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Night Swim

Skinny dipping at night leads to an unknown encounter with a mystery man.
She loved swimming in the nude. It was liberating to feel her body caressed by the flowing, warm water. The abandoned pool was surrounded by tiki lights, casting a glow that made the night all the more magical. The air, although humid, was pleasantly warm.

Floating around in the warm water, she thought she was alone. Gentle waves lapped at her full breasts. It felt so good, so sexy. She stood up and looked down. God, her tits looked so hot. Running her hands over them, she felt how erect her nipples were.

Continuing the path downward, she rubbed her belly. For some reason, skinny dipping always made her so horny. The water swirled around her bare pussy. Standing next to the water jet, she could feel the rushing water beating her clit back and forth.

As her clit got bigger from the constant stimulation, her pussy got more lubricated. In the water, she was able to get into different positions. She pushed her legs up on the wall and reached behind her body. Pushing her finger inside her hot cunt, she slowly worked it in and out.

This was so kinky. With her legs hooked over the side, the water jets squirted directly into her pussy. The different currents filled her full. Her clitoral hood moved rapidly over the sensitive and growing nub. Pulling her finger out of her pussy, she let the water stimulate her, while she rubbed on her puckered asshole.

Sighing, she knew that she was just torturing herself. With no one waiting for her in her room, the realization that she was going to have to pleasure herself alone was depressing. Unhooking her legs from the pool wall, she stood there a moment with her head on her arms.

About to get out of the pool, she felt an arm encircle her waist and another hand cover her mouth. Panicked, she wanted to cry out. There was never any indication that someone else was in the pool. She never heard anyone come out.

“You should be more aware of your surrounding, ma'am,” he whispered, “I loved the show you were putting on.”

She tried to struggle out of his iron grasp, but was unsuccessful. His skin was rough against her neck, as he kissed down her neck. Nibbling at the tender skin of her neck, he trying to show her how gentle he was.

He was hitting every single sensitive spot on her neck. The sheer danger of the situation and mystery of this man was arousing the hell of her. The soft moan that escaped from her mouth and relaxing of her body told him that it would be alright to release her mouth.

His rough skinned hand ran down her body to her bobbing breast. Tugging at her nipple, he pulled the brown nub out and let it bounce back in place. She gasped, arching back against his body. It was then she realized that he was as nude as she.

His floating cock was rigid. Rubbing it up and down her ass crack, he nestled it into place. It felt so good to feel the stiff piece of meat poking her.

“You like it rough, don't you,” he rasped.

Slapping at her tits, he chuckled at her response. With every strike, she moaned and rubbed her ass in circles. He was getting harder.

“Who are you?” she asked, not wanting him to stop, but needing to know.

Instead of answering her, he roughly shoved two large fingers inside her pussy. She cried out, as the penetration felt so incredible. He worked her cunt by twisting and rotating his fingers. Usually the water washed away her slickness, but in this case, her pussy was flooding it's own lube.

She felt him lift her up. Her upper body rested on the pavement, with her bare ass and pussy out of the water. The only thing left dangling in the water was her long legs.

“You have a great ass, baby. I just want to eat it up,” his soft voice sounded.

He pushed open her legs and then spread her toned ass cheeks. Her puckered, brown hole winked, as a warm breeze gently glided over it. The dark, pink skin of her pussy was slick with pool water and her special juice.

She felt his wet tongue glide from her clit, where it lingered a moment at the tight hole of her slit. Probing, his tongue briefly fucked her, as good as a cock. Groaning and sighing, she tried to visualize what she looked like.

Feeling so dirty, she imagined herself as a horny slut, spreadeagled on the pavement, letting this mysterious, unknown man eat her pussy. That thought only helped to make her even wetter. Rotating her hips, she ground her hot cunt into his face.

“Like that, do ya? I bet you will love this, then,” another whisper from her anonymous lover.

Pulling her ass open as wide as it would go, his squirmy tongue worked itself inside her ass. She cried out. Loving when her lovers played with her asshole, she nearly came from the sensation.

“Fuck! Yes. Tongue my ass. Oh, God!” she said, in a husky voice.

“You like it in the ass?” he growled.

“Yes...Yes!” came her reply.

She felt him push one finger inside. Her tight sphincter protesting the invasion. But with gentle persistence, he bottomed that finger inside her. It burned. Oh how it burned. She wiggled, trying to relieve the pressure.

He worked his finger, gently, as he let her grow accustomed to the penetration. When he felt that ring of muscle relax, the second finger was inserted, and the burning started anew. She was loving every minute of this.

Scissoring his fingers, he tickled the walls of her rectum. The sounds of her cries and grunts were getting to him. He had never been this hard. Rubbing his iron hard cock against the smooth wall of the pool, he was able to get some pleasure, but not enough to satisfy him.

What an erotic sight it was to see a beautiful woman on her belly, with her ass hole spread wide open by two big fingers. Time to add the third was the foremost thought in his mind. He shoved a finger into her overflowing cunt. As much as he was aroused by fingering her ass dry, he didn't want to hurt her. A little lube would benefit them both.

He pushed the well lubed digit into her ass and heard her squeal. That abused hole was protesting his fingers. She was open wide enough for his cock.

Pulling his hand free of her ass, he was satisfied with the gaping hole. She was loose enough that he could see the pink flesh inside. Pulling her down in the water, she was impaled on his long, thick cock.

The water was perfect for fucking her ass. No gravity meant easier positions. Holding her hips, they floated to the middle of the pool. All the while, his hips pistoned in and out. It was hard work, but he was so worked up that cumming would not be a problem.

Her ass was clamped around his cock so tightly, almost sucking him. With every thrust, some water rushed around his shaft, stroking it as he pumped his meat into her. He felt his balls tightening, and his dick hardened even more.

Her pussy was rippling. She needed to cum. Her ass was full, and the burning pressure was overwhelming. Pushing two fingers inside her pussy, she could feel him in her ass, as she finger fucked herself, wildly.

With her other hand, she frigged her huge clit. Rapidly working that throbbing nub against her pubic bone, she let the waves, that triggered her orgasm, wash over her.

He felt the pulsing ripples from her pussy through the wall of her ass. It was enough to push him over. With a loud shout, he felt jets of hot cum spurt out of him and flood her chute.

She felt a wet warmness in her ass, as she came harder that ever. Both let the spasms subside before he lifted her back up on the pavement. He wanted to see her ass drain.

She rested on the warm concrete, as his cum and pool water ran out of her gaping asshole and down her thighs. What a feeling that was. Her ass was so sore. She turned around to identify her unknown man and found the pool empty.

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