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Oats and Barley

I rejuvenate by years and go back to my old police beat...
Oats and Barley

“I wanna go back seven years, David - when I was a cop in Los Angeles.”

“ It’ll cost Harry, seven thousand bucks is the price for this new technology, invented by me and I hold the patent. It has been a long hard drag getting the coordinates just to the right pitch to decode all those body functions, all those cells which are continuing depreciating each and every day we grow older, to reverse and track back. And now I have it - but only by ten years, to go back any further it blows the elements.This is a completely new and private procedure, Harry and as an ex cop you will know the risks involved with security.”

“I know, I know but just get on with it will you, I’ve no time to waste, those years were the best in my life and I wanna second helping.”

“Sounds ominous Harry, what is it about those seven years that draws you so much?”

“I’ll tell you later. You sure this is legitimate though, I am not likely to go too far back and dissolve into nothingness am I - or hasten to the future when I will be dust?”

“Well everything points to the fact that once gone back, you stay back and live the past seven years all over again, but that’s not accounting for all the experiences you have had, bad or good, you understand, it is simply an age thing, nothing more, nothing less, but you will feel seven years younger.”

"Suits me, Doc David, I will be sweet 35 again and Wow! Did I enjoy that time, what do I do then?”

“It will take a good three hours in the scanner, you will feel a shrinking effect and feel things happening inside of which you were never aware before, remember you will be going back and all those things that have taken seven years to happen will happen in just 180 minutes. If you see what I mean!

“And you will still be here; in the here and now Harry and not in the past, it is your body cells that will be younger but not your wisdom, but you will feel the difference."

Harry did the deed, paid his money and it was done, feeling good he set out for the down-town thrills, if he had lacked enthusiasm of late he had it back right now and first things first, he didn’t have time to woo a woman, he needed a prostitute - it was that urgent.

Down town he met Ursula, she was still plying her business, he remembered her from when he did his beat.

“You want business Mr.?

“Don’t you recognise me Ursula?”

“I recognise a guy with his tongue hanging out, but you do remind me of somebody, but that was years back when I was a mere starter in the game, he was a cop and threatened to book me if I didn’t stop my street job, but that’s not you, you look too young, I mean that guy would be a few years older now.”

“It was me Ursula. You want proof? I will tell you what you said when I tried to stop your habit, you said that being a cop didn’t mean I was self righteous, remember? That even though I made out I was immune to a quick fuck, deep down I was just the same as any guy, given the opportunity - that’s what you said among other things.”

Ursula looked somewhat puzzled. “Yeah I remember telling you that all guys, given the opportunity would like a sucking, that from the age of puberty they live in a fantasy world imagining what it would be like to suck themselves, but none I know are hard necked or long necked enough to do that, so it is up to us working girls to do the honours - at a price - remember I said we are the most needed profession ever and should be proud of what we do without the likes of a self righteous ‘be all and end all' cop. To tell us working girls we are living in sin. If you are the same guy, that somehow you have held your looks and your ageing, you will remember that secretly you did submit to a good sucking and I believe you were drummed out of the cops because you were discovered by your chief who had also been around the world several times with me.”

She hadn’t altered one iota, it was her speciality was oral, and most guys booked her just for that, by the time she had finished with them they had nothing left for anything else.

“The dirty bastard” I said, "and he had the audacity to get rid of me!”

“But it got him special treatment, you should have been more careful and checked others in the force were not using me.”

Did you tell him then?”

“Nope, he just happened, unfortunately for you, to see you coming out of my place when he was waiting outside to have his outs and barley.”

“Oats and Barley, what’s that?”

“Sucking, fuckin' and hardcore strap-on, when I do the fuckin and he does the moaning!”

I felt myself warming, my cock was seven years younger too and wanted some action. I wonder if Ursula is as good as she was, maybe she is better with all the experience.

“My God Harry, you want it, you are the same guy I can see, you have that special exclusive charisma about you.”

“Is that what they call it now," I laughed. “You mean my cock pumping away in my trousers don’t you Ursula?”

She laughed heartily, "You had better come inside but remember with inflation it is not just your cock that is rising - it is costs too, I need 50 dollars to do the trick.”

“And how much for Barley and Oats?”

“You too, you would like a dick up the ass huh?, it will only be a dolly dick though but I have got one of the best Ann Summers can muster.”

“Then I am for it,” I replied in a frenzy already, just the thought of being fucked by Ursula who still looked good in her black tight leather skirt and that gorgeous tight ass that looks like it hadn’t been fucked for a decade, all I knew is that I would soon be inside her skirt and fucking for all my worth and then the Barley and Oats to follow.

I reckon the seven years backward trip was good value, I could never have enjoyed Ursula so much if I had been that older, and yet she still showed all the elements and energy of the girl I fucked all that time ago, but I don’t think she was doing Barley and Oats then, but would I have wanted that?, I don’t know, all I was after was my oats as plain as that and she gave me her all, she fucked like a good’un and left me numb and very happy,

Now it was happening all over and I could hardly follow her up the stairs, looking up her short skirt as she arranged for me to do, seeing her plum red thong sitting tight there between those sumptuous thighs, all I was thinking of then is having a right good deep sniff and suck and dissolve into my heaven

It was like I was already in the past sniffing her up and tasting her nectar, sweet and so good, I wonder if she still tastes the same, but then would I want to do all those things with her pussy knowing that so many guys had been there.

But the wonderful sense of sex drives a guy to do anything, he is fucking a girl for the here and now, not for the past and I knew I would be doing just the same all over despite all that. She was still cute and very fuckable, the way she moved those hips deliciously as I followed her up the stairs, so very sensuous and tempting, she knew exactly what she was doing and how to get the best out of her guy, she probably also knew that if she got a guy going that much before he would soon shoot his load so that she could ready herself for the next customer. But with me she knew I could hold it, because I wanted slow time thrills and all the juicy cunt I could get, and now the barley too.

Me imaging her fucking me, that would be a real turn up for the books. I had been there before, with a lad in my adolescence, we were both sweet eighteen and when he fucked me it was sweet and experimental, at that age some are not quite sure about sex and like to experiment, with Roger and me that is how it was and he certainly rogered me that night in the back of his car.

But me thinking this to me it would be a woman and that would be different.

Well she sucked cock like old times and it was slow, wonderfully operated, deep throat and very, very thrilling. My cock duly tied at the girth with her plum red thong to hold me back until we were ready to fuck. That’s what I have always liked about a prostitute, no messing about, wining and dining and I didn’t know what in order to get what you really want, that gem between her legs that would quickly solve that incessant ache which takes you senses away.

But it was no all plain sailing and although she had a brilliant figure undressed I could see the difference ten year had made, the wrinkles in her skin and the aging brown spots did not attract me any more and when I saw her pussy I suddenly imagined all those guys who had fucked her and looking at how it had stretched was a real put off so I told her in the nicest possible way that could we go straight to the tie on, because that is what I wanted more than anything else?

Ursula being the true professional took it okay and showed me how she wanted me as she firmly tied this monstrous looking rubber dick around her middle and there was I bent over, she telling me to wiggle my hips, ready for her fuck. She slapped me several times and I could see she was enjoying, perhaps she was glad there had been no fucking, it looked so worn out it was probably the last thing she wanted, happy to be the instigator instead and Wow! Did she instigate.

It was like when I was 18 again, she grasping my thighs firmly to hold my ass in place as she slid that thing up me with the greatest of ease I could never have envisaged, because she had uimplanted plenty of coconut oil around and about, which was cooling and pleasant and by the time she was due to fuck me I was well and truly wanting.

It was nice, different but nice, and Ursula had this wonderful way of bending her right arm beneath as she fucked me on all fours and jerking me off in the most sensual and delightful way so much that I soon cum, the dildo implanted deep inside me and my cock jerking up and cuming with a strong spurt which was divine.

Afterwards she gradually slid the dildo from my well fucked ass and said it was great to see me again and hoped I could be a regular customer like old times.

Secretly I liked the strap on idea but all the rest was out. I wanted a girl younger and with the look inside her skirt as good as outside.

Was it time to woo a girl now and take on a true commitment was the question I asked of my seven year younger self?

But all that was spoiled because David’s deed did not continue and in a week I was returned to my true age state.

“I’m working on it, give me time, it is rather new you know. And anyway from what you have told me you had a great time being seven years younger, huh?”

“You are right there David,” I replied. And the oats and barley really did it for me

David looked puzzled but I knew what I meant!

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