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Pick Up Lines I

bar pick up, bare back anal sex
When Jeena and I were first married I had the perfect job for swinging, with only one problem. I was a representative for a manufacturing company traveling a five state area in the Midwest. You might think, “Cool, a new town and a new party every night”. The problem was a lack of electronic communication. This was before general Internet access so we were stuck with swingers magazines and mailing back and forth. This worked during our occasional stops in the town where our Post Office box was. We were only there; however, about every three weeks so would not see any replies to what we sent out for three weeks at least. Over time we established some friendships in several towns but the first year was a bit difficult.

One of the creative remedies for this was to try to get Jeena “picked up” in several situations. In relating these events, I am employing things she has told me about conversations I was not a party to and things I saw and heard.

One of the things we tried with some success was to get her picked up in bars. The basic plan had her going into the bar (usually during happy hour) a few minutes before me and sitting at the bar. I would follow her in after a bit and take a seat in a different part of the bar where I could see her. If she was not approached in about a half hour, I would join her and we would probably have another drink and leave. If she was approached by a guy she liked, she would be flirty and interested but not disingenuous. She would not claim to be unmarried; in fact she always wore her wedding ring. If a guy asked about it she would say her husband was meeting her later. This is because we did not want the guys who would say “sorry, sorry, sorry” and slink away. We also did not want the ones who would say “so let’s go in the bathroom or back alley before he gets here”. We wanted guys who were eager but who were cool with the husband thing. This first memory tail tells of the kind of guy we were looking for.

We were staying for two nights at the Fremont Hotel in Lincoln Nebraska while I called on some accounts. This was one of the nicer lodgings in town and was frequented mostly by sales reps and people doing business with the university. We checked in about 5:00pm, had a bite to eat from room service and decided to try out the hotel bar at about 8:00. It was early fall so Jeena wore a turquoise sweater that, while long sleeved ended about two inches above the waistline of her black yoga pants. Her outfit was finished off by four inch heels and an ankle length black sweater coat with turquoise flecks through the weave. She was 23, 5’5”, and 103pounds at the time with raven hair half way down her back. Her goal (which she achieved) was to look hot but classy. She had plenty of pure slut cloths but this was not the right setting for that.

She entered about ten minutes before me and went to the bar. As I entered I could see the bar at twelve o’clock, stage at nine o’clock and the rest of the room in tables. The bar was quite busy this Wednesday night with the mix being about perfect for our purposes. Aside from Jeena and the three cocktail waitresses, there were no more than four women in the room accompanied by 30-40 men. I remember thinking to myself, “well, I guess all the traveling salesman jokes have some basis in fact”. Jeena was sitting on a stool about at the center of the bar talking to the bartender. The two stools on either side of her were unoccupied. I moved to a table against the wall at three o’clock so I could see her and 90% of the rest of the room.

There were four guys sitting at a table directly in front of me who, while I could not hear them, seemed to be obviously concentrated on Jeena. Their nonverbal cues told me they were trying to decide which of them would take a crack at her. After a good bit of discussion, my hypothesis was confirmed when one of the guys stood, straightened himself, and walked to where Jeena was sitting. He was white, well over 6’, about 30, with broad shoulders and medium length wavy brown hair.

He asked, “Can I join you?”

 She said “Sure” and he sat down to her left.

“Can I buy you a drink” he added.

“You know all the right things to say” she responded.
The drinks were delivered; they touched glasses and drank a sip.

He then asked her “How do you come to be here?”

To which she responded she was waiting for her husband to meet her later.

He allowed that he meant how did she come to be in Lincoln but added” since you mentioned the H word, can we talk until he gets here?”

“Absolutely “she replied, “and probably after that too”.

She said the last part with an evil glint in her eye that she was just then perfecting. This look has served her well for many years since. For the first time he looked at her as if he was not quite sure what to make of her or what she said.

He may not have been sure what to do so he put out his hand as she did and they exchanged names. Then ensued about ten minutes of inane small talk which need not be recounted here. It is significant to note that, after shaking hands, he put his right hand on the back of her stool and then a couple of minutes later on her shoulder. She, of course, gave no discouragement. A second round of drinks was bought and started. Then he said something funny which she has never been able to remember. Jeena laughed and put the palm of her hand on his chest. He responded by moving his right hand from her shoulder to her thigh. She did not move her hand and neither did he. She looked down at his hand and then up to engage him in a long “meaningful” stare. The three guys at his table took note of his progress.

For a long moment I thought they might kiss, but then he said “Look, do I have a chance here?”

“You do” she said.
“But what about the H word?”he asked with confusion in his voice.

“He likes to watch” she said placing her hand over his on her leg.

“I’m not bi” he said resolutely.

“Neither is he” she replied.
“Well I’ll be damned” he said chuckling “I never thought things like this ever really happens”.
“It really has” she responded while giving him a sultry level stare.

The three guys at his table were elbowing each other as it became more and more clear that their friend was “in”.

“Is it too soon to ask your place or mine” Tim said with a boyish grin.

“Not too soon and I don’t care which room” Jeena replied.

“Do you need to stop by your room for anything?”He asked.

“I have everything I need right on this stool” she teased.

“I bet you do” Tim reacted. “What I am trying to say is when will your husband get here “He asked.

Jeena put her hand on his leg and turned to look around saying”Oh he is here somewhere”.

“You’re kidding” Tim said as he followed her stare.
“I told you he likes to watch” as she spotted me and waved.

I got up and moved to the bar when she waved me on over.

I walked to the bar; Jeena made introductions and slipped out of sweater coat, handed it to me and excused herself to go to the bathroom. I was pretty sure the safest subject for Tim and I to discuss was her.

“She really has a great ass” I said as we watched her walk away. “I think that was the first thing that attracted me to her” I added.
“Man, you got that right” Tim opined. “So she’s really is up for this?”Tim said.

“Yes she is” I said.
“And you’re OK with it “he said. “And you know I’m not bi” he added.
“Yes to both” I said.

He went on to tell me he had “never done anything like this before” and was a bit nervous. I assured him that Jeena would solve that problem for him. As we talked, I scanned the room and saw his buddies looking completely clueless about what was going on. He gave them the “hi sign” and they relaxed.

Jeena returned and, placing an arm through the crook of each of ours (his right and my left), we exited the bar to make for the elevators. His room was on the seventh floor while ours was on the third. As the elevator door closed, I stepped back to give them some space. Using the index finger of her right hand, Jeena pulled down his bottom lip until their mouths met. He took her in his arms and slid his right hand down her back onto her ass, as she rubbed the front of his pants. He slid his hand under the elastic at the top of her yoga pants and she started riding his leg. He jumped when the elevator bonged and the doors opened but she did not disengage. There were no people waiting to get on but she took no note of it either way. I stepped forward and held the doors open as he helped her into the hall.

His room was typical with a king sized bed, night stands on either side, a small table with chairs, a TV, and dresser, and a sliding glass door which led to a small balcony. He opened the mini-bar and got us all drinks. Having partially opened the drapes, I took my drink and jacket out on the balcony and turned a chair next to the small round table so that it faced into the room. While I let my drink breath, I took out, cut and lit a cigar and settled down to take in the show. They were both still dressed as they explored each other’s mouths. He had his right hand on her ass while his left cupped her right breast. Without taking her mouth from his, she stepped out of her shoes which made her nearly a foot shorter than him. With several small kisses she separated from him, sat on the bed and unzipped his pants.

She reached through his fly, took hold of his cock and, looking up at him, breathed “Oh goodie”.

He smiled down at her, his confidence growing, and started to unbutton his shirt. Jeena took his dick out, kissed the head, and slid it into her mouth as she started unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants. For a white guy he had a big cock (a solid 9inches) and it was fully erect when she took it out. He reached down and pulled her sweater off over her head, which forced her to let his cock escape from her mouth for a few seconds. With him safely back in her mouth, she removed her bra. She took him firmly in hand and lay back on the bed. He followed her down.

Straddling her ankles, he pulled off her pants which left them both naked. She held his head in both hands as he sucked and kissed her large nipples and moved down her stomach to her pussy. She gasped when his tongue first touched her clit. She took his head by the hair in both hands and started to grind her hips.

After a short time of this, she lifted his head by the hair, looked him in the eyes and said “I want you inside of me”.

As he moved up her body she opened her legs and reached between them to guide him home. Taking his rigid cock in hand she placed the head at the opening of her womb and let him push it in with a thrust of his hips. He fell upon her and their mouths rejoined passionately. She wrapped her legs around his back a started meeting him in the middle of each thrust. Her toes started to curl.

After a bit of this Tim reached back and hooked her legs over his elbows and started to pound it to her. After but a few seconds of this she pushed her head up and back against the pillow and started to spasm into a hard orgasm against and around his cock. Seeming to know what to do, he pounded her very hard six or seven times and , on the last stroke, buried it and, holding it there, let her work out the rest of her orgasm against him. When her moment passed, he turned her over on all fours and put it to her “doggie style”.

After several minutes of this she looked back over her right shoulder (thus allowing me to hear) and using her patent pending evil grim said “you can stick it up my ass if you want to”.
He later reported that he almost came when he heard her say that because in his life he had never known a woman that willing to take anal sex. He withdrew from her pussy and, using her juices for lube, prepared to take her up on her offer.

As he pushed the head of his cock past her sphincter, she dropped her head and arched her back downwards while emitting an animal growl of pain and pleasure. Jeena had told me that she liked anal sex because it allowed her to work through several “violation fantasies”. It did hurt at first, but she used the pain as a turn on to carry her to the next level. Tim was extremely gentle and slow because the “two or three” anal sex experiences he had had were of the “easy baby, easy, slow, slow” variety. With a few subtle encouraging words from Jeena such as “fuck me harder”, he picked up the pace. Before long he was pounding it with abandon up my wife’s ass. In a couple of minutes she went from hands and knees to elbows and knees to face plant in the pillow and knees while their skin slapped together with each thrust. It’s probably good she had her face planted in the pillow because, with the noises she was making, we would have had hotel security at the door otherwise. With her head down and her butt in the air, she was in perfect position for him really put it to her. I thought he would not be able to hold out long, but he seemed to catch his stride and nailed her ass hole for several minutes before he had to let go. After at least a couple hundred hard thrusts, Tim started making plosive sounds with his cheeks and lips as he pumped his load deep in my wife’s ass. On his last stroke he buried it to the balls and held it there for a long time. Only his balls were visible outside Jeena’s butt.

After a good while, he rolled off her onto his back, she collapsed face down, and they both lay panting. She then crawled over to him and rested her head on his chest. Then she did something that surprised even me. She slid down his body, took his half erect cock in her right hand, and stuck it in her mouth. After cleaning him, Jeema ran her thumb up the vein on the underside of his dick from base to head. Four or five times, this caused a bead of semen to appear at the opening; which she would then take away with the tip of her tongue. After she had drained him of his last drop she lay back on his chest to listen to him tell her how amazing she was. In addition to having very little opportunity to have anal sex, he had never had it on the “first date”, and had certainly NEVER had anyone take ass-to-mouth from him.

At this point I emerged from the balcony into the room and said “I was not really planning to get involved this evening but I am going to have to have a turn at bat”.
They both laughed and Jeena said “And I bet I know where you want to put it”.

“Do you really”, I said.

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