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Paying for College With her Ass--Part 1 Introduction

This is one way to pay for college

Julia had just spent six hours in class and fours working in a fast food restaurant and all she wanted were a shower and bed. Just as she crawled into bed her roommate came bounding into their dorm room – like a kid hyped up on chocolate.

“Julia!” Rosie said enthusiastically “I have found the perfect part-time job where you can work when you want to. The least you will make is two hundred dollars a night and that is for just an hour’s work. I made four hundred dollars tonight plus a bonus for only two hours.” To prove her point she flipped on Julia’s bedside lamp and waved the money in her face.

Julia struggled to a sitting position and asked, "Are you for real? If this is some type of joke I am handing your dirty panties out to the football team.”

“Yes, it is for real. Remember Jackie? She had the room down the hallway. And she just dropped out of college?”

Julia sat there listening to Rosie rattle on, knowing that eventually, she would get to the point. There was no rushing her.

“Well anyway, we were talking in the lounge a few weeks ago and she told me about it. She has decided to go full time and that is why she dropped out of college.” Rosie said, “She sells her ass.”

“What!” Julia screeched “You are prostituting? Oh my God Rosie, I would never have thought you would turn to that. That is a dangerous profession. I don’t care if I could earn a thousand dollars a night I am not going to prostitute myself. Now I am going to try and get some sleep. I have another long hard day ahead of me.”

"No, wait . Julia, it is not prostitution. You are only selling your ass,” Rosie started to explain. “You literally just sell your ass for spanking, anal sex, or both. Hell, I will let some weirdo who has a spanking fetish spank my ass for two hundred dollars.”

“But…..anal….sex, are you kidding?” Julia exclaimed. “Hell, I am no virgin but putting something that big in my ass? Not for me… way in hell…..not even for one thousand dollars.”

“Only hurts the first time,” Rosie said very quietly

Julia looked wide-eyed at Rosie, unable to even voice what was going through her mind.

“I am having a living nightmare,” Julia said as she lay back down “When I wake up I pray this was a nightmare and not for real,” covering her head.

In the background, she could hear Rosie laughing and saying “It is not a nightmare Julia. It is for real.”

When Julia woke up the next morning Rosie was already gone to class but on her nightstand, Julia found a note with a number and the word ‘call’ on it. All day, especially at her job, she found her mind wandering back to the number she left on her nightstand. What she could earn in one night would take her working thirty hours at the fast food restaurant. By the time she got home that evening, Julia had talked herself into calling the number after school the next day.


“Chisholm Enterprises, James speaking. How may I help you?”

Julia almost hung up but then said, “I would like set up an appointment.”

“Two o’clock this afternoon,” James said “Make sure you wear a skirt and a thong. The address is 305 Oakland Blvd, Suite 2 A. Do not be late.”

Before Julia could say a word or ask any questions James had hung up. Glancing at her watch she saw it was done noon and she still had to buy a thong and change into a skirt. At precisely two o’clock she walked into the office building and was entering Suite 2 A.

“May I help you?” asked a well dressed young man, who appeared to be in his early twenties, sitting at a desk near the door.

“Yes, I have a two o’clock appointment,” Julia said as she looked around the reception area.

“Come around here and raise your skirt,” he told her matter-of-factly “If you are not dressed appropriately you will not see Mr. Chisholm.”

Julia stood there a minute and then walked over to where he sat and lifted her skirt.

“I am James, by the way, and Mr. Chisholm’s assistant,” he said by way of introduction as he stood up. “Turn around and bend over. Are you here for the spanking, anal, or both position?”

“Spanking,” Julia said watching the front door, afraid someone would barge through the front door and see her in a compromising.

Jim stared at her ass for a moment, then reached out and squeezed both cheeks, causing her to jump. “Nice firm ass. So glad you are one with some meat on her ass and not those skinny bimbos. I will let Mr. Chisholm decide if it is spankable or not. Put your skirt down and have a seat….while you still can. I will let him know you are here.”

For once in her life, Julia was glad that she was a big beautiful woman as she sat in a chair. She watched James disappear into an office and settled back to wait. Within minutes the door to the office opened and she was motioned to come to the office by James. Stepping into office she saw an older man, mid-sixties to seventies, sitting a huge oak desk, a ruler in his hand.

“I am sorry but I neglected to get your name when I made the appointment,” said James

“My name is Julia Montgomery,”

“And this is Mr. Chisholm,” he said, “I think this one is a keeper Mr. Chisholm.”

James waved her to a chair and quietly left the room. Julia sat down in the chair, demurely tucking one foot behind the other at the ankle, her skirt resting a little below her knees. Mr. Chisholm just stared at her for five minutes, tapping the palm of his hand with the ruler. Although it was unnerving the way he just stared at her Julia forced herself to stare right back.

Finally, he stood up and said, “Here, now, Julia. Raise the skirt and let me see that delicious big firm ass that has James all a flutter.”

Slowly Julia walked over to him, turned around, and raised her skirt. As James had done, Mr. Chisholm squeezed her ass. Moving her thong aside he stuck his index finger in her little-puckered hole.

Julia jumped and turned around, angrily saying, “I am only applying for the spanking job, not anal sex.”

“Too bad,” he replied “you have the perfect ass for fucking, nice tight hole. I was so looking forward to fucking it. You have a virgin ass hole, right? I would pay a thousand dollars to fuck it.”

At the mention of so much money, Julia was tempted to take him up on his offer but instead stared at him and said, “I was under the impression that you could choose which you want to participate in, that it was not a requirement to do both”

“You are right, it is not a requirement to do both,” he replied. “Now, feet spread and both hands on the desk. I have to test the material to see if it is spankable. Now assume the position, ass in the air.”

As if her feet and mind had a mind of their own she found herself doing as he required. Although Julia had never considered a spanking a turn-on she found the crotch of her thong getting wet. Mr. Chisholm walked behind her, flipped up her skirt and smacked her ass with the ruler, causing her to yelp – her thong now thoroughly drenched. The next smack was delivered by his hand.

“Your ass is very spankable and you are going to make a lot of money. We have many clients looking for a big beautiful woman to spank…….and ass fuck.” Mr. Chisholm told here. “Could you spank a man’s ass if asked?”

Stunned by his question, Julia had no answer. Taking her by the arm he helped her stand and then pressed a button on his desk.

Within seconds there was a tap on the door and James walked in.”Yes, Mr. Chisholm?”

“Assume the position James,” he ordered

James smiled and walked eagerly over to the desk, unfastened his belt, then his pants and pushed them down to his ankles. He placed his hands on the desk and raised his ass.

Mr. Chisholm handed Julia the ruler and said, “Just as I did you.”

Julia looked at the ruler and then his ass, trying to decide if the money was worth it. Tentatively she raised the ruler and brought down on James ass and then smacked the other cheek with her hand.

“Thank you, Miss Julia,” James said as he redressed and left the room.

“Now, Julia, you should know that you may be spanked with a paddle, a riding crop, a small whip, and even a belt but each client will know how much they can spank you, and how hard.” Mr. Chisholm explained. “All work will be done at a home we own so you will never be going to a hotel or other place with a client. They are also screened. You are allowed to accept bonuses from clients. You will not be required to have any sexual contact with them unless you decide to include anal, and this also includes receiving and giving. One session will earn you two hundred dollars and you can work set days or be on call. Julia, do you have any questions?”

Julia had been listening to Mr. Chisholm and thinking about what a thousand dollars would pay for a college student – but did she want something that big and thick up her ass?

“Yes, two,” she began “if I let you fuck my ass you will pay me a thousand dollars, correct?”

“Yes, that is correct,” he said. “Are you considering it?”

Not giving him a direct answer, Julia asked, “Will I automatically be required to include anal sex in what I offer if I find I do not like it?”

“No, what you offer is up to you but I think you should know that offering both can give you another two hundred dollars to your session.”

Mr. Chisholm gave her time to process it and the moment she nodded her head yes, he hit a button on the phone and went to lock the door.

In the reception area, James had a big smile on his face thinking to himself, “Another thong for his trophy case.” He closed down his computer, straightened his desk and quietly let himself out the front door, locking it behind him

Taking Julia by the hand he led her over to the couch, indicating for her to sit. “Would you like a glass of wine?”

“No thanks, I don’t drink,” Julia told him “Look, this just get this over with.”

“Oh no, I am going to enjoy my one thousand dollar investment and make sure that you enjoy it too,” he said as he leaned down and gently kissed her lips. “Are you a total virgin or just an anal virgin?”

Turning bright red, Julia mumbled, “Anal virgin.”

“You are really a beautiful woman Julia,” Mr. Chisholm told her. “I love full figured women like you. Two hundred dollars more if you let me make love to you, to rock your world, to make you love anal sex.”

Julia could not believe what she was hearing. All her life Julia had always been a big female, maturing faster than other girls in her class, having boobs before others, but not a girl the boys wanted to take to the prom or even date. Now she was twenty-one, in college, and an older sophisticated man wants to pay her to have sex with him – and she was going to let him.

Standing up, she pulled his head down to hers and kissed him. “Rock my world, Mr. Chisholm.”

“First there is something I must do,” he told her as he went over to his desk. When he came back he handed her an envelope. “Wanted you to know I am on the up and up so here is the twelve hundred dollars in advance. Count it if you want.”

Julia went over the chair she had been sitting in and put it in her purse, then turned back to him. He took her by the hand and led her through another door into a room where the only furniture was a king size four poster bed. He turned the dimmer on low and hit another button; soft romantic jazz filled the room.

“For this time only Julia you may call me Joe,” he whispered in her ear as he kissed her neck, his fingers on her shirt buttons. As each button was unbuttoned, he left a few kisses, until he was on his knees at her naval, his tongue swirling around in the indention.

Julia slipped her shirt off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Joe reached behind her, unbuttoning and unzipping her skirt, sliding it down her hips. Bracing her hands on his shoulders, she stepped out of it, along with her flats.

Taking her by the hips, Joe pulled her to him inhaling the scent of her heat as he licked the front of her thong. Julia moaned, holding onto his shoulders, unsure her legs would hold her. Joe moved her thong aside and slipped a finger into her sex slit, lightly rubbing her clit, then stopped and stood up.

Bending down Joe began to ravish her lips, his tongue demanding entrance. He crushed her to him as they kissed hungrily, nipping at each other’s lower lip, sucking on each other’s tongue. Joe bent her back and began to lick and kiss the top of her breasts, then sucking the nipples through her lacy blue bra. Standing her up Joe removed her bra and threw it aside.

Scooping her up into his arms as if she weighed nothing he took to the bed and laid her down. He removed her thong and placed it on the nightstand. Very quickly he undressed and joined her on the bed. Julia had a moment's hesitation when she saw his thick cock standing at attention – it must have been eight inches long.

Seeing Julia looking at his erection, Joe said softly, “It will fit in your cunt and ass,” as he started sucking on each nipple, rolling them with his tongue and fingers until she was wiggling all over the bed.

Slowly Joe moved downward kissing and licking every inch of her body until he reached her cunt. Spreading her legs, Joe pulled her cunt lips apart and lightly ran his tongue up and down the center, ignoring her clit. Then he latched onto her clit, sucking hard, almost sending Julia off the bed from the sheer pleasure.

“Oh fuck me, Joe,” she begged, “I need to fill your cock inside me.”

Joe ignored her pleas as he inserted two fingers into her cunt, using them to fuck her while licking and sucking her clit. Lubricating a finger he slowly and gently inserted it into her pucker hole finger fucking her ass while sucking her clit. Julia could feel every nerve ending firing up, her cunt quivering until she screamed as her orgasm exploded, sending her mind skyward, the visions in her eyes a rainbow of colors.

Nor giving her a chance to totally recuperate he moved up and shoved his cock deep into her cunt, pumping hard and deep as he ravished her nipples. Julia wrapped her legs around his waist, matching his thrusts with her own.

Julia screamed, “Fuck me Joe!!!” as she dug her heels in his ass, scratching his back with her nails as another orgasm exploded deep within her cunt, as hard as the first one. Her cunt muscles automatically tightened on his cock; so tight it was almost strangling it. Joe gave one final hard thrust and emptied his load deep into her.

Joe braced himself on his elbows and leaned down to kiss her. “Did I rock your world enough?”

Julia was so exhausted all she could do was smile and kiss him back.

Rolling off her he got up and padded naked out to his office. He came back in a few minutes later with a glass of wine for himself and a bottle of water for her. “Sorry I don’t anything to offer you besides water since you do not drink.”

“Thanks,” Julia said as she sat up in bed and took the bottle of water.

They sat in silence drinking until they finished their drinks. Taking the water bottle he set it and his wine glass on the nightstand.

“Now my cock is ready to claim his prize,” Joe told her. “On your knees, rest on your arms with your ass in the air.”

Julia swallowed hard and got herself in position, trying to make herself relax. Joe opened the drawer of the nightstand and took out a tube of anal lube. He put a generous amount in her ass crack and used his index finger to work some in her little-puckered hole. After letting her get use to one finger he worked another one in alongside the other one, causing Julia to gasp.

“Relax your ass,” Joe instructed, “It won’t feel so tight.”

With no warning, she suddenly felt three fingers in her ass stretching the opening. When she automatically tightened up Joe smacked her ass.

“Now for the real thing,” Joe said as he pulled his fingers out.

He generously lubed her ass hole and his cock. Placing his cock just barely in the opening, he then used his hands to spread her cheeks. Joe slowly inserted more of his cock, stopping occasionally to let her adjust to his width and length. Pulling out and back in until he reached her sphincter ring.

“Quick pain Julia,” Joe warned as he pushed past her ring.

Julia let out a small cry of pain as he broke through but soon the pain disappeared. Joe slowly began to fuck her ass, picking up speed as his orgasm came nearer.

“Oh fuck Julia!” Joe hollered as he shot his load deep into her ass. As his cock deflated, he pulled out and patted her on the ass. “Thank you for your virginity, Julia. Now, it is time to dress and leave and go back to the real world. Be sure to call James tomorrow with a good contact number. And leave your thong.”

Julia laid there on her stomach for a minute, then got up and got dressed, feeling funny not having any underwear to put on. Once she was dressed Joe put on a robe and walked her to the front door.

As she walked out the door Joe told her, “Welcome Julia to the world of ass spanking and anal sex. You are a welcome addition because our clients are always asking for big beautiful women with a bodacious ass like yours. And remember it is now Mr. Chisholm,” as he closed the door behind her.



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