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Before class tutoring sometimes helps.
History class was always kind of exciting. My history teacher was a tall, middle aged black man, and had not quite let himself go for teachers in high school.  I guess I looked kind of young for my age, even for the 12th grade. I was rather skinny, but a taller 6'2" young man, dirty blonde and not much body hair. History was one of my favorite subjects. He drove by my house on his way to school, a rather large Bonneville, but never acknowledged me, as I waited for the school bus.
    I would come into the classroom, and my teacher would stare, and I could not figure why, even as I turned my back and went to my seat. I was rather unremarkable, but wondered for weeks. We recently were assigned seating, I sat in a position on the far corner of the front row of the classroom., and had a side view of everything, from his desk and the board. I could not understand why he seated us in this position, but he said it was easier for attendance recording.
    I came in the classroom, and was greeted by the usual stare, all the way to my seat. We were to watch a film that day, and the lights were lowered. I looked over, and my teacher had the biggest erection I had ever seen. I had seen guys in the locker room, but not erections, except mine, and did not know what to compare mine to, but his dwarfed mine. I was mesmerized by the size, and my eyes were riveted. Then he gently stroked it, and I looked up. He had known I was watching, and I kind of felt embarrassed.. No one else noticed him, or me, because of both our seating position. I had a difficulty in leaving class for the next period, because of this.
    I've never thought about performing orally on another male, but seemed to be aroused by what I saw that day of my teacher. I must have came 5 times masturbating of the thought of performing on him. It did not dawn on me a couple weeks later why he was viewing me from behind, when I noticed the small ads in the back of a porno magazine my brother had hidden away, of two men engaged in anal sex. I knew of these acts for a while, but have never seen it. Now I knew why my teacher was viewing me from behind, and it made me curious. I knew he was a married man, but why me? I tried entering my finger in me that night, with the thought of my teacher doing that, and didn't seem to do anything for me. So, I sometimes relished the thought of performing oral on him, with girls stilling taking a higher precedence.However, the thought of performing this on him just aroused me. I would take my homework to his desk, and drop my pencil, and bend down to pick it up, often. My face would pass within inches of this massive erection, and he would glance down with me between his legs, and smile slightly. However, he made no offers.
    Before class one day, a friend came to me speaking of my plans for my birthday, which was that day., and asked if I wanted to ride to school with him early, which would be 630, and school starting at 8. I agreed, stating I would be standing earlier, just in case. My teacher was within hearing, which I noticed, and he didn't seem to notice.  I found later, he did notice.
    The next morning, I stood waiting for him at 615. Strangely, my history teachers car approached, very early for that time. His car slowed to a stop, and he asked if I wanted a ride. Maybe, this was my chance. As we started the 12 miles to school, not a word was said, until he pulled of the main highway, down a smaller gravel road, onto a wooded area. He asked me, "Do you want it?" I replied with a yes.
     He unfastened his pants, and lowered them to his knees, and asked me to do the same. I never figured for him wanting to return the favor, but I would do this to get to him. Draping a towel in his lap.he held up his massive erection, and I bent over him as he reclined his seat, and took him into my mouth. The head completely filled my mouth, leaving very little to work with, as seen in the magazine photos. I waited for my saliva before I started working my mouth up and down what little of large shaft I could. I did it hungrily, wanting the reward of my efforts, in which I waited anxiously for so long. He stroked himself with his left hand, and a minute or so into it, I could taste traces of his semen, which provided me more motivation, as my efforts increased, as I clamped my lips tightly around him as I worked my self up and down his iron hard shaft, with my head occasionally bumping the car's steering wheel.
    When I was going steady, I could hear him sighing in approval, and feel his right hand find his way down the back of my pants, reaching between my legs, gently stroking my purple hard-on, and rubbing his fingers through my almost hairless underparts. He then pulled his hands out, and took hisleft hand off himself, as I madly worked myself like a piston on him. I could feel him dooing something with his hands, but was too engorged on the task I was waiting so long for. He dropped his left hand to stroke his shaft again.
    I could feel his right hand sliding down my exposure, as his fingers found the opening he was looking for. The lubricant he applied to his fingers was gently rubbed into, and he worked his index finger patiently into me, and upon loosening me up, worked it in me. I could not help gasping, even with his mass in my mouth. I still continued to work on him, although distracted, as he started working his finger in and out if my loosed hole. Uncontrollably, I gyrated my hips and groaned, when his hot load exploded down my throat. I tried to swallow as rapidly as possible, the salty, hot, thick gluey liquid in gulps, but was too much, due to his huge cock filling my mouth. I took my mouth from him, sucking the remainder of his semen. He had his index finger most of the way in me, as I groaned at his efforts. He took his finger out of me, and as he sat up, raising the back of his seat up, and said, "Happy Birthday."
    He asked if I would like this every day for a period, and he knew I wanted it for while.I agreed, and we commuted for about two weeks, as he increased the depth of his finger, then used the middle, as the two weeks passed by. After the two weeks ended, I was suprised he missed his usual turn-off, and he even drove pass the school without stopping. He drove to the motel three miles past. Then he stopped the car, pulled a motel key out of his pocket, and said, "I called in sick today." We then went into the room.
    He started undressing, and watching him, so did I. I would not get my usual hot treat, as I was so accustomed to. He wanted me to get on the bed on my habds and knees, with my feet hanging off the edge. He applied a lubricant to me, and he placed one hand on my hip, with the other to guide himself in me. This was the day we were practicing for.
    Nothing could have prepared me for this. It took some time for him to even get is started to enter me. When he did, I was in a state of shock, which left him breathless, as he worked his giant cock ever so deeper in me. He grabbed my hips for leverage as he slowly pulled himself, giving me the sensation I would split into pieces. I groaned as he eased his entire length, feeling his pubic hair push against my hairless backside, and slowly started his pumping action. I moaned with every stroke, as he went for what seemed like hours. Then, he stopped, and I was requested to get on my back, as he crawled on top of me, with my legs back, as he entered his massive shaft in me. I could look up, and feel his exhale with every stroke, and see his black body working himself in me, as he held my hips for leverage, as I groaned from his fleshly invasion. I could look down and see his huge cock working in and out of me, as my breaths matched his. I then felt the eruption of his semen, feeling almost like molten lava inside me, and I cried out for a reason I could not explain, and he continued to pump his cum in me in spurts. He dismounted me, and sat on the side of the bed, stroking himself. and asked me to get off the bed. I did so, as I felt the air escaping the huge void left by his efforts, as his drippings ran from it, and onto the floor. With him erect again, we were move to the next phase.
    As he sat on the bed, I crawled backwards in his lap, sitting on his huge erection, taking it's entire length slowly in me. I moaned at the efforts, but wanted it ever so badly. As he guided it in me, he pulled me onto him, holding my hips, using my own weight to keep his every length in me. I groaned and gasped loudly, as he leaned back, working his hips, holding my in place, as my feet could not even touch the floor. Seconds seemed hours, as I felt impaled by his mass, breathless, as sat upon it. I then felt the hot eruption of his seed, filling every cavity and crevice with his seed. Holding me until every drop was expended, he released my, as I collapsed beside him.I felt the air escaping from me again, and the seemingly gallons of his sperm pour from the cavity left in me. After half an hour, I rinsed his remains of him from me, and was dropped off maybe a half mile from school, to escape detection.
    These meetings took place in our usual area, once or twice a week, mostly in the back seat of the Bonneville, for my teacher to pump his seed from a side angle. This went on to graduation, where I never met with another man since.
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