Precious Gift

By sarahld30

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First Time Anal Sex Experience

“I’m scared.” He was behind me and leaning over my back.

His left arm wrapped around my waist, brushing my hair away from the right side of my face with his other hand, kissing my neck, giving me tender love nips on my ear, and softly said, “I am here, you are MINE, trust me, I will not leave you.”

Those two simple words; trust me, played in my mind over and over again like a record on a phonograph hitting the same spot due to a scratch. I did trust him. I waited to give the person who loved me for all my failings, my successes, my quirks, and my dysfunctions, this gift.

I had other previous sexual relationships, some even intense and truly gratifying, but no way in hell was I going to give any of them my virgin ass. This was special. I waited a long time in my life to meet the One; the man who would cherish me and love me as much or even more than I loved him. His total acceptance of my being and all that I had to offer. Now I wanted to give Him that last part of me that I was holding back.

I was naked; sitting upright with my ass resting on my heels of my feet in the middle of the bed; nervous. He knew this and continued to place kisses on my neck and run his tongue up and down the length of it from ear to shoulder. I began to writhe, my right arm wrapping around his neck to pull him closer.

I belong to someone finally. I am His. I am not rejected or unwanted, but truly in His heart and soul as He is deep within mine, entwined and bonded.

I tilted my head into the crook of his neck and enticed him to kiss me. Leaning down to capture my lips, I bit his lower lip slightly, he groaned, his mouth opened, and I thrust my tongue inside wanting to taste him, to be devoured by him. Our tongues met with such force I could almost orgasm from the powerful, demanding kiss. I felt his hands cup my breasts and tug at my nipples, pinching them intermittently, giving me tiny shocks of pain much like being pricked with a needle over and over again. They hardened like diamonds. My breath quickened as my senses heightened to his every touch. His hands moved downward till he covered my shaved wet cunt. I would normally be dripping with my slick juices freely flowing down my legs, but since tonight would be a new experience, my anxiety was showing.

He again whispered, “You will feel great, I promise.” Almost as if I was holding my breath, a sigh escaped.

He pressed his two middle fingers directly on my clit, I felt like my body was on fire, heat imploding inside, like a volcano with molten lava rising to the surface, ready to blow. An uncontrollable fever of pure passion; I wanted him; wanted him more than anyone or anything in life at this moment. His fingers rubbing and circling faster and faster on my clit, pelvic muscles beginning to contract, my hips moving in time to his tempo, my cunt soaked, and all sound hazy and distant, sheathed in a fog, with only his voice to guide me, cutting through like a knife, “CUM NOW!” he ordered.

The tremor and force of my orgasm ripped through my entire existence. I yelled out when the waves rolled from my feet all the way up through my entire self coating his hand with my cream. I fell limp in his arms. He kissed my temple and with a faint nudge on my back, pushed me forward so my head was planted flat on the bed. I was on my knees with my ass raised up and against his upper thighs.

He told me he had to prepare my ass for his cock. He assured me he would go slowly. I trusted him. Nodding that I understood because I still couldn’t find my voice, I patiently waited and remained still.

I heard him get off the bed and open the bottom dresser drawer. Suddenly a low whirring sound emitted and I was suddenly nervous again but excited about this new experience. In his one hand was a small cylinder shaped vibrator. In his other hand was a bottle of lube. My eyes widened, his sharpened. A slight grin and almost a smug look was on his face, much like a kid who knew that he would be first picked by the team captain in a line-up of boys waiting to play.

He always knew that my last virgin hole would be his for the taking. Climbing back on the bed, resting on his haunches, facing my ass, he reached between my thighs, parted my pussy lips and inserted the bullet vibrator into my waiting cunt.

Oh my God, I bucked, the pulses were intense.

I was out of my mind with pure sensation hitting every nerve inside my body.

“Cum as many times as you want.” his voice echoing in my ears as I tried to focus, but all I felt was my head almost detaching completely from my physical self.

I knew he was squeezing lubricant and instinctively I felt it drip down the cheeks of my ass as he parted them and began fingering and spreading it around my tight rim. Any fear or worry I previously had didn’t matter anymore. I was consumed in desire.

“Please Sir, fuck me!” I begged.

Thrashing and knowing I will cum again, I once again shouted and pleaded, as another orgasm surged, my body shaking, “Fuck Your toy!” I pleaded.

His lubed fingers, first two, then three, pushed into my unforgiving ass hole. He pumped them slowly in and out, stretching it, preparing it for his cock. I’d never had anything in both my pussy and ass before and it was driving me wild with lust. I outstretched my arms in front of me, fingers curled around the slats in the headboard, laying the left side of my face completely flat on the bed. I raised my hips higher to tempt him to fuck me with his hard cock.

He withdrew his fingers, kissed my lower back, and gripping my hips, slowly entering with his huge cock. Tears were now streaming from the pressure and blazing inferno inside, as his cock was driving into my tight ass one torturous inch at a time in my dark hole. Constant ripples of orgasmic bliss tightening around his cockhead as he pushed in my ass, filling it, gave me such intense pleasure and pain; mixed with the emotional that He was claiming all parts of me.

“Relax, let me in” he murmured as the head of his cock was buried and now he was easing his entire shaft in my open hole. He was guiding his cock in, giving my body time to expand and accommodate his thick, long shaft.

It was torture! My mind in a total frenzy was yearning for him to fuck me deep and HARD, “I want to cum again Sir!”

“Not until I am all the way in slut, then you may cum”

..OMG to hang on…… was so close….hurry……hurry……its rolling-up fast….I can’t hold it off much longer.

Whimpering sounds leaving my lips…….. FINALLY, his throbbing cock wedged deep inside my ass, thunderous waves upon me

“Cum baby, come for me, let me hear you scream”

“I’m cumming” and within moments my ass muscles clenched around his cock, my pussy juices squirted, soaking the duvet.

I was riding up and down a rapturous mountain, like touching heaven and achieving nirvana. Eden. Love. Peace. Joy. This propelled him to fuck me hard. He mercilessly squeezed my hips, smacked my ass to keep still, and impaled me over and over again with his hard cock.

Only slapping sounds, his hard breaths sounding much like a runner competing in a track meet, and the occasional groan, permeated the bedroom. It was glorious! Never had I felt him so deep inside me. He pumped in and out of my ass, thrusting hard and deep. His cock ramming me mercilessly, pounding me and I felt completely taken and possessed by Him. He was close; sweat dripping from his forehead and chest; his cock engorged and full, ready to fill me with his load. I felt like I was ripping inside, my ass burning and feeling stripped raw.

He threw his head back and grunted loudly; “Fuck!” is all I could decipher. His hands clamped my ass cheeks so hard I was sure I was bruised and red from his fingers grinding into them. He exploded and shot his hot cum deep inside, my ass milking his cock. His body shook one more time as his cock unleashed every drop into me and then he collapsed on top of my back, arms encircling me.

Both of us panting and spent, slick with perspiration. He removed the cum soaked vibrator but couldn’t resist the last flick of his finger on my sensitive clit, giving me a shivering jolt. He slipped his cock out told me to stay just as I was and not to move yet. I obeyed. I felt the shift of weight on the bed as he got off and went to the master bath to retrieve a damp towel. He looked at my ass with pride as his cum was oozing out of my wet hole and trickling down my ass crease and onto the duvet, mixing in with my own cream.

His adoration and love for me was evident. The gift was precious and He didn’t take it lightly or for granted. He always knew he would possess and own all of me. My heart. My mind. My body. I was His slut in all ways and bound to Him and I wouldn’t have it any other way.