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Popping my anal cherry

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Time to try a different hole!
My boyfriend and I had been together for nearly a year, meeting when I was 17 and sexually inexperienced, we had enjoyed discovering each others bodies. One thing we hadn't yet done was anal sex but it was something my boyfriend had mentioned doing a few times. He was very keen to try, I was more reluctant. The few times he had pressed his cock against my bum hole it had felt uncomfortable and strange. I had seen many examples of it in porn we had watched and decided it would be worth a try but knew only when I felt fully relaxed.

The time came when we were on a weekend away in Edinburgh. As we both still lived with our parents, it was exciting to have a hotel room to ourselves and we were definitely going to make good use of being as naughty and loud as we liked.

The sexual tension began at dinner as I whispered to him, 'Tonight I want you to do me in the arse.' I had made sure I was nice and clean when I showered before we went out, sticking a soapy finger up my anus. He grinned widely and through the meal we kissed and touched each other, looking forward to our return to the hotel.

The hotel was unusual as it had an indian theme and our bed was covered in silky saris. As soon as we walked back into our room a little tipsy and horny as hell, my boyfriend pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me hungrily.

I could tell he was really excited but I was feeling nervous still, wondering if his cock would really hurt as it went inside my arse hole. My boyfriend felt me tense, 'Don't worry I will get you well warmed up and ready for my cock, I wont hurt you.'

He led me over to the bed and pushed my legs apart. He lay between them and kissed me deeply as his hands ran over my body, I could feel his rough jeans rubbing against my thighs, my nipples hardened and my pussy started to moisten in anticipation.

His hand reached down and rubbed hard against my pussy lips and he smiled as he felt the wetness through my knickers. He moved his head down and under my dress and I lifted my bum as he pulled my knickers down and over my heels I was still wearing.

I moaned loudly as his tongue found my clit and he started lapping at it. I tingled and moaned in response and felt my juices start running down my slit. His tongue flicked over my nip and he slid a couple of fingers inside my warm hole. I started to grind my pussy against his face, my hands now running through his hair as he licked me out. My thighs began to shake as his tongue ran up and down my slit and he stuck it inside my hole, moving his fingers up to rub my pulsating button.

My juices were now running down my arse crack and as his tongue returned to my swollen clit, he eased a finger into my puckered bum hole, it felt pretty good. I was getting close now and as he teased and sucked at my clit, he shoved two fingers deep inside me and one tickled my arse hole. I ground into him, grabbed at the silken sheets and felt my climax building.

'I'm going to cum, yes, oh yes, oh god,' I moaned loudly. I arched my back and started bucking back and forth into his face as my orgasm exploded. My arse hole and pussy hole clamped tightly round his fingers and his tongue kept flicking as I screamed out, until I begged him to stop.

My boyfriend looked up, his face was covered in my juices and as he kissed me I could taste them. 'I am ready,' I moaned at him and turned myself over. My boyfriend quickly pulled down his jeans and his cock was shiny and red and stiff as a rod. I pointed over to my toiletry bag where there was a tube of lube.

He pulled me to the edge of the bed and rubbed my pussy juices around my arse hole. I then pulled my bottom cheeks wide as he squirted the cold lube into me and covered his cock in it. He stood at the edge of the bed and aligned my puckered hole with his cock, he slowly pulled my hips towards him and I felt the head of his dick pressing into my arse hole.

'It's ok, push harder' I whispered and he forced his cock into my tight hole.

'Oh god that feels so tight around my cock,' he groaned.

He started slowly sliding it in and out and I was beginning to enjoy the sensation, it was a little painful but it reminded me of losing my virginity, this time it was my anal virginity. It was so different to having the cock in my pussy hole but it felt good. Also it felt dirty and naughty, him violating such a private part of me, it was making my pussy pulsate with excitement.

I felt my bum hole relaxing round his cock and pushed my bum back as he thrust forwards driving his cock deep inside me. He was groaning loudly as he began fucking my arse hole hard. My tits were bouncing back and forth as he slid in and out of my tight hole and I reached down to finger myself. My legs shook as he took me from behind and I fingered my wet cunt.

We were both panting and groaning as I felt my orgasm building again. My pussy pulsated hard as I started to cum, my nipples ached and I thrust my bum into my boyfriends crotch. He grabbed my hips and pulled me hard into him as he shuddered and shot his hot spunk into my naughty hole.

We both collapsed on the bed and I felt his cum running out of my crack and mixing with my pussy juices.

'That was very good,' my boyfriend remarked and I kissed him hard in response showing my enjoyment. My arse hole was aching with the stretching it had received but I was glad I had finally popped my anal cherry.

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