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Perfect Day: Lucy and John Pt 2

Perfect Day: Lucy and John Pt 2

The Perfect Day continues....
As was stated in Part 1, this is a collaborative effort with the immensely talented JD Smith.

John smiled at the suggestion, the idea hadn’t crossed his mind, yet he realized it was the perfect way to relax after their vigorous morning so far. Heading into the bathroom, he started the water, allowing it to warm, and found some of Lucy’s favorite bath oils and scents. Plugging the drain, the warm water began to fill the tub as John added the scents to the water.

As he left the bathroom, he caught his reflection in the large mirror. Turning slightly, he could clearly see the marks on his back from Lucy’s nails earlier that morning. He smiled at the sight, a slight shiver running down his spine.

I love being marked by her.

Returning to the bedroom, he smiled down at Lucy’s prone, naked form; her tan skin, dark hair and the long, perfect lines of her body contrasting with the white, disheveled sheets surrounding her. Bending down, John gave Lucy a gentle, sensuous kiss. With a happy sigh, he pulled back slightly, and whispered, his voice hoarse, “Come on, lets get you in the bath.”

Sliding one arm under her knees, and another around her back, he could feel her arm wrap around his neck as her head rested on his shoulder. John lifted her off the bed and carried her carefully to the bathtub. Dropping slightly, he helped her out of his arms, till she was standing in the tub. Lucy sat with a sigh in the hot water at the front of the tub, pulling her knees to her chest.

John climbed into the water behind her, sliding his legs to either side of her, as she scooted back and laid back on his chest. The warmth from the water seeped into their aching muscles, melting away the exertion of their morning. He wrapped her in his arms, his right arm crossing her chest between her breasts and gently stroked her left shoulder with his hand. His left arm snaked down between her and the side of the tub, holding her where her inner thigh met her body. No movement, just a light embrace.


Lucy’s right hand curled around the back of John’s neck, gently stroking his nape as she leaned her head back against him, eyes closed. Her left hand resting on his arm crossing her chest. She opened her eyes and took it all in.

"There is a lot of bubbles going on here!" she giggled, her voice a soft rasp.

He chuckled at her remark. She looked to the right and saw his reflection in the mirror running down the wall on the opposite side of the room, above the two sinks. The back of his head was resting on the cool white tub. A lazy half smile pasted to his face.

She turned her face up to his neck, giving him a soft kiss followed by a nibble. “Have I worn you out for the day?” she asked.

His eyes opened and looked down at her, “We’re just getting started.”

Ahhhh, reassuring words indeed, she sighed to herself.

She laughed softly and turned her face to kiss his chin as she looked up at him, her hand still at her nape. She brought his mouth down to meet hers for a sweet long kiss. She gave his yummy lips a gentle lick before parting them with her tongue. A slow sensual kiss with their eyes opened, gazing at one another. Their mouths felt quite cool compared to the warm water in the bath. It was a lovely sensation and Lucy started to feel her energy return. She opened her mouth wider against his, feeding him the full length of her tongue. She could hear a moan from deep in John’s chest and it sent a shiver through her. That oh so wonderful tingling returned between her legs.

As their kisses became more fervent, Lucy was very aware of John’s hand at her inner thigh. She parted her knees slightly, allowing him room to move his hand a bit, if he chose to do so.


Accepting Lucy’s offer, John’s hand slipped down, running over the inside of her thigh and back up. The water curled around his fingers, his fingertips grazing her soft skin. Bringing his hand back up, he slid it across to her other leg, avoiding her sex for now. But that didn’t mean it went untouched, as the rippling water from his passing hand brushed against her.

"Maybe we should turn off the water," he suggested in a raspy voice as he broke their kiss. But he held her tight, one arm across her chest and the other across her waist. Getting the idea, Lucy reached her leg up to turn off the water and John watched with a grin as the soapy water ran down her marvelous leg. Moaning softly at the sight, he bent his head back down, pushing hers to the side so he could cover her neck in kisses. Starting at her shoulder, John kissed his way up her neck and behind her ear. He pulled on her earlobe with his teeth gently, just a little nibble and a tug before he kissed his way back down.

While his lips explored Lucy’s neck, his lower hand lifted out of the water, cupping water and bubbles, then gently poured them on her chest so that the bubbles slid down her breasts and their hands.


Lucy’s back arched with the overwhelming stimulation of John’s tender kisses and the sudsy water running down her breasts. With each kiss, she felt a tiny electric pulse surge through her body. She gasped, realizing how sensitive her body still was from their play.

Her hand slid off his arm, and reached down between them. She could feel him growing at the small of her back and the urge to touch him overtook her. Her fingers found the tip of his smooth cock. Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she circled the silky head with her thumb. John shivered as she did that, his grip on her loosening slightly.

Lucy took advantage of the freedom, and turned to face him. Her glossy tits slid across his hard chest easily as the bubbles had made her skin slick. Her free hand cupped the side of John’s handsome face, allowing her to draw his mouth to hers. Her other hand still stroked his magnificence, which was now immense in size.

John wrapped his arms tightly around her waist as she devoured his mouth. Taking her hand from his cheek, she pulled back to look at him with a devilish look in her eye. Then she leaned forward, bringing her mouth to his ear and whispered, “Baby, I need to feel you inside me. Please.”

She leaned back to look at him again, grinning.

"Aren’t you a little sore?" he asked her, smiling at her insatiable need.

She reached around behind her back and placed her hand over his. Slowly she guided it down to her wet, shiny ass.

"Not back here."


John chuckled at her answer and gave her a smile. Though he was amused at her answer, his cock also swelled at her implication.

"My, my… Someone is feeling like a very dirty girl, isn’t she?"

Lucy’s only response was a shy smile, biting at her lower lip.

John’s hands squeezed her ass, spreading her cheeks which stretched her tight little hole. He loosened his grip, letting her ass relax, then he repeated the action. Over and over he toyed with her, teasing her asshole without even touching it. Gradually, his hands slid closer and closer until one finger on each hand was at the edge, playing with her, slipping around the rim.

Then one finger suddenly stopped, right over the center of her tight little asshole. No pressure, no movement, the tip just sat there. Lucy’s hips buck in reaction, but John was ready and as her ass pushed back, it pushed his arm with it, always keeping the finger just out of reach no matter how hard she pushed. Eventually she gave up, giving John a sexy little frown, but knowing he would give her what she needed soon enough.

Once her hips came to rest, squeezing John’s hard cock between them, he reached up and grabbed a bar of soap. Coating his hands, he began to work the suds into her back. Starting at her shoulders, he slid down her arms, then back up and massaged his way down her back. Reaching her ass, he kneaded them firmly in his soapy hands before washing the back of her thighs. When he finished washing as much of her as he could reach, he brought her hands back to her ass. The middle finger on his right hand slipped down between her cheeks pressing against the tight little hole. John’s other hand moved up and gripped her chin.

Thinking he was looking for a kiss, Lucy pushed towards him, but he pushed back, keeping her in place. He didn’t want to kiss her, he wanted to watch her. He wanted to see her face when…

And then it happened, her eyes widened and rolled up slightly, her mouth opened in a silent moan. His finger had finally entered her ass. He moved it around in gentle circles, stretching out her hole, creating the look of uncontrollable bliss on her face as he watched her intently.

Eventually, he stopped toying with her and brought her face closer for a quick kiss.

"I think its about time for my cock, don’t you?" he asked, a finger still in her ass, her face grasped in his hand keeping her face locked on his.

Lucy’s eyes lit up, making her eager nod unnecessary. John’s hands moved through the water, running over her slick skin till they were both on her hips. Then he turned her back around, so her slick back was on his chest. She pushed up out of the water with her legs, and reached down finding John’s throbbing cock. Her slippery hand stroked it lovingly as she guided him to her heavenly back door. The swollen head pressed against her, and for a moment the world seemed to stand still. Then the tip slipped in followed by the rest of the head.

His hands supported her back as she gradually worked inch after inch of cock into her tight ass.

God, it always grips me so tight, John thought to himself. If I hadn’t already cum twice this morning, I would have already lost it.

Eventually Lucy’s ass came to rest on his lap under the water, and for a moment they just lay together, enjoying the sensations from being connected.

Then John reached for the soap again, and repeated his movements from earlier, but on her front. This time though, there was nearly no friction due to the thick layer of soap on her back. So as his hands massaged up and down her chest, belly, and breasts, Lucy’s body moved up and down with John’s hands, causing his cock to slide in and out of her ass as he washed her.


The feeling of John’s hands as they glided over her wet skin, the clean smell of the soap, his cock gently stretching her under the water; it was all just so divine. Whereas the sex they had earlier was passionate and frenzied, there was a delicious languidness this time. A dirty act, but so clean and sensual. It was heaven.

The smoothness of his dick felt so incredible in her tight hole. John’s hands worked in circular motions on Lucy’s chest. Each time they passed over her breasts, she exhaled loudly. She placed one hand over his and guided it between her legs. Her other hand reached up to her soapy breast, giving it a hard squeeze.

She pressed his hand firmly against her so John was palming her clit, now quite swollen again. He took the lead and slid it back and forth, his fingers opening slightly. The soap provided an amazing lubricant.

Her head fell forward, her long hair creating a curtain. Lucy moaned quietly, a shiver running through her body. Her breathing a slow pant. Peeking through her curtain of hair, she looked at John in the mirror again. He was watching her intently. Mesmerized by the pleasure he was giving her.

Emotion poured over her in a wave. The pleasure he was giving her was so unbelievable, it almost felt undeserved. The desire to worship him overcame her and Lucy realized she was completely his. There was nothing she wouldn’t do to give him the same euphoria he was giving her.


The sensations were incredible, almost too much. The warm soapy water covering him, the smells of bath oils and soap in the air, the sight and feel of Lucy’s perfect body, and the slippery sensation of his fingers sliding through her lips. But above all, the tight, warm feeling of her glorious ass wrapped around his cock. Every time John’s cock pulsed and twitched it stretched her, but to him it felt like she was tightening around him.

John watched her pleasure grow in the mirror, which in turn caused the muscles in his groin to clench, making his cock swell further inside her. The sudden change in her face was all he needed to know she could feel his reaction.

His fingers continued to stroke, explore and toy with every fold of her slit, while his free hand slid up to her throat. Gently taking her throat in his hand, John pulled her back so that she was laying on him. His arm pressed and squeezed one breast while her own hand squeezed the other.

Once their heads were side by side, John pushed up into her ass, slowly but deeply. The gentle rhythm of his hips causing waves of bath water to wash over Lucy’s chest. Meanwhile, his fingers became more frantic, needy. John could hear her moans and see her face across the room in the mirror. Just as she was getting close John’s hands and hips stopped. He lovingly rubbed his cheek against hers, before he kissed her neck.

When her breathing calmed down, his thrusts and probing began again. This time, when she neared her peak, he slowed again and her hand that was guiding his in her sex reached up and ran through his short hair, her fingers grasped his head and pulled it down slightly so her mouth could reach up and bite his chin. Not too hard, just firmly getting his attention.

Knowing what she wanted, John leaned down and took her mouth to his, their tongues meeting. As they kissed, John began his thrusts again. His swelling cock getting closer to cumming, pushing slowly but blissfully into her tightest hole. His fingers stroked, pulled and pinched Lucy’s delicate lips and clit sending pulses of pleasure through her body, causing her ass to clench, sending pulses of pleasure through his body. He broke their kiss as their motions halted, once more letting their bodies and minds back away from that edge.

As their hearts and lungs slowed, he moved his lips to her ear while most of his cock left her. Speaking in a harsh, commanding whisper he told her, “Lucy, there’s something I want you to do for me.”

"Anything," came her weak, raspy, but eager reply.

"You must not cum," John began, before being cut off by Lucy’s whimper.

"You must not cum," he begin again, "Until you feel me filling your ass with my load. Can you do this? When you feel my cum filling your ass, then you may cum."

Lucy nodded her head, and whimpered her agreement through clenched teeth. At that, John’s cock forced its way back into her ass.


Lucy’s teeth clenched at the delicious, cruel torture he had put upon her. She bit her bottom lip hard as he pushed into her tight hole mercilessly.

John loosened the hold on her neck, moving his hands to her hips. She leaned forward with a whimper, breaking their contact, John’s cock slipping out of her, and pulling the top of her ass up to the edge of the water.


John spanked the top of her ass hard, making Lucy very aware of his displeasure. The force of the water slowed the impact, but the growl he released made it clear to her that she wasn’t in charge.

Lucy turned to face the mirrored wall, grasping the far edge of the glossy tub. The sleek coolness felt good in her hands as she knelt forward in the tub. Her back arched, lifting her wet cheeks out of the water. They were glowing bright pink from the heat of the bath. She lowered her chin to her hands, raising her ass even higher. Her body trembled in anticipation of what was to come.

Through lowered eyes, she watched John’s reaction in the mirror. His face was a complicated mix of satisfaction and restraint. Once again, he raised his hand to her bum.


This time the sound was quite clear, as was the sting. Her body smarted slightly and a small moan left her.

Grabbing hold of his throbbing fuck stick in his fist, John spanked her pink hole repeatedly.

"Does my fuck toy like it when I do that? Huh? You like when I spank that asshole with my dick?" he asked.

She nodded her head yes, still biting her lower lip.

"Tell me, my little cum slut,” he ordered her, his voice hoarse but commanding, “Tell me how much you like it. How much you love it."

Her throat was so dry, her voice was barely an audible whisper. “Your little fuck toy loves it when you spank her with that fat cock.”


His hand came down on her again, harder than before. A bright hand mark now displayed on her right cheek.

As John leaned forward on her back, his dick pressed into her, causing her to whimper. He gave her shoulder a tender kiss as he wrapped his arms around her small waist.

"Good girl."


His arms slid up her chest from her waist, his own chest still pushed against Lucy’s slick back. His hands sought out her breasts; gripping them both, he used them to pull her back, forcing his cock to push harder against her tight hole. It began to stretch around the tip, accepting his intrusion.

He watched her face in the mirror as he slowly penetrated her. As her eyes began to close, he stopped, and withdrew. John’s hands slid back to her hips, bracing him as he stood. The water cascaded down off his lower body, some falling on her back in fat droplets, the rest mixing with the ripples created by his exit. Reaching down, he gripped her hair and pulled her around so that his hard fat cock hung above her, seeking attention. Lucy sat up, her hands running up his wet, powerful thighs to his pelvis, her mouth open as she rose up. One of his hands slid to the top of her head, bracing against her, preventing her from rising any further. Slowly he eased up, letting her get closer and closer until his cock was just out of reach of her tongue. He could feel her heavy breathing across the tight, sensitive skin. Lucy’s normally warm breath was cool compared to the heat from the bath and the hot blood filling John’s swollen member.

His other hand found one of hers and dragged it across his skin until it reached his smooth cock. Her hand wrapped around him without instruction, slowly stroking the base. Her other hand moved around to the front, wrapping her thumb and finger around his dick, just below the head. Lucy began stroking with her other hand as well, the ring of her fingers sliding across the ridge of his head, tightening as she passed over the large purple tip.

John moaned loudly at the sensations caused by her hands and breath. Lucy smiled at the reaction she drew out of him before speaking.

"See, I can be a good fuck toy. Is this what you want? Do you want to cover your cum slut’s face with your load?" Lucy’s desire to please him was evident from the eager tone in her voice.

"Yes," he hissed. Then a low growl emanated from deep inside him. "But not now," he said; his voice was primal, as he struggled to maintain control over himself.

John’s free hand pushed Lucy’s hand off his cock, and his hand in her hair slipped back, gripping her wet brown locks. He gently pulled up, so that she knew what he wanted, and as she rose, he continued to pull till she was on her feet. He held Lucy still for a moment, still gripping her hair, he looked her up and down. Her perfect body flushed from the heat of the bath and their passion, the water glistening on her skin. Droplets ran down her chest as her breasts rose and fell with her breathing, the water beading on her nipples. She was so gorgeous it seemed almost impossible that she could be real.

Savagely, John pushed her against the tiled wall beside the tub, stepping behind her. The tile was cold on her cheek, chest, and nipples. Lucy pushed her ass back towards him and spread her legs, instinctively knowing what John wanted. He loved that ass, so perfect. One cheek was still pink from the water, the other cheek was red from his hand.

"Does my fuck toy want me to use her ass?" he asked, a hint of a growl in his hushed voice.

"Yes," she whimpered back.


His hand connected with her pink cheek, making it a crimson copy of the other.

"Yes! Fuck my ass!" she cried out.

"Much better," John replied. Stepping close, he lined himself up and began to slowly push inside her. His hand pulled back on her hair, his other hand holding her hip as he pushed, bit by bit, into Lucy’s tight ass. When he felt the soft curves of her ass brush against his skin, he stopped, taking a moment to enjoy the feeling of her ass squeezing his throbbing member. His left hand slid up her side from her hip, gliding across her soft, wet skin. His fingertips traced the side of her breast before moving up her arm till his hand covered her own, holding it against the wall. John’s right leg lifted up out of the water, the inside of his thigh pressed against the outside of hers, and his foot found leverage on the side of the tub.

John pushed up into Lucy, using his hips and leg; at the same time he pulled her head back with her hair. He moved close to her, his chest on her back, his chin on her shoulder so he could hear every breath, whimper and moan that escaped her lips. Once John was completely inside her, he stopped again, enjoying the way her ass felt pressed against him at the base of his cock, how tight she felt wrapped around him. He enjoyed the sound of her breathing and the look on her face, knowing how full she must have felt. Then his hips began to buck, slowly at first, fucking her ass. The thrusts gradually increased in tempo and force, her moans becoming cries as the pleasure built inside her.

"Remember what I said," John said, a reminder, not a question.

"Yes," she gasped anyways, "yes, yes."

"Good, play with your clit, I’m getting close."

John could feel her free hand reach down as it began to toy with her wet pussy, the juices mixing with the water from the bath on her skin and running down to her ass, helping to lubricate their fucking. At one point John stopped, thrusting deep inside her and held still, his muscles tight from the strain. Her fingers slipped down further, her palm dragged across the lips of her pussy as her fingertips swirled around his balls. With a moan he began fucking her again, his cock so hard, ravaging her tight little asshole.

The pleasure became too much and he cried out, “Oh fuck, Lucy, I’m cumming!”

"Yes, yes, John, cum in my ass!" she begged.

He began to growl, Lucy could feel the vibrations from his chest on her back. As his dick swelled further and then erupted inside her, her own orgasm ripped through her body. As Lucy screamed in pleasure, John bit down on her shoulder; not too hard, just gripping her, claiming her with his teeth as his hot load coated the inside of her ass.


As Lucy felt John’s cock spasm in post orgasm bliss, she wrapped her free arm around him. She wanted to hold him inside for a bit longer. The feeling of their sexes pulsing and twitching was so sensual and powerful, prolonging their self-induced high.

As their breathing slowed, Lucy could feel his lips pepper her wet shoulder with kisses. She moaned at John’s sweetness, mentally giggling that he was ravaging her ass only a moment before.

They slowly straightened up and she turned to face him, giving him a sweet tongue kiss as her nails worked lightly up his strong back. Their once wet kisses felt soft but dry.

Parched! The thought comes to her mind, realizing she’s dying of thirst all of the sudden.

"Shall we rinse off and then replenish our energy?" she asked.

"That is a great idea. Yes, definitely."

Once they had rinsed, Lucy moisturized and dried her hair a bit. John ran downstairs, returning a few moments later with provisions. She joined him in the bedroom, finding him relaxed on the bed with his arms behind his head.

"Hey, we’re wearing matching outfits!" she exclaimed, laughing. "Very large grins!"

John giggled and smiled at her, his eyes lingered as they made contact with hers. She climbed onto the bed next to him. Her arm brushed against his torso, giving her a shiver.

'Mmmmm, you smell good! What is that?” he ask her.

"Vanilla Body Butter. It’s yummy isn’t it?" she replied.

John nodded his head as he handed her a glass of ice water. Lucy took a few sips before setting the glass down, sitting at the edge of the bed.

Noticing he brought up more fruit, Lucy grabbed a few grapes. As they popped in her mouth, she giggled at how ridiculously sensual it felt. Every nerve in her sexual being was still turned on high. Her mind shifted and she started having a thought. Lucy lowered her eyes for a moment and then turned to gaze at John.

Looking at his handsome face, she took in his gorgeous features. Her eyes traveled down his sexy chest, lingering on that patch of soft fur she loved to run her fingers over. Her gaze continued further down his stomach. She noticed how tight and defined his abs were becoming. All those hard workouts at the gym had paid off beautifully.

She wrapped her arms around him, her head on his chest. The smell of her clean skin intoxicating to her. One of John’s arms wrapped around her as she closed her eyes. Within moments, they both fell asleep.

Lucy was not sure how much time had passed when she woke up. The light in the room had softened, making her think was late afternoon now. They were still in the same position they were in when they fell asleep. With her head still on his chest, John’s deep even breathing told her he was having a lovely sleep. She allowed her glance to travel down his body once more.

That thought she had before their nap emerging once again.

Lucy’s left hand stroked his torso slowly, softly but not too soft. She pushed her face into the slight fur patch on his chest, inhaling deeply before giving it a sweet kiss. “Mmmmm…” she sighed.

His smell was a blend of clean and cookie.

Huh? Cookie? she wondered.

She giggled quietly as she realized her body lotion had married into his skin as they slept.

Carefully, Lucy slid her right arm out from underneath him. John adjusted to her movement without wakening. One of his hands moved down to give his manhood a gentle scratch before resting on his chest.

She moved onto her knees next to him in bed. Noticing that he was still wearing a smile on his face in his sleep, she paused for a moment. The scenes of their day played in her head like a film and she felt a large smile form on her face also. Grabbing her glass from the nightstand, she took a few sips of water. The cubes were now melted, but the water was still cool in her mouth.

Lucy leaned down and kissed John’s strong chest again, her hair falling around her. Both her hands were moving smoothly on his body, feeling every soft contour. John’s eyes fluttered opened briefly and he allowed himself a good stretch. A satisfied groan moved through him but he still remained asleep.

As he settled, Lucy slid down on the bed. Her hand moved just below his tummy. They slept without the sheets this time so there was nothing to obscure her view. His member was completely soft and yet still so inviting. Her only thought was how badly she wanted to taste him again.

She moved her long hair to one side as she positioned herself on her elbows above him. Using the strength of her lips and tongue Lucy drew him into her mouth. Gently but hungrily, she slid her wet mouth around John’s cock. She noticed how easily it fit in her mouth being soft still. However, he began to harden before that thought was finished.

There was something so incredibly sexy about feeling him grow in her mouth. She moaned against him despite herself and felt him stir above her. John’s head lifted to look down at her.

"What’s going on there?" he asked her with a wicked, albeit sleepy, grin. "Have I told you how insatiable you are?"

Keeping him in her mouth, she smiled, nodding her head yes.

"Have I told you how much I love it?" he inquired, a hint of humor on his voice.

Again, Lucy smiled around his cock and nodded. Continuing with her fun, she swirled her tongue over the silky head and lapped at the tip a bit before taking him completely in her mouth. She moaned against him once more. John moaned back in response to the vibrations of her mouth as his hand gently moved to her hair.

Shifting her weight, she took one hand to his balls, giving them a gentle massage. Her mouth moved down to give them a kiss before lifting them up slightly. Lucy spread John’s knees wide apart for more access. Wanting to find that sensitive spot, her lips traveled the area between his thighs. The movements of his body told her where to go as she sucked, licked and tongued her way around. He smelled so clean and tasted so delicious.

Somewhere she could hear him moaning in the background, but all she could focus on was his body and how much she loved sucking him. Her tongue slid between his balls, catching each one in her mouth, savouring the feeling. She nibbled up his shaft, using her teeth and lips. John’s hips started to lift off the bed slightly.

"Lucy, slide around so I can taste you, too. I want you," he commanded gently.

Grudgingly, she pulled her mouth off of him. ”No, no, I want this to be all about you,” she replied with a giggle.

"I love that but, come on, just slide up here. You know I love tasting that beautiful pussy of yours," John retorted.

She took him in her hand, stroking him easily, his cock wet from her mouth.

"John, baby, just lay back and relax. Let me worship you a bit. It’s something I want to do for you. It’s what I need to do for me." A wicked grin spread across her face as his head relaxed back on the pillow.

"If you must," he laughed.

This time she dove in. John’s hardening member not quite at full mast but getting there. Her hands rested on his thighs as her soft, pink lips worked to bring him deeper. Then she pulled back so just his tip was in her mouth. Lucy gave it a nibble, sliding her tongue between the slit and tasting that heavenly precum. She repeated this a few times and felt him start to writhe underneath her, a constant stream of gasps and moans escaping his lips.

Sliding him in deep, she felt him hit the back of her throat. John’s breath caught mid moan and his other hand grabbed her hair. Her mouth grasping, sucking him hard. The more divine sounds he made and the more his hips bucked, the hungrier Lucy became.


John’s fingers slipped into her hair, gripping Lucy’s head as her efforts intensified. Leaning up, he watched her head bobbing up and down over his cock, her hair obscuring her face. Using one hand, he brushed her hair aside and held it clear, and then moaned at the sight. Lucy’s piercing brown eyes stared straight into his before the hair was even clear from her face. He took in the sight of those soft sensuous lips wrapped tightly around his thick cock, and the soft lewd sounds of her worship reached his ears.

His shaft thickened, hardening at the sight of her face and the sensations her mouth and tongue were creating on his sensitive dick. The head growing bigger and more tender as her tongue slid sinuously around it.

Lucy’s head slid up, till only the head was in her mouth. She held it still, though her tongue continued to lap at the tip inside her mouth. Her right hand slipped around the base and began stroking over the slick skin.

"Oh fuck, Lucy…" John moaned, and in reply she moaned on his cock, causing it to twitch in her mouth.

Soon it was all too much and John gripped her hair and pulled her mouth off, though her hand never stopped stroking.

"I need to taste you," he commanded.

She pouted a little with fake annoyance, a pout which vanished behind a sinful grin as an idea occurred to her.

"Very well, if you absolutely must have a taste, who am I to deny it," Lucy said, her sultry and exotic voice edged with a teasing tone.

Slowly, she began to crawl over him, dragging the soft skin of the underside of his cock across her body. It slid down her chest, between the soft valley of her breasts, the lotion making her skin impossibly soft. The gentle curves of Lucy’s breasts connected with and caressed the sides of his hard shaft as it slid past. Her eyes remained locked on his, the devilish grin never leaving her face as a confused but excited expression covered John’s own face.

As her face reached his, she lowered it, their lips parted and touching, but not kissing, their eyes still locked. Lucy’s hair fell all around them; there was nothing else in the world but each other.

"You need to taste me?" she asked again, her tongue darted into his mouth to tease the tip of his tongue. John moaned and nodded, the tips of their lips still touching. At his agreement, Lucy’s hips rose, and her hand slid down between them. She guided the head of his cock to her wet lips, slowly working it into her. As she penetrated herself with his cock, her eyes closed and neck arched, breaking the contact of their sensitive lips.

Putting her other hand on the center of his chest, covering the tuft of hair, she pushed herself upright and slid down onto him with a moan. For a moment she held still, back arched, chest thrust forward, hair cascading down behind her. Then her hips began to rock and she looked back down at John. His chest tightened, giving her a place to push with her arm as his hands reached for her ass. Not gripping or even holding them, he let Lucy move as she wished, simply wanting to feel their perfect curves sliding over his hands as she fucked him.

And then just as quickly as it started, it was over; Lucy rose up, a wet sound filling the air as John slipped from inside her and she quickly made her way back down. Starting at his balls, her tongue licked up the vein on the underside of his dick, collecting her juices. Reaching the top, it swirled around the head, collecting more before running down one side. Then back across his balls her tongue glided, then up the tender spot where John’s legs and cock met. Around and around her tongue moved, driving him wild with pleasure as she collected every drop she could find.

Satisfied that he was clean, she climbed back up to him, this time their lips pressed against each other roughly, as she fed him her juices off her tongue. Then she drew back and looked him in the eyes.

"There, you’ve had your taste. Now, shut up and let me finish," she whispered, her incredible, exotic voice mixing with her desire.

Giggling, she moved back down to John’s cock to finish what she started.


Somewhat deterred by the joyous interruption, she got back to devouring him. Lucy playfully lapped his tip with the end of her tongue. Soft butterfly licks that tickled and titillated the swollen flesh. She continued this for a few moments, teasing him with her hot breath. John started moving his hips in search of her mouth, needing her to stop the tortuous teasing and swallow him already.

Her tongue swirled around the head, over and over as she placed her hands behind her back. She watched the look of pleasure and pain on his face. A look that told her John was enjoying her tongue but desperately wanted to fill her mouth.

She giggled quietly, thinking about how he brought this upon himself. And then she had another idea. Pulling herself up, she straddled him. John’s now throbbing dick nestled against her cunt. He smiled, thinking he knew what was going to happen.

Oh, you have no idea sweetheart, she thought, her heart racing as she imagined her naughty plan unfolding.

She reached to the nightstand and felt around for a moment. Finding what she was looking for, she withdrew a pair of fuzzy cuffs. His gaze followed her hand as she grabbed his wrist and cuffed it to the bed, followed by the other.

With a mischievous grin, she went back to what she was gleefully doing before being so rudely interrupted.

This time, she nibbled and kissed the entire shaft. Her wet mouth moving slowly across his cock and balls, down his sensitive area. John’s moans reaching a pitch that warned her he was close. As she licked slowly up the vein on his shaft, his hips lifted completely off the bed. His needs were clear, and in one swift motion, Lucy slid her mouth down on him.

John’s cock disappeared completely in her mouth. His eyes opened wide at the sensation and her name screamed from his lips. Lucy sucked hard with him deep inside, not moving her head, just using her mouth. He was so close; a string of ‘fuck’s leaving his mouth. She could feel him try moving in and out of her mouth, but to no avail. She came up for air, taking her mouth completely off of him.

Immediately, she firmly placed her thumb and finger around the base of his pulsing member. John lifted his head in protest, giving Lucy a ‘what the fuck are you doing’ look. With a grin that could, in all honesty, be described as evil she looked him in the eye. He looked back at her in shock and disbelief.

"This is what you get for interrupting that amazing blow job I was giving you." And she started giggling.

"It was all about wanting to taste me, yes? Ok, baby, you get your wish." As she said this, she released her grip on him and climbed up his body. As she moved up his glistening torso, she straddled him once more. This time, her knees were on each side of his handsome face, her drenched pussy just out of reach of his mouth.

Lucy grabbed his hair with one hand and lowered herself onto his mouth. John’s tongue was outstretched as it connected with her clit. She held his head still and let her hips guide her pussy over his mouth, grinding forward then pulling back slightly in a circular motion. John allowed her swollen clit to grind against his teeth, causing a shiver to rip through her body. Lucy looked down at him and gripped his brown hair harder, rocking her hips faster.

Even tied up John had a sexual power over her she found hard to process. That feeling he had given her so many times today was swelling back up inside her. She moved up slightly, guiding his strong tongue into her pink hole. He delved into her wetness and sucked hard at her. She felt her orgasm building fast.

"Oh god…" she moaned, "John, don’t stop. Please! Oh fuck! Please don’t stop! Just like that…..that’s it!!"

A yell rose up and out of her that would surely grab the neighbors’ attentions. Her hips pushed her harder onto his mouth as he drank her cum. Lucy’s body shivered, making her movements jerky and uncontrollable. Panting, she flipped her hair back off her face and climbed off of him.

Leaning down, she licked at John’s lips with a smile. Tasting her own juice on him had an aphrodisiac quality she couldn’t resist.

"Good boy!"

John bit his lip, rolling his eyes at her as she giggled.

She kissed him deeply, keeping her eyes open. The look on John’s face was saturated with lust. She gazed at his cock once again.

Wow! So hard and quite a beautiful color.

Lucy stroked it softly with one hand while she looked at him. His head lifted off the pillow involuntarily as he groaned.

"Better take care of that," she whispered.

"Fuck yes! Please Lucy."

She climbed on top of him, this time facing away. Lucy leaned forward between his knees as her hand reached back to guide him inside. John watched as his engorged dick invaded her pussy lips, slipping in with ease. A delicious wet sound filled the room as he filled her. She moved slowly, giving him a clear view of him stretching her as he moved in and out. Her hand reached under her to cup his swollen balls.

So tight and in need of relief…


John’s arms pulled tightly against the cuffs holding him in place, the muscles in his arms straining, the fuzzy fabric rubbing his wrists. His resistance was, of course, futile. But at this point he was not really thinking. His entire world was focused on watching Lucy’s gorgeous ass rise and fall, her hips rocking as she rode him, her pussy stroking his throbbing erection as her fingers toyed with his swollen balls.

"FUCK!" he cried out, yanking on the cuffs, his voice deep with need and lust.

Unable to hold back, but unable move his upper body he began to push up into her with his hips. His cock moved easily through her wet folds despite how tightly her pussy was clamped around his hardness. Feeling him thrust up into her, Lucy’s hips halted their sensual dance, and she placed her arm in front of her, bracing herself so John could fuck her from beneath. As he saw her hold still, his thrusts became harder, the pace increasing. The scent of her pussy juice and lotion coating his face drove him on, making him push himself harder and harder.

Fuck! Every nerve in my body needs you, Lucy. The feeling was so strong John wasn’t sure if he said it aloud or merely thought it.

John stopped thrusting, and blinked his eyes, trying to regain focus of the world around him. The only sound in the room was his own deep panting. He saw Lucy’s beautiful face looking back at him, questioning him with her eyes. His own face was a mask of longing and exertion. But before she could speak, he bent his legs, putting his feet flat on the bed. With a sudden push, he used his legs to push back up into her.

It felt so good his eyes closed against his will, but at the same time it was not enough. He pushed up, straining his back and thighs to fuck her as hard as he could. Harder and harder he pushed himself, pounding into her, desperate to cum inside her.

"Fuck," he cried out, "fuck, fuck, fuck!"

John knew anyone outside could hear him, but he was too far gone to care. His hands gripped the chains attached to his wrists, the metal cold against his hot hands, and with each curse his arms yanked on the restraints as his cock invaded her. The room was filled with the sounds of their fucking, John’s growls, curses and gasps mixed with Lucy’s cries and moans. The slick wet sound of his dick in her cunt was punctuated by the sound of their skin slapping together.

"Oh fuck, it’s too much," he growled, the pleasure exquisitely painful. After a day of fucking, his body was overwhelmed, his need to cum again filling him but unable to find the edge. He heard one long cry come from Lucy, and was briefly aware that she had collapsed, her body pressed against the bed, her ass held in the air by her knees. A part of him realized that she might be cumming again, but the thought hardly registered, all John cared about at that moment was himself, his need. The need was so strong he had trouble remembering to breathe.

And then suddenly, without warning, he reached the edge and was thrown over. One more deep thrust up into Lucy, and he came, ropes of hot liquid filling her. His hips dropped to the bed and he felt her reach back for his shaft. With the swollen head still nestled in her pussy, Lucy’s hand stroked his wet shaft, drawing out more and more cum.

"Oh fuck Lucy, stop! Stop, baby, it’s too much!" John didn’t know if she was too lost in her own haze of lust or just didn’t care, but for a moment her hand continued to work over his slick smooth skin while her pussy clamped around the swollen head of his member.

"Shit, oh fuck, stop Lucy, fuck baby. So good, oh fuck Lucy…" He growled her name as he felt as if he was thrown over the edge again, a shudder running through his entire body. This time his words seemed to reach her. Still gripping his cock firmly, she lifted herself off of him. Another rope of cum shooting out, coating her pussy lips as she moved off of him. Holding his dick tightly, Lucy slowly lifted her tight fist up the soaked shaft, sending another shudder through his body as she squeezed one last stream of cum out of the tip of his cock, the white fluid running down the head and over her hand.


Lucy softened her grip on him slightly, slowing down the rhythm. Shaky in her own movements, her focus was caught up in the incredible energy coming off of John. Whereas she focused on his moans and breathing as indicators usually, there was an intense vitality that exploded from him this time. An even higher level of communication than they had experienced with one another previously. Gently, she released him from her grip and lifted her hand to her mouth. She began sucking at her fingers, savoring his tastiness.

Turning around, she grabbed the key with her free hand and unlocked the cuffs. Sweet relief filled John’s face.

His breathing had calmed but he remained motionless with his eyes closed. Lucy brought her mouth to his sex and started cleaning every drop of their love. Her tongue lapped at him softly and his body shuddered slightly. With each lick, she let out a tiny moan as her hands massaged the sides of his slack torso. It was over stimulating for a moment, but then John’s mind relaxed and he melted into the sensation of it.


Lucy’s mouth continued its ministrations, sending ripples of pleasure through his relaxed body. His hands, finally free, reached down and lovingly stroked her hair and cheek. Eventually, he drew her head away from his softening cock, and guided her up his body. Occasionally she stopped to place a kiss from her soft, rosy lips on his torso. When her head reached his chest, he stopped her. She laid her head on John’s chest, her soft body pressed against his. With one hand, he continued to run his fingers through her long brown hair. His other hand lightly explored the curves of her side, back, hips and ass. Gently running across her smooth skin.

For a time they simply laid together, a breeze blowing in from the open window, toying with their naked skin. The smell of her: her lotion, her shampoo, the smell of sex and sweat creating an aroma that John found completely intoxicating. The mixture caused conflicting feelings of relaxation and arousal that he never wanted to end. Finally he broke the silence, and they began to chat. Nothing particular, just discussing their weeks past and plans for the next. Idle chatter to fill the room now that it was no longer filled by the throes of their lovemaking.

But the real conversation was not an audible one, but a tactile one. Their fingers explored one another, kneading, pressing, stroking and caressing. Though their strength may have waned, their touches said that their passion for one another was far from sated.

Looking at the clock John was surprised by how much time had passed. Taking Lucy in his arms, he rolled them over,pushing himself up on one arm as his head leaned down for a kiss. ”I’ll be right back,” he whispered as their lips parted. Moving off the bed, he headed downstairs, returning with food, two glasses and a bottle of red wine.


"Yummy!!! When did you order pizza??"

There was no hiding Lucy’s surprise, or glee. Vegan be damned, she was starving. They toasted to an amazing day, their faces plastered with silly smiles. They looked intently into each others eyes as they each took a sip of the wine. It was juicy, a nice full body that suited their heightened senses well.

They replenished their energy easily. What would normally seem like a heavy meal was ideally fulfilling after their aerobic, albeit erotic, activities. And the intimacy of eating in the nude was a truly delectable dessert.

Dinner consumed, they snuggled into each other, each holding their glasses. Their chat continued, though Lucy found herself tenderly kissing the curve of John’s neck during lapses of conversation.

An exuberant day had led them to a sweet evening spent connecting in a way that brought them together to start. Their commonalities and ability to make each other giggle was just as valuable as their amazing orgasms. She smiled quietly at the thought, relishing the moment…


John sighed with contentment as he drained the last drops of wine from his glass, feeling her lips on his neck at the same time. Placing the glass down, he slipped an arm around her back and attacked her neck with playful kisses and bites. Laughing, Lucy dropped back onto the bed, pulling him down on top of her. His free hand roamed her body, sliding up her supple thigh and hip, and up the side of her lean torso so that his palm brushed the side of her breast.

As he explored the curves of Lucy’s body, his kisses changed from playful to sensual. Her own hands began to roam his body as she moaned receptively to his advances. His lips worked their way up her neck to her cheek before finding her own lips. As their lips met, they parted, their tongues expectant and eager. The flavor of the rich wine was still heavy in their mouths, tasting it on one another as their tongues probed and teased one another. Pulling back, John gripped her lower lip in his teeth, giving it a slight tug as he looked her in the eyes. The lust and desire was obvious in both of them, and punctuated by the growing hardness between John’s legs pressing against Lucy’s soft thigh.

Placing his weight on his arm under Lucy’s back, his free hand cupped her face as John moved back in for another kiss. At the same time, her legs spread, welcoming him back to her full embrace. Without breaking their kiss, John moved his hand off of her face and onto the bed, moving his weight so he could slip his other arm out from under her. While he brought that hand up her smooth skin, his swelling head pressed gently against her smooth sex. Her lips parted slightly, and the tip of his cock pressed on her clit.

Feeling the little bud rub against him, his hand gripped her breast, kneading it gently as their kiss intensified. Taking her perfect nipple between his fingers, he pinched and pulled them gently. John could feel tiny goosebumps rise on her skin in response; but the response that really drew his attention was the fluid he felt spreading across the underside of his shaft as he rocked his hips, drawing himself up and down over her.

Pushing back on his arm, his body slid lower, their lips separating, but not for long. John dropped his hips slightly, and pulled himself back up, the head of his cock sliding back into her as their lips met once again. A joint moan left them both at that blissful sensation of penetration. Lucy’s legs wrapped around him, locking behind his ass, trying to draw him deeper as they continued their broken kiss. With each thrust he pushed a little deeper, more of her warm, wet pussy surrounding him.

Pulling back, Lucy smiled up at him, “Don’t you ever get tired?”

"I could never get tired of fucking you," he replied. "Why?" he asked, punctuating his question by pushing himself all the way inside of her and holding himself there. "Do you want me to stop?"


"Stop? Ummm, maybe. Hang on. What time is it? I don’t want to miss Conan," Lucy replied as she struggled to keep a straight face while trying to look at the clock on the nightstand.

"Oh!! Is that right?" John asked, pretending to try to pull out.

Her legs remained locked around his waist as she continued to giggle. Lucy brought her hand up to caress his cheek as she looked him in the eyes.

"Never want you to stop, or tire," she whispered. "Especially with regard to me!!" She smiled at him, giving a tiny chuckle.

John leaned in for what started as a sweet wet kiss, but quickly built with their desire. Her other hand found his hair and she nibbled at his neck. Lucy gave him a soft bite at the curve where his neck and shoulder meet.

At the same time, her insides were full with his smoothness. Her hips moved to meet each of his gentle thrusts. The wetness of her sex enveloped him tightly and those gorgeous wet sounds filled the open room once more. Her tongue found John’s mouth and slid in slowly, searching for its favourite playmate. They kissed so deeply, so sensually, she could feel her toes curl.

Lucy found herself sighing with happiness and contentment rather than moaning, yet. The joy of their sex play satiating her in the best way. Looking up at his handsomeness, feeling his pink cock stretching her again, the closeness… the whole day could only be described as perfect.


John’s rocking hips slowed slightly as he focused on her playful tongue, moaning slightly and grinning widely. He lowered himself onto her, his weight pressed against her as his arms slipped beneath her. He held Lucy tight, and began to increase the force of his thrusts. His hands slid up beneath her and gripped her shoulders. He pulled on her as his legs pushed him up, the force driving him deep inside her. His pace remained slow, despite the deep thrusts; their lips remained locked, the sounds of their passionate kisses blending with the wet sounds caused by his powerful thrusts.

Lucy’s skin was so incredibly soft on his, but the friction from their movements inflamed him further; her hard nipples dragged across John’s chest as their bodies rocked together as one. He broke their kiss, drawing in a deep breath. His mouth moved down to her neck, “Oh fuck, Lucy,” he whispered. His hips rocked faster as his pleasure mounted; his breathing becoming shallow gasps as his fingers dug into her shoulders.

"Fuck…" he groaned through clenched teeth, his head buried in her neck as her legs and arms embraced him. He went still and tried to calm his breathing, holding himself back from the brink. Every slight move of their bodies caused his cock to move inside her, sending pulses of pleasure through John. But eventually he was able to calm enough that his hands released their grip on her.

A thought occurred to him, and a wicked smile crept across his face. ”Lucy,” he said, face still buried in her neck, “there’s something I want to try, if you’re willing.”

Sliding back out of her was one of the hardest things John had ever done, his body revolting against the idea of leaving her. But once it was done he guided her, first to her feet and then bending her over; Lucy’s lithe frame folded neatly in half, her hands grasping her ankles.

Kneeling behind her, John started at the center of her left calf muscle, kissing his way up over the underside of her knee. Each kiss not only moved him ever higher, but also gradually inward. By the time John reached Lucy’s sex, his lips were kissing her just beside the sweet wet slit, causing her pussy lips to rub together. He kissed those lips gently, spreading them slightly with his tongue. His hands ran up and down her back, gentle and supportive, as his mouth made love to her wet hole.

Drawing his tongue back out of her, John used his hands to spread her and sucked on her inner lips, pulling and releasing them with his mouth as his head moved down closer and closer to her clit. Suddenly a warm, wet sensation slid across the tip of his cock, collecting a drop of precum and causing him to moan into her folds. As Lucy sucked his swollen head into her mouth, his tongue rewarded her by sliding across her clit, flicking across the tender nub before drawing it into his mouth.

Lucy was so delicious; John loved the feel and taste and smell of her juices on his face as he pleasured her with his tongue; and he knew Lucy could taste herself on his hardness, driving his ecstasy even higher. He was so enthralled by her taste, that he nearly forgot the next part of his plan. Nearly. Reaching behind her, John grabbed the cuffs, slipping one cuff on her left ankle. Lucy’s mouth drew back off his cock in surprise, but not before he grabbed her right hand, tightening the cuff around her wrist.

John drew back slightly, taking in the lewdly beautiful sight of her body, but he knew he couldn’t leave her like this long. Nor could he look at her naked flesh long without needing to act. He snuck a hand up between her legs, drawing the tips of his fingers through her wet cleft. When they reached the top, just before reaching her asshole, they stopped and John pressed his hand flat against her; his middle finger gently spreading her as his hand gently moved up and down, soaking his fingers with her arousal.

"Time for a little payback," John said with a deep, throaty chuckle; his lust overwhelming his humor.

A wet smack filled the air as his hand spanked her pussy; not too hard, just a playful little slap. Then his hand skimmed up across her skin, where it was joined by his other hand, spreading Lucy’s ass, gently stretching her. His mouth returned to her pussy, kissing, tasting, licking and sucking her, not letting her know what to expect next. Then, suddenly, John’s tongue was on her asshole, licking around her tight opening, the tip probing her gently as his hands gripped her. He could feel her legs buck as he toyed with her and knew he couldn’t keep her like this much longer.

Rising to his feet on the bed, he quickly shoved his hard shaft into Lucy’s wet pussy. Holding onto her ass, he slammed into her over and over taking them both to the brink, their screams drowning out the wet sounds of their fucking. Nearing the edge of his orgasm, he stopped, and pulled out reluctantly. The act nearly painful to his thick swollen cock.


"Don’t stop now!!" Her plea was admittedly desperate.

Lucy’s primal desire was so intense her voice was unrecognizable to her own ears. “John, please, I’m begging you. As your fuck toy, please, please…… I need you to fill me. Fuck my ass. Please!”

John got back onto his feet on the bed and slammed into her wetness. Loud moans filled the room. In truth, she didn’t think she could get to this point again today. That feeling where every nerve in her being was blissfully exposed. Every touch, breath and noise capable of taking her to the edge.

Once his engorged cock was slick with her wetness, John pushed the head at her ass. He loved to tease that tight little hole. This time, however, she could tell he needed it as badly as she did. Lucy reached her free hand up to spread her tight ass cheeks in offering.

There was a whimpering sound coming from somewhere… It took her a moment to realize it was emanating from herself.

John’s skin was pink from excitement and lust. Pushing his thickness into her, Lucy could see his teeth clench. The tightness of her ass was almost unbearable and he gripped her in defense. His eyes were fixated on his cock stretching her out as it disappeared into her ass.

Once Lucy felt him completely fill her, she lost all control.

"Fuck me, hard!! I don’t care how fast you cum. Just pound me, John. Now!!”

John looked down at her, his eyes a tough read. Somewhere between rage and agony, Lucy guessed. She saw his hand raised up…


His hips pumped mercilessly into her ass.




Standing over her bent form, John’s hands gripped her hips, his palms pressed into her red ass cheeks. He thrust himself furiously into her ass, over and over. His cock swelling larger, stretching her as a trickle of precum escaped the tip of his cock to help coat her asshole. He could hear Lucy’s whimpering cries despite his own groans and growls. He was far beyond being able to form words, but it didn’t stop his voice from filling the room.

Just as he reached the edge, he stopped. He slowly worked himself out of Lucy’s tight, warm ass. Her body seemed to be fighting him every inch of the way, squeezing down on him as he left her. John managed to make it all the way out without cumming, but only just. A large drop of precum squeezed from his cock ran from the tip, catching the edge of her tight hole, before trickling down her towards her pussy. The sight of it was so nasty and naughty John nearly came from watching it, forcing him to grab her ass tightly as he leaned his head back and shut his eyes, trying desperately to banish the image before it caused him to spray his load all over Lucy’s ass and pussy.

"No!" She cried out, her accent thick from desperation, "No, no, no. What are you doing!? I need you in my ass, don’t tease me now!" The panic and lust made her voice wild, and her pleading cries in that delicious accent nearly made John give in.

"I’m not teasing you. I’m just getting ready to fuck you like the slut we both know you are," he finally replied, his voice was hoarse, but deep and commanding. Lucy couldn’t help but believe him, there was no hint of humor in John’s voice. He was going to take her how he wanted and make her his, and she knew it to her core.

John left the bed briefly, but returned soon. She was still waiting for him with her ass lifted up, an offering to him. John smiled lovingly at Lucy, and climbed back behind her. Kneeling down, he gazed at her sex, it was absolute beauty. Her swollen lips were begging for attention, and there was no way he could refuse them. Turning his head to the side, he kissed her soaked cunt, tasting her and sliding his tongue straight into her pink hole. This elicited the moans he wanted to hear and John worked his way down till he could suck her clit into his mouth.

At the same time, he worked a smooth vibrator into her pussy. Once it was inside her, John took her hands and drew them between her legs to hold the toy in place. Then he gripped her ass and pulled her gently down until Lucy was kneeling on the bed, her head and shoulders pressed against the sheet and her chest and thighs pressed together with her hands still reaching back to hold the toy.

He reached over and turned on the vibrator to a low buzz, before standing back up on the bed. Towering over her, John watched her for a moment, listening to her moans and whimpers as her body writhed in pleasure and anticipation. Then, he bent his knees, slowly lowering himself to her. With his left hand, he pulled her ass open, and his right hand took hold of his cock at the base, guiding the aching, purple head, towards her hole. Just as he closed in, he stopped and slapped her asshole with the cock head as the vibrator filled her pussy, causing Lucy to gasp in surprise and pleasure.

Gripping his cock, John eased it back into her tight hole, inching his way down into her. He could feel the vibrator pressing against him through her, its pulses sending him to new levels of bliss as his swollen, sensitive cock filled her up. The pleasure was so intense that he didn’t even notice the sounds of Lucy’s moans as he filled her. When his shaft had filled her completely, he stopped to brace himself on her hips. John could feel her uncuffed hand reach back further, running her fingers over his tight balls.

"I can feel how close you are," Lucy moaned. "Please, cum in my ass. I need it!"

She moaned louder as John began a slow, shallow thrusting; back and forth. As she got louder, his thrusts got faster and harder from her encouragement, but never drawing out too far, not wanting to lose the touch of her fingers on his balls. When the sensations became too much, Lucy’s head dropped down to the mattress and she cried out her orgasm. Her moans were muffled as she screamed into the sheets. Reaching down, John twisted her hair around tightly, and gripped it, yanking her head up off the bed as he continued to pound into her ass.

"I want to fucking hear it. I want you to scream like a slut for me."

Lucy’s screams got louder at John’s command, and his thrusts became harder in response. Her fingers on his balls began to slide back and forth, sending her fingertips over the sensitive area behind the sac, her fingers pressing onto the tight muscle hidden there. The vibrator sent waves of pleasure through them as her ass squeezed John’s cock like a fist.

It was too much and John began to cum. Lucy’s fingers felt it first, the muscle and his balls clenched as each blast of hot, sticky semen was shot from his sensitive tip, into her eager asshole.

"FUCK, LUCY!" he screamed, as he unloaded into her, continuing to pound into her ass, using her hair to help pull her onto his spurting cock as he thrust it into her, sending ribbons of cum deep inside her. Their combined screams echoed through the house and out the open windows.

After what felt like an eternity, John’s body gave up. He dropped her hair, and braced himself once more on her hips. Then he gradually worked his cock out of Lucy’s ass so that he could kneel down and remove the toy from herr slit. Turning it off, he dropped it onto the sheets, then removed the cuffs and tossed them across the room.

He wrapped his arms around her, the muscles in his arms squeezing her as he pulled her down with him. Spooning her, John held Lucy close, their breathing was ragged and uneven, their bodies trembling from exertion and pleasure. His need to feel her, to hold her, overriding the immense heat from their bodies.

Holding her as close as he could, John pressed his head against hers, her hair filling his face. “God, you are so bloody amazing, Lucy,” he whispered into her hair, not really caring if she heard him or not; he needed to say it out loud, his mind overwhelmed to the point that he had to get it out so he could process any other thought.

"I don’t ever want to leave this bed."


Lucy’s own feelings could only be described as exhausted euphoria. She felt John whisper in her hair but could only respond with a smile. Laying against him, her body had melted into his. There was no discerning who was who and in that moment, it didn’t really matter. It was unity in it’s most exalted form. Here and there, she felt one of them tremor uncontrollably as their bodies tried to heal from their fervor. Their rapturous adventure had come to a close, leaving them with a sense of awakened serenity and weariness. She could think of no better way to accomplish such feeling.

As it began to slow, their breathing fell into a rhythmic calm. Her eyes were so heavy, Lucy could no longer keep them open. The sun had begun to set, casting pink and purple hues in the darkening room. They lay like that for what seemed like hours, but in fact was only a few moments.

Using the very last bit of energy she had, Lucy rolled over to face John. Her face filled with blissful fatigue. He tried to manage a weary smile. She raised her seemingly very heavy hand up to caress his smooth cheek, placing a whisper of a kiss on his tender lips. With that, her sleepy eyes closed. As she began to drift, her thoughts reflect their day of naughty passion, sweet conversations and profound intimacy. At the end of it all, she could only define it one way: The Perfect Day.

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