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Part II - The 8 Hour Tow

I instinctively pull off your shirt which gets you nervous because of the tow truck driver
So after I finish filling your wonderful ass with my hot cum, we both clean ourselves off in the cool pond and start walking back to put our clothes back on. About this time, we hear the sound of a large truck driving down the old dirt road. So you hurry up and pull your shirt back on before the tow truck pulls around your truck and backs up to hook it up for the tow.

So we walk up to the driver and confirm that we are the ones that called for the tow back to town. So the driver suggests that we get anything we need for the drive back to town since he'll need to have us ride in his tow truck. So the two of us leave the driver to begin connecting the tow bar to the front of the our truck while we get some snacks and our phone charger and an extra pack of cigarettes for each of us. Of course, during this time I can't help but keep leaning in towards the side you are on to give you kisses. After a while of doing this, you have me come over to the other side of the truck so that you can give me one longer kiss before we start on the way back to town.

The thing is though that once you start the kiss, I pull you close to my chest and you begin to feel the heat rise up within each of us. Still feeling the incredible sensations from before, you start dragging your nails on my back. With that I begin grabbing your butt with both my hands and prop you up on my hips. During this time, you continue with your fingers running them through my hair, along my neck, down my back, and back up again. I'm getting so excited at this point that I instinctively pull off your shirt which gets you nervous because of the tow truck driver, but I silence your objections by pointing out that our truck door is blocking the view. Reluctantly, you give in after which I begin to play with your gorgeous large tits!

Now I don't know whether you are just getting braver or if you feel like you're putting on more of a show than me, but you take one of your hands and reach down my pants and begin stroking me. Within seconds when you are convinced you've prepared me to your desires, you pull my pants down. Then you lower yourself to the ground and continue stroking my cock while you start sucking on my balls.

I'm so distracted by how incredible you are at this that I don't even notice when the tow truck driver walks up behind me and says "Ahem, do you folks need a few more minutes to uh.. gather your things?". Immediately, you hide out of view in front of me and I start to grab for your shirt since I you've told me you don't want others seeing you doing this. But when I respond calmly to the driver that we'll be ready in a few minutes, you ask him how long he's been standing there. Looking a little nervous, he tells us that he has been watching us the whole time while he was getting the tow bar in position.

Apparently, you must have felt that there was no point in trying to hide from his view because you moved back over to where he could see you with your shirt off. Seeing him blush and get a smirk on your face, you get the idea to ask him if he has a woman to go home to, to which he responds no, and that he never married. This is when you do something that I would have never expected!

You move your vision from looking at his face to looking straight ahead at his crotch. Then you begin rubbing him to see if he is hard already. Even though he isn't rock hard yet, you decide that this could be worth it, so you have me stand next to the driver and you begin sucking on my cock again as you open up the overalls on the driver so you can get a proper look and feel for yourself of what he has to offer. Then you begin stroking his cock to get him harder and soon, you start going back and forth between sucking both of our cocks while you continue stroking us at the same time.

At some point, I don't know exactly when, you hard started rubbing your pussy. When the driver noticed this, he asked if you wanted one of us to give it some attention so that you wouldn't have to do everything yourself. Looking over at me after you gave your approval, I suggested that he go first since I had already filled you just before and I figured it might be interesting for you to have another man please you while you pleased me. So you pull down your pants and he lays down on his back so that you can lower your pussy to his mouth while you continue sucking and stroking me.

After a few minutes of that, you are getting extremely wet and when the driver starts to ask something you cut him off and tell him to just do what he wants to do to you. So he stops eating your pussy, gets behind you and slides his dick into your pussy. Not slow or gentle though, he rams that sucker right in like his dick is exploding out of his body. And when the walls of your pussy clamp down on him, he begins thrusting in and out of your furiously. You have a hard time accepting it, but you realize that you are now being fucked in your pussy by a stranger while you blow your fiance. This just doesn't seem right, but you just can't seem to get the words out to stop this.

After a few minutes, the driver moans as he shoots his load into your pussy and falls back onto the step into the truck. This is when you begin to panic as you now realize that you never told the driver to put a condom on, and he just came inside of your pussy. But this hasn't occured to me yet and seeing the driver sitting down after he finished off in you, I quickly turn you around and shove my raging hard cock into your pussy. I can't get believe how tight your pussy is and it gets me so excited that I immediately start pounding away at breakneck speed. Meanwhile, you see the driver's dick still semi-hard in front of you and figuring that what was done was done and you might as well make the most of things. You begin sucking on his cock to get the last of the cum out of him and as you do this your mind wanders to the thought of what it will be like to have the cum from more than one man in your pussy at the same time, and this scares you because it makes you even more excited.

You start sucking on the driver's cock more vigorously now getting him hard again just I explode in your pussy yet again. Except now, you have the cum from two men inside you and you start having this crazy idea.

You tell me to lay on my back and you tell me to put my cum soaked cock into your ass, so I get my bearings and slowly enter your ass, stretching it once again. Then I begin thrusting in and out slowly so that I don't hurt you. Then you tell the driver to put inside too, but just as he is about to go inside your pussy again, you grab his dick and bring it to your ass and tell him that that is where you want him to put it. Not knowing what else to do, he starts working his way in which is when I realize just what is happening. But I just continue thrusting slowly in and out of her ass stretching her out so that she can accomodate both of us in there. Eventually, both of us are completely in her ass up to our balls.

That's when we both start thrusting more quickly and before she can react we are both pounding away at her ass so fast and hard that she is unable to contain herself for much longer. Within minutes, we all three are on the verge of climaxing when all of a sudden the driver blows his load, followed closely by me and almost immediately followed by her.

To be continued back in town...
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