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Office Visit

We both wanted anal sex and we didn't disappoint
It has been so long since we have been able to sneak some time together. He has kept you occupied and she has been very attentive to everything I do. Finally, she arranged to go with her friends to dinner and a movie. You have an early evening meeting so we arrange to meet in your office after dark.

I can tell in your voice that you are as anxious as I am. It’s been entirely too long for us to share some quality time together, cyber sex is OK, but there is nothing like the real thing. As I drive to your office you ring my cell phone to let me know you are there and waiting. I let you know I’m not too far out which pleases you.

You ask, “What do you want tonight?” I chuckle a bit, to which you softly say, “What?”

I tell you that you have been teasing me a lot about fucking you in the ass. “You send me a lot of pictures of your luscious ass, and tell me I can have it when we have time. Well, tonight we have time!”

Now, you chuckle and whisper, “I don’t know.”

I respond, “We’re about to find out, I’m parked, come let me in.”

I wait until I see you inside the door before I get out of my car and stroll over to allow you to let me in. You swing open the door and walk away as you usually do to avoid being seen. We duck into your office and I notice immediately you have already pulled the shades down. You turn and drape your arms around me and we kiss our first kiss of the evening. I waste no time grabbing you ass cheeks to pull your cunt closer to my crotch.

You break the kiss to whisper, “You’re hard already and it feels good.” I ask you if you want it. You respond by reaching down and rubbing it through my pants, before probing for my zipper. You find in and in a flash, you have my fly down and your hand inside pulling my on cock in an attempt to free it from the confines of my boxer briefs. I adjust and lean back on your desk to give you better access and you are able to get it out. You drop to your knees and waste no time in putting my hardness in your mouth as you work to open my belt, and pants.

You have everything open and in no time and reach up and pull my pants and briefs down to my ankles and return your wet mouth to my manhood. You have me rock hard and wet from your saliva and all the attention has me starving to taste your sweet pussy. I raise you up by the arm pits. You are a bit reluctant but no so much that you fight it too much. I sense you know what you are in store for.

As you come to your feet, I plant a hard sensuous kiss on your mouth as I reach under your sweater and unfasten your bra. I reach around the front as I caress both of your beautiful globes. As I break our passionate kiss, I raise my arms and peel off your sweater and bra. I immediately kiss my way down to take one nipple then the other in my mouth. I suck on them, push them together to lick both nipples, as I open your pants, place my hands down the back inside your panties. As I kiss my way down your stomach, I slide your pants and panties down to your ankles and maneuver you into your chair.

By the time my mouth reaches your bush, I have one of your legs out of your pants and before I open your legs to give me access to your glistening pussy, I slip them completely off. I slowly kiss your tight belly, and work my way down. Slowly I kiss your bush, as I move to your upper right thigh, I continue to lick and kiss my way down to above your knee as I open your legs more.

I kiss my way up your left thigh, and I rub your bush as I stroke your clit with my thumb. I move in and replace my thumb with my rigid tongue before I start to lick your sweet wet lips as I massage your breast and hard nipple. I take long slow licks the length of your slit from ass hole to the top of your wet slit, stopping to take your clit into my mouth and gently suck it between my teeth.

I look up and you have your eyes closed and I can tell you are biting your lip. I sense your orgasm is approaching. I again lick my way down your slit, stopping to probe as deep as I can into the folds of your delicious pussy. I place my arms under your legs and lift your slightly. This allows me access to your anus. I lick and then probe your ass as deeply as I can with my tongue.

I ass fuck you with my tongue for a minute or so before sliding my tongue back to your clit. I again suck your button until you grab my head and fuck my face feeding me your juices, which I savor as I lick up and swallow all that I can. I linger for a while licking you as your orgasm subsides. Then, I lick my way up your body, stopping to lick and suck your tits then we kiss.

When we break our kiss, I notice a bottle of baby oil and a condom on your desk next to the back of your chair. I smile at you and whisper, “I see you are ready to try it.” You reassure me you are and we share another passionate kiss. I stand and you grab onto my rock hard cock and bring your mouth to it savoring the droplets of my pre-cum. I help you from your seat and ask if you are sure. You tell me yes and hand me the oil and condom.

I pull your naked body to mine and kiss you as I run my hands up and down your back and cup your cheeks. I pull them apart gently and move my finger to your anus which is still wet from my saliva and your juices.

I instruct you to lean across your desk, which you do. I get down on my knees, I massage your ass one hand on each cheek. I start to kiss your beautiful ass and run my tongue in the crack. I open your cheeks and lick your ass hole before I start to stick my tongue in as far as I can.

You grind your ass back into my mouth as I reach one hand around to finger your hot wet cunt and tease your swollen clit. With my other hand I put the rubber on my cock. I stand and stick my cock into your waiting cunt as I open the oil. I stop ramming my dick into you long enough to oil up couple fingers. I slide one then two up our ass hole and you respond by pushing back against them and your pussy back against my groin.

I pull out of you and place my hardness against your puckered hole. I slide it part way in holding you tight as you get squeamish. I stop. I let you get comfortable before I shove my hard cock all the way into your tight ass. I stop and hold you again before I gently rotate my hips without pumping in and out.

You gasp a bit and then start to grind back into me. I ask if you are Ok, and you tell me, yes. I slide my dick half way out and then back in once, then twice as I reach for your clit. I stroke it as I start to take longer strokes in and out of your wanting ass. You respond by fucking back. You start breathing harder and tell me it feels great and you are going to cum again. As you do, you fuck back even harder and my own cum boils to the breaking point and I erupt in your ass filling the reservoir of the condom.

I cum so hard and so much I am certain my load will ooze out of the condom. After I release the final spurt, I lean over and kiss your back and cup your breast. As I rise, I lift you with me. We are standing my front to your back as I kiss your neck and ears and continue to massage your tits. You tilt your head back so we can share a deep kiss.

I pull my softening cock from your ass and you turn to face me. We kiss again and I ask if you are ok. You assure me you are and tell me it was intense. You let me know you were going to tell me to pull out before I had my orgasm because you wanted me to cum in your mouth. I tell you that you can still have my load. I kiss my way down your bottom as I fall to my knees.

As I sit, I tug on your hands and instruct you to get on the floor with me. You drop down and I pull you into me as we lay down and embrace and kiss. I ask if you still want my load and you say yes. I tell you to go for it. You get on your knees and start kissing your way down my stomach. You tell me I still have the rubber on. And then I remove it to allow my cum to spew over my cock and lower belly. I tell you to enjoy.

You smile up at me with those dreamy green eyes then start to lick my spunk from my stomach. You continue to clean me up and start licking my cock. You take your time and savor every drop. You look up and let me know my dick is starting to respond. You start to suck me into your mouth and I feel my cock pulsate. I pull you up and we kiss. As we kiss I can taste my cum and I am not so certain you didn’t pass a bit to me. As we kiss, my hardening cock presses against your wet cunt lips...

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