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Northern Line Adventure

Cara seeks playmate for fun on the subway
Cara stepped onto the packed subway carriage and was immediately enveloped in the cram of bodies pressing into her from every angle. She reached down and readjusted her skirt, a tiny purple number which hinted at the bottom of her perky ass cheek. Underneath she was wearing a white thong, already damp in anticipation.

She scanned the carriage discretely and looked for her companion. She had no idea what he looked like, with only vague descriptions to go by. She'd wanted it that way, wanted the element of mystery in the whole adventure. It was, after all, supposed to be a fantasy.

Three days before, she'd placed the ad online along with a particularly saucy snap of her tits. They were good tits, smooth and dark with big brown nipples. "Gentleman wanted to fulfil subway fantasy," she'd typed, playfully turning up the vibrations from the dildo she had slipped into her pussy. "Fuck my pussy and my ass the whole length of the Northern Line." She got several responses immediately.

Cara quickly selected a man who had included a photo of his huge erect cock, which looked thick enough to satisfy her. They had arranged to meet on the train three stops into the line during evening rush hour. She would wear the purple skirt and a slinky little top, leaving her bra at home. He was to wear a red tie and a grey suit. Carla's heart was beating in her mouth as she glanced at every man in sight. Finally, with a gasp, she saw him standing only a few feet from her, his eyes already looking her up and down.

With a few muttered "excuse me"s, she managed to wriggle over to him and take a stance holding the bar above her head, her legs slightly parted. Immediately she felt him press his chest to her back, his hips shifting until his erection pressed against her ass cheeks. Cara gave a little gasp and was immediately silenced by a shush in her ear. His lips made little kisses across her earlobe until he paused, whispering, "You're even more gorgeous than your picture. I'm going to enjoy this."

Cara could feel her pussy get hot, dying to feel his cock sliding inside. The stranger ran his hands over her breasts, concealed in the mass of commuters. Her nipples jumped to attention and she felt like electricity was running through them. Feeling her erect nipples through the thin fabric, the stranger decided to heat things up further by sliding his hand down into the front of her panties, the other working her breasts more vigorously. His fingers found her clit and started rubbing light circles around it, making Cara hold her breath.

She leaned her round ass into his cock, delighted to feel him press back against her. She pulled her skirt up slightly at the back, exposing half her ass cheeks and her damp cunt, covered in the increasingly wet thong. The stranger grunted softly in appreciation and unzipped, pulling out his semi-erect dick and stroking it gently.

Cara wanted to keep up the show. She reached around and peeled the thin strip of cloth from her pussy, and slowly began to rub her finger up and down her slit. She felt her juices beneath her fingers and slowly pushed her index finger deep into her cunt, up to the second knuckle. Her cunt spasmed around her finger, aching to be pounded. She slowly worked the finger in and out, spreading her wetness all over her pussy. The stranger reached down and moved her hands away, bending her slightly against a back wall of the carriage. It was time to fuck her.

He lined up his cock and started off slow, until a lurch of the train propelled him deep into her. She was completely full and instantly started shaking all over, her hands grasping at her clit and tits. The stranger began fucking her, hard. It was all Cara could do not to cry out loud as she started to cum, her hips jerking uncontrollably as he impaled her.

Her orgasm built inside her until she was rocking back against him as hard as she could and she was cumming, biting down on her knuckles to stop her screams. The stranger slowed but kept up a rhythm, running his fingers around her cunt, spreading her juices all over her ass.

When she was damp enough, he started pushing his finger into her asshole, gently at first. Cara thought she would die of pleasure as she felt his digit slide into her waiting ass with ease. Gradually, the stranger introduced two other fingers until Cara was struggling to contain herself. Sensing she was on the brink of orgasm again, he started rubbing the fingers of his other hand against her clit until Cara's groans became so loud he had to stuff his handkerchief into her mouth. The last thought she had before her world exploded with pleasure was that his handkerchief tasted vaguely of vanilla.

When she returned to her body, Cara noticed the stranger had removed her fingers from her relaxed ass and was slipping the head of his thick cock into her anus. He moved extremely slowly, savouring the sight of Cara's brown hole being stretched to fit his nine and a half inches. She tried to shift back against him to hurry him along but he anticipated this and held off, prolonging her need.

Eventually, he was buried completely in her and ran his hands appreciatively over her dark asscheeks. He couldn't resist the temptation to spank them lightly before he pulled out of her quickly. Cara gasped, immediately feeling empty as he yanked his cock back out. She was about to object when she felt him push against her asshole again, stretching out her ring of muscles all over again. He repeated this a few more times and nodded, as if content her ass was now loose enough to accommodate his girth.

He started to fuck her ass in earnest, pounding her hard against the train door, no longer trying to be discrete. In his lust, he didn't care if anyone saw his dick slamming into her asshole, his fingers massaging her still dripping cunt as his other hand pulled her thong up so he had a better view. He couldn't hold it for much longer but he wanted to squeeze one more orgasm from her, feel her gushing over his fingers.

The stranger started finger fucking her roughly, letting his hand and his hips fall into rhythm with one another. She didn't stand a chance. The orgasms struck her quickly and the first led into the next, which led into the next until Cara lost all sense of herself, her surroundings and could feel only pleasure.

The stranger knew he couldn't hold on any longer. As Cara's ass jumped underneath him, his own thrusting reached a furious pace until he came, squirting his hot cum into her ass, where her muscles gripped him tightly. He leaned against her for a moment, still as he gathered his bearings.

Finally he pulled out, her ass clenching behind him to stop his cum leaking out. He quickly wiped himself off with his spare handkerchief, zipped himself up and kissed the still dazed Cara on the back of her shoulder as she struggled to stand and readjust her underwear to cover her leaking cunt.

He whispered into her ear, "Same time next week then?" And as Cara turned to agree, she saw only the back of his head as he jumped off at the station and the doors closed behind him.

Barely managing to cover herself in time, Cara gripped tightly onto a pole on the train and smiled to herself, knowing it would be a few more stops before she could walk.

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