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Office Quickies - The Executive

Craig's first day at work leads to sex with his boss.
The Premise

Justine Baker had been without a man for longer than she could remember. The result? Her only sexual fulfillment came from B.O.B. She thinks that most men are turned off by the confidence that she exudes as an executive at Stanley & Baker, a publishing firm. But, like any other woman, she had needs, and those needs were not the emotional kind but the carnal needs of a woman long deprived.

Today felt like her lucky day, however. She had hired Craig Freemont as her executive assistant, and let me tell you! He was hot, hot, hot. But, that was not what got him the job as her assistant. Craig had come with high remarks from those that he previously worked for. Craig was not just tall, dark and handsome. He had also been an all-star athlete at the nearby university until he had graduated this past summer. Beneath his tailor-made suites you could see the bulge of his muscular frame. Justine licked her lips just thinking about the fact that she would be working in close proximity to him on a regular basis.

“Miss Baker, Mr. Freemont has arrived. Would you like me to show him into your office?” Sara, the receptionist piped in over the intercom.

“Yes, Sara. Have him come right up.” Excitement zinged through her body. Today would be interesting. She only had one meeting on her calendar for today and that wasn’t until the afternoon. That meant that she could spend time training Craig for the majority of the day.

There was a soft knock at her door before it opened and Craig came over the threshold.

“Miss Baker? Hi,” Craig said as he stroked purposefully across the room to stop at her desk. He extended a hand. “Again, I just want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to work for you and your firm. I am looking forward to everything that I experience here.”

So am I, Craig. So am I.

The Tease

Justine gave Craig a quick tour of the firm so he would know where all his resources were. She tried not to let him see the knowing looks the other women on the executive team were giving her. Stanley & Baker was like most other publishing companies. The executive staff was comprised mostly of women. Sometimes that caused problems all on its own, but on the other hand it meant that any man on the staff had their pick of women to choose from.

“Craig, I would like you to meet my partner in crime, Ms. Nadia Stanley.”

Craig gave her the same wolfish grin that he gave Justine when they first met. It was a grin that said he could believe his luck to be among such gorgeous women. Nadia was a woman of average height, and relatively average looks. What she lacked in the beauty department she more than made up for in the personality department, and the . . . eh hem, shall we say the well-endowed department. Nadia was naturally very curvy and she was not ashamed to flaunt it. She had perfect caramel colored skin, beautiful, long legs, and a deep cleavage that she never failed to expose every chance she got. Justine could almost see Craig drool at the sight of her. Oh, yes, she thought to herself. She’d definitely chosen the right man for the job.

“Justine,” Nadia said as she looked Craig up and down with a ravenous look in her eyes. “Don’t keep Craig tied up took long. Remember that he has to spend time training on my needs also.” Nadia said this because for the time being she and Justine would be sharing an executive assistant until they found the right one to assist Nadia.

“Oh, don’t worry, Nadia. What I have to show him won’t take too long. You can have him after lunch. After all, I have that 2 p.m. meeting to attend to anyway.”

“Perfect,” Nadia purred as she squeezed Craig’s left bicep with her perfectly manicured hand. “I look forward to it.”

“Sara, please make sure that Craig and I are not disturbed. His onboarding begins now,” Justine said as she and Craig made their way back to her office.

Justine could see that Craig had no clue what was in store. After all, onboarding is a widely known term amongst new hires. Because Justine was one of the principal partners in the organization, her executive assistant also had an office – the office right next to hers with door that connected the two and would allow Craig to come to her office without having to entering the main hallway. The arrangement offered the perfect privacy for Justine’s well known habits. Nadia, too, had the same office arrangement across the hall from Justine’s. For now the office next to Nadia’s stood empty until they found the right assistant.

Justine and Craig entered her office and, instead of sitting at the desk, they sat in the area that was situated off to the side with two comfy, red living chairs and a love seat.

“Please,” Justine said as she gestured to the love seat. “Have a seat.”

She also sat on the love seat with not more than a handbreadth between them. Justine sat very straight, leaning forward slightly, to give Craig a nice view down the front of her suit. Nadia was not the only woman in the company that proudly displayed her cleavage to all who was willing to look. She saw him glance down at her perfectly rounded breasts briefly and then look up at her face expectantly as he waited for her lead.

“Craig, there will be the usual duties that you’ll need to attend to, such as those that we spoke about during the interview process. There will also be a few other things that are assigned which will be key duties of your position. Duties that I hope you will enjoy.” He arm rested on the back of the love seat as she leaned towards Craig. Her hand brushed his shoulder as she emphasized the last. As she looked into his eyes she could tell that he knew exactly what she meant. His right hand came to rest lightly on her knee.

“I’m sure that there will be no assignment too difficult for me to handle, Ms. Baker.”

The Climax

Justine liked that answer. She decided that it was time to make her move. She was never nervous about whether an assistant would want to meet her needs. Choosing someone who was the right fit began with the screening and interview process. By the time that new hire walked into her offices she knew that the final cards would fall into place. Her problem had been that she was without an assistant for over a month now! Her only sexual satisfaction had come from B.O.B. She had one at home and one at work, but the experience pales in comparison to having a real dick sliding in and out of her tight, hot cunt.

The sultry stare that Craig was giving her seemed to make the temperature rise in the room. His clean scent reached out to her as she scooted closer, her voluptuous breasts pressed against Craig’s chest as she covered his mouth with hers. Oh! His lips were firm yet soft, and pleasantly warm. Her tongue moved to explore his mouth and she could taste a trace of mint. One of Craig’s hands gently squeezed and massaged her breast. His other hand found its way under her skirt, all the way to her hot, juicy center. A tingling of excitement raced through her.

“Craig, you catch on very fast.” Craig’s rock hard staff was straining to be released from his pants. As she unzipped his slacks his hot dick sprang out with an urgency to be touched. She grabbed his thick staff and noticed that her middle finger and thumb barely reached each other. Justine licked her lips, desire shooting through her all the way to her toes, as she lowered her mouth and tasted the salty drop on the tip of Craig’s dick. She felt him shudder and heard him suck in his breath as her mouth moved up and down on his staff. Her tongue swirled around his head. He was so thick!

“Oh, yeah. I really think that I’m going to like working her.” He moaned, placing his hand gently at the back of her head.

Justine looked into his eyes and she could see the fire of desire smoldering there. Slowly Justine stood up straight, removing her jacket, allowing Craig to see the swell of her breasts as they stretched her blouse tight across her chest. She laid her jacket on the back of the couch and came to stand between his legs.

“I want to test out what kind of ride you can give me.” She turned, facing away from him, and lifted her pleated skit so that her ass was exposed. Craig scooted forward in anticipation, placing his hands at her waist. She felt the cool air tingle her rear as she slowly lowered herself onto Craig’s dick. Her hot pussy molded itself around his thick staff and clinched as she used her thighs to slowly raise herself up again. Oooo, he filled her up! She began to ride him, her pace increasing as she felt herself racing closer to the brink of climax.

Craig’s hands reached around her front to massage her swollen nub. She felt a cool tingle as if she had been kissed with peppermint. She looked down and saw that Craig had a small bottle of peppermint lube in his hands. The man came prepared! She liked that in an assistant.

While one of Craig’s hands massaged her clit the other hand slicked a generous portion of the lube down the crack of her ass. She felt him slide one finger into her from behind, the cool tingle of the peppermint lube adding to her arousal. He then slid two fingers in her ass. She nearly screamed with pleasure and thought that she was going to come right then. The triple sensations in her slick channel, her swollen clit, and her tight ass were enough to drive her insane.

She rode him faster and he finger fucked her in the ass and continued his expert rotations over her clit. When she finally felt her release it came long and hard. Her body shuddered and convulsed as she folded forward with the power of her climax.

Craig lifted her and set her back down so that his dick entered her ass. She could tell that he liked her tight asshole. He sucked in his breath as his hands lifted and lowered her, pumping his thick staff into her. His release came shortly after that in a groan of pleasure. Craig pulled her back so that she leaned up against his chest.

“Oh, my god! You are an amazing boss!”

A smile crept onto Justine’s face. She thought that he was pretty amazing too. She had never had an assistant fuck her in the ass on the first day of work.

Justine walked over to her desk and pulled out some wet towelettes and handed one to Craig.

“Miss Baker?” Sara’s voice came over the intercom. “Sorry to bother you, but Miss Stanley wanted me to let you know that she is ready for Craig now.”

Justine knew the emphasis on ‘now’ that meant that Nadia was horny in need of Craig’s services. She didn’t want to wait until noon. After spending some time with Nadia she knew that Craig’s services would be in high demand. At least until Nadia hired her own assistant. She groaned with the thought of having to share her incredible find, but in order to keep work a pleasant a few concessions were in order.

“Craig, please go see to Nadia’s needs. After you are done with her you are free to go for the day. I’ll expect you back here at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.”

“My pleasure, Miss Baker. Already this has been an enjoyable first day.” His arms circled her to lightly squeeze her ass. She felt his warm lips lightly brush against hers as his clean scent enveloped her. And then he strode out of her office to see Nadia. Justine wondered how much work was going to get done with that man in the office. She sighed, already looking forward to tomorrow.

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