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Post-Bookstore Fun

Semi-true tale with a fuck buddy, some details have been changed.
Sarah and David returned home from a fruitful trip to the adult bookstore, both carrying bags of latex goodies, and wandered in to the living room. David took a seat upon the loveseat, allowing Sarah to spread out and open her packages. Included in the bag were a medium-sized buttplug, and a five-inch dildo. Stuffing the packaging back into the bag, she laid out a towel, then took a seat on the couch.

David also took out the objects from his bag, discarding a box from a fresh set of condoms, then opening a box containing a set of cuffs and a blindfold, courteously included with purchase. David tested the cuffs on himself, adding a clasp from his keychain so he could keep the cuffs together, then he looked back to the couch, seeing that Sarah had begun to work her little pussy with the dildo.

Sarah felt the familiar blush returning to her cheeks as she worked a brand-new toy into her young pussy, still tight despite earlier adventures with her new hookup had stretched the still-tight, 19 year old hole. She slowly worked the flesh-colored shaft in and out of her pussy, a smile creeping over her face, her reverie interrupted when David asked if she enjoyed her new toys. She simply nodded and purred out a response as David got up to gather his lube.

Daniel returned from the bedroom, carrying the bottle of lubricant, to see Sarah removing the dildo and eyeballing the butt plug. With a small chuckle, he set the lubricant beside Sarah, then took a seat back on the loveseat, this time easing his cock from his shorts and starting to stroke it awake.

Sarah spread a little of the lubricant over the plug, then pressed it to her ass. Despite only owning the new plug, she had used her fingers, and small shampoo bottles to open it up enough, knowing that David's thick cock would also need to fit into her little hole. She moaned out as the plug started to spread open her ass, sliding in easily with the lubrication. She seated the little plug in, then grabbed her dildo again, pushing that into her little pussy, moaning louder as both of her holes were filled with rigid latex.

David got up and wandered closer, his thick 7 1/2 inches standing straight out in front of him, watching her work her little pussy with the hunk of latex, then reached down to get a hold of the buttplug. Her eyes shut as David pulled the plug back to stretch her entrance with the fattest part of the toy, then pushing it back in. He then removed the dildo, took a seat beside her, and ordered her onto her knees.

Sarah enjoyed when she was told what to do, and she eagerly moved to her knees, peeling off her shirt, having forgotten her bra when they hurriedly dressed to get to the bookstore. She then tugged David's shorts and boxer briefs down to his ankles, helping him to step out of them. David pulled his own shirt off as Sarah kissed along his hairy thigh, up to his heavy balls, then along his shaft, feeling the skin pulsing under her lips. She quickly, sloppily, sucked the head into her mouth and teased it, hearing his first groan as she engulfed his cock between her lips. Pulling away and smirking, she reached down to his pants to pull the belt from its loops.

David couldn't help but grin as he watched Sarah put the belt around her own neck, tightening it just enough to put her firmly in his control, then handed him his new makeshift leash. Her mouth then returned to his cock, the head glistening from her saliva. She begun to tease his head anew, drooling down the shaft, her tongue working around the glans. His hand tightened around the belt, pulling up slightly, then giving a small tug downward, giving her a signal to take more of his shaft. Her mouth dove down onto his shaft, the head cramming against her throat, eliciting a cough from her as she found herself unable to take him all. She held onto his cock for a moment then pulled away, falling back onto her ass and coughing.

She quickly returned to her knees and quickly enveloped his shaft again, this time bobbing over half of the shaft, the drool still spilling from her mouth, coating his balls. She pulled away again, strands of her saliva connecting her mouth with the cock she was quickly falling in love with. She played with the strings with her tongue before pushing down again, this time coming up just an inch short, feeling the head starting to work into her throat, then fell back again, coughing. Her tongue darted out to again play with the saliva hanging from her mouth, then leaned in to drag her tongue over each side of his shaft.

His eyes were struggling to stay open, watching her tongue sliding on either side of his shaft, then her mouth pushing down again, this time successful in swallowing him completely. Her eyes opened, staring directly into his as she fell back again, but this time he pulled her back to her feet. David eased his new fucktoy onto the couch, on her back, and spread her legs wide, seeing the black latex of her plug still buried up her asshole. Setting her legs on his hips, he hurriedly ripped open a condom package and slid it down his shaft, then nudged it up against her tight little cunthole.

She couldn't help but bite her lip as his cock easily slid into the pink flesh, stretching her out again, the smile returning to her face as she got his throbbing meat inside her once again. Her legs reached out to curl around his waist, holding on as he began to work the shaft inside her, slow but deep, pulling back to the head before pushing in completely every time, making sure she felt every inch of him. Her body began to tingle, the heat radiating from within as she felt a climax rapidly approaching, his deep thrusts hitting every spot inside her, the blush returning to her cheeks.

He began to pick up his pace as he watched her bury her face in the pillow beside her, muffling her screams as her cunt began to spasm, wracked with her first orgasm of the afternoon. Her hips bucked back at him with need, the only thing she was capable of thinking of was more of his shaft, more fucking, just more of him. His breathing turned to grunts as he began to pound into her even faster, then eliciting a frustrated groan as he pulled his cock away from her.

David slid down her body, spreading her large labia to find her clit, then pressed his tongue up against it. He heard the loud moan of surprise as he began to slurp away at her, dragging his tongue through her folds and over the tiny little bud, his hand reaching down to get a hold of the plug once more. This time, however, he pulled the toy from her completely and set it aside, pushed her legs further back, and left her little bud to lap at her tiny asshole. Her moan deepened to a guttural groan as his tongue circled the tight entrance, then dipped inside. She pushed back at his tongue as it moved in and out of her most private entrance, further lubricating it for what was to come, then sliding back up to drag over her clit again. Once again her eyes swam as she felt that tingle approaching, but he cruelly pulled away, another frustrated groan erupting from her lips.

David ordered Sarah to her feet this time, and, upon her obeying, bent her over the couch. He then ordered her arms behind her back and slipped the cuffs over her wrists, securing the neoprene and velcro cuffs, then clasping them together, He found the bottle of lube on the ground, it winding up there in their passionate struggle, and coated his still-wrapped cock in it, then retrieved her new little dildo. She moaned for him once more as he replaced the empty feeling in Sarah's cunt with the latex shaft, then held her hips at just the right level for his cock. David told her to relax, one hand keeping his shaft lined up while the other held her hips in place.

Sarah clenched her fists as she felt the head of his cock pressed against her back door, doing everything she could to relax, knowing that both of her holes were about to get filled for the first time since she did it to herself with sample shampoo bottles. She moaned out again, stifling a scream as the head popped past her ring, silently thanking her nightly anal exercise so the fat shaft could fit inside her. She did everything in her power to stay still as the shaft worked into her ass deeper, pushing back at it again so she can feel full once more.

David felt his balls resting up against her pussy, feeling the base of the latex toy against them, then started to fuck into her little ass. The plug had loosened it up just enough so he could get a good speed going right away, their hips slapping together every time he pumped into her little hole. One hand kept her still on her hips, while the other got a hold of the handcuffs, pulling her body back to him as he pushed forward. His balls begin to churn as his own orgasm quickly built, the tightness of her ass augmented by the dildo occupying her cunt. His breathing turned to grunts once more, the pace accelerating the closer he got, until he couldn't take any more of her little asshole.

Sarah felt her body being used, pulled, taken by David, her own orgasm approaching as well. She felt her cunt grasping at the toy inside her, clamping down on both shafts taking up her holes, seeing stars behind her eyelids. The cock inside her finally let go, pulsing as it filled up the condom, Sarah trying not to fall forward onto the couch as her knees go weak. David's gasps filled the room as his balls emptied into the condom.

David unhooked her hands from the handcuffs, then pulled the toy out of her little cunt. Lastly, he withdrew his shrinking cock from her little ass. Sarah laid down on the couch, completely spent, and watched David remove the condom and toss it in the trash. Her eyes closed as she heard his approach, his hand on her shoulder, a kiss on her lips as she drifted off for a well-earned afternoon nap.

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