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Open For Me Now

A woman is instructed to open for him.
I want you to feel this, to enjoy it and play as much as you want. Lay on your back. Be ready, almost naked. Have a small hard toy and a good vibrator.

I've pushed up your top to reveal your breasts. Standing beside your bed, I run my hands over your tummy and up to the bottom of your breasts where I cup one and squeeze if firmly in my hand. The other hand slides down and pushes along your thigh, moving back and forth till it touches your soft fur. Finding the mound, I push on it with the palm of my hand. At the same time I grasp your nipple between my thumb and finger and roll it between them. Squeezing and pulling and watching for your sign.

"Be quiet now, don't whimper. Or I'll pull more."

When your brow furrows and your head goes to the side I move to the other and do the same. My other hand has hooked under your thigh, and I pull it up toward our tummy, pushing it firmly and then locking it there in place.

 "Get your hard toy, Baby."

While I'm pulling and twisting on your nipple, my other hand slides down, and I run my fingers into your lips and feel the wetness that is already flowing.

"Good Girl, so well trained."

As I pull the nipple, the fingers of my other hand slide down through your slit and down to your tiny bud. Warm and soft to the touch, I begin running them around the hole. I press on the sides of it, then near the top, then the other side. Getting more wetness from your lips, I go back down and circle around and around your bud, pushing and probing more and more, making it wetter and slicker.

My other hand goes up and circles your throat, squeezing firmly. I feel your body arch off the bed and your head tips back. Then I slide my hand up to your mouth and my fingers go in along your lips. You draw a couple big deep breaths as I lay my index finger on your bottom lip.

"Suck it. Suck it like the tip of my cock."

I watch as you suck it into your mouth and circle it with your tongue. Your eyes sparkle, and I can see the smile around them.

My other hand has not stopped, and my finger pushes firmly on your opening. Feeling it soften, I circle in your wet juices and push the finger inside the tight ring. I feel you pull up tight inside, and again your back arches as you let out a deep low moan.

Pulling your knee toward me, I move onto the bed and get between your legs. Looking into your eyes, I bend your leg and push the knee back up before pushing it firmly into your tummy and chest. My finger sinks very slowly inside your tight ass and twists back and forth. So tight and hot.

"Dont move."

Gasps, half sobs. 

I let my finger be pushed out of you, and I open my belt and jeans and push them and my briefs down to my knees. My hard cock jumps up, and I move toward your body. Lifting your other knee, I push it up on your body and then push your legs together so you are locked like that. Your pussy sweetly framed by your thighs.

My cock slides up, and the head grazes your lips and slides back and forth there. Pushing a bit, it slowly slides its length along your gaping lips and soaks the bottom of it with your gushing juices. The head touches your clit again and again, rubbing it and rolling it around. I can feel your hardness.

Its leaking. The head of my cock is weeping slick precum that mixes with your own leaking wetness. Pushing your knees up harder onto your body, I slide the head of my cock down through your lips and continue downward. I feel the firm ring of your opening. I push, insistently, and you let out a sharp gasp as it pops inside your tight ring.

"Not another sound, or Ill spank your white ass till its crimson"

Reaching down, I slap your thigh hard. You bite your lip hard and roll your head away to the side.

I pull gently back, and the ring holds the head of my cock for an instant before it is pushed out of you. I choose to ignore the long, soft, low moan as I pull it out. Immediately I push hard and pop back in. Sinking slowly, half of me is in before I stop and pull back slowly. Again your ring is pulled and stretched outward before it gives my cock back. I squeeze it and pour my juices on you before I pound back in. I repeat that, out and in, again and again, until your ass gapes open and my cock slides freely in and out of you.

 "Get your vibrator."

My fingers play with your soaking pussy as I lean with my forearm across your shins so your knees are pressed up against your tummy and chest, harder than ever.

My cock slides in deeper know, and as I go in, I move my hips so it moves around and stretches you this way and that, probing, hunting.

When its all the way in, I grind there for an instant and my hand is pushed against your pussy, my fingers pushed inside your hot wet folds.

With my cock I begin a series of long quick full thrusts that fill you completely each time. My fingers slide in and out of your pussy and up over and around your clit. When everything there is soaked and swollen and puffy with want, I settle in with your clit between my soaking thumb and and finger. I roll and pull it gently.

"Shhh.... "

My cock speeds up and I push down so it rubs a different part inside you. More and more, and faster, as I feel my orgasm building.

As I see your face reddening, your teeth biting your lip and your head moving rapidly from side to side, I loose all control and begin pounding your ass and rolling your clit.

"Sooo tight and hot.... So fucking tight."

Grinding and pounding, I feel it start, and my back arches. My cock sinks as deep as it will go, and I shoot my hot cum inside your sweet tight ass.

"Cum Baby. Cummm."

It pulses and again and again pushes my hot cum in you. Pulling back the last couple shots go over my fingers on your clit and your soaking lips.

I push my fingers deep inside and feel your pussy convulsing and squeezing as you cum.

When your shaking stops, I slide my fingers out of you very slowly. Then I push up onto my knees, pull your legs off you and set your feet beside me, your knees bent. I step off the bed and drop my jeans and briefs to the floor. I push your knees sideways and you roll onto your side with your back to me.

Leaning over you, I pull your hair up at the back of your neck and run my fingers around it. Leaning closer, I open my mouth and bite your neck. Two or three firm bites as your shoulders pull up and your back arches away from me. One, two kisses there, before I pull your hair back down and pull your sheets up over your body.

I head for the bathroom, where I will shower before I come back for you. For more of you.

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