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Nothing Butt Friends

I finally meet my online friend for an intimate encounter
The phone call came through in the middle of the night, while I slept. It must have rang five times and then it went into my voicemail, waiting until the morning for me to see it.

It was her. It had to be. The number on my call display was from overseas, and from what little I know about country codes and direct overseas dialing, it had to be from her.

We had met online, and soon became friends. The friendship soon turned to talk of a more intimate nature, and then progressed to exchanging pictures, then videos, then exchanging audio clips of us talking.

But we had never spoken directly on the phone. We had never had a real, live two-way conversation.

I looked around me and realized I was alone. It had been a late night and I was still tired upon waking, a bit disoriented. I realized I was alone, my family having gone away without me to look after a sick relative on my in-law’s side. I had to stay behind and work, and it meant two weeks of solitude. Two weeks of missing my children and two weeks of re-evaluating the marriage. In solitude that would be easier than it had been over the last several years.

I dialed into my voicemail and listened to my message. It was her. She was at the airport back home for her, taking an early morning flight in to my city.

Holy shit!

She spoke softly and so calmly, as if it was just matter of fact, so common-place to simply hop on to an overseas flight at 6:00 a.m. and come to visit someone she had never met face to face. It made sense as I thought about it, the timing at least. I had e-mailed her two days before about my family being away and about me being alone for two weeks.

So she made the decision, she said in her message, and bought a last-minute ticket, and was at the airport waiting to board the flight. She would be arriving mid-morning my time. One stop-over (that explained the price of the ticket) and then by 10:00 a.m. she would be in my city. At my airport.

And knowing that today was Saturday, she would be waiting for me to pick her up at the airport.

I looked at the clock and saw the short time remaining until she would be standing there, at the gate, waiting for me. I showered, shaved, dressed and went downstairs to my car, knowing I would be early by leaving now, but not wanting to be late.

And wanting to eat a bigger breakfast than usual before meeting her. So I wouldn’t pass out from hunger, coupled with exhaustion and now excitement.

A short drive to the nearest McDonald’s drive-thru, and after putting aside my pride, I ordered breakfast and ate it as I drove to the airport. An Egg McMuffin, a hashbrown, a large orange juice and a muffin to round it out.

Arrival at the airport, and parking, tossing my McDonald’s garbage into a bin, and the walk to the terminal. Seeing the arrivals board and finding the flight number and the gate. Walking to the gate and looking at my watch. Forty-three minutes left. Waiting. And thinking about her.

What did I know about her? So much and yet so little. We had watched each other masturbate on videos, I had seen pictures of her face, and I had heard recordings of her voice. We had exchanged personal information. I knew about her family, her health, her relationships.

But I had never met her. I had never spoken directly with her. Watching her masturbate didn’t make up for that. She was a stranger with whom I had more than a passing familiarity with her pussy and how she liked to rub herself. I was a stranger to her, other than her intimate knowledge of which hand I use to jack off, and how I like to taste my own cum.

Beyond that, virtually strangers.

Time passed and the electronic board showed her flight had arrived. I waited. Ten minutes. Then fifteen. Then twenty. And then the first signs of people with baggage walking down to the exit doors. I watched carefully, looking for a face I had only seen in pictures. A few dozen people. A pause. Then some more people. Another pause. Then a larger group.

And then she came into sight. A leather jacket, perhaps anticipating a cool climate, or perhaps just her style. Her hair. Her face. Just like the picture.

And then she saw me. Our eyes met. Not the proverbial romantic moment, but a mutual smile of recognition. Of being pleasantly surprised that sometimes pictures don’t lie.

The conversation was lovely. Just like our e-mails, but with her voice speaking them out loud. Her accent, to me sounding so exotic, and yet to her, my North American voice was equally accented.

We walked to my car, talking, as I carried her bag. There had been no prior plans, no expectations of why she was here, or how long she was staying or even where she would stay. We just talked and drove together from the airport, until she said as we left the parking garage, “I have a hotel booked. I’m only here for two days.”

She told me where. I drove, knowing the city. We arrived and she checked in early. We went straight to her room.

There was no need to discuss why. We both knew. And to this point, all we had shared was a single hug upon our first greeting face to face. No kisses. No hand holding. Just a warm and friendly hug. Yet we knew why she had come.

An open door. Closing it behind us. Locking it. And then an embrace. Dropping luggage and embracing each other. Undressing each other frantically, not even caring that the curtains on the window were completely drawn open. Standing naked in front of each other for the first time, and then holding each other, our naked flesh pressing together.

“No kisses, no romance. Not yet. We have months to bridge and we have thousands of miles to bridge.”

She spoke so directly, yet without sounding like she was directing me. Rather she was suggesting.

“I have a tube of lube in my suitcase along with some condoms. I am going to get them out. You sit on the bed while I do it and if you aren’t hard already, stroke yourself and make yourself hard. I want you to fuck me in the ass before anything else. I want you to fill me and take me from behind, as if we have fucked a thousand times before. I want you to fuck me as if we have months of trust between us.”

I sat on the bed and she bent over to the ground and opened her suitcase, finding the lube and condoms quickly. I was already hard. She came to the bed and took out one of the condoms, and she took my hard cock in her hands and placed the condom on me. She then opened up the tube and squirted out some lube into her hands and then rubbed some on the condom first, and then, assuming a doggy position on the bed, spread some onto her tight brown hole.

“Fuck me now,” she said. “Come on…go at it.”

I got up to position myself behind her, and I placed the tip of my cock at her well-lubricated back door, slowly pushing the head inside, gently stretching her.

“I won’t break,” she said. “Harder…in one shot.”

I pushed. The lubrication helped and I slid in deep, my whole cock filling her tight ass.

I didn’t wait for any further instructions. I placed my hands on her hips to steady myself and to hold her, and I began to thrust into her deep hole with a steady and firm rhythm. I felt her ass muscles tighten around my cock as I thrust back and forth, and my cock was quickly primed to cum.

“Come on,” she said, “faster and harder. Split me apart if you have to, we only have two days to get to know each other. Fuck me…fuck me and make yourself cum inside my ass.”

I fucked her. No love making this time. Just raw anal fucking. I watched as her full ass surrounded me, as the fleshy globes shook as I pounded her, and I reached forward with one hand to find her pussy soaking wet from arousal.

I fucked her, trying to be resolute while also trying to be gentle. I did not want to hurt her, no matter how many times she said to fuck her hard and to split her open.

The warm and tight hole swallowed my cock, and I knew that I wouldn’t last too much longer. I was mesmerized by the sight of my cock inside of her anus, with two lovely globes on either side, and the fleshy rippling coming from the pounding I was giving her.

“I am going to cum any second,” I told her.

“All of it…inside my ass…now…cum for me…cum in me.”

Her prompting sent me over the edge. Even in a condom, I could feel her muscles milking my cock and squeezing my cum out of me. I came with spasms of extreme arousal, my cock filling her ass, and wondering if she could feel the warm gush through the latex sheath.

We collapsed together onto the bed. I lay atop her, my cock still inside of her ass. Our bodies already sweating and glistening in the bright daylight coming through the broad and bare windows, our display of anal lust easily visible to anyone across the road looking out from their windows.

My cock rested inside of her ass, and I felt the gentlest squeezing of her muscles milking the last drops of cum from my hardness. I stayed hard inside of her. I was too excited to lose my erection.

I lay atop of her, reaching under her to cup her generous breasts in my hands. I caressed her nipples as I felt her squeeze her ass around my cock, as I felt her tighten her muscles to massage my cock inside of her.

She finally broke the silence.

“I think we know each other a bit better now, don’t you? An ass fuck is a great ice breaker. There really aren’t too many more lines to be crossed once you’ve surrendered you butt-hole to someone, and once he’s cum inside of your ass. Everything from now on should be easy. Familiar. No lines to be crossed.”

My breathing slowly returned to normal after the work-out we just shared.

“I can’t believe you…I mean, just a few hours ago I thought…you just bought a ticket and…I can’t…”

I couldn’t finish a sentence.

“There’s time for talking later,” she said. “Accept the fact that for the next forty-eight hours, we are together, and I intend to fuck you every which way possible. I warned you I have a high sex drive, and now you’ll get to see it first-hand.”

“I…I...I can see that. I can’t believe you flew here just to be together with me.”

“Believe it. I have wanted to fuck you ever since I watched that first video you sent me with you jacking off in the bathroom at night. I intend to get to know your whole body.”

“What’s the catch?” I asked, hoping to inject some levity in the situation, a situation where I still lay on top of her with my cock inside of her ass, a pool of cum inside a condom being the only things separating us.

“No catch. Or maybe just one.”

“What’s that?”

“Pull your dick out of my bum, jump in the shower and wash yourself off, then come out here so I can do two things.”


“One, I want to blow you and taste you cumming in my mouth.”

“And the other thing?”

“I want you to kiss me and tell me that what we share is more than just fucking. I want you to kiss me and tell me that I am really your friend and not just a pussy and a pair of tits.”

“I have another idea,” I replied.

“Oh?” she asked.

“Let me kiss you first and show you that you are much more than a pussy and a pair of tits…and then we can worry about you tasting my cum after. You are a friend first, and if all we do over the next two days is talk, then that’s enough for me. Especially after our unorthodox introduction just now.”

She started to smile at me. Even with her head turned sideways as I still lay atop of her, I could see her smiling.

“Ok, we’ll do it your way. But I have one little request.”


“Can you pull out of my ass before we kiss? I want to see your face while we do it.”

How could I say no?

If there is one thing I know, it is that you never say no to a woman when she asks you to do something while your cock is firmly planted in her butt.

Especially not when that woman is a friend.

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