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No! and ... YES!!!

I never thought my 'no!!' would become a 'YESS!!!!'
As the years have gone by, I have always thought I've gotten better and better at sex. I learned early on how to get a guy off, perfecting my blow jobs by listening to the breathing and grunting sounds they make. I paid attention to the way a guy would hold my head, gripping it and pushing it down on his cock as my throat and lips and tongue caressed it to the point of explosion. And I learned how to take an eager pussy-licker's efforts and make them even better, when I would tell him ... SHOUT to him! ... what to do. "Slip your fingers into me, baby! Yeah ... that's it ... curl those fingers up while you suck my pussy, baby!!"

But nothing ... NOTHING ... prepared me for what I would learn one day when my ex and I were standing around in the kitchen one day, confessing our deepest fantasies to each other.

"Honey ... tell me ... have you ever had anal sex?," I just blurted out. Fred was shocked, but answered me. "To tell you the truth, Penny ... yeah. I have. But I don't think it really went very well, 'cause it seemed to be hurting her. She tried, but she just ... couldn't ... take me in."

I knew what he was talking about. Fred was blessed with a bigger-than-average cock, but the BEST part was how thick it was. I always loved the way it just filled me up whenever he was fucking me. I could only imagine some poor girl trying to fit that thing in her ass without screaming in pain!

"Oh, Fred ... you KNOW how good you fuck me when we're going at it. You KNOW that, right? GOD! I wish I could give you my ass, but I'm afraid. You're so big, I'm afraid it will be worse than the couple other times I've given a cock in my ass a try. I am SO sorry, honey ... the idea turns me on, but I know what the reality is."

"Baby, it's OK. I understand. But Penny ... all this talk about ass-fucking has got me hard, baby. Let's go in the bedroom and ... wait ... WAIT ... what are you DOING?!?"

Right then, I was pressing my ample ass up against his crotch. I could feel that rod through his pants, even more when he pushed back at me and pressed me over the kitchen sink. He wanted me. He wanted me right then and THERE ... and BAD!!!

"Take your pants off, Penny," Fred whispered hotly in my ear. I unzipped my jeans, and before I could even shimmy out of them he was ripping them down my legs. He spread my feet apart - and they weren't even out of the jeans yet, but just down around my ankles. I didn't care, 'cause now the fingers of his right hand were dancing around the outside of my sopping-wet pussy. One finger in. Ttwo. And then three.

Next thing I knew, I heard a wet 'popping' sound sound as he sucked a finger on his left hand in and out of his mouth. And there it was! RIGHT at the entrance of my tight, puckered little bunghole. While his right hand kept gently pumping away at my pussy, I felt him wiggle that left index finger at my asshole and gently ... eee-ee-ever so gently ... slide it in. That tight little ring clenched SO tightly around his finger, trying to keep it from going in any further. But the more my pussy got a good juicing, the more relaxed my asshole got and next thing you knew ... he'd gotten through and was sliding away at that little chute, too!

"Damn, Fred! Daa-amn!! That's feels so fuckin' GOO-OO-OD!!," I cried out as my ass and pussy started bucking and writhing against his hands.

Then he suddenly stopped what he was doing, leaving these ignited body parts crying out for more, and then he quickly took me by the hand into the bedroom. We got the rest of our clothes off as quick as we could, and let that hunger go to work again.

"Stick those fingers in me, Fred. Fuck me EVERYWHERE with them!!" Fred gladly obliged, and while my wet pussy and ass were getting the finger-fucking I craved, I could reach for his cock. Shit! it was so fuckin' HARD! Harder than I could ever remember.

'He's wantin' it more than ever. I can feel it! God! it feels so good to see him so turned on!!' And then, for the first time in my life, my body just sort of took on a mind of its own, and I pulled his cock knowingly towards my snatch. Just enough to wet the tip with my pussy juice, 'cause THEN I guided it towards my asshole. Without much encouragement from me, Fred took over from there and grabbed his cock and started coaxing it into that tight little bunghole. I could feel my ass pushing towards him, but I was scared ... really SCARED ... and so was he.

"Damn, Penny! You're too tight. I CAN'T!! Fuck! do I WANT to! But baby, I don't wanna hurt you, either!"

"I know, Fred, I know! I'm scared, too! But I can't help it ... my ass is saying something completely different, like it has a mind of it's own. Keep trying, baby ... keep trying."

Unnnhh. Unn-NNH. Bucking. All by itself. And I am powerless to stop it. And while he grabs my hips with one hand and spreads my ass cheeks to see my joyhole, and my ass keeps surging back to meet his slow and gentle thrust, I find my hands all OVER my pussy. The more I fingered that hard, plump little clit, the more my ass pushed back against his cock. With each 'push' back ... the faster my hands fingered my clit ... and the more I pushed back on his cock ... and a little bit more slid in ... and my hands moved faster ... and a little bit ... "FUCK!! it's so TIGHT!!!!!" ... more slid in.

"Unnnnhhh! AAAAAHH!!UNNNNHHH!!," was all I heard come out of Fred's throat as he was suddenly completely up my ass. And I WANTED it. The 'pain' wasn't pain at all anymore. I WANTED it. I HUNGERED for that cock that was starting to pump away at my ass, while its owner was making sounds I'd never heard him make. BOTH of us were moving faster and faster against each other, and I felt his balls slamming into my pussy as he went deeper and deeper into my ass.

Faster. Pumping. Faster ... and faster ... fingers ... wetter ... faster on my throbbing pussy and engorged clit. Bucking. Slamming. Faster. "FUCK my ass! Don't ... you ... 'fuckin' ... STO-O-O-O-PPP!!! Blazing speed. I feel it building. He's moving faster and riding his little slut's ass ... and then a surge forward and he grips both hips really HARD, while he grinds his dick as deep in me as he can and ...

"FUCK, Penny!! I ... can't ... hold ... back much longer!"

I know I can't hold back much longer, either, and I hear myself scream ... "Fuck me ... fuck me HA-A-A-RD, baby!! GIVE it to me. SLAM that dick in my ass, baby! Don't wait! I wanna cum!! I ... wanna ... CUU-UU-UM! Unnnhh! Unnhhh!!!!!"

I don't know who was making the most noise as we both exploded at that moment. My GOD! was I wet, from the best orgasm I ever had and the most jism I had ever milked from that impressive cock of his. The one I NEVER thought I'd want violating my asshole. But I DID!!
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