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On the Job Training Part Three

"Karen, remove your blouse, please." Mr. Decker watched impatiently as I fumbled with the buttons, finally slipping the last one through the hole and shrugging off my top. My nipples hardened further, both from the chill in the room and the rush of the humiliation. I felt like a whore, and I loved it. I wanted these two powerful men to use and degrade me. My pussy clenched at the thought of what might lie in store for me.

I was jolted out of my thought by Richard's fingers pinching my nipples roughly. He bent and sucked a nipple into his mouth, groaning. "Fucking perfect tits, John. Have you thought about inducing lactation in this slut? Imagine these swollen with milk, these perky little nipples leaking milk all day long..." He went back to sucking, switching from my left breast to my right. Apparently, Richard was a boob man.

"First things first, Richard. As I mentioned, this slut gives wonderful head and seems to have a real taste for cum. But before I do anything else I want to get her ass ready for my cock. She's had a plug in since yesterday, and she assures me that she's clean, so perhaps we can have a little fun with that today."

Richard reluctantly pulled off of my nipple, giving each breast a rough squeeze. "That sounds perfect. Let's have a look at that tight little asshole."

Mr. Decker made a turning motion with his finger. "Turn around and bend over the desk, Karen. Oh, and remove the rest of your clothing. It'll only be in the way."

I did as he asked, my chest resting on his desk, my ass in the air. He kneed my legs apart until I was spread wide, then began slowly pulling out the thick plug. I moaned at the stretching sensation.

"Ah, you like that, don't you?" Both men laughed, and I felt a finger swipe through my pussy. "Christ, she's wet. I'm almost tempted to fuck that sweet cunt but I'd really like a go at her ass."

I froze. Mr. Decker had implied that it would be some time before he fucked me there, and I'd be using the plugs to stretch myself first. Would he let this client of his take me there already?

His next words answered my question. "Well, let's see how things look after we get this plug out..." With a pop the plug left my body, and I felt strangely empty. Neither man said a word, but I felt a finger circle my tender hole. "Ah, she's got a nice little gape going already," Mr. Decker remarked.

"May I?" I heard Richard ask, and Mr. Decker replied. "Of course."

I tensed, and earned a sharp pinch on one of my cheeks. Mr. Decker's tone was reproving. "Richard is a guest, slut, and I expect you to treat him with respect and courtesy. Tell him that he's welcome to explore your ass."

I swallowed hard. "Sir, you are welcome to use my ass as you see fit."

"That's a good girl. Go ahead, Richard. She's all yours." A moment later I felt something warm and wet around my hole, and it took a second for me to realize that it was a tongue. Richard was rimming me. It felt incredible, and I moaned and pushed back into his face, spurring him on to grip my cheeks and plunge his tongue deeper into me. He licked and sucked at my asshole, then fucked me hard with his fingers until I came, squirting down my legs and on the carpet.

Both men clapped and laughed as I lay there, struggling to catch my breath. Mr. Decker's next words sent a chill through me, but I remained where I was, determined to make him proud.

"I think she's ready, Richard. Go ahead—you can be the one to break her in."

Next I felt cold lube being squirted into my hole, then two fingers probing in and out. "She's been stretched a bit, but not too much. I like a good, tight fit," Richard said, and he and Mr. Decker laughed. The fingers slipped out, and I felt pressure, sort of like the first time the plug had been inserted, only not as unyielding. I realized it was Richard's cock, about to take my anal virginity. I winced as the head popped in, and he pushed the rest of his thick length into my rectum. He grunted and groaned, and began thrusting in and out, setting a fast, hard pace.

"Look here, girl." I turned my head at the sound of Mr. Deckers' voice, to see him standing next to the desk, jerking his large cock near my face. After a few moments he swore as he started to cum, directing the hot spurts at my face, hitting my mouth, chin, cheeks and hair. I stuck out my tongue greedily to lick up what was in reach.

Almost simultaneously Richard grunted, slammed into me and came. I could feel his cock pulsing, the hot cream filling my rectum. He pulled out and slapped my ass hard. "Fuck, that was good. I hope you'll consider lending her out sometime, John."

Mr. Decker held his cock to my lips and I dutifully cleaned him off. "Not just yet, but we'll see. I've barely had time to enjoy her myself."

He then walked behind me, pushing two fingers into my sore asshole. He held them out to me, dripping with Richard's cum. "You weren't going to let this go to waste, now, were you?" I licked them clean, and he repeated the action twice more, until he was satisfied that I'd gotten it all.

"Thank you, Karen. You are proving to be an exemplary slut. You can get dressed, and take care of the filing that wasn't finished yesterday."

I hurriedly pulled on my clothes and prepared to go back to my desk. I knew I reeked of sex, and looked like I'd just had a good fucking, but instead of embarrassment, I felt pride. I wanted to be the best slut that I could be for Mr. Decker, and I didn't care who knew it.

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