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Picture Perfect

A picture is worth a thousand words or at least an orgasm
“Do that to me please." I grin and look back at Ben, there is a picture on the computer screen, I turned it towards him so he could see.

“I want this.” I crouched on his lap like a kitten, in my black thong and lacy bra.

The computer is on the couch and I am leaning forward my chin resting on my hands as I peruse the images. My round peach of a bottom is in the air, I am sucking on my pinky as I adjust my glasses so I can get a better look at the bodies floating in front of me.

Ben is playing absent mindedly with me, from behind he has perfect access. His fingers run up and down the tiny strip of thin nylon that was the only barrier between my skin and his fingertips.

“My you are swollen.” he says as he leans forward smiling, “show me girl, show me what I should do to you.” He smacks me lightly and looks at the flickering screen.

“Mmmm, yes,” tilting his head to one side, “yes, looks like fun but Raya, I think we need to start with this.”

He slowly drags his fingernail against the skin on the top of my arm, down my hand and to the touch pad, dragging my finger so the screen scrolls down a bit revealing an image that had only been partially visible prior to the screen moving up. I gasp, the image took my breath away. As I slowly let the air out from my lungs it makes a slight hissing noise between my teeth and lips, I swallow and lick my lips my hunger showing. I try to speak, but the sound that comes out can hardly be considered language. My body starts to respond before I have a chance to think, to process, the reaction the image evokes is animal.

Ben senses this, he feels between my legs, moving my panties to one side. I can feel his fingers slipping into my wet slit. I sigh deeply and turn to look back at him, lust burning in my eyes, I know he will understand.

“Mmmm, sweet thing, the look in your eyes and your slippery cunt are all the confirmation I need.”

I watch as his eyes trail over me. My face is flush and pink and my eyes qre pleading, soulful and dark. His gaze warms me as it travels down my body. My nipples hardening as he looked longingly, moving further down my body his face changes, His look, his hunger, mirrors my feelings. The predator, his prey, both reduced to base feelings and desires.

“Come doll,” grabbing my hand he pulls me up to my feet.

To his room, he turns me away from him. And strips me of my meager garments. Leaving me in my heels only. I feel wonderfully weak and light headed. I have come to crave the tension in my belly that comes when we begin this game. I hear Ben taking his clothes off behind me. The anticipation is torture, exquisite torture. Finally, I feel his hands on me. They make their way around my waist, moving up and touching my breasts, pulling on my nipples, rolling them between his long fingers and then letting go. My breasts fall back to my chest and he reaches my shoulders, runs them along my neck, I stretch my neck out for him to caress me. He touches my cheek, runs his fingers down my face.

Every touch, every sensation making me weaker and more out of breath. His hands move to the side of my head, pushing it down into a position of submission. I feel an that animal sound coming from my throat again, standing as still as I can, his hands move back down my sides and to my bottom. He grabs handful of ass flesh on each large hand and squeezes. And he parts my legs. I am standing, back to him, head down, legs spread and my heart is pounding out of my chest. His firm touch, demanding me without any words.

When I stop and I am silent inside my own mind, I know what I want. I want Ben’s hands holding me firm and tight. I want his power over me. I did not realize this a short time ago. How much I have come to NEED his power over me, his control. To be the object of his pleasure. His voice breaks my thoughts.

“Raya, get down on your knees, back to me.”

I obey.

He leans down and positions me, ass up, head on thefloor. I feel oil being dribbled onto my waiting asshole, then the cold, slippery round tip of my anal plug. I breathe deep and relax, I know that Ben will care for me. I trust him. As I do, Ben takes the plug and pushes it into me, my anus tightens around the plug, he presses down on it and I groan. 

Ben gets on his knees and starts to inspect my pussy. He parts my lips and feels his way insde me, one thumb pushing the plug into me, not letting up the pressure.

“Yes Pet, you are so good to me, you are always nice and wet and pink and ready.”

"Look at me Raya," he says in a commanding tone, "look what you do to me.”

I look back at him, he is standing over me, his cock is upright and thick and proud. I feel pride in myself for being his slut. His Pet. Ben takes me by my hips and pulls me up and onto him. He withdraws the plug from my ass, I am empty, but not for long. 

He whispers to me now, “I know what you want and it is what I want too.”

My heart is beating so hard now I can’t hear my thoughts; slowly he pushes into my stretched hole. I whimper and allow the feeling to overcome me. My pussy contracts. He reaches around and his fingers find their way to my cunt. He hisses in my ear and tells me he wants this, me, that I am what he desires most. He starts to rub my clit, he kneads it, tugs on it. He slides his fingers into me.

“Oh god Raya, I am always so very pleased with you.” As he says it, he reaches down and finds my favorite dildo, pink and thick and ridged.

As he pushes his hard cock further into my ass, he takes the rubber phallic and glides it inside my waiting pussy. My body starts a slow burn as Ben thrusts in and out of my oiled asshole, he pushes full into me and holds himself there. He is grunting as he works the dildo in and out of my sloshing cunt. 
“Raya, Raya.”

I know the sound, I love this sound when it comes from him. It begins in his loins, it is low and animal. The beast is out. Roaring, Ben releases inside me, his beautiful, wonderful gift, his precious cream. Thrusting and pounding me into total submission. I, in turn, gush my own proof. Proof of how much I am his slut. His most delicious treat.

Ben pulls his cock from me.

“Now, Raya” he smiles,” picture time."

I crawl around in front of him. I pose for him. I pose for us. He takes his phone and snaps a picture. A picture of his slut licking his cock clean, while his cum dribbles from her ass.


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