel it in my windpipe. I know that Rolf is about to come – he is pulling on my hair so hard that he’s almost tearing it off.

I feel a powerful spray of hot cum hit my throat. I can’t breathe – I’ve got a mouthful of jizz and it keeps on pouring out of me. I almost faint again cause it feels so fucking good. The last drops spurting out of Rolf’s tool end up on my tongue and I lick the head of his dick dry, greedy to eat all his cum. I look Rolf straight in the eye. I know that he loves it.

‘Nicole,’ he says, patting me on the cheeks. ‘Did you like it, baby?’

I didn’t answer. I need to understand all these new sensations better. However, I have already realized one new thing and it makes me feel so hot. I feel that one orgasm is not enough to make me stop wanting to get ass-fucked…

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